Star Trek - Bizarre Guests

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Kirk and Spock welcome the six bizarre guests they just beamed aboard the Enterprise and are shocked by their apperance (The Way to Eden)

Next time I get pulled over by a cop, I'm calling him Herbert and telling him he's stiff and he can't reach.
Joe Francis
You DO know that this lot were the cause of all the social ills we're suffering today?
Brad Christensen
I called my boss "Herbert".
Mr. Carroll Ware
You sure can tell this show was made in the 1960's.
Charles Miller
I don't get it. Are they SJW's? Or just your run of the mill future liberals?
Quite seriously—and I first saw this episode many years ago and several times after that—the final chanting in this scene made me think just now of a great many campus protests and confrontations and whatnot in our 21st century days. How very fascinating that we are reliving an odious parody of the "free speech movement at Berkeley," as Admiral Kirk once famously put it. I suspect the radicals of the 1960s were a bit more noble than our current youth: or indeed than the kids in this episode tragically in search of Eden.
Steve Rulison
I guess they told him. Calling him a Herbert. He's probably never been so insulted in all his life.
Spock’s greeting is the episode.
Howard Glen
This must be the single worst episode of the entire series. Adam is played by Charles Napier, who went on to much better roles in _The Blues Brothers_, _Star Trek: Deep Space Nine_ and _Austin Powers_.
John Franklin
UGG, this is the future version of what we in the US have... "Free Citizens"... who think that just because they proclaim the US laws do no apply that they magically do not apply...
James Murray
This show had some really hot chicks on it.
bad 411
it was the federation that was socialist. ever see a federation passenger ship ?
Kevin Pippin
Space Hippies
Dan Stephens
I've seen quite a few videos of "sovereign citizens" behaving this way when they encounter the police.
ryan macdonald
It's odd to hear one of the hippies with a Russian accent since we don't think of Russians as ever being Hippies. They tend to see them as useful idiots to undermine the U.S at best and annoying troublemakers defying the will of the state and causing social chaos at worst. The idea of a Russian being a hippie is alien to me and probably to the Russians as well.
it sounds like they're calling Kirk "pervert."
Charles Roberts
They all went home and became stock brokers, Yuppies etc., and joined the Republican party, REAL "Herberts".
Eric G
These sound like Sovereign Citizens getting pulled over by police, and their futuristic emblem is the famed Deviled Egg.
RGV Shooter
what's a "Herbert"?
John Edwards
Oh, CRINGE.....
Herbert the frog 🐸
Heath Lawrence
NPCs in space!!!
real deal44
Antifa's grandparents
George Marsilio
Why herbert?? Why not Fred??
Kevin Pippin
I see that even in 23rd Century society had to deal with SJWs
Jeff C.
Kirk should have vaporized all of them and beamed the dust out into space.
Demarcus Faulkner
I would have thrown them all in the brig.
Tom V
I originally thought she said "pervert".  LOLI have a hard time hearing things sometimes.
Big DogCountry
Those kooky nutty lib wackos!
Adrian Lackey
In one year, Charles Napier (The actor playing "Adam") would be in one of the first pickle shots in American Cinema, in Russ Meyer's "Harry, Cherry and Raquel".
hector merly
Love the Joseph Magnin Outfits !  so groovy man !
"we are not in the mood pervert"
The most shamefully stupid episode of TOS. Too bad because the concept had a lot of potential.
Un Bearable
Absolute worst episode.
John Zabik
John Zabik
Future liberals
Name of the Rose
This would actually be the Skyfall of Star Trek. The questioning of whether the Federation was doing everything right and whether they had a right to impose their values on non-Federation worlds, etc. When I originally saw this episode, I thought they were all crazy and why were they fighting with the beloved Kirk. I see it from a completely different angle these days.
Spaces hippies girls are super sexy...
Axel Jones
30 second commercial is stupid
Scotty beam these assholes out into space.....
M Games
Isn't 0:45 Christopher Lloyd?
Bone Collector
If those creeps showed up on my starship I would have them shot on the spot. :D Who cares about StarFleet regulations... :P
@ATENakaATON Interesting. It also looks very similar to the American Sign Language sign for vagina. Which is why whenever people make that hand shape and hold it above their heads (which people do for some reason...I think it's supposed to look like a diamond), Deaf people all laugh.
That hand shape they mean pretty much means "vagina" in sign language. Just sayin'.
Julia Fishkova the leader of those hippies wearing ans egg on his dress?? WTF!?
Julia Fishkova
I love how Spock always comes and settle the situation when Kirk messes up xDD
At the end, it almost sound like the keep calling Kirk "pervert pervert pervert" xD "Take us to Eden." "No." "Pervert!"
Terry J. Wood
"Gonna crack my knuckles and jump for joy, got a clean bill of health from Doctor McCoy" -- they just don't write dialogue like that anymore.
radiation?...hmm, I think kirk meant contamination of another kind... ;)
Amy K
@AndroidLust7 lol. That was my first thought. That, and, I think my dad had a striped vest like that.
I like the deviled egg lapels...I wish they'd bring those back.
Bad episode, but MAN, Spock looks BEEU-TIFUL!!! <33333
@lghgardner No,that would be fried. Or maybe poached?
Mr. Victor W. Quebec
They should have boarded "The Love Boat" instead...
And people wonder why the original series was cancelled...
Robby Craig
herbert was a derogatory name kind of like pig was for cops
Unarmed hippies take over the Enterprise ! LOL !!!
The beautiful brunette female space hippie would look nice in my radio room!!
@AndroidLust7 Trekies are getting younger & younger - they ought to bring the last show back - check out the teen Joanna Lauren singing, "Faith of the Heart" from that Star Trek show - she'd be perfect to sing it again for a new version of the show - someone that generation could relate to - they are calling her the, "Girl with the Pipes" - ! Cute enough to be in a new show! Haha! But with an awesome sounding voice that would generate a lot of interest in the show.
For a second I thought they were chanting "toga toga." 10 years before Animal House.
Stephanie Hammett
damn space hippies...
the doofy song that spock plays on the bike wheel is the pinnacle of camp.
Unrest Mortis
Ah,Nimoy was-is-will always be so hot.
Sharik Matroskin
Shatner is such a Herbert in this episode. Nimoy's radiates oneness as usual.
John Goerger
Gene left ST then not because he had lost "interest" but the net' had changed ST to Friday nights and back then, a TV show on Friday nights was considered "Death" given the polls as no one "was home" watching tv shows then. Had the net' not changed the day and time Gene was going to stay with the series. I know this for a fact because I met him in '72 at the ST con in LA that Fall and asked him about it.
Space Hippies. Herbert! Herbert! Herbert!
The space hippie protest "Herbert, Herbert, Herbert!" is a gag, referring to Trek director Herb Wallerstein and executive producer Herbert F. Solow. (Spock tells Kirk that Herbert is an official in Federation history known for his "rigid patterns of thought")
Crazy hppie ears looks like the Dad from Juno-
squirrelbong A
space hippies!! rofl where's the space weed!!?!?
Hippies in Space.
you got a hard lip herbert..... lmao
Motomeru Music
David Brecheisen
he's also clearly in violation of cross dressing in the horse head nebula