우리 결혼했어요 - We got Married, Jeong Yong-hwa, Seohyun(48) #01, 정용화-서현(48) 20110312

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ava joy tan
its 2019 and i am still waiting for a yongseo reunion... wgm, movie, drama, music or even a simple cf together will surely lift up my mood a gazillion times. Wgm staff really did a great job pairing them together. Every year, I watch guguma couple episodes and my heart still flutters and a smile always forms on my lips every time I watch it. I never get tired of their fake marriage. Real or not, I just want to see them collaborate in the future. I wish them both happiness.
merve mutlu
Seohyun is even lovely when she is mad. love her so much.
jean mayor
i love this couple so much they are both good , humble person and a pure heart .. and i will pray that they will end up in real life they both deserve to each other.
5 years...and i still wonder what happen to the scarf
Zhan Dhira
The M0st NaturaL C0upLe in WGM I L0vE Y0ngSe0 s0 Much <3
seeing them bickering have got to be one of my favourite thing ever! hahaha sooooo adorable!
They are role-model for all lately couple that MBC set up. Nice try MBC!
the only and most decent couple in WGM . Yongseo 😘😘 saranghaeyooo ♥♥♥
Nadia Lumataw
@MBCentertainment please make a drama or something for YongSeo couple again. We missed them..
Fanny Martdianty
you can get the eng sub of all episodes on yongseointernational website (just google it), or dailymotion. in this ep yonghwa lost the scarf that hyun personally knitted for him, he felt very sorry coz it took 10hours of hyun's freetime just to knit it for him. In the next ep, you will see another talent of yonghwa *LoL*. He knitted couple scarfs for Hyun and himself coz he couldn't find the missing scarf in Japan. I think one of the most memorable and touching moment, it showed that both of them really care to each other.
LOL I love the SNSD unni's XD hahaah so loud and loveable!
I wasn't initially a big fan of seohyun. I liked her but not a big fan of seohyun but now I absolutely adore her! She is so damn cute!
Akira Jan Pagsibigan
Season 2 For Themmmm😭
Melblez 08
cute ><
Faith Turreda
For eng sub go to dailymotion and look for goguma couple...
no srry we cant do this by the country of Korea
Memo Meme
I went to wonderful generation there is nooo sub
It's We Got Married Yonghwa and Seohyun couple! it's ended like more than 2 years ago but this couple is so jiang, cute, adorable and real :-). WAtch it!! you will fall in love like many of us( their fan :-)
shosh shosh
Mia Jung
Can MBC upload unseen video of YongSeo ????? T.T
What is this show about, looks funny and cute :D
yonghwa lost the scarf that seohyun made for him
Karuto Uzumaki
Hersana Guillen
alguien puede traducir todo lo que dicen porfis?? :s
I wonder who kept the stuff after they got divorced, especially the big picture that they hung behind them. Hmm maybe MBC? Maybe they sold it lol
서현이 넘 불쌍해
Grace Mares
love their wedding pic
Sandra suwisto
vanessa tenggala
[{}] ({})
gogo lee
are they really married
Sone Mary
밑에분 말이좀 심하시네요 목도리 짜기가 얼마나 힘든데요 실수하면 풀어서또해야되고 저거 2달 정도나 걸리는데 얼마나힘드셨겠어요 생각을좀 하고 말하시죠
Poy Patcha
I want to see thai sub >//<
<--- it's nearly like the Crazy Antelope "HUH" ?!
Mute Inna
I really do not understand what are sayaing abaut,, ~_~,
narendra pradipta
No ! Couple (Yong Hwa and SEohyun) doesn ' t accord at all - i do not like it
cindra cindra
i love you oppa saranhe from tunisie <3 <3 <3
It's because of use same hair salon, they always had have hair's colour untill now keke.
วิม กิน ชาเย็น
i miss you .... yongseo
Hyeseul Cho
bebe arissa
lovely hyun ..
SapnaA Gg
watch it in wonderful generation with eng sub :)
Joyce Lumague
If only I could speak korean. Meh! I'll just get my Friend to translate for me. She speaks korean and she also likes girls generation. :D
너무조은 커플..♥♥
Remember seohyun made a scarf for yeonghwa? He lost it in japan and that's qhy she's mad
Mylan Ha
what happen to seohyun
christine li
Why is she mad
amirah rania
Yongseo~ Yongseo~ Yongseo~ Yongseo
อริสรา ส.
thai sud p
Lee Kiseop fan
yong left his mafla at japan i think
mira jeany
what are they talking about?? urghh!!
alwaysme putra
Yongseo Yongseo Yongseo Yongseo Yongseo Yongseo Yongseo Yongseo Yongseo Yongseo Yongseo Yongseo
Oh about tat Mafla ? Yonghwa did wut to tat thing ? o.O :/
Their hair , so smooth . How the hell do they take care of it =.=
Can someone translate tis ? I seriously want to know wut they are actually talking about :(
No it is fake
K Jonsson
are they married for real?
Viktor Reznov
jira chaiserm
sup Thai plese
jira chaiserm
lovely eye
*seohyun english is so cute *
I love the way seohyun says girls generation seohyun english war
ngoc nguyen
Hope now they still Yongseo!
Cupid Heart
14:39 wow
Just us MP05
Please show the cut scene in this episode..i know something happened here like if seohyun did cry in this episode..i think she cried because she is really heartbroken here..hehe..bring back yongseo in wgm 3.why not put a third party so will know if they really love each other...keke
nur octaini
really love yongseo couple...can mbc make yongseo back to the show again??? this is the big wish for this years :D
hahaha it's just that he lost the scarf in japan that she painstakingly knitted for him. and she's quite shocked/saddened that he lost something so precious.
kim yen nguyen
vui quá nhưng có ai dịch sang tiếng việt hộ mình được không. mình không biết tiếng hàn. mình hâm mộ seohuyn và young hwa lắm. mà họ cũng đẹp đôi nữa .
Tiny Tina
dang it this seems so juicy and exciting, i just don't know WHAT THEY'RE SAYING!!! AND WHY IS SHE FREAKING OUT?!!
Do Hang
No cut Please
Ng Zen
Why MBC don't arrange the Chinese Sub>.<~
Danma Grint
yongseo!!! love u always!!!
Mike Kevin Jalapan
eng sub please :(
Huyen Luong
E rat thich achi nhung e ko nghe dc tieng han
아 서현이 진짜 개귀여웤ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Rin tan
If not, they should be.
Maricel Salido
Why still watching this and tortured myself. Still hoping to this two for real.
Haniey Nyta
yong chodingg..
Anastasia Dinh
Yongseo đẹp đôi quá
Rickard Chilion
I cried a lot because I can't understand what they say...
Levy Sandeep
Ohh I miss this couple they need a season-2 the only genuine and real couple
Minhson Le
cap doi nay dep that
devinaa thaventhiran
no sub i dont understand
Jihyun Ay
yongseo forever semangat oppa eonnni
G dragon
eng sub title plz 😢😢😢
devinaa thaventhiran
are they really dating or were they dating
kristel tarol
song @ 8:42 i love you by avril lavigne
nhi Nguyễn
Invite them again, please
Eu-Jin Lee Grutas
서현 내 머리 Hairstyle 또갓다
1 11
Bình Nguyễn
sao ko có vietsub
ㅣㅐㅍㄷ 쏘ㅐㄴ 채ㅕㅔㅣㄷ :)))
Crystal Heart
I love yongseo
العنزي سليمان
please english sup