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Julia Sawalha appeared on GMTV to talk about her new BBC1 drama, Lark Rise to Candleford. Note that I had to remove the clips of the show as some broadcasters get funny about that. (C) GMTV 2010

Gary KlunkervilleTown
I live in the United States and just discovered this nice series. Need more shows like this.
Cheddar cheese...her one weakness.
It's better than Downton Abbey in lots of ways!!  Non-violent, family friendly, great morals, deep characters! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE
Love Lark Rise series and Julia is stellar and amazing in her role as Dorcas.
OMG she is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
Gary Dunn
I absolutely adore Larkrise to Candleford and Julia Sawalha is so gracious as Dorcas Lane.  I find the entire show to be most enchanting, with its very likeable characters, set in a backdrop of a bygone age.  My mother and I are currently watching the entire series over again each evening.  It is essential viewing for anyone who loves period drama, and pure escapism from the hustle and bustle of modern day life.  Well done BBC for this excellent series, such a shame that more episodes were not  commissioned.
Val Sherman
Julia Sawalha is my absolute favorite BBC actress of all time!!!  I adore her.
Reader of Books
I'd only ever seen her in "Absolutely Fabulous" before this. In addition to being a terrific actress, she's gotten stunningly beautiful with age.
I love Julia Sawalha's accent
Julia is FAB, and I'd watch ANYTHING she did.  Even reading the eye-exam chart.
The interviewer interrupts an awful lot.
Jaydon Rowell
Lark rise to candlefould is my favourite film and I watch it every day Julia swalla is such an amazing woman :)♥
Vegan Witch
raw food huh - this woman is TOO COOL - and larkrise to candleford is awesome.
Larry Snyder
I watched the series on pbs till I moved and could no longer get it. Totally loved the whole cast. Beautiful series.
Andy Bunnell
The interviewer talks too much, too fast and interrupts Julia constantly. She is obviously someone who loves the sound of her OWN voice!
Felene Pollard
Love Lark Rise ❤️
Kirby Manning
Absolutely love Larkrise to Candleford. It was an incredible cast. Wonderful individuals dedicated to their craft. I'll never understood why genuinely good shows end. There was so many more stories the series could have continued to tell.
Doug Palermo
My one weakness is "Dorcas Lane"
Diana Jacklin
I loved Lark Rise to Candleford from the first show in the first series. What a wonderful, refreshing program which teaches love, forgiveness, understanding, compassion. Julia Sawalha is a her divine, elegant self and expresses her art through her stunning acting. So grateful for this series.
The PWC Revival Center International Ministry
I love her accent and I love watching the show.
Custard Flan
What a great actress -- Pride and Prejudice, Ab Fab and Lark Rise. What a range?
Indeed, I think she looks more lovely out of costume than in.
J Scott Upton
Lark Rise To Candleford is my one weakness.
one of the most talented, versatile, and underrated actresses. love her =)
I really do believe that Julia is the most beautiful woman in the world !!
Love the show - currently watching it on amazon!
Every time Julia Sawalha spoke I just waited for the interviewer to interrupt. Guess I would be chatty and happy too if I were interviewing such a skilled actress. :)
Julia Sawalha played Saffy in AbFab
wow shes grown up since ab fab
She is such a lovely actress! I watched the episode of Who Do You Think You Are in which she is a guest and guess what? Her grandfather's name was Thomas LANE, and another ancestor was a postman. That can't be a coincidence!
Rebecca Schröder
I would fire that woman leading the program, she so annoys me with her thousand questions and interruptions! Thank God Julia just keeps on talking, otherwise that other woman would completely take over the whole interview.
Julia! You are the best actress and attractive woman! Best regards from Slovenija!
My favorite actress (quality) is Queenie.
hot. i still want to do bad things to her
She looks really well for 41/42. I think she's actually gotten prettier with age. Not that her looks really matter, she's a terrific actress!
Ignacio Navarrete
Ignacio Navarrete
Julia has really changed since her Saffron days. Still beautiful.
what a natural beautiful woman with such a charisma !
Pity she can't speak with the same accent, manner and poise she has as Dorcas.
Lee Barrett
What some of you might not know is that Julia is the voice of "Ginger" in the Animation - Chicken Run....how's that for talent.
She must live in northern-most Somerset, and doesn't realize she's crossed the county line going north towards Gloucestershire? Indoor sets are in Gloucestershire (Yate and Tetbury); outdoor Candleford and Lark Rise are facade sets (scaffolding, etc.) a mile apart in Corsham, Wiltshire (if you walk "in" to the sister's dress shop, you'd find cows or sheep). Candleford House is the Chavenage House (also in Gloucestershire) for both indoor and outdoor scenes. LUCKY YOU :) Beautiful country!
Jennifer Sarah
i prefer how she talks on lark rise than real life lmao :L
I just found Larkrise to Candleford and I can't get enough of it. I can't find it on my BBC network in US. I have been watching on Youtube and now am at the end of season 3 and only see 2 episodes of season 4. Is there more finished? I just love the characters and the story. Thank you Youtube.
I loved Julia, when she was in press gang all those years ago. She was great then... and she is super great now.
She is beautiful. It's funny to see her wearing normal clothes and to hear her real voice because it's a bit different from Dorcas's voice. She is so right the way she describs her show,it's top quality
I agree! she seems like a really nice person too!
D Hager
skidrowsux1977... the kid Sydney was actually a grown puppetmaster being groomed to be a miniature postmaster. LOL
Katey Lynn Caballos
My daughter and I love this series. We love how sassy Miss Lane is. 💖💖💖
Our family just discovered this marvelous series. We are watching it straight through with only the last of the final year I watch! I can stand that it’s over!! Loved it, thank you so very much!
Paul Metzger
It's a wonderful show. I watch it regularly.
Carlo Caffe
I come home early From my job to watch this movie. Watching this movie is my one weakness. Lol
Annie S
She is really lovely.
Love this show! My kids can actually stay in the family room while I watch.
Just wonderful and wholesome,funny and totally engaging series of a by gone time. I love the cast-all really brilliant actors that bring Flora Thompson’s storybook Hamlet and town, Larkrise and Candleford to life for us. The BBC did a genius production with beautiful sets and the creation of that era. I wish it hadn’t stopped as I go back and watch it every year or so. The cast all become like family that draw you into their world. I do wonder if Dorcas ever married? Mr Delafield and James were both good marriage prospects for her. Such wonderful British actors-first class in every way. Family friendly,no violence makes for an easy series to slip into and forget the modern world. Thanks so very much for making this beloved classic come to life for millions of us.
Didn't she play Ginger in Chicken Run?
Repent ObeyJesus
I can not stand this interviewer!!  What is wrong with her? Is she on Speed or something??STOP talking.. ok???!!!  Julia is so lovely....I love her in Lark Rise... What a beautiful show.  Love all the actors in it , too.
Monica Pearson
I just finished this Series except for Series 5. Don't know for sure if it's on DVD yet. I love this series and have enjoyed it so much. Each day I couldn't wait to watch it again. Very good acting and it has made me laugh and cry. I checked the out at the library and the very last one I watched was Series 4; the ending was so wonderful; I couldn't help crying. My sister and I started off watching "Call The Midwife" which was very good too. So when I had to wait to get the next Midwife Series someone at the library told me about "Lark Rise to Candleford." Good family movies. Hopefully I will be able to watch the last series of Midwife on GPB or EVT which I think comes on April 3 at 9:00 EST.
who is the kid that dresses like a little grown up. Sydney? There should be an episode where a house drops on his face.