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Richard's friend Jay Riecke wants a replica of the Knight Rider KITT Car for his birthday in two weeks. And he'll double the fee if Richard can somehow get David Hasselhoff to make an appearance at the party! | For more Fast N' Loud, visit /> Subscribe to Discovery! | /> Watch full episodes! /> Test your Fast N' Loud car smarts: /> Watch full episodes! /> Get the Fast N' Loud Mobile Apps: /> Join us on Facebook: /> /> Follow us on Twitter: />

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they bought a shitty looking replica and delivered it looking even worse
Golden Manuever
That 82 Trans Am was so ahead of its time, it STILL looks good today.
Charger Dave
F..k me... can you lose a stack outside my door
such a let down episode, they just go out and buy one already done up from a bitch who stole it off her ex husband
200,000 grand???? i dream of a kitt car, but i'll be damn if i pay that much even if i was rich
"BAM! 50 grand, right there on the desk." Yep, he's a drug dealer.
Wow he has a lot of money if I were him I would buy a lamborghini aventedor
Marty D1000
He give a lot of money to Richard
Ian Davis
long live roadkill!
Budget Angler
This dude paid 100k for a 25k car🤦🏼‍♂️ wtf are rich people doing...
Jesse Elvis Gonzalez
Having all that money that suit jacket looks cheap ass hell shoulders all bulky instead of being smooth. Hmmmmm scripted?
Jake Greene's Model Car Shop
This so fake.
must be nice to toss money out like that
Cold Duck
Why go for 80's technology? Don't you even want Bluetooth and touch screen tablet?
Scripted drama horse shit.
Joseph Depietro
I'm building a knight 2000 82transam hard top triple from all over the world
I'm glad they got the year of the car right. For some reason It's often mistaken for an 81 Trans Am and not an 82. I don't know why because the 81 and 82 had completely different body designs.
Anna nishikinomiya
GTA 5 😂
Trucker Jason
Who carries around $100 grand with them?
Dale Miller
A fool and his money will soon part
Ahmad Mourad
they say $10000 on the stacks
The Learner
100 k no wonder some people are starving....
When I saw the second stack o cash, I had to LMFAO
Jacob Robbins
he just pulls out 50k like this is nothing
Frank Chapa
Fake show nice builds though
Dan C
No way some dude dropped nearly a quarter of a million for the KITT car and Hasslehoff. I saw them both in Toronto for free! lol Sucker.
Ryan Parker
What a bunch of tool bags....seriously what is the world coming too?
Cory McNevin
So staged.... And also "I wont do it for over $25K because I'm your friend....but it'll cost you $100,000" Wtf
Peter C
this world has to much freaking idiots with to much bloody money
100K? They are on that BS. 50k is more than fair.
Taking fake scripted drama to a new level.
Fernando Escobar
How many awesome trucks can you built with that money. But he spent it on damn kitt.
ice pol
why don't we get shows like this in England?!?. instead we get crusty old antiques road show. ffs!
Golden thumb rules, dont ever...ever throw that kind of stacks of money at your friend. Thats an insult and disrecpect. I would throw him out irregardless how long we know each other.
Tymothi Coffee
Well being a kid growing up in 1970s America, certainly the show has made an impact and you have resounded the bell of the times....a Dukes Renaissance if you will. However, l want to suggest an event that has never been done before for the 2018 year, that is, have a face off between two of the most popular shows in history....the duo between KITT aka Knight Industries Two Thousand and the General Lee. Moreover, have the casts discuss the weaknesses and strengths of the shows during the era. AGAIN, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT, something that will draw the masses.
Chiclone- Tests
100k? Was the engine made of platinum or what?
wyatt johnson
I won't do it for more than 20 settles for 100
U could buy a used huracan with thay with 50000 left
Muhammad Farizal
Sembang molek.
yaakov winter
What episode is this ?
dropn loads
Firebird formula
Man I would have been like 25k call me when it's don8
Societies Byproduct
I just want a reliable one
They're both idiots...
Brown Dog
Could they pick up and sit down the money anymore?
Wow. Suck bs
stopped watching Discovery since this kind of shows started to appear
Aaron Henderson
That doesn't look like 200k sitting on the table to me
clueless clueless
One day I will pull that much money out my pockets
Rebecca Seppanen
Is there something wrong with me for thinking the guy that hosts the show with the beard( I don't know his name) is hot?
carlos mendez
The only beauty of money
S Smith
wasn't it an 86
Peter Schiotis
gotta fukin love this. that was so badass.
That's sound of 50 grand being slammed on the desk😁
Monka Jew
Lmao he told that dude it was a 25k car. Yet the dude still offered 100. Defuq
This is such a stupid show biggest scripted terrible acting crap. And they suck when it comes to real racing
j cc
i had to quit watching this.......Richard would not stop bragging on himself and Aaron had to make everything a lowrider....thats all well and good if we all lived in hollywood and were latino drug lords
I didn't like how they did the tail lights, there are so many Knight Rider parts available to do it right instead of just doing something to fill time! Was hoping they'd have modified the car alot more than just dinking around and saying how watered down these cars are. I now have only my 88 TA and my son has a 87 Formula 350 that we're hoping on following the examples of others on beefing these cars up to take on modern day muscle cars. The only saving grace for this episode was having the Hoffinator show up..
Hiromi usui
The guy with 50grand "oh cmon man take my money!"
Wtf 50 grand and he says that is alot of money and than he asks to spend 100 grand just to have it done in 2 weeks like WTF
John Drake
0:13 - It was an action show, not a detective show.
Les Ashton
As a kid i watched this all the time (40 now) i remember kitt's voice box being on the centre it's on the dash.....very weird...what the hell is going on !!!!
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Robert Horn IV
Nobody is gonna throw around 100k for that kinda car, but when you dress as cheaply as this guy is you know it’s all just one big skit.
Here's the problem: If I don't get the Hoff in time, I get the Hoff for free!
strapped forCash
I hate Richard he's a rip off
Ben Hodges
Lol he said we are at the right stack!
Daniel Bey
I I once walked into a Ford dealership and purchased a Tow Truck the manager asked me how I wanted to pay I said cash and he said no body every walked in here with all the money it was only 60 grand cash but it's covered streght from the dealership he goes I'll still o 10 gd I said I'll be back next month with each and every dollar I o u because my old international wrecker kept breaking down I miss er rip white horse
Seriously? Discovery?
Derrick Moyer
rawlings is such a tool
Johnny Seinset
Kowshik Bivor
so this is what rich kids looks like
Eddie Rubio
Richard is the top fake dude in Dallas. I give it 2 years b4 his gas monkey restaurant is shut down coz he can't pay his buddies loans
Jose Trujillo
I want to be that guy with the cash. Rich people. I need 2 more part time joba. Lol.
Ty The White Guy
Keith Freeman
This guy loves to slam money on tables. It’s quite annoying.
Tj Goff
Fake beer!!!
Kyle 7K
I was looking forward to this "build." Then they just buy one and buff it up a little. Love this show and crew, but you let the inner 10 year old Knight Rider me down!
Charlie Holmes
Bro dude just threw down 100 grand and he's dressed hella smooth that right there is a true baller man i bet you his pink shirt costs a couple hundred and the jacket probably several grand haha
Alan Martinez
wow, that must be a great feeling to throw around money like that,😎🍺💰💰💵💸💸💸
Tommy Sobojudata
Only run you $10,000 for the "Hoff". And a $10,000 firebird. This dude came up
Hector Mucino
I would have built him one for 6000
$300 watch, $150 suit, flings 100k down, fake af
Although this show is scripted, you still get the impression Richard is such a slime ball. "I'm protecting you as a friend" "Double this stack and I'll do it"
hes just throwing around cash infront of a money hungry wolf
Emanuel Mouratidis
I hate you Mr rich guy !!!!! WHOOM WHOOM WHOOM WHOOM 😂😂😂😂😂🍻❤️
Out of control crazy
Very fake
Antarr Jones
david is on iw
Antonio lac
bet the Hoff would do it for a hamburger on the floor
Tembakol Nangkring
Julia Shenandoah
That`s incredible, that guy is not aging a single bit :D I was just watching some old Kitt vs Karr episodes.
Poppa WoLFF
let's see...smokie and the Bandit. ..Trans Am...Knight Rider "K.I.T" TRANS AM...famous vehicle's. ..yet.. they cancel the Trans Am and stick with the camaro
Adam S
When people spend that much money like it's free air, makes you realize how greedy and selfish they really are.
Wade McKenney
damn that guy is such a show off pulling out all that money and i bet he doesnt even work for a living probly sits in a mansion and colects money
Brian Vasquez
I'm sorry
mitchel salas
damn Richard started sweating when he pulled out the money
For Richard it's only money questions, he haven't passion, he don't understand nothing...
mike the Knight
The funny thing is that, all the money in the world can't good buy taste in clothes. Lol! Texas is really 20 years behind SoCal!
Sheikh Hassan
They don't even know how to fake it