Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You ( acoustic )


Three days Grace hate everything You acoustic

That voice <3 I might even like this more than the original. They're so good live unlike so many other bands.
Silent Knight
Damn, this was posted in 2006 and only has 25 dislikes. This shows many people have good taste in music.
when you wish you could sing like adam lol.
beautiful voice )
Haley Music Baby
Anyone else think he's cute? I went down a little in the comments and no one said anything about that so I was just wondering
Antoni Paiva
Grunge is not dead! Bela versão acústica! Valeu TDG!
Klauber Andreeta
I hate everything about you!  Why do I love you?
I have something to tell 13 people...I Hate Everything About YOU!!!
Miguelito Sales
Fuckin ' BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Reyes
The added vocals from the drummer really make it👍
Fairy C Rat
When 3DG make a version of a song that is supposed to be "live acoustic", there are still electric elements on it (disappointed).
Fortress Of Gaming
17 people are deaf...
Duncan Keevy
Adam Gontier is a musician up there with the greats like Metallica, Nirvana and the old Guns n Roses (I know there is a number of current greats I've left out) who produced a great CD in a studio, and then step out onto a stage and blow audience away with his singing abilities. No sex required to sell any of their albums. ;)
Jess Freeman
That's Adam confusing straight men everywhere
This version is on Three Days Grace (Deluxe Version)!!
Talita Mendes Carvalho
Still perfect, even after ten years !
Bloody Werewolf
Muito bom! 🤘🏻
samuel pmg
Only Good Music Genres:Rock-Metal-Blues-Soul-Some Pop Songs,Classical......But If You Ask me....Rock And Metal😎💀🔥\m/
George Benjamin
I'd quite like to see Corey Taylor do this on his acoustic shows
Leonardo Leao
v e g e t a
aris paxa
possibly the best performance of this song !! :O
Eathan Hunt
i hate everythin about u adam!!! ( cause im jealous ) bt damn man !!! i love you !!! \
Floyd Thunder
My favorite workout track!
Firelord House
um.... he's canadian(where'd you get brazilian though, I'm interested to know where you heard that?)
Renan kiuiu
Francisco Cory
i love this song
Love this with a passion (:
Erick Sac S.
dude where's the rest of the dvd?!?!?! share with everybody!!!
Nana TK
o luv this song three days grace rox!
Griffle Ball
There isn't a song that makes any more sense.
Joe Redfield
Wtf? Eddie Vedder is The lead singer of Three Days Grace? Lol
Remus Herciu
well f..k flyleaf,all we care about is TDG \m/
Remus Herciu
yep but still tdg are better :P better than any band ... too bad most people don't even try listening to them
This is An AWESOME SONG!!!Who Agrees
nadu luna
love this song!! love theeem!
nadu luna
just great
Lawrance Devlin
its about what ever you want it to be about ^_^
Sarah Kennedy
this is awesome! 3DG is one of my favorite bands! Neil must have some talent to be able to drum and sing background at the same time! i love Adam! he has an awesome voice and it doesn't seem like it could go that high cause he usually sounds low and gritty.
that's a good way to start. but you should KNOW the lyrics and the notes so you don't have to think, you just do.
I love this guy. Raw and to the point. Yo Yo
Ionut Serban
Three Days Grace rocksss!!!! Adam rocksss! Love this song, love this version!!!!Rock ON!
Kyle Hodgeman
So hard to believe his voice in this isn't his studio recording. So impressive
Says the person who spelt "spelt" incorrectly.
great!!!!! love this song i wanna meet them
when i can download this dvd¿?
rock on
Глеб Щур
Who realties tried to visit the site at the beginning of the video ?
yeah me too xD
Love Love 3DG!
...I want that DVD... what's it called? :D
Fuckin amazing!
Headphones, it's really hard to hear everything thats going on in a studio setting like this one, so its extra important to be able to hear what notes you're singing really well.
this band needs to come to my country ;___;
all of their songs are played on the acustic before they record them. Being thats how they write them. They doi perforamances where they have no electric effects
Ronne berg
I have always an eargasm ,when i hear adams voice *-*
John Maldonado
Like this Version better
Taty Genilto
hi.... dreamer... i was wrong, you must be a nice girl!!! rock is my life... Mas vc bem quepodia mudar o nick né miguxa!!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fui...........
Luis Cobos
me too :3
Taty Genilto
@S2DreamerS2 Concordo Gosto é uma coisa, agora "mau gosto " é outra coisa, tipo o seu nick meio bicha né!! vc ou é emo ou é aborrecente!!!!! Rock 'n roll na veia seu analfa!!!!! Quem não gosta de rock é anormal!!!! beijo na bunda e até segunda!!!!
Taty Genilto
@xx666Blackhawk666xx Three Days Grace ( acoustic ) 3:58
Taty Genilto
14 gostam de ouvir lixo tinha q ser a segunda opçao
Anton van Haren
Because you're the one playing the Acoustic guitar ^^,? But I most agree, you guys are good ^^,!
Anton van Haren
Dude, never say Satanistanarchy's Obama thingy video? You can see him in there. Than look att he one playing acoustic guitar in this vid. Shhhh now mate ^^,
their drummer is really talented, his has some good drum parts and is pretty good at singing
The guy who lives in the downstairs apartment in my place looks A LOT like Adam. Sounds like him a little bit too. Actually creeped me out when I first met him x.x
Susan Loper
it's sad that great bands never come to south america. and whenever they do, it's just one country, out of the many we've got. =/ hope those guys come to Ecuador some day!!!
its an ear phone so he can just hear himself and tune his voice right
yeah im a guy and i totally love how strained adams voice is,awesome voice, and if you like neils backround singing look at animal i have become acoustic, its on my profile :)
dude, we're frikkin teens. get over it. i bet u may have did that kinda stuff when u were younger.
Steve's Famous Videos
thats not fuckin acoustic. they even miked the drums, lol
Tahir Kamal
awww, I'm sorry people made you feel that way, I wanted to kill myself too, and people make life difficult, I agree with you, and I hate everything about haters also
Youtube Downloader ^_^
Hmm... ya know not to dis 3dg (cuz they do freakin rock after all) But I don't think the way he sings is good for his voice, I mean my voice is naturally pretty raspy too so I can't really argue, but still...ouch...I mean, you can kind of hear it start to go out around 3:21...Any theories? I really love music that's different and understanding how it works, I would love to hear what you guys have to say!
Albert Ramos
What is the name of this dvd??
ha med
wtf u sck!
Really? It gave me a headache. I prefer the normal version.
holy crap f*cking goood! <3
no they need to come to Portland0
Davi Mendes
Melhor banda de rock de todas 3dg
I <3 this . three days grace rocks my world :)
tyler panzner
your mom uses an acoustic guitar. OH SNAP!!!
tyler panzner
RAWR O\ /O ^v^\v^
tyler panzner
i HATE everything about you. just go with it, life will be easyer. :) p.s. watch the REAL vid and you will find out what its really about
Allison Doser
21 people accidentally clicked dislike... No darlings its that one next to it with the thumbs up not down.. Your Welcome
tyler panzner
how hard is this? hating a family member or girlfriend for what they do or what they are but having feelings twards them still because of the conection.wach the real video. ///-^
Caleb Johnson
13 people have a different taste in music, and i'm not offended at all.
Nana Rusmana
gue suka banget ma nie lagu.... the best lach....
Ian Souch
its not about drugs. i can see how u'd think that but this is about how much of a lie a relationship can be. and also adam says it's straighforward and blunt to the point, so not a lot of metaphor :)
this band have to come to germany!!! the perfect place 4 u guys ;) haha WUHU GERMANY ROXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (keep that in mind ;))
luiggi cedeño
what guitar use adam in this great song
Daniel Camilo Baron
all band members have changed except Barry
luiggi cedeño
what guitar use adam inthis song