Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You ( acoustic )


Silent Knight
Damn, this was posted in 2006 and only has 25 dislikes. This shows many people have good taste in music.
That voice <3 I might even like this more than the original. They're so good live unlike so many other bands.
Haley Music Baby
Anyone else think he's cute? I went down a little in the comments and no one said anything about that so I was just wondering
when you wish you could sing like adam lol.
Antoni Paiva
Grunge is not dead! Bela versão acústica! Valeu TDG!
Michael Reyes
The added vocals from the drummer really make it👍
beautiful voice )
Duncan Keevy
Adam Gontier is a musician up there with the greats like Metallica, Nirvana and the old Guns n Roses (I know there is a number of current greats I've left out) who produced a great CD in a studio, and then step out onto a stage and blow audience away with his singing abilities. No sex required to sell any of their albums. ;)
Klauber Andreeta
I hate everything about you!  Why do I love you?
Miguelito Sales
Fuckin ' BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still perfect, even after ten years !
Fairy C Rat
When 3DG make a version of a song that is supposed to be "live acoustic", there are still electric elements on it (disappointed).
samuel pmg
Only Good Music Genres:Rock-Metal-Blues-Soul-Some Pop Songs,Classical......But If You Ask me....Rock And Metal😎💀🔥\m/
This version is on Three Days Grace (Deluxe Version)!!
Neema Fouladi
Powerful Young Adam Gontier!
Talita Mendes Carvalho
aris paxa
possibly the best performance of this song !! :O
Bloody Werewolf
Muito bom! 🤘🏻
Floyd Thunder
My favorite workout track!
Keven Victor
Keven Victor
Davi Mendes
Melhor banda de rock de todas 3dg
Глеб Щур
Who realties tried to visit the site at the beginning of the video ?
Felipe Damiani
Forever Pain
my and rin theme♥♡...
Francisca Padilla
Really great...
sakakibara videos
Te amo Three Days Grace ... por que se fue Adan el era el Mejor Vocalista de Todos
Sara Daniela Gómez Medina
se ve que el hombre disfruta y vive su música gracias Adam.
Joe Redfield
Wtf? Eddie Vedder is The lead singer of Three Days Grace? Lol
Renan kiuiu
shiratori taku
Susan Loper
Loved the vids thanks! Please post TDG Never too late acoustic please ^_^
Jordan Ponder
its a good song but sheeeesh idk. its like the crazy jared leto fans over here
Rehab Kid
I'd quite like to see Corey Taylor do this on his acoustic shows
John Maldonado
Like this Version better
dim potas
240p we meet again!
Allison Doser
21 people accidentally clicked dislike... No darlings its that one next to it with the thumbs up not down.. Your Welcome
luiggi cedeño
what guitar use adam inthis song
luiggi cedeño
what guitar use adam in this great song
Leonardo Leao
v e g e t a
Merica Texanson
how can you ever dislike Three Days Grace music?I dont understand.
por favor que alguien me saque de mi ignorancia cuando mismo es que Gontier dejo la banda D:
Nana Rusmana
gue suka banget ma nie lagu.... the best lach....
Douglas Felipe
The best , 2013 *-*
Guitar Guy AKA The Doof Warrior
20 people are haters, hate life, their life, and are deaf.
Derek Hubbard
Sooo awesome!!!! I love their acoustic versions almost more than the actual song.
SpikeThe Dragon
im tired of seeing that fucking comment, its nice and i agree but it seems to be on EVERY 3DaysGrace vid
Jacob Simpson
Damn three days grace is amazing... as always I just wish I knew how to play guitar.. :c
Jess Freeman
That's Adam confusing straight men everywhere
all of their songs are played on the acustic before they record them. Being thats how they write them. They doi perforamances where they have no electric effects
It's an acoustic guitar through the entire song :P
Austin Page
I love this song so so much, but just because it has one acoustic guitar at the start, its not acoustic
Fortress Of Gaming
17 people are deaf...
Douglas Valentine
i wish i could say im a better singer but lets be one else is...
Luis Cobos
me too :3
Kyle Hodgeman
So hard to believe his voice in this isn't his studio recording. So impressive
Griffle Ball
There isn't a song that makes any more sense.
Cheselle DeBoe
19 ppl hate this band and have no taste in music....
Eathan Hunt
i hate everythin about u adam!!! ( cause im jealous ) bt damn man !!! i love you !!! \
Tahir Kamal
awww, I'm sorry people made you feel that way, I wanted to kill myself too, and people make life difficult, I agree with you, and I hate everything about haters also
Patronous rawi
@MrMscullenrule u fuck . really?!
Patronous rawi
his voice is so awesome and cool in acoustic music
Oliver Clothesoff
1 thing 2 say 3 days grace 4ever 5 stars
Ronne berg
I have always an eargasm ,when i hear adams voice *-*
@333hawk I'm sure most the people that dislike videos like this got here from the related videos on the side. None the less, they were still somewhere in the same genre of music, so disliking this song, in such amazing, rare form, is silly!!
Hugo Mazucato
1 thing 2 say 3 days grace 4 ever
nice song
corey williams
@333hawk idk, peiople shouldnt be like this
corey williams
@333hawk good point
corey williams
@333hawk they have a different taste in music?
@333hawk it's their's their problem that they've got no taste of good music :D (sorry for my bad english ;) )
@kwong23426299 if people dont like three days grace they need to get their hearing checked they are a great group and their songs rock TDG 4VR
I have something to tell 13 people...I Hate Everything About YOU!!!
Tim Clark
@shichanXD I'll give you Lambert, he totally slipped my mind
Tim Clark
@shichanXD Come to think of it ... Adam Gontier is the only singer I know with that first name. Freddie Mercury, Michael Lee Day, Steven Tyler, Bono, Phil Collins, Tim Mcllarth, Ben Kowalewicz, Brian Connolly, Rob Halford, Jim Gillette, Anthony Kiedis annnnd that guy from Pan!c at the disco that I can't think of. Adam Gontier has a place among all these guys ... but none of these guys share his first name
mike levi
I hate everything about obama
Danny Murillo
so fucking cool just cant stop listening
Sieg Nekroz
yea three dasy grace is super cool! ! ! ! i like that song
Danny Murillo
music is life
Yasilky Gacha
hi.... dreamer... i was wrong, you must be a nice girl!!! rock is my life... Mas vc bem quepodia mudar o nick né miguxa!!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fui...........
Yasilky Gacha
@xx666Blackhawk666xx Three Days Grace ( acoustic ) 3:58
whats the name of this dvd?
Yasilky Gacha
@S2DreamerS2 Concordo Gosto é uma coisa, agora "mau gosto " é outra coisa, tipo o seu nick meio bicha né!! vc ou é emo ou é aborrecente!!!!! Rock 'n roll na veia seu analfa!!!!! Quem não gosta de rock é anormal!!!! beijo na bunda e até segunda!!!!
@titleistgolfer27 I pretty much agree with aeon99. This song just doesn't sound right without the other instruments. I like acoustic for more soft or gentle songs, personally.
Yasilky Gacha
14 gostam de ouvir lixo tinha q ser a segunda opçao
This song is amazing and they sound really great live.Adam's voice is hot(and so is he) :D
Amanda Wylie
i love this song. it sounds great acoustic
3DG's songs are always there for you. When I found out that my ex cheated on me with two other girls, this song helped me. I love that about this band.
This is An AWESOME SONG!!!Who Agrees
when i can download this dvd¿?
Albert Ramos
What is the name of this dvd??
Yasmin Thames
@MrMscullenrule Are you serious?...'cause that's awesome!
Manu AW
Justin bieber did a blowjob to 13 people