Battlin' BILLY SMITH Slashes (1980s)

Footage of New York Islanders Billy Smith Slashes and Incidents from the 1980s.

God, I miss old-time hockey.
Gordon Mckay
At least Ron Hextall wasn't afraid to drop the gloves if he didn't like you.
Lou H
10:52 Love it. He reminds me of a woman who hits a man and expects not to get hit back.
Truth Triggers
Woooo-boy, were those Vancouver unis bad
James Cook
Swings the stick like a battle axe but you tap him and he does the "soccer flop". I glady would take a misconduct to knock his teeth out
Justin Sane
4 Straight Stanley Cup wins, 5 straight Stanley Cup final appearances...ever again?
Phatback Beat
Was it intentional ? Everything Billy did was intentional !!! 🤷‍♂️
Bla Bal
The Ruff scene: I'm sure I would not have dropped my gloves, I would have taken my stick and hit his head and neck as often and hard I can.
I remember watching him. He was known as "The Butcher"
Myke Duncan23
The Jason Voorhees..the big apple slicer..or the new York butcher
Dark Sabbath
the work of the referees was awful... unbelievable
Robert white
Goalie equipment was half the size back then of what it is today.
Shawn Nadeau
its easy to be a tough guy when you're wearing 3x's the equipment
Phillip Wells
Has a hissy fit when players get him back
Doug Gamble
The golden age of Hockey! Love him or hate him, he won 4 Cups in a row and we love him!
Clayton Cunningham
Billy Smith. Always deserved what he got but never got what he deserved.
Matt Blair #59 Hall of Fame
Some of these officials were in the WWE. I see nothing... 😑
Smith and Hextall were the craziest goalies.
This is exactly why I believe Goalies are fair game.🏒🥅🥅🏒
God I miss old time hockey
Jefferson Mc Cigrit
Cant help but think islander players were tired of this too
Kari Lentz
The Islanders did not do always do a good job protecting their goalies or star players so sometimes Billy Smith simply had to take things into his own hands. This goes back to 1978 when the Leafs took cheap shots in the playoffs against the Islander players yet the New York team did absolutely nothing and ultimately lost the series. He saw this backing up Chico Resch that year and said "Never Again!".
Louis Lazaris
Billy Smith makes Ron Hextall look like Mary Poppins.
Wob Nobbenstein
Butt-end Lindy Ruff at 2:03 ? Damn thats pretty harsh
Max Factor
Hockey’s a tuff game but Billy Smith was a real POS
Brian Rad
Billy Smith was a genius.
Smith even went after Bossy during practice. The guy is crazy.
Notice at 13:45 when Billy slashes Mike right into the ankles with his goalie stick and Mike barely moves, but when Gartner slashes Smith back right into his thick goalie pads he goes down like he's been shot..I was too young to remember Smith, but I always loved listening to my dad tell stories about how damn dirty he was.
Funk Enstein
It's amazing how much thinner goalie leg pads were back then. Those Vancouver jersey's were god-awful.
@16:16 the great announcer for the Pittsburgh Penguins Mr. Mike Lange still going to this day but only on the radio side.
Whats Dave Willams doing out on the Power Play...oh yeah , looking for Billy Smith.
Jose Perez
this guy was a pos, full gear and would butt one with the end of his stick in the face...
Trog Lodyte
Playing dirty/tough is one thing but rolling around like a soccer player when you aren't even hurt is a douche move.
El Skinny Chapo
how could you even defend this guy ? idc if you're my bestfriend , if you slash/spear someone like that you deserve everything coming to you
The legend, the man !
That was an awesome 18 minutes - Great memories of when the NHL was fun and great quality footage. Smith was indeed, as noted below, a dick. The sequence of events usually happened this way - Billy chops someone and either is attacked and turtles, or does down like he's been shot after retaliation. I think I saw him win one fight in his whole career, at the buzzer of a game in Montreal. It's funny how seldom Smith's teammates ever came to his aid, LOL. But one of the best money goaltenders in my lifetime.
What a legend I played goal for a period in an exebition alumni game aganst him and some other old nhl players good guy let us score like 5 goals because we were like 9 haha
Ol' Wally Harris had a soft spot (or blind spot?) for Billy!
Jason Moore
That man still scares me. He would have been a serial killer if it wern't for hockey. The long Island butcher
One time I swear he tries to take out the eyes of Lindy Ruff.
Bass Wanderer
Dirtiest mofo between the pipes, butt ending chopping and spearing hellraiiser.
Bernie Henao
Old time hockey, Eddie Shore!
Justin Kiwi
Not sure if the owner of this channel is salty about Billy Smith or admiring his slashing skills...
Shane Miller
Hextall would drop the gloves if you wanted to fight, Smith never had the balls.
Linda Kirk
Another graduate of the Bill Barber School of Diving!
doug marcus
Flyers Ron hextall got more grief from the those who did not watch hockey but billy Smith was far worse.
Daveyboy _
Afer the game in coast to coast t.v . He told every one thar he took a dive when Anderson hit him
yves rioux
that time where not only goaler mask in friday the thirteen slashing poeple
Jack Robinson
Worst hacker to ever play the game!
Brady Dog
He should have been given a misconduct and thrown out of the game! But you got to love it😃
It was a crazy era of hockey. Every team practiced thuggery in the NHL from 75 through the 80's
BILLY SMITH needed a beatin his whole career. A Bob Probert level beatin.
10:40. 12:29 13:00 best parts
wayne landry
calling a goon and dirty player a character
Cheap shot artist with a blocker and mask.
Billy smith AKA: Early balding autist .
Big bear welding LLC
What a great actor🤣
Jeffrey G
Ahhhhh.......The good old days when the goalie gives a player the quick stick. Ruff tackles and pounds Smith but both only receive "Roughing" (no pun intended) minors!
It's almost as if the refs would give Smith a free pass each time.
I love the helmet and cage.
Referee, Wally Harris never net an officiating assignment he couldn't mess-up.
John Young
Billy Smith was a dirty hockey player on a great team . He will always be remembered that way.
martin joseph
played like a yank. dirty and good at diving. katchup learnt well
Scott Steven's always went after the smallest most vulnerable guys, what a coward... Steven's is willing to engage with smith or paul karyia but he ran away from probert and mcsorley, Steven's the chicken shit.
Richard East
The Broad Street Bozos.
David DeConinck
Legend, this guy is hilarious
Chris Curtis
he sure knew how to protect his crease. he earned the nickname "Battling"
Dirtiest hockey player in history.....well, after that coward Bobbie Clark .
"Was it intentional?".......It was Billy Smith. Of course it was intentional.
for my generation billy smith and ron hextall were the meanest and toughest.
Stevie ray Genoch
I want to play against billy... let me at him, when ever there not looking you would get it worse than ever I'm the definition of dangerous
Ron Dyer
Anything that was done to Smith, he more than deserved.
Didnt know that hockey players played soccer in the 80s.
tony douque
Jesus H I love hockey
Barry Snider
All those hi-lights never dropped the gloves or take off that dum goalie mask-helmet thats not Battlin' that choppin'
Brad Maxwell wasn't a player to be messed with. Smith found out.
This must have inspired the use of a hockey mask by Jason Vorhees.
All of that stuff with the Capitals happened in Game 1 of their 1st round playoff series in 1986. What it did not show was Scott Stevens coming back down in the third period and boarding Smith when he was trying to collect a loose puck behind the net. It may have been the only legit hit Smith ever took, and he did not return for the final two games of the series as the Caps swept the Isles.
Allen Rappaport
He and Potvin were the nasty side of the Isles. The message was purposeful and clear. And part of their success. During an era of hockey in which the flyers and brujns made intimidation and violence part of the game, in the wales conference.
Gerry Yaum
Smith constantly rolling around on the ice in AGONY..but never missed a minute of playing time as a result.
what a joke of a player
I met Billy many, many years ago; he was a volunteer selling Christmas trees at Ikea. There were a lot of wrapped trees and all the ones on display looked like the one on Charlie Brown's cartoon; so I started to unwrap one of them and he ran over and tore a strip off me and told me to take the ones on display. He was the feistiest volunteer I’ve ever met. I did however buy a tree from him, but he didn’t know it was the one I unwrapped.
There was dirty and then there was Billy ''The Axe'' Smith.
michael winkler
8:52 On Gretzky! That was super dirty
Billy Smith made Ron Hextall look like an alter boy. Smith was a total coward
Tom O'Connor
I was at the game where Gartner was hacked by Smith. I witnessed the whole thing. Gartner was hit viciously by Smith and then Gartner turned around and slashed Smith across his goal pads. Smith then proceeded to act like he was shot by a cannon. We gave Smith a hard time after that nonsense.
Tomy Power
Yes, I just wish I knew what to say. But maybe this music will help.
hugh jorgan
Classless cheap shot artist. Amazing he didn't blind someone along the way.
Jet Earlewood
Back in the '70's I was at a Sabres vs Islanders game and Smith saluted us with his middle finger.
Roger Z
How dare Tiger knockdown Smith? The nerve!
Bill fred
Slashing people in the face that'd be a game misconduct these days and it probably should have been one back then too
Ted Faubert
Tiger Williams didn’t take Billy’s shit. Tiger pulled Smith’s rabbit foot necklace off and threw it in the crowd in the 82 finals.
Max Lee
I love to slash and trip when I’m screened but this is too much.
Student Loans Are Cool
Jacob and olli need to get smith in their eppies
Jim Agnew
Love those Canuck unis!
The Map Maker
The Bill Laimbeer of the NHL, cheap shot artist.
High Light
I would have loved to play against that dirty prick. First chop and I’m running him through his net full speed.