Free Electricity Generator 220V CFL Energy Light Bulb NEW AC Electric Generator 2019 New Experiment

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Checco Lioni
You're just ridiculous!!!!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
david martindale
Absolutely impossible, plus the thin wire used has shellac or some some of resin or insulating coating so unless it was removed the solver would work.
I am trying to Figure out the role of the sparkplug? (I know what it does in car engine and how it functions there)
Chrispinus Malala
Soon I will be trying and when it will refuse to work i will just know its a lai
Виктор Микулко
Бля а если кардан приклеить ещё на термопсис одет так 380 вольт будет
Veer Singh
It will make sound from blub or it with light up from music. That is main confusion in my mind , haha
저렇게 전기가 생산되면 탈원전해야지
Esteban Mercado
Nice work man keep up the Great Work, Can you tell me the parts names you used?
Справедливий Историк
Лампа с встроеним акамулятором.
Ayan Permites
May I know the voltage reading?
Ilija sljupka
this does not work
Enrique Berrios
remember if it works use more glue until it works jejejejejeje
edicson ramirez
Yaay! Now I can work on lighting up my whole hose this way! And finally get rid of my electric bill. I'll Need a bunch of magnets. Any donations are welcomed!!💩😎🤓
Chris hansel Perez huchaca
El más ignorante del mundo es este capullo bujía produce energía de 220v pobre idiota no sabemos k está avisando......
9:21 You lied. Thanks.
Agora faça um vídeo mostrando o truque!
अक्स ãks ਅਕੱਸ
इतना भद्दा irritating background sound; common sense is very uncommon
2Stroke Project
All filipinos out there ! Please say the word "Bobo"
Can I power my electric car ?
Michael Makeev
Вот... так примерно и строят гипперлуп!😅😅😅
Creator fans club
mandev timo
am surely short of words with the level of knowledge and creativity involved here .
Ricardo Xm
Eso no se lo cree ni harto de vino I've done this project, but with 18" speakers and I powered my home, And all my neighborhood¡¡¡¡ Free energy forever. .. AndThen; I woke up
Jover Gumnad
pagsilaw met t manok 😅😅😂😂😂
Sergio Ramirez
This is the best example that 90% of what is on youtube is JUNK.
China Lad
His next films better. He shoves the spark plugs up jaxi, connects to a magneto and the is an electrical storm in Uranus - shocking⚡️⚡️
bob marley
did i really just watch this? i need help...
Krystian Samulak
Già.. come se il secondo principio della termodinamica non esistesse xD
Chief Estilette
I like the way you done that how long would a light last could you use it for camping Cajun land Church Point Louisiana and another thing what wattage bulb you need
Dan Milosevich
What is max working current at the 240 volts? Will increasing or decreasing anything change the ratings. Should i wire more than one of these in parallel to increase currrent or series to increase voltage? LOL.
waled alkhele
😆😆 Vary Old 20 years ago The work gives 50V enough to operate an electronic lamp but why it is hidden under the table transformer???????
AChannel 4U
It means you failed all newton's law and other genius laws ..... Thx bro you decrease our school syllabus....... You are genius bro ..... Thx 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😝😝😝😝
Нифига Непушкин
Очередная идея для дурки 🤣
Abdulrhman Ahmed
This is exactly How to make a great nothing...
Piotr Kopeć
Fajnie lutuje emaliowany drut miedziany do stalowej końcówki świecy.
Moulali Shaik
Nise job I want medicine paper cover micshine making fasting
Cabdulahi Cabdikarim
Please do volty mitir
simeon tjatji
Try it, it works in July 2019 I swear😎
MD Bhardwaj
Nikal Lavde, Pehli Fursat Me Nikal. Mene comment ke liye ek view de diya isko 😫😫😓😓😥😥
Berk özkaya
thermodynamics hates you
Debura Dimakulangan
Hahahahaha. Bravo.
Abel Amigo
El experimento funciona!!! Lo vi antes y es realmente muy bueno y efectivo. Se llama EL CAZA BOBOS o CAZANDO BOBOS EN YOUTUBE
Dan Milosevich
Oh forgot, will 3 of these wired series-parallel produce the 3 phase power i need for my flux capacitor?
Gianni Massarenti
TRUFFATORI ! 1)Non ci può essere campo se c'è lo schermo di ferro intorno al magnete 2) se non togli la vernice isolante non c'e`conduzione 3) le candele non servono a niente se non esiste una alta tensione ecc.. ecc...
Магнит со свечками полож на стол а сверху полож пустой динамик тоже будет лампочка светиться?
Another emergency lamp!
Мишель Лазарев
I did not think that the idiocy of people of the XXI century can be so infinitely huge.
Wojtek M
Większej durnoty w życiu nie widziałem. Elektryk, elektronik.
Calvin thomas have been link baited!!!
Marjun PioX
there are kind of bulbs that has a built-in batteries inside wich when the electricity cuts the bulb still lights on. for emergency purposes
Koziba Majoo
this is not working king man but it only works when i smoke marijuana
Eckhard Gärtner
MNA Technologist
Without move not possible generated electricity?
Margaret Donathan
It only works when you have your tinfoil hats on
senthilkmar truthway
Ian not interested sorry for your hand touch pulp working
Haziuddin Kadir
Thank you so much i manage to setup 6 set of those and manage to power 3 villages equal to 3000 house simultaneneoly.tony stark arc reactor was behind 100 years of technology compared to this.
Zameer Hassan
Can we use a 12v bulb or not ..if not so how we converted ur ideas in 12 v...plz tell me about the method....thnks
Giovanni Gomez
You would really need a magnet moving through a coil in order to make electricity. Just like a motor but the other way around.
va k
а если этим устр стукнуть по кумполу - свечи заискрятся!!!!
Zulham Chullank
Arus listriknya dri mana ampe bisa nyalakan lampu 220volt
Vanda Bátor
I am interested in this solution, my people will be rich! - Viktor Orban
Emerson James Fallah
How long will the electricity supply last? according to this model...
Jakub ijo6905
leatherneck joe
Hay guess what I built it. And it works as long as you plug it in outlet....
Glenn Vandiver
Kazi M Rahaman
metrials name ki
Sampson George
great job I will try that soon
Bahlol Atia
Thankful about this condition
Ajik Guru
teori tak masuk akal mana tak ada gesekan bisa keluar api adanyasinar itukan karena gesekan samadengan mesin bisajalan karena stater nagai manapun bagusnya mesin tanpasyater tak mungkin bisahidup ini teorinya siapa kalau dengan teori ini bisa sukses sebaiknya bikin ajatolampu biyar cepatkay
kesner morisset
You are just.... Crazy or... Silly
kona kpna
fesh air device @t
Nandang Hendra
coba di ukur menggunakan volt meter
Jamal Henrique Montenegro
B spillers00
Not even remotely possible
Tejraj Jena
Congrats, please tell me what principle they work.
Joey Serdoncillo
Omg Great is that
Chayapol Kanapisitjul
แม่งขัดกับหลัก ฟิสิกส์ ชิบหาย มึงไปเอา ความรู้นี้ไปเก็บขยะหน้าชายหาดดีกว่า
satveer singh
Totally FAQ
tami parker
Testing if real
abdulbasit Al-Sufyani
I love it... THANK you
John Troy
Now all you need is an on off switch and a base frame and patent. Sell it.
You Are Real Brother Of Rahul Gandhi 👌 Keep It Up
sanjay halpati
Omg i watched full video anyone else
Now show it working with all components on a sheet of glass.😎
Ed Valencia
Successful entertainment! Bozo!
Reena Singh
Can we use anything else rather than just using spark plug
J Sangalang
Wow!!! Wasting!???
Rs Rofik
Why some person dowing...... work?
Michael Walker
Free energy, but not free from ads
Vanucia Silva
Teoria básica energia não se cria se transforma. Nunca vai funcionar.
Vit Kotz
для кого ты это демонстрируешь, а ты хоть в школу ходил, неуч? Вот только не говори, что источник питания в воздухе, эфир, а не в самой лампе скрыт... А , что нельзя пальчиком не браться за контакты, когда приподнимаешь? Зачем ты замыкаешь их!?
Pak Rafael
Kalau memang benar hebat bisa hemat pengeluaran biaya listrik
Mister Mirza
Free electric is solar
GC Durnin
can you make something to juice my ipad wo electricity? I'd be forever grateful.
Sohel Khan
what is the name of elemenrlt
Johnathan Baker
Rosmala Jaya
Ngerapek ketak.!!!
Pedro Santos
Thank you so much, I made 5 of those and I powered all my house. Free energy forever. 👍👍👍👍👍😂😂
Rakhi Rakhi
What have you put on speakar