Battlin' BILLY SMITH Slashes (1980s)

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Footage of New York Islanders Billy Smith Slashes and Incidents from the 1980s.

Cheap shot artist with a blocker and mask.
Trog Lodyte
Playing dirty/tough is one thing but rolling around like a soccer player when you aren't even hurt is a douche move.
James Eaton
As a long time hockey fan, it's disappointing watching how cheap and dirty the NHL was in the late 70s early 80s. It's one thing to be tough, but Smith was dirty and careless in his actions. He could have really messed somebody up. Butt-ending Lindy Ruff in the face? That's disgusting.
Smith and Hextall were the craziest goalies.
Barry H
One word...Coward. Drop the gloves, the stick and mask then fight. The only parts of this video I enjoyed was seeing this low life in pain.
John O'Dacre
Smith taped the knob on his stick in a way to inflict damage to the eyes of his opponents (see at 4:08; taping a stick like that is now illegal). He was plain dirty and vindictive. I'm surprised he survived as long as he did without someone taking his head off.
Notice at 13:45 when Billy slashes Mike right into the ankles with his goalie stick and Mike barely moves, but when Gartner slashes Smith back right into his thick goalie pads he goes down like he's been shot..I was too young to remember Smith, but I always loved listening to my dad tell stories about how damn dirty he was.
Jason Moore
That man still scares me. He would have been a serial killer if it wern't for hockey. The long Island butcher
Whats Dave Willams doing out on the Power Play...oh yeah , looking for Billy Smith.
Ron Dyer
Anything that was done to Smith, he more than deserved.
Scott Steven's always went after the smallest most vulnerable guys, what a coward... Steven's is willing to engage with smith or paul karyia but he ran away from probert and mcsorley, Steven's the chicken shit.
It was a crazy era of hockey. Every team practiced thuggery in the NHL from 75 through the 80's
I wish hockey was still this awesome, nowadays it's boring and corrupt.
Michael Smith
The ugliest moment of this video is at at about 4:40, when we see the Vancouver Canucks home jerseys for the first time.
Bernie Henao
Old time hockey, Eddie Shore!
What a legend I played goal for a period in an exebition alumni game aganst him and some other old nhl players good guy let us score like 5 goals because we were like 9 haha
Rich Howard
Billy Smith was the embodiment of a thug. No way this guy should be in the HOF.
Old Time Hockey...............
Wob Nobbenstein
Butt-end Lindy Ruff at 2:03 ? Damn thats pretty harsh
John Young
Billy Smith was a dirty hockey player on a great team . He will always be remembered that way.
Biggest Ahole in net ever!
I love the helmet and cage.
Tom O'Connor
I was at the game where Gartner was hacked by Smith. I witnessed the whole thing. Gartner was hit viciously by Smith and then Gartner turned around and slashed Smith across his goal pads. Smith then proceeded to act like he was shot by a cannon. We gave Smith a hard time after that nonsense.
Kronis Kent E. Krahn
That was awesome! Nice compilation, oilerfanatic1. Love him or hate him, Billy Smith remains one of the all-time great clutch goaltenders in the NHL. It was a thing of beauty watching the Islanders dynasty back in the day, so many great characters on those teams.
Funk Enstein
It's amazing how much thinner goalie leg pads were back then. Those Vancouver jersey's were god-awful.
The great, Billy Smith.
Lol he was dirty as hell I do miss the netminders with attitude
Chris Curtis
he sure knew how to protect his crease. he earned the nickname "Battling"
Billy Smith one of the biggest cowards in the NHL lmao...
Steve Valkry
Billy Smith was one of, if not the dirtiest goalie ever, Anderson shoulda kicked the living shit out of Smith after that slash on Gretzky.
John Johansen
I wish someone had ended Smith's career long before he had any success. And, the NHL was complicit in everything he did because they saw the videotapes and knew what he was doing. Smith was a goon, and he does not belong in the HHOF.
Ryan H
Billy Smith’s style was you challenge me I’m taken you out
YooToob Moderator
I think Billy was the reason for the "delay of game" penalty...
apple tile
Smith was a dirty coward who earned the reactions he got. Low life player
Frank Demes
Ron hextall fought his own battles,Billy didnt
Paul Seery
I am an Islander fan...but not a Smith fan....Chico was my man....and did not need cheap shots....probably the best Goalie the islanders ever had
Billy Smith was a cheap shot artist, whining child and most of all a coward hiding behind a mask. Oops almost forgot...minor league goalie.
Anthony Mendeola
4 Cups.
Greg J Feeney
Billie Smith deserves a puck to the throat
Barrie Chesterman
Anderson should have killed him when he had the chance geezes
Scumbag. Cheapshotting trash.
Allen Rappaport
He and Potvin were the nasty side of the Isles. The message was purposeful and clear. And part of their success. During an era of hockey in which the flyers and brujns made intimidation and violence part of the game, in the wales conference.
Ron Lackey
Dirty player. No respect for him.
T Meo
Dirty player who was not even that great of a goalie for the Islanders.
Rick Solis
Great goalie who took the other team's players off their game....
Pro Hockey Radio Broadcasts
Yeah, that was Smith. Different time, different era, the league didn't pamper goalies like they do now. I've seen all these games and if you watch the entire game you''ll see why Smith did what he did. He was retaliating.
I play goal and sometimes I play cheap. I know its disrespectful stuff and it's due to me being a baby. What Smith is doing is just dirty and cheap for no reason. He should have gotten beaten up for this shit.
michael chanial
Edward Baladinakis
Billy Smith is a Legend best goalkeeper in history , Hextall is my second favourite goalkeeper
Say what you want, the greatest clutch goalie of all-time in the playoffs.
Mark Torr
This is what you get when you have a below average goaltender that was the dirtiest player ever, continually not penalized for his illegal chops. He would have lasted about 5 minutes in today’s game and that 5 would have been a bathroom break
Ken Konard
Gordon Mckay
At least Ron Hextall wasn't afraid to drop the gloves if he didn't like you.
Jose Perez
this guy was a pos, full gear and would butt one with the end of his stick in the face...
It's almost as if the refs would give Smith a free pass each time.
Billy was the man ! If being badass was easy all the goalies would've done it.....
Dark Sabbath
the work of the referees was awful... unbelievable
Gerry Yaum
Smith constantly rolling around on the ice in AGONY..but never missed a minute of playing time as a result.
Max Factor
Hockey’s a tuff game but Billy Smith was a real POS
Jeff Burrow
Billy Smith should have been suspended without pay for this cheap shot shit
Bill Gross
Billy Smith gives a bad name to all the Billy's out there!
trucking with jeff
Cant help but think islander players were tired of this too
Jack Robinson
Worst hacker to ever play the game!
Bla Bal
The Ruff scene: I'm sure I would not have dropped my gloves, I would have taken my stick and hit his head and neck as often and hard I can.
James Cook
Swings the stick like a battle axe but you tap him and he does the "soccer flop". I glady would take a misconduct to knock his teeth out
great goalie, anyone who says differnt is a chickenshit punk who never played the game
Daveyboy _
Afer the game in coast to coast t.v . He told every one thar he took a dive when Anderson hit him
Shawn Nadeau
its easy to be a tough guy when you're wearing 3x's the equipment
Linda Kirk
Another graduate of the Bill Barber School of Diving!
Bass Wanderer
Dirtiest mofo between the pipes, butt ending chopping and spearing hellraiiser.
Chuck Wood
As an Islander fan growing up on Long Island in the early 80s, there was nothing better. I used to wait outside the Coliseum for pics and autographs. One night Billy Smith comes out, stops to sign some autographs. A kid hands him a puck to sign. Smith sees the puck had a Montreal Canadiens logo on it and wouldn’t sign it, lol. Hardcore Islander 24/7.
mic jam
Knowing he was a slasher,  id of taken a golf swing on his adams apple if he did it to me.
Michael Ploppert
Smith= gutless puke!
God I miss old time hockey
Dark Myau
Say what you want, but if you were putting together a team, you'd want him in goal.
Bill Smith
Best goalie ever.
D Tiblin
People who deride Billy Smith are only jealous he wasn't their Conn Smyth winning goalie. IT's the game of the era and not the man to blame. Nice guys finish last in those days and everyone dished it out. The Islanders were so good in those years that they can play the fast game and beat you, the skill game and beat you and the goon game and beat you. They were not so forward with goonery as the Flyers or Bruins. They were derided ahead of the 1980 post season for having no chance being too soft yet they won anyway and started and unprecedented and to date unmatched streak of 19 playoff series wins. Hats off to Billy Conn the Smyth winner 1983 and damn near enough rings for an entire hand. For you jealous babies, tears are delicious so keep krying.
Zuko Baptise
Billy Smith was Gangster
Max Headroom
Cry baby Gretzky can't take a hit. This is Nhl. Boo hoo go see your mama.
Phillip Wells
Has a hissy fit when players get him back
10:40. 12:29 13:00 best parts
Ol' Wally Harris had a soft spot (or blind spot?) for Billy!
Kristin Bianchino
loved smittys blue orange pads. hated when he went to those black pads towards end career. did not match at all
The legend, the man !
100% wonderful.  Great goalie.  Mike Palmateer is a close second.  Don't want to get slashed?  Stay out of his way.
Tim Hanrahan
Never heard of this goalie. The way he played is a testament to his character. What a POS.
Truth Triggers
Woooo-boy, were those Vancouver unis bad
Hey hanrahan she's a lesbian!
I met Billy many, many years ago; he was a volunteer selling Christmas trees at Ikea. There were a lot of wrapped trees and all the ones on display looked like the one on Charlie Brown's cartoon; so I started to unwrap one of them and he ran over and tore a strip off me and told me to take the ones on display. He was the feistiest volunteer I’ve ever met. I did however buy a tree from him, but he didn’t know it was the one I unwrapped.
you are all jealous
Алекс Буеф
редкий урод
dave z
Greatest goalie ever. And great sportsmanship
billy murph
roger meurer
The officiating hasn't changed in the past 30 years, that's for sure.
Brady Dog
He should have been given a misconduct and thrown out of the game! But you got to love it😃
P Jet
Potvin doesn't even pull Tiger Willliams off his goalie around 6:00.
the bigger the game...the bigger he played.
There was dirty and then there was Billy ''The Axe'' Smith.