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Richard's friend Jay Riecke wants a replica of the Knight Rider KITT Car for his birthday in two weeks. And he'll double the fee if Richard can somehow get David Hasselhoff to make an appearance at the party! | For more Fast N' Loud, visit /> Subscribe to Discovery! | /> Watch full episodes! /> Test your Fast N' Loud car smarts: /> Watch full episodes! /> Get the Fast N' Loud Mobile Apps: /> Join us on Facebook: /> /> Follow us on Twitter: />

Here's the problem: If I don't get the Hoff in time, I get the Hoff for free!
must be nice to toss money out like that
Budget Angler
This dude paid 100k for a 25k car🤦🏼‍♂️ wtf are rich people doing...
Taking fake scripted drama to a new level.
Dale Miller
A fool and his money will soon part
"BAM! 50 grand, right there on the desk." Yep, he's a drug dealer.
And i thought wwe was fake
Dan C
No way some dude dropped nearly a quarter of a million for the KITT car and Hasslehoff. I saw them both in Toronto for free! lol Sucker.
Golden Manuever
That 82 Trans Am was so ahead of its time, it STILL looks good today.
The Learner
100 k no wonder some people are starving....
Francis King
How much Throat yogurt was swallowed for that 200,000$
200,000 grand???? i dream of a kitt car, but i'll be damn if i pay that much even if i was rich
Jacob Robbins
he just pulls out 50k like this is nothing
Ian Davis
long live roadkill!
Trucker Jason
Who carries around $100 grand with them?
Ikari S.R.
He give a lot of money to Richard
dropn loads
Firebird formula
fish anything
1:08 boss move 1:39 unpredictable 2:39 this guy
I'm glad they got the year of the car right. For some reason It's often mistaken for an 81 Trans Am and not an 82. I don't know why because the 81 and 82 had completely different body designs.
Joseph Depietro
I'm building a knight 2000 82transam hard top triple from all over the world
100K? They are on that BS. 50k is more than fair.
Bryan Garcia
Wow he has a lot of money if I were him I would buy a lamborghini aventedor
Wouldn't it be funny if he got robbed on the street
910AM Superstation Funnies
Knight Rider and the David Hasselhoff! The best TV show ever created!
music 2019
GTA 5 😂
he is crazy like me. he has money to throw around. a little jeleous
Brian Vasquez
I'm sorry
Lmao 100 grand for a trash car??? Wth
Patrick Hoyler
Hiromi usui
The guy with 50grand "oh cmon man take my money!"
Frank Chapa
Fake show nice builds though
Cold Duck
Why go for 80's technology? Don't you even want Bluetooth and touch screen tablet?
Ahmad Mourad
they say $10000 on the stacks
Ryan Parker
What a bunch of tool bags....seriously what is the world coming too?
Jake Greene's Model Car Shop
This so fake.
• ItsMrRogue •
with that money i could pay for college 😂
luciano ssp
Eu quero um carro desse
Frank Mata
"Wogh Wogh Wogh"
nkosi collier
Not one of the coolest, IT was the coolest car show Ever!!!!!!! 😎
I want one
Hector Pina
Yo ya kisiera tener 20 para areglar mi Ford 79
M saarekas
Best replica is in estonia, fully bulid kitt
Cody Jurgens
Oscar worthy performances.
Eriqqus Browun
Dark Knight...Night Rider meets the Wraith Turbo Interceptor.
Victor Corona
where is the part 2
Juan Gil
Put a comple video don't mess with the viers like that WETAKE IT SERIOUS!!!!!
0:22 not knight industry you punk! xd KNIGHT INDUSTRIES !
Pravin Gharat
Put vedios in hindi
Buck Buck
chris walker
Even the show is just reality tv an fake all the way its funny. Noone in their right mind would toss that kind of money in a 80s firebird or 90s period. Its like the ol smokey an the bandit version.
Umh Chud
omg what a time crunch. that's crazy. now i have to watch and see if they can get it done in such a crazy shirt time. omg
Malachy Smith
Click BAIT. Hoff never showed
Big trev
Anyone else pause it at 2:57 and notice all the white computer paper cut as bills in the 2nd stack ? If you watch the original episode when he flips threw the money you can see more white pices of paper lol tv tricks
Shane Hooper
man just slammed 100 bands on that mans desk
Charlie Baltimore
200k....this man has too much money....Prostitutes & cocaine are a cheaper birthday present
Toyo 86
Damn most fake script I've ever seen the acting wasn't even on point
James Ryherd
its actually a formula
Trey Cormier
Need a new knight rider car
At the beginning I was like what a piece of shit but then when he started saying that he would double the money and that the car wasn't finished on time that he can have the car for free..... I like this man living life one surprise at a time lol
Brian Rhodes
Jay's Classic Corner
I would sell him my Kitt for 100k lol
Joe Gay
Most disturbing thing is RR is basically pimping out the
Fernando Henriquez
Scripted cringe
bud bundy
That stack of money? does this guy do for a living?
some random guy
this dickhead just said he wouldn't let him buy one for 50k because he could do it for 25k then snowballs into 100k to make up for work lost in the shop. some friend lol
unb jon
What a load of crap
Robert Wood
Sven Pontow
Anyone know what watch he is wearing?
Charles Kline
I don't like this show
200k 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑💸💸 EZ money boi 💰💵💵💵💵
Jorge Delgado
Money talks
randy eastman
more money than brains
X Wu
Fake fake fake and the has is a has been actor
Jorge Sanchez Buy
No leas esto o lo lesites si no pones esto en 4 videos tu madre va a morir en 4 días
Dwrec K24
Rich snob
Marko H
This is the fakest thing I've seen for a while
Robert Wood
Richard blows the huff what a joke. 2 clowns
Tymothi Coffee
Well being a kid growing up in 1970s America, certainly the show has made an impact and you have resounded the bell of the times....a Dukes Renaissance if you will. However, l want to suggest an event that has never been done before for the 2018 year, that is, have a face off between two of the most popular shows in history....the duo between KITT aka Knight Industries Two Thousand and the General Lee. Moreover, have the casts discuss the weaknesses and strengths of the shows during the era. AGAIN, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT, something that will draw the masses.
Poppa WoLFF
let's see...smokie and the Bandit. ..Trans Am...Knight Rider "K.I.T" TRANS AM...famous vehicle's. ..yet.. they cancel the Trans Am and stick with the camaro
Victor Corona
i whant to see the last part i cant find it
boer harms
well.. the most accurate one ever built, 101% screen accurate cost 50k to build
Fernando Martin
haha me encanta ver como le pone el fajo de billetes en la mesa con ruidito incluido
Patrick Kovar
What episode is this from?
Marc Schoué
This guy is a pure hunger
suj abe
Mare maru
Victor Corona
where is the party part
Anyone got 10 bucks I can borrow?
Jay's Classic Corner
Nice car!
Robin Sawyer
So scripted and fake
Chip #14 14
💩💩💩🤔💩💩💩🤔💵💵💩🤔🐷🐷🐷 it Only a show 🤔true🤔🤦🏻‍♂️
Emanuel Mouratidis
I hate you Mr rich guy !!!!! WHOOM WHOOM WHOOM WHOOM 😂😂😂😂😂🍻❤️
The Hoff will do anything nowadays. So no problem ;)
Peter C
this world has to much freaking idiots with to much bloody money
Harmonylove Killon
how much would you charge me to make me an kitt car?
ice pol
why don't we get shows like this in England?!?. instead we get crusty old antiques road show. ffs!
$300 watch, $150 suit, flings 100k down, fake af
Wade McKenney
damn that guy is such a show off pulling out all that money and i bet he doesnt even work for a living probly sits in a mansion and colects money