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2013 AUG Filmed during Week 34, 2013 Croatia South Red Route. The Dock Week It all began in a town called Spliff, Correction, that's what our captain called his joint, I mean Split. A group of 9 friends sharing a mansion apartment with a view, But we would soon be a family aboard Lina 2. We spent a fortune on groceries... Yet somehow only ate salami and cheese. Who cares anyway, It's basically free. I guess all the nutrition we needed to hack it, Was in those cans...yellow or red jacket? We met our skipper Kevin, Or was he just a stow-away in our cabin? Either way he turned out fucking awesome We love you, feet and all, captain Kev-cum! SS Hvar Out was all set to sail Yacht week. But instead we started Dock week. Anyone up for a schmoke and a peek? We had no idea what Dock week would bring, Fluid girls, shit geysers, and Regatta racing. Non-stop raging, Harlem shaking. Pirate ships, and one-way blackout train tix. We danced in the castle moonlight with glowsticks galore. ...I've never heard this song before. We jumped from high rocks, all of us so brave. And we took our family dinghy through the Blue Cave. No troughs, no sleep, just recovery on this ship. You can fix your boliglava with an Adriatic dip. So here's to the crew: Fluid Vla, Unsta-gator, Handstand, 7 Tickets To Blackout Train, Rage, Google Drix, The Pro, Captain Kev-cum and me, Dr. G One cannot explain The Yacht Week. You have to experience it. So to my forever friends, Love you, MEAN IT! ...just one more thing, has anyone seen our skipper??? INSTAGRAM // />CAMERA // GoPro Hero 3 Black SONGS // Victor Deme - Djon Maya (Synapson Remix), Baauer - Harlem Shake, Avicii - Wake Me Up, Copyright - In Da Club (Shake Sh*t Up) [Chocolate Puma Club Mix], Klingande - Jubel /> /> /> />

Great video guys! [L]on the license plate means Luxembourg, small state within Europe, next to Belgium and France ;-)
Francisco Leotte
AWESOME .. !! well done!!  what a great video !! TYW ... experience..   spirit ....is all there !!!
the title of this video could not be more correct
Courtney Manlove
This makes me miss TYW
Incredible! If you ever do the BVI call me, I wanna be with this crew!!!
Guilherme Carioca
really nice bro,see you next summer!! cheers from brazil
Oscar Best
Oh take me there
This was a great video! I guess I'll go lol
So sad..
Jannes Gesquiere
Hey CyclinghoosierL5, This kind of vacation looks amaaaazing. I am planning to go with a bunch of friends. But we're all 19 years old. Do you think that we are too young?
Lucas Oggiano
Sean Scott
Can't wait for this trip! We are going on the final week Aug 29-Sept 5 and 18 of our friends on 2 yachts are ready to have and epic trip. Any advice would be appreciated!
Jacqueline Vitta
Awesome video! You got our crew super stoked, we are heading to Croatia in two weeks! Question - how big was your boat? We are trying to gauge how much space we will have. Thanks!
Courtney Manlove
Thank god I found a good video from my year :) Cheers!!
that was a good slice of y'alls piece of a good life! obviously that was hellafun. bon voyage 2014, i'll be there
ENVY Nibb;ins
it was all Alex idea.
Ha, so I guess this "solves" what happened to the custom "CROATIA13" License plate I had made and disappeared from my boat.  Did you figure out what the "L" stands for on the leftside of the plate?
J Krug
Superb Video!
lol that pink swan really made its rounds. I remember we had that thing on our yacht for week 29 croatia last summer. 
I am so doing it next year. 
Dan Pariseau
hey man, incredible video. I'm going in July - first time - can I hit you up for some advice? If I come close to your week I'll prob die and go to heaven. Strike that. Die and go to yacht week heaven.
John Lane
Wow that looks like such a blast!
The Tourist
Seriously...Americans... How more stupid than this can you be?
Me and a couple of friends are planning a similar trip right now. Can you let us know where u were for the tiny boat inside the water cave 3:15? thanks!
Thanks for the comments!  Nico, hah I actually don't have a clue how that license plate ended up on board.  Did you do TYW during another week?  And what does the "L" stand for??