Beauty and the Beast 1X14 Kissing Scene (vincint and catherine) ✩✩✩✩✩

Beauty and the Beast 1X14 tough love

Ameni Dhouib
OMG !!! His voice is soooo sexy
I absolutely ADORE these two. They are perfect for each other. Their chemistry is just beyond amazing! They way they look at each other. I just can't!! Sorry im kind of hyperventilating. My replay button is kinda broken by now
that "I am so in love with you" gets me everytime ! :p such a beautiful moment .
Heba H.
His voice is so sexy <3
Julie Mak
I've been waiting for this soooooooo f*cking long!! Finally!! That was tooo cruel to make people wait the first kiss for 14 episodes....
Still gets me every time 😍
One of the most beautiful I love you scenes in television! This show gets better and better. Kristen Kreuk is great in this role, but Lana in Smallville is still her best. The chemistry however is just as good with Jay Ryan as it was with Tom Welling. I'm so happy it's renewed for a 3rd season!
Krisstina Wilson
Some people go *meet, first date, kiss, fall in love*. Catherine and Vincent went *meet, fall in love in love, kiss, first date* and of course all of this was done in secret because Vincent is technically on paper dead. Yeah, there is something wrong with this. But it's so beautiful!!
He is so handsome!!!! And his voice aaaagghhhh they're so cute!!!
vee hemraj
OMG this is the best scene!! I played this love scene over and over in my mind for days!! love it!!. The chemistry between them is mind blowing. Love his voice telling her "I'am so in love with you".Ahhhhhhhhhhh. thanks for posting this!!!!
oh_my_god. the worst part is that i'm still just on the 4th episode!
barry allen
loving there Relationship its like Snowbarry
Well this is good one, but it can't compare to Clark & Lana lovestory. Kristin Kreuk will always be Lana from smallville.
Aurore Blaise
j'adore l'alchimie entre vincent et catherine;
Sylvie grey
Parfait le meilleur i love vincat
Wow..lyk it..waitin for e othr seasons
Jasmine Aka : Jazzy
He is hot
Rody Fathey
the mejor
the name of the song is Catalyst,performe by Kyla Grange
Mario K
Oh yea that hand
josi cuti
yeah I always loved this scene the way he says it.
Tamara Lorde
What the name of this song and who is the artist
Inês Silva
I've seen this scene so many times and I never get tired of seeing it <3
hotter actors? oh yeaahh
yeahhh... that hand....mmm
The series nice especially with kristin kreuk thou both lead stars perform well i guess kristin and tom wellin have better chemistry in the smallville series
That hand...
Meadow Peace
I guess this is alright, but I miss the beastly beast. 8(
Anna Rita Tondo
catalyst by Kyla La Grange!
Sol Lang
They make me cry... they are so good actors!!!!! the best!!! Go batb!!!!
I miss her as Lana Lang with Clark Kent, aka Superman :(
Diana Afanassieva
Definitely know what you mean about "spraining your REWIND thumb!" LOVE THE SHOW!
Kristina Berndt
What is the name of the song at the end and who sings it?
His hand LOL
Blader V
Sexier than Twilight? Hell yeah Better Actors than Twilight? Hell yeah Better Love Story than Twilight? YAH
kissing is a magical cure.. but love is not all about kissing n sex.. its deeper than that.. its motions n feeling each other.. this series is good but it lack sth about motions.. specially Vincent the super one *0* who should hear Kathy's heart from distant =_= .. i hope they get it right in the upcoming episodes.. the love between Kathrine n Vincent in "beauty and the beast 1987" was a real love..
Karin Gadasi
"I'm so inlove with you" <3 OMG BEST SCENE EVEEER!!!!!
Sol Winchester
hannerik hannerik
yeah i know i just found out but thank you...
Venesa Vallese
The first season isn't finished yet.
Danae Lazaridou
Τhis was the perfect kiss ever.<3 Jay Ryan is hot,cute and sexi!!!!!!!!!
hannerik hannerik
Can I get an AMEN!
Natalie Nunya
The ONLY way to get it renewed quickly is to FRIGGIN get more people to watch this thursday! aka TODAY...TURN ON YOUR FRIGGIN TV TONIGHT...then the ratings should be high enough to renew them...they need at least 1.00 rating..but I prefer a 3.00 ^_^
muy buena serie!!!y muy buena escena!!!great show!!beautifull scene!!!
This actor is so sexy.....and his, hot, hot
Jon E
The strength of SV was the enormous chemistry between L & K, well I hope CW doesn’t blow this one, Kristin has this one of a kind incredible gift of realism when it comes to eye contact, expression, warmth then kissing, it remind us all of that tru-Love we have or once had. I’m hooked
Patricia Osorio
esta serie me tiene loca,esta pareja esta genial tienen ese no se que,y la trama en como se desarrolla es genial y te enamoras y lo te vuelves adicta a esta serie ojala que sean varias temporadas he...
the butt grab was awesome now we need more of this..and clothes come n off
lonely love
Destini Marie
What was the song?
elizabeth Mansaray
Wasn't it to early for cat to tell Vincent that she loves him.. And this relationship that they are darting right now is only going to last for like 3 episode. Cuz their is no way they can continue what they are doing. They will always have something or someone to break them apart.
Myacc Amc
yi Gui
I think with such great chemistry, they did not need many takes to get it right and satisfactory, if you know what I mean
Valeria Román
2:14 That hand vincent....
Grâce M.
I don't like what is happening to their relationship/love in the 2nd season. I don't understand why shows' writers think the only way to complicate a love story is by bringing third parties in it. It makes things between them seem less special and unique. 
Who hell have dislike the video, show yourselves now lol, I bet it's Tess, Heather, Evan & the whole Muirfield team
Good lord!!! I have killed my replay button some many times watching this, their chemistry is crazy and there is different a little crush going on, on both side. Too bad they have partners in real life
andresse napsk
am thinkin how many takes they had on ths kissing dreaming that ths takes hundred times..woop..woop.. enuf for the both of them to fall inlove for real..:D
Nadia M
rennier alcuran
I am grandiosely affected on this TV SERIES......ssssssssssssssoooooo inlove.......much intensifier than the chemistry of edward and bella.....sorry twilight ur my second best now .....
Eleni Hailu
omg the besttttt couple omg she is sooooooooooooooo luckyyyyyyyyy
Freaky Moth Lady
Well I was obsessed with Vampires but not anymore its Mutant love all the way <3 Vincent x x x
the kiss, the kiss... oh I've waited for that kiss!!:)
A Campelli
This is so beautiful - if these guys are acting (?) they deserve an oscar- love it!!
Andy Tulit
awr.... finally ♥ they are so cute ♥
BlackCrow TVD
Ebaadah Puryear
Couldn't have said it better my self! *Tearing up a little* lol
Chevy Williams
its about damn time.three times in the show I thought they would kiss....yippy, now Im happy. U gouys should date in real georgeous is catheryn. Hes seems marvelous too and also attractive
Tenisha Skeete
I love this show. This kiss is gonna hold me up till March 14
Virginia Lyle
FINALLY !!!!! WONDERFUL...... like honeyphan2 I too cried with a smile.. perfect moment but I do have to say I am not much for Catherine;s sister.. she is a pain. lol
best ending ever
this kiss is everything
Love them together! Probably watched this like 20 times! I have no idea how I'm gonna make it for three whole weeks
This is the hottest kissing scene I've seen in a very, very long time! You can't stop watching it over and over! You are literally transfixed by the kiss and this gorgeous man who is actor Jay Ryan. So hot! You guys have to watch this show if you want to see wore of their epic love story. CW's Beauty and the Beast on Thursday's at 9:00 P.M.. Love it!!!!
Laurine Dublanc
Très beaux couple!!!
Can these two be any hotter? Holy smokes they're hot together. I wonder if they have baby crushes on each other off-screen in order to have that much chemistry together on-screen. I could listen to Vincent all stinkin day long - his voice is just as hot and steamy as he is.
Claudia Carrión
HIS hand was on the RIGHT place!!!
Ebaadah Puryear
I can't wait for the sneak peek for the next episode! :D
It's ABOUT TIME!!!! He earned it anyway after saving his sister's life from that crook! LOVED the Scene!!
Emy Custodio
Agree with you!! next episode will be freaking awesome!
3 weeks
Danielle Jackson
Ahhh this kiss took long enough now we have to wait how many weeks until the next epi?
raping the replay button!
elizabeth Mansaray
Well at less try
elizabeth Mansaray
Next episode the are going to have sex!!!
Anett Behon
The person who disliked it must be one of muirfield's men.
Charchar The speaker
don't know but we are going to have to wait till march to fined out and if the move to quickly his adrenaline can spike and well you know what happens when he gets like that
Charchar The speaker
back off he is mine
Michelle Stoute
monica sanchez
I squeal everytime I swear ahhhh soo exciting freakin finally! I want a vincent hes yumm or jay ryan whatevs lol
Emily Moeller
1st of all who disliked this video!!!!!! And yaaaaay!!!!!! Finally gosh took long enough!!!! :)
Liberti Belle
Not at all! But I guess the lit skyline in the background will have to do lol
Definitely my favorite scene 3! It's up there with my other favorite BATB scenes/episodes: their art studio scene and "Who you are, makes everything worth it" (Worth); their first slow dance (Bridesmaid Up); their almost first kiss (Trust No One); and of course, THE KISS!!!
Ebaadah Puryear
I can't wait until 3/14! We want the show now! Legit :D
Loved it!!! Jay and Kristin have such naturally awesome chemistry together as Vincent and Catherine, and the BATB writers certainly made it worth the wait. Rather than a fast paced relationship, it has been a long and beautiful journey watching them finally come full circle to this moment. I melt every time he gazes at her. His "I'm so in love with you" reply to her "I love you" felt so warm and sincere. And their first kiss... *sigh* left me breathless. Can't wait for 3/14 and more!
The song is Catalyst by Kyla La Grange :)
Darcy Marie
Does anyone know what the song playing in the background is? I WAS SCREAMING AT THE TV FINALLY!!!!! NEXT WEEK BETTER BE A LOVE SCENE. I know the preview has the set up for a love scene, but i can't tell if there is going to be one or Vincent will stop before it gets good.