shell refuel commercial ferrari airplane **ORIGINAL FULL VERSION**

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This is one of my favourite commercials ever. It is as they say "not done" to love, look at ore like fuel ads, but after you see this, who cares. It is an almost totally Dutch production and it has been (for a long time) one of the most expensive commercials ever shot in history ;-) Yes, we like to burn money here in Holland ;-) Whatever... Some credits here; PRODUCT: SHELL OIL DIRECTOR: ALAN VAN RIJN (rip) a great guy and director PRODUCTION CO.: RSA/USA AGENCY: J.WALTER THOMSON - LONDON shot in Mohave desert MUSIC; JAAP EGGERMOND (also Dutch ;-) EDITOR: KEVIN WHEELAN

Craig Love
Worked on this job which was 21 years ago almost to the day. I was inside the C-113 doing lighting on the pilot who was a Korean War veteran. We were about 20 feet off the deck and then he would do a major turn and I about lost lunch. John Stanier was the director of photography. Good times...
So many cuts
Ian Ma
f1 2018
Michael Schumacher . LEGEND
Rainer Hans-Josef Becker
fuel at speed
Rainer Hans-Josef Becker
tut sins
Manuel Eduardo Saldias Campos
¿De que año es este comercial?
Piwi V-Tamer
Does anybody know what's the name of that music playing towards the end of this commercial starting at 0:35? If someone knows it, please tell me.
Anderson Oliveira
Somebody knows how to find the making-off of that?
Great. Thanks!
VooX SuuH
Besides the lie, it is simply the best !!!
Tontaes y chominaes.
Simon Emmott
This ad must be inside a sound shell!
Derek Ward
they should have wrapped the plane in shell red vinyl.
this is not original. as the original had sound... :-P
my favo Shell commercial! epic one from my youth
Juan Pablo Rivera Alcázar
great!! awesome!! tremendous memories brings it back to me!! did you have the AD where a boy says:"ciao romano" or something like that, and appears a tremendous lot of F40´s? i hope somebody got it, but i can´t find them, thanks!!