Saab JAS-39 Gripen • A Pretty Cool Plane

Have a good look at the JAS-39 Gripen: Swedish Gripens taxi, takeoff and land at the Red Flag Exercise in Nevada, plus a Czech Gripen refuels in-flight via a KC-135 Stratotanker during a NATO military exercise. Film Credits: MSgt Shane Cronin, William Lewis, A1C Rachel Webster, SSgt Tristan McIntire Derivative Works: Gung Ho Vids

Got to give it to the Swedes-they make some pretty cool high tech stuff for a country with a population of around 10 million-they make stuff of high quality only bigger countries would produce. They have a lot of educated and professional people
She's a beaut....Gripen, Viggen, Drakren. All beautiful planes made perfect for the Swedes,
F21 cost 50 000 $ to get up in the air and down. JAS 39 GRIPEN cost 5000$ to get up in the air and down.
Adde 1997
Ja Sveriges stolthet! Gripen E är lite större med mer uppgraderingar och ser mycket bättre ut. Gripen ser fräckare än Eurofighter och F-16 och F-18. Ljudet e bättre med. Och varför skriver jag på svenska för? Jo för inga behöver förstå mina irrelevanta åsikter.
Swedish weapons are always so sexy,  AK-5, S-tank, JA-37, JAS-39. They are all far beyond the front of their current time, impressively. After all they were always ready for fighting the monstrous Soviet Russian at any time in that period. Tough guys and blonde girls, long live Sweden.
Chat K
We Thai are so lucky to go with a fleet of Gripen instead of a few controversial F35
Geminijets NewMexico
that is one beautiful plane.
Perfect for domestic air defence/ patrols. A bit lightweight on range and payload but those aren't the most important things for civilised non bullying countries. Top notch on electronic warfare.
Johannes Jonzon
*sniff* This is why I love my country :,)
Gung Ho Vids
Everybody say it with me... Gripens are good. See, that wasn't so bad.
I so hope Finland strikes up a deal and buys these from our brothers!
Sweden is like a mini usa... But better
its coolest its my favorite
I don't care if it is not stealth or 5th gen fighter  This is one good looking stylish plane
The problem when people say gripen sucks is that they don't count money or purpose into the equation. If your goal is to fly very long distance to just drop some bomb then gripen is not the plane for the job. But gripen is a much cheaper and smaller (harder to hit) plane and is good against other planes and giving airsupport. Gripen have also the worlds best sensors system which allows them to look on missile against planes in high speed (extremely high) and send radar information to each other so everyone sees what one plane sees. If you count 3-4 gripen against one f35 then I'm pretty damn sure that the gripen plane will win BUT because these two plane or planes of that high technology have never fought against eachother in a real match to the death its hard (or impossible) to say how a match with 1 gripen vs 1 F35 or 2 gripen vs1 F35 or 1 gripen vs 25 F35 will end. Its all speculations!
ulfur stridspitt
Its the ultimate fighter, tailor made in that role for 2000+ just like the spitfire was in 1940
Des Gardius 2012
Paint it white and give it dark blue stripes, and you’ll have an Indigo Squadron Gripen C from Ace Combat Zero.
ชื่อ ธีรยุทธ
👑 [ JAS - 39 . GRIPEN ] 💘
Takes too long to take off,much faster in Sweden.
Roger Skagerström
What really grinds my gears... ;) Why are all english speaking people calling it Grippen?! It's Gripen. It means Gryphon :P
What is IAF & Govt of India waiting for? They should start & fast track the process to 'Make-In-India' Gripen NG! This is the best 'value-for-money' advanced fighter jet IAF can ever get!
kamilek milusiński
świetne maszyny to są MiG 29 ...
yap Chin Paw
North Korea must modem air force by different way
pepe cohetes
I miss my Saab 900 ...=(
I'm building one in my garage, I just cannot find tires for it.
Such a sexy machine. So glad Bulgaria choose the griffin over the falcon.
Dab Lit
Its ya boi Anomaly from Sweden
Povl Besser
Damn it bugs me the danish airforce didn't order a bunch of these instead of four fifths of one f-35.
always impressive.
The j-39 is more than half the weight of the f+35,plus that in a scuandron of 6,only one needs to have it´s radar activated,thus rendering it invisible to radar.The concept of radar invisibility is afolly,once your radar is active,you are visible.Andmademainly of carbon fibre it is truly "invisible" and deadly compared to the pompus F-35.
Darth Belal
Beats the tar out of the F-35 boondoggle we seem to about to have foisted on us.....
Ante Maćan
It's a yugoslav national army (JNA , VT Institute Belgrade , Yugoslavia) last project . The project was called "NA - NOVI AVION" or YU SUPERSONIC. Prototype made in 4 version and tested 1989 -1990 used engines imported from France and electronics from Sweden. Everything else was done by yugoslavian team. Then came Tuđman -Milošević & CO. For more information : VTI BEOGRAD , JUGOSLAVIJA SOKO MOSTAR , JUGOSLAVIJA
sathaporn raveerungpisit
WE had the option to get F35's or the Gripen. Our whole fleet of F16s would have been replaced by now if we had gotten the Gripen but we ended up getting the F35 because "stealth is cool" Well stealth is cool but it doesnt work if we dont have any aircraft that actually use stealth BECAUSE THE F35 WILL NEVER GET DELIVERED!
why does the plane starts 5 times
2 ez for jas gripen
was getting caught a part of your plan ?........( swedish BANE !!! ).....YESSSS !!!!
Mercedes Diaz
Free at last thank megatron free at last
Phil. L.
Canada needs these to replace their entire CF-18 Hornet Fleet.
Fireteam Delta
i thought she supposed to be all red
sathaporn raveerungpisit
adriangs-t parada
Still not match for USA f15 super eagle f18 super hornet or f22 raptor or f35, also the French dassault rafale is superior,same goes for aurofighter Typhon, also su27 and mig 31 , still nice plane remains me of the dassault rafale..
soy san Martin Rattamrasiyaram Rattamasiyaran
Hijo es es verdad repicion
I saw one of these fly once and it crashed. Not impressed.
Ivan Ivanov
One engine only? Is it toy really for war?
Александр Ялта
A few months earlier, the experts conducted a computer simulation in which it was determined that the Swedish aircraft Saab JAS 39 was not able to withstand the American fighter F-22 (the probability of the Swedish fighter's victory in the battle was about 18% - ed.), and the Russian fighter Su-30SM has an equal chance of winning over the American F-22.
Александр Ялта
This stuff is still flying? ))))
Magnus Hansson
The Gripen will fly 8:s round other planes thy said. Still waiting to see, I will.
Булат Сейткалиев
завораживает полет
Black Beetle
Nitro Zeus
Oliver Newell
Stunning aircraft, looks very similar to the Eurofighter Typhoon, not surprising as BAE systems jointly developed both this and the Typhoon. Huge respect from you neighbours across the strait in the UK :)
Russians would teare these apart.
Jja Moje
My favorite air fighters!
copy su 35
Gi Karadi
they look great ,but are they any good in comparison with the other NATO similar planes like f16 , f18 , f15 , Mirage Rafale , Eurofighters or even against the migs or sukhoi of the Russians ?
Honesty Counts
Just Google the F-20 Tigershark and you will see that America had a similar plane in the 1980's yet cancelled it because it wasn't 'EXPENSIVE' enough.  Sad.
all Q
flying crap
Nikolay Grachev
Красивая машина!
Raphael Crespo
Does USAF have all fighter jets types of the world? lol
Fred Taylor
F-22 would take Gripen out in a minute, but don't worry Sweden, you are our neighbor and NATO buddy, we got your back LITTLE BUDDY, we carry the big stick!
Сильвер М
Красиво показали, звук приятный, видимо поработали, да и вообще красивый самолет. Но война это штука грязная, безпринципна и убийственна. И например хорошей российской ракете будет наплевать сколько датчиков у этого самолета, насколько он красивый, его слоновые ушки отвалятся при виде какой ни буть СУ "SY" ). А так, я искренне рад что Швеция имеет, и делает вклад в развитие авиопрома человечества.