Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You (Acoustic @ Stripped)

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Three Days Grace performing I Hate Everything About You acoustic style on Stripped.

Дмитрий Ермолаев
Кто из 2018 ??? Who from is 2018???
110 people have bipolar feelings, they really like the video but also really hate it ;)
Esteban Rachou
My god , this voice is unique
Nurdos Tlepaldy
Guilherme Lopes
BR? Cadê? 30/07/16
Mestizo baby
2017 up in here 😂
Mike ShallowSun
All of these guys are extremely talented miss Adam in tdg but he's doing well in Saint Asonia and tdg is still rockin so though we don't get this anymore we still get two pretty sweet bands
Aoifa Laura
Those people that disliked this video better have a damn good explanation
yatish rautela
Recorded from a calculator
Douglas Guimarães
BR aqui
Esteban Jordan
still a better song than sorry
Diego Henrique
Saudade da porra dessa época, o jeito é assistir em 2017
Felipe Raro
BR em todo lugar !!
Isaac Almeida
adam E o novo Layne Staley do ano de 2000 ..
big fella
He sounds really crokey in this
wtf wtf
dat resolution
Munna Ch
that drum fill tho!
Trinity Mashups
blz blz
Esse cara é fraco e tem uma voz comum.
Flávio Silva
Acústico ruim....
Dark Dream
His voice... What's up with his voice? Eh. Whatever. Not like he's coming back.
Thorb Gamez
Louis Ross
You do realise that he was in rehab between the first and second albums (so he's kind of already kicked the habit)?
great guitar tones
Phoenix Firo
It's mostly the style of his voice
Leandro Ferrer Colina
wuaooo love amazing by VENEZUELA -TUREN
Merica Texanson
he looks so innocent in that white shirt.......what a beautiful man
Jimmy Gebo
You're hearing damage happening to his voice from trying to hit a note that's not in his natural range
Bertold Hóbor
I think it's kinda natural for him. Or it maybe happens when the note is high for him to sing it clean.
Аааааааааааааааааааааааааааай Хеееееееееееееееееееейт!!!
That raspy thing he does with his voice, I wonder how he does it, it's friggin amazing.
LOL! Okay people Atreyu is way better than they could ever hope to be. Anyone can write a hate song but when you look at a few of Atreyu's they're off the charts. I thought maybe this guy would give s little favor but his try-so-hard screams S-U-C-K! I'm no fan never was and after seeing this never will be. Thanks for torturing my ears.
Marisa Rianna
When he sings this is me...ljffkgdthsdgujjgdtjkopofdbnkjdh$#[email protected]*%¿¡:0*slowly begin to melt* BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
Neil's Metallica shirt is = awesome.
Sexiest voice ever.
Sensei P
Acoustic or semi - acoustic i'm always glad to hear this song...
00:46 omg it's a demon
The Electric Universe
I can't even believe that this got ANY dislikes!!! This performance is AMAZING!! And could Adam be any hotter???
With all due respect, there's also a difference between a "clean" song and a song "without effects". There is a Rotator used on the lead guitar at certain points of the song. Simply put, its a watered down, clearn-ER version of the song seeing as there was a slight increase in gain and drive at other points. I was itchin to say something, sorry lol
first album, there is so much hatred in the lyric... second album, some positive message but still on hatred theme third album , be start now...
Adams sounds like he's yelled to much or something XD, still awesome though :P
Ranveer Singh Sangha
hahaha seriously
He was incredibly sick lol
Benjamin Wilfong
It sounds like the chorus is at the very top of his range and he's not feeling well. Usually if you're having a good, positive energy day your range is a little higher. It just sounds like he's not having a good day
@morgannmr7 he doesn't do drugs anymore, he's clean, stupid
Mariah Racine
God dammit... Another kickass band who's lead singer is too busy doing drugs to keep his godamn amazing voice intact... SON OF A BITCH! STOP DOING DRUGS ADAM! IF YOU DON'T, AND YOU LOSE YOUR VOICE, WE'LL BE STUCK IN A WORLD CALLED BEIBERLAND WITHOUT YOU!
Prime example of what smoking+drugs does to ure voice :P
musvida insomia
lol at the people who dedicate this to a x-girlfriend/wife the lyrics are "i hate everything about you WHY DO I STILL LOVE YOU"
ur a beast adam
Meili Monk
@AnubisStar1921 i think he has a sore throght or a cold
if theres eny expert singers. is singing with a raspy voice?
freakin awesome
Miguel Morales
barry hairstyle is awesome but adam is gorgeous
Love Adam :) what a awesome voice hes
Chris Afara
this is awesome man!!!!!!!!!!!
oh stop arguing about it..this song is great period.
Jonathan Davis
@Baner69er Full drum kit, electric bass, Electric/acoustic guitars, microphones.
three days grace rock for ever
James Wingham
pure talent
Christian Heinze-Rowney
@Tabish1995 just because there are electrics at work doesn't mean it's not acoustic... you are aware that you can get an amp preset which makes your guitar sound clean?? on my pedal board it's called AC30...
Josh Parent
@Baner69er it may be an acoustic guitar, but thats all it should be, so it doesnt count lol
Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.........HAAAAAAAATE EVERYTHIN ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!
damn it sounds like he tears his thorat to shreads XD
Igor Sunderhus
It's just and Eletroacoustic version o/ It's what I think only o/
Pablo Schenke
he can't sing the chorus
24 hours ago I was 10 feet away from him hearing him sing this live. He sounds SO much better then this!
@Baner69er when they've got electric guitars (barry and brad) it's not acoustic :)
aRchaNgeL sAiNt
Jacob Owen
Ummm... This isn't acoustic. Great song though.
Larry Stylinson
No he doesnt sound shitty live, he was sick that day. He rocks live, I speak for myself, I went to Adam Gontier's concert and he made me fucking stand up and sing all of his songs. So, he was doing this performance sick.
Dyno King
@Baner69er He saw an electric guitar, so hes freaking out.
ill he sounds sick
@Baner69er He means traditionally acoustic, like less grunge, and more melodic vocals. this is the regular, played on an acoustic guitar. Still great though :D
@Tabish1995 One acoustic guitar, Smack! There you go, "acoustic". Rest is electric/miced up.. I agree with you xD
@MrSmearTheQueer Oh, fuck, just thought you were talking about the dangers og slime, 'cause I couldn't remember the exactly what I wrote x'D Almost had a heart-stroke. I'm ' hypochondriac.. You're totally right, dude, Noone should be bound to smoking cigarettes.. Mostly meant as a "funny"
@MrSmearTheQueer No, he needs to KEEP smoking.. Helps giving him all that nice slime in his throat : b it increases the mucus production at the vocal chords
YEEeesss!" ScReeam. I wanna hear you voice bubble!
Сергей Владиславович
nice! :)
why????? reverb??????
@hannesontour true
@Baner69er actually its true that is not entirely acoustic... ask any guitarist
@Baner69er Are you deaf? THe electronic guitar uses some effects like chorus and flanger! and also some crunchy disortion, same with the bass ;)
@Baner69er he is correct that is eZ not acoustic
josh ceccato
Adam buddy you Defs coulda used some water lol
Peter Lavin
god i love this song!
This song title... Sums up my feeling for justin bieber
simon michaud
OMFG !! I need to see that band live :OOOO
Bella Morte
I like how Barry's the only one standing XD REBEL!!!
Eigentlich Alles
@DerLackaffe Of course it's a bass. What other four string could I be talking about? Fucking ukulele? It's not an acoustic bass, though.
@alleseigentlich das istn bass du pfosten.
@plague2003 touche
@TheAnonymousLovers After all this is an ACOUSTIC drum set. So it has to be okay ;D (Sorry for bad english if there is some... idk)
@Baner69er acoustic has no drums... if anything like a bongo or something, but not a complete drum set
@Baner69er and we see the drums too
@Baner69er he his right!!! this is not acoustic at all because you see the electric guitar and the bass so dont talk without knowing..
Eigentlich Alles
Two electric guitars (6-string, 4-string), big reverb on voice. Not acoustic. Still pretty cool though. What happened to his hair since the original video? Haha.