Calif. judge dismisses Ashley Judd's sexual harassment lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein

A California judge dismissed Ashley Judd's lawsuit that alleged Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed her mroe than 20 years ago. Judd sued after "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson said he didn't cast her in his films when Weinstein called her a "nightmare" to work with after she turned him down when he propositioned her. The judge ruled Judd's relationship as an actress with the film producer was not covered under the California statute Judd had sued under.

Well, she did say she was a "nasty woman."
Her career was definitely affected...once the “it girl!” Good ole Hollywood 🤩🙄
bruce ashby
See the courts said she was not valid to charge him.
The Shaw Brothers
This metoomovement should be taken seriously
Sam Obama
That’s California 🙁
Eric Huff
Too bad. Looks like the law isn't biased. I guess if males need proof so do females. Now are the metoo hypocrites going to protest this?
jess jesse
-lawyser masonic play fals games ! Handgesture couthouse grip?
Wanda King
R Kelly distraction is working!
Robert Smith
toots girl
"I am a NaaaSty woman!!!"
There has to be a time limit on reporting these sexual harrassment claims. You going to wait 15 to 30 years is ridiculous.
Nathalie Stahl
This is so wrong! There is audio and video proof of his behavior!
Erik Laken
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Like we didn't know this was going to happen just watch Weinstein, is going to walk a free man and go right back to work.
Glenn Weeks
Judd blaming her lack of job opportunities on him is a joke...she doesn't get roles because she is not a good actress...
Alejandra Fidalgo
why nobody is reporting that his attorney resinged in any big news chanel?
Ahahaha...she wishes she was me tood.
Glenn Weeks
Judd blaming her lack of job opportunities on him is a joke...she doesn't get roles because she is not a good actress...
Nicole burnett
Crazy thing is The WHITE MEDIA is to busy pushing R.Kelly in our faces, trying to put bad stereotypes on black people even more, but can't talk about Harvey Weinstein. How interesting!
Winston Elliton2
Wow really I was so sure that the white guys would get the same treatment as Bill Cosby. Oh well black men only I guess #metoo.
Third stone from the sun
She seems like a trouble maker and a bee atch.
Dewayne Cauble
Me too movement lol
Equal Opportunity Offender
Wow, all the me too’ers where getting out the torches and rope.
Not Complicit
Money grab. Doesn't she have enough millions??
You need evidence for a conviction. Age old memories are not enough.
Paid off judge
sick of liberals
Crazy women got denied, Lol
The only credible victim is an Italian citizen who went to the NYPD immediately after a terrible assault by a very gross American male ( Weinstein)She did the right thing and the NYPD did the right thing but the US justice system let them down as always and Weinstein could have been stopped then . Judd is severely mentally ill and in need of serious treatment and has publicly looked very sick( all of the Botox and thick American make up does not help) and she desperately needs treatment Many other of these American woman who fabricate lies are simply pathetic beings endangering victims of abuse with their very American insecure attention seeking “ give me money “ approach Its all out unacceptable and the US media enables it and supports it .CNN has never addressed its involvement in a very serious battery and sexual assault on a child as they never addressed or took responsibility for airing fabricated stories by Der Spiegel “ journalists” CBS have also fully supported these false claims and again put victims in serious danger and shown the world the never ending psychotic face of the US as have NBC , ABC , FOX , BBC US and many other US outlets that have extremist US behavior tendencies and other vial rubbish . Judd needs to apologize and should commit herself to a hospital and she is too unstable to be safely around and is a danger to anybody and she could very well be charged later for fabricating a crime and seeking a settlement it’s also called blackmail. I am proud of the Italian citizen who reacted like any victim should and proud of how fast she was able to contact the police but horrified by the outcome of her efforts and the police work done years ago that could have ended it then
Heidi Yodel
*the power of the LEFTIST JEW knows no bounds. Judd had better be careful. Weinstein is acerbic & vengeful.*
5657889 Adbskad
errrr believe all women?
dixie montgomery
She's a NAAAAASTY woman! 😂😂😂