Mitsubishi Evo IX Accelerations POV

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My buddy's Evo IX MR full chat

You need to make this at least an hour long
Suck My M5
Definitely a fun car to drive!! No comparison in sound versus your E60 though thats for sure
Daniel Beben
i take this way home all the time, this is in clifton!
Project Skyrise
Clifton 👍
Auto Aaltink Nijverdal
This is pretty dope! I made a pov video of the Eclipse Cross :)
So sexy!
any idea what your putting to the wheels?
Ömer Çağlar MUTLU
any photos of that evo?
Channel Classics
Good Heel-and-toe and nice car! GG!
Ölmeyen Oyuncu
6 spd Manual or 5
Joao Estoller
Miss your m5
Nice IX MR !!
Пабло Эскобар
Я фанат и марки субару и марки митсубиси, но в плане езды , то лучше , на мой взгляд, субару , а в плане надежности и красоты кузова , то я за митсубиси
Morgan Kathapermall
How many horsepower ?
Nibbometa Trusted
How many hp ?
that was fun to watch. how was that tranny? looked fun to shift.
Komang Ryandhi
0:58 bmw 525i e60?
- Strahinja -
Very nice video. It's funny how there is no video at entire Youtube how somone drives Evo X like u drive this older Evo. They drive it like it is 1.4 60hp but it has 260hp.
very nice👍