Ashihara Karate - Alexander Lavrushin, Battle of the Champions 2007 presents: Alexander Lavrushin, an Ashihara Karate fighter from Moscow, Russia. Two times World Champion, European and Russian Champion. In this event he fights Enrico Rogge, a German fighter; Alexander wins. Битва Чемпионов 2, Александр Лаврушин Alexander began training in Ashihara Karate in 1995. He was introduced to the style by Nikolay Kulakov, and instantly liked the diversity and effectiveness of Ashihara Karate, which at the time was a very new style of karate. Later on, he continued learning Ashihara under the tutelage of Valeriy Ryzhkov. Ashihara's technique at the beginning was close to that of Kyokushinkai Karate, but Ryzhkov and his school were actively promoting elements of clinch-fighting, leg trapping, leg sweeps, takedowns - only to find later that it was exactly where the future of Ashihara Karate had taken all other adepts around the globe. As a result of his dedication and years of training, Alexander went on to reach ranks of the world renown full-contact fighters and has won multiple regional, national and international titles, competing in Ashihara Karate, K1 and Muay Thai tournaments and events Alexander has been teaching Ashihara, K1, Muay Thai and general fitness since 2003 to a wide variety of students, his "I Fight" Training Camp's operations are spanning several gyms in different areas of Moscow.

Omid Enomis
Kyokushin Forever. Osu!
Александр Красников
Александр - Молодец! Грамотно сработал!
Ashihara tactics and techniques were used in Kyokushinkai long before Ashihara became an established style. Hideyuki Ashihara the founder of Ashihara Karate used to be the top trainer of Kyokushinkai fighters and produced many champions including Jojo Ninomiya , the founder of Enshin Karate.
Baron Joachim Von Munchausen
Give them helmets and chance To fight on a ground Unmistakably will be a Kudo...
Pavel Umbrella
Я с Саней вместе занимался. Шикарный боец.
О,Виталий Виниаминович)
Well executed throws
how could ashihara karate be an effective karate made for street fights if it has no hits to the head?
Danielle Noriega Lee
Ashihara is not necessarily an off-shoot of Oyama's Kyokushin as the older Kyokushin Sempais and Senseis did learn much from Ashihara Sensei's fighting form known today as Sabaki. Ashihara's Karate is still considered Kyokushin but because when he broke away from Kyokushin , the other Sempais and Senseis - did not allowed any grabbing, sweeps, trips or throws.
viraj wijebandara
Сергей Москалёв
Temoeri S
Andrei Hangu
That was one sided. And I thought ashihara was full contact
Pit Bull
welcome to Russia)
Novitatis Veritatis
Russians are good fighters, my favourite is Fedor Emelianenko, too bad i never had a russian friend or colleague, i only had a russian girl friend once.
Мы им хребет еще в 45-м сломали, никак не очухаются )))
ambrus fuzesi
compare with kyokushin budokai its nothing Jon Blumings organization is awsome!
Михаил Сорокин
Саша Красавчик!!!
Iberoamerican Kyokushin
Congratulations OSSÚ
Oyama off kyokushin karate took the muay thai thigh kick etc and used it against them. It's still karate, but you're right that it resembles muay thai. It's certainly not traditional karate though.
This isnt karate its some copy muay thai style they called Karate.
not good at muaythai
Олег Дмитриев
Лаврушин лучший!!!!!!!!!
Sergej SO
Я сам занимаюсь ASHIHARA KARATE но такого красивого боя есчо не видел
russians do fucking hard karate, greets
footwork Ashihara concentrates more on using sabaki or footwork to get in the blind side of the opponent
Ronnie Endey
I'am Kyokushin... Full Body Contact Karate.. Viva... Oyama
Sultan Hamidullin
он его раздеть хотел а не выиграть :D
Alpha phenotype
what is the difference between this and kyokushin?
i need a slowmo on the slowmo
What kind of Karate is this? It's too similar to muay thai and kick boxing.
Гари Шпак
звери не люди ! ? Глупцы...
алексей лёня
александр оч понравился а особенно на второй минуте удар в подбородок,и в канце подножка.
John Smith
These guys were tough and I liked their skill level - but a fighting style without allowing head strikes is kind of hokey. It's why I prefer MMA.
B0d0 Channel
2 noobs
okay thanks
Holy shit, that knee at 1:56 is sick!
Daniel Kostadinov
Shin Kyokushin = Kyokushin = Shin Kyokushinkan = Shin Kyokushinkai = Shin Kyokushinkai-kan , they're all the same , learn that allrdy will ye ?
Sebastian Johansson
Shorinji Kempo is not karate, and JKA is an organisation. What is Gotsu Ryu?
no punching on the face?
Jamego King
芦原会館 (Ashihara Kaikan); If you watching the movie "High Kick Girl", you'll see in the movie that one of the actress "小林由香", she's from Ashihara Kaikan Karate, but don't forget other Karate's like: Kyokushin, Shin Kyokushin, Shotokan, Shito Ryu, Shoriji Kenpo, Shorin Ryu, Isshin Ryu, Budokan, Goju Ryu, Gosoku Ryu, Gotsu Ryu, Wado Ryu, Ryukyu Kobujutsu, JKA. Thank your all Karateka's.
nice osoto gari. does anyone here know why this looks like enshin?
That looks exactly like kyokushin+grappling
Lee sOo
What's the difference from Kyokushin rules? and style? thanks
alexandrew awesomefier
@silentlover213 Ashihara is a mix of judo and kyokushin
yeah, 3 seconds only though
Jacob Watts
Im not sure which takedown i enjoyed most
di karate ce ne sono molti stili. Tu probabilemente hai visto il karate sportivo, che fa ridere rispetto a questo
why is george bush reffing?
Marc Alamo
Throws are allowed and there is some holding allowed.
very nice o soto gari
Суровые колени
very impressive
Marc Alamo
is there any difference of this to kyokushin karate?
Min Kooh
What's the main differences between Ashihara and Kyokushin? Best wishes.
its so similar as to make no difference,they all broke away from oyamas org so all use knockdown sparring,kata may be different but thats pointless anyway.If I wanted to do a jap art ,kudo would be my choice,but I see that as mma in a gi rather than karate.
shaw shawee
No it's not EXACTLY the same but thanks .
He won with a Judo throw... didn't know karate allowed those
its exactly the same as kyokushin kai and its derivatives,look for those and youll find a school.
Nadia B
Hey, I'm an Ashihara kid and I also live in Vancouver now. I've spent a year looking for Ashihara school here: none. The best result I got was a rumor about a small group of guys who practice Ashihara for fun or something, but I never made it to meet them.
Santiago Vasquez
Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara is the founder of Ashihara Karate. Kancho Ashihara studied under Kyokushin founder Kancho Masutatsu Oyama. Kancho Ashihara is often attributed as one of the originators of the tai sabaki (whole body movement) method.
Santiago Vasquez
Not much! Kancho Yoko Ninomiya, Founder of Enshin, was a student and perhaps the best of Ashihara Kancho.
Дмитрий Акимов
Молодчина! Красивая победа не смотря на разницу в весе!
shaw shawee
Is there any ahihara karate schools in vancouver canada ????
Sensei Ken
90 RPM
Dieter Hofman
I do shotokan karate, and this looks almost nothing like what our contests look like. I only recognise the kicks and punches, we don't nearly throw as much as these guys do.
king solomon
is this kyokushin or shotokan?
@JihadAlIslamia too in ashihara
Great video Vanovi, are there any videos of techniques of ashihara karate????, thanks
Murad Akhmedov
Good fight, and Lavrushin is good, especially his khitza geries, but, by the way, my teacher had fought and won Lavrushin. I will try to find the video of that fight and post it here, I heard it was a pretty impressive fight.
Murad Akhmedov
@SenseiMazz in ashihara kaikan you can hold opponents' neck for 3 seconds.
Саня молодец ))) Всех у нас на даче перепиздил))) подлец)
Masashi Saito
So strong...
Алексей Небесный
Супер! Сабаки в чистом виде! Немец прозрел!
I love his mawashi, it's so FLUID!
Павел Сапронов
Российские спортсмены лучшие в мире!))) ура ура ура!)))))
Ferry Y
wow this karate match is cool i do kyokushin, but i like this kind of karate more usings throws and grabbing
the one holding the neck all the time, is probably an old kickboxer, because that is a common grab there, but in ashihara its not allowed to do as he is doing....
Radames Rodriguez H,
this is ashihara the best karate
Good fight, but must referees would have disqualified him for the repeated grapping behind the neck, which is a category 1 offense under WCK rules.
nice power and technique! Osu!
Safdar Kh
Brilliant timing of the throws. And the goddamn knee kicks to the face!. This what every karate should become.
Fahri Uysal
mesut rahman sözer is my sensei and he win alexander lavrushin!!
riki gresa
Ashihara Karate Techniques 1
Mario U Comics and Cartoons
Was not expecting WWE's Hardy Boy theme being played in a karate video
Sonny Lee
i think ashihara has some improvements over kyokushinkai karate. so ashihara might be a little better.
ibnu sa'ad
Overwhelming superiority of Lavrushin
Владимир Мирненко
naim louhichi
un art martial très dur
Baron Joachim Von Munchausen
Gans...Hende...houh.. Ryki..vverx...
For all you who think Kyokushin and Ashihara don't know anything about head punches are wrong. They do know, but it's just not allowed on the tatami during a bare knuckle fight. Please stop by saying this or that art is better, respect all, thats the true art.
Daniel Griffith
this is very similar to kyokushin i dont see the difference but its still awesome
gökhan öner
Tam bir katliam
Nishant Sawant
Looks like a tamed version of Kyokushin. The only improvement I see is that grabs are allowed. But Kyokushin (alongwith Goju ryu & Uechi ryu) is way more brutal
naim louhichi
Fidel Tshivhasa
Is grabbing a your opponent's neck or attire to throw the knees part of the style? It looks like dirty fighting.