In a day: Cyprus | Around Cyprus in one Day

So we put it to the test the ultimate Cyprus road trip. Can you drive around Cyprus in a day, we also stopped at some amazing sights along the way & got lost a lot of the time. This journey has truly made me full in love with Cyprus even more, our tiny island isn't as tiny as we think, we have been all around the whole island yet there is still so much more to see. Equipment used: GoPro HER07 Black /> Facebook: />Instagram: />Twitter: />Snapchat: CypriotSmurf

Nice vid boys but you couldn't pay me to go to northern cyprus it would break my heart
Μπράβο σας. Πολύ ωραίο βίντεο. Σαν την Κύπρο δεν έχει!! Θαρρώ ότι όταν θα μετακομίσω εκεί, θα βελτιώσω τη ποιότητα της ζωής μου σε κάθε τομέα!!!!
I live in cyprus but not in Limassol. The area I live in is Paphos. And have you ever been to Famagusta before?
When you got he north occupied area is like going from 2018 back to 1960. muslim influence for you all.
Anthony Grigorian
nice Vlog of Kypros :)
cory mansfield
lol 3:36 that's near my old school
Paphos, Protaras and Troodos mountains are the gems of Cyprus.
Emma Constantinides
Loving your videos CypriotSmurf!! I subscribed to your channel yesterday and I love the Souvlaki skits
I love Cyprus been there in 1993 for a brings back memories with your video,thank you guys
Nichole1984 Ilovethe80s
You guys are hilarious😂😂 very entertaining to watch 😅😅lots of love from a Canadian Cypriot 😊👌🏻
Alergic Man
I AM from Cyprus it's an awesome island
magic tourism
Nice video Can you please make a video on the working lifestyle of cyprus?
Mike Charidemou
Steve and Smurf...... Legends!!!
_Crazy Mouth_
sto vilo mou louloudia kai girogiro melises jucking awsome smurf i wana meet you in napa
Roman W
i want to go but.... tickets are super expensive cheapest is $1600 (US)
Chris A
bravo re. sick video! sto kalo
Megan Beams
Fun video. Wish I were there 👍
Sienna k21
Only Samara
Good job guys 👏
Electric Vendagoo
I might be going there this coming summer, keep up the good work
Kazia Sarpola
From the US! Wonderful video, makes me want to visit.
Giorgos CHaralambous
is not "north cyprus" is occupied area my friend
Dimitris Christoforou
I've been to a lot of countries,but nothing like Cyprus reeeeeee
Logan From Kekistan
who else sang when that song came on
Sienna k21
Cyprus is brilliant ... I live in Cyprus 😂
Memories of living here. . .
Stephanie Demetrios
Chris Krzentz
That was awesome guys. I just subscribed to your channel !!!
Chuck Liddell
Only just found your channel re .. my mom lives in Limassol I always go there .. what you think about the northern area being occupied by turkey etc
Ale Fransoa
Just arived last week from Cyprusy what a great island, it took us one week to visit all that places :D nice video...
The only bad thing in Cyprus is the money. If they fixed it I would move there
Baccarat Lover
Great video. Keep doing more my friend! :)
Michelle Ercutza
I live in cyprus!
I will be there in 2 weeks, for 8 days. It should be enough time to do what you did in 1 day.
Limassol seafront??? It's called Limassol marina or molos
Hilmi Birgin
It was an amazing job guys 👍
Julia Smith
Thank you. :D
Mike Charidemou
The "line" Is NOT a f'ing border!!!!
Grand Moff Tarkin
Georgiou and Smurf in one video? Brilliant.
Great job guys, really enjoy it. It will be nice to know the music.
Nice one boy's. Been to most of these places but not in one day. Legends!!! KRO
ZEUS Apolo
to butuin mas to kalon...
Errr... hate to break it to you but Apostolos Andreas isn’t the Northern most point of CY. You can drive further down the road past Apostolos Andreas to he very tip of the nouro of CY and it’s an absolutely stunning view. There’s a couple soldiers there and if you ask them, they’ll let you walk to the very tip of the nouros. They’re very nice about it actually. Just don’t ask them if you can move back into your homes in the north lol
Sienna k21
telio video
vincent marandola
motanvagabond same
god job guys
Michelle Ercutza
I live in that road and I saw you guys
deniz beyoğlu
Γιατί οι σχολιαστές έχουν μια εχθρική στάση απέναντι στους Τούρκους ενώ δεν έχω δει ποτέ ότι οι Τούρκοι ήταν πάντα εχθρικοί απέναντί ​​σου
rafael Efstratiou
Whats the name of the melody at the intro?
Re ise Charloui
Mike Charidemou
Mate!!! It's NOT A BORDER!!!!!!!
sub topewdiepie
Omfg u just passed from my house
Catherine Kitchens
what languages do you speak? i might be going to cyprus this summer, and i want to know what language i need to learn.
well done re
Can’t wait to see this year’s adventure. Been visiting Cyprus since I was a baby and you’ve shown me some sights I’ve not seen before.
John Sealand
Great video!Beautiful country!
Mich Elle
you arrogant godless cyprians legalized baby butchering on Good Friday? there will be a reckoning & come it will.
Adrian Antoniou
The first song what’s it called I forgot how to spell it in English
Emilios Powerballer
Mike Mattys
Sultan Simmer
Which cyprus?
Michelle Ercutza
You dident see me
Sukh Cyprus
Cyprus is bad contry.Dont come life here
steve A
G.t Eyyee!!!!!