Prank Invasion Starts WW3

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Prank Invasion returns and brings with him the end of the world. Meet my Parents -- /> H3 Podcast is available at: ITUNES -- />GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC -- /> Twitter........................ />Hila's Twitter.............. />Spreadshirt............... />Instagram................. />Hila's Instragram...... />Website.................... />Subreddit.................. /> Theme Song by MajorLeagueWobs: /> Remix from the end by EchoRobot: /> Source video:

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"How long is it gonna take you to learn the difference between a romp and a riot or a goof and a gaff and a laugh, it's a bit of a spoof" And Hila's face is like *what*
Connor Phebus
Daniyal Khan Tareen
Forget about conservative Muslims, no one would kiss just like that. And I'm muslim but i was surprised how you noticed that Saudia Arabia girl.
smith tag
This Prank Invasion guy looks like he does Mascara on his eyelashes
Tayloe Ferrara
*_the tooth pick is sticky, i dont know anything about baking, but the toothpick is sticky_*
"I'll work at Mcdonald's the rest of my life." RESPECT.
ahmed aso
Wears a hijab with all of her body naked. Lol where's the logic in that
Jugger Nog
lmao it's fake asf
I feel like his channel just exists as testament for him to scream "I AM STRAIGHT. LOOK AT ME KISS GIRLS."
Lol non of them is even Muslim
Juan Redcorn
White woman fluent in English with perfect American accent: "I'm visiting"
Alex Dashkoff
Ik that he makes out with chics, but I swear to god he's gay. He has to be gay, he's just so feminine like
Nathan Nolan
When’s Christian edition?
Haya Shaheen
None of these women are hijabis and this is just disgraceful
pagsybigo eh
Is today mommy make out day?
Chris: "Hey, I'll pay you to be in my video about muslim girls" Girl: "Oh but I'm not muslim" Chris: "Don't worry we'll just like throw a towel on your head or something"
Omar Almalouhi
you dont even need a brain to know how fucking scripted that is .. "I am not allowed to have a boyfriend" just after she kissed him in a hip-long skirt on a public beach ... trust me having a boy friend is more acceptable in a saudi arabia than the first 2 things then the secound girl is almost half naked and still wearing the viel like wtf how does that work
Sara Khan
This guy is practically harassing people going up to them is this was real he be arrested by now
Girl: I can't have boyfriends, but I CAN, kiss random strangers off the street.
Jeff Mars
*brakes screech* Do NOT diss N’Sync “Bye Bye Bye”, and “It’s gonna be me” are my jam!!
As a person from Saudi Arabia I can confirm that we play the slap game, and yes we walk around with only a hijab on lmao I'm kidding ffs
Guys! I am officially part of this race war! Belugas are the master race! DEATH TO ALL NARWHALS!
Joey K
Prank Invasion is Persian? Leonidas didn't do enough.
Bengali Jisan
I'm Muslim. I love you brother. I've just subscribed your channel. May ALLAH bless you brother. Respect you man!!!!!!
onbekende afghaan
Im from saudi ARAWIA🤣🤣🤣🤣
My hazmat suit must've had leaks I cringed soo hard...
Lottee F
Mona AM
3:27 5:39 6:17
kendi betet
this not muslim... gak ada perrmpuan muslim memakai baju kayak gitu. ini mah setingan.
h3h3, home of moist sticky memes
Altan Eker
İam from turkey fyck chris
Stop recording yourself while you drive!!!!!!!!!
Now I hope Osama bin laden stayed with us for a while
prank invasion is fake AF so what if she wears hijab, wearing hijab does not make you Muslim, people will think your Muslim when your wearing hijab but it does not prove your Muslim or not wait your allowed to kiss but your not allowed to have a "BOYFRIEND" Love you h3h3 (Ethan and Hila)
When invasion started singing, I had to turn down my volume because my family thought I was watching porn.
Jonatan Zielinski
I first thought he said "I'm actually half virgin" at 2:28
Prank invasion is so cringy
guys, I'm Muslim I fell like the video is ruining the word "Muslim". I'm not talking about h3h3's video I'm talking about Christ's video.
Durey Music
I need Ethan's cough as notification sound for new h3h3 videos! xD
I don't wanna be Persian anymore ;c
Regenia Friend
the fupa lord
Amin Afshari
On behalf of all persians , I apologize to everybody because of chris !
The Faggot That Knocks On Yo Door
In iran we dont fuking combines our fuking lips together
Dank Wojak
You know what would be funny, if Chris made another Muslim edition but they all wore burkas. He could use the same actor over and over and no one would be the wiser.
Dirga Pramana
Prank invasion = fake prank, lol dude.
7:06 "this is totally crazy but i do this thing where i pay-play like rock paper scissors"
Why are like all the girls foreign Muslims? If he wanted to make it more realistic he would have included some local Muslim hotties ya feel??
Good job
Sunset Blossom
I am a Muslim Girl in Pakistan, and I can say, that to have a crush or to love the other gender in a romantic way is not allowed. It is very disrespectful, and one of the boys in my class had/has a crush on me, even though I didn't like him that way. I was just really good friends with him since we both liked the Wimpy Kid Series. It is not allowed in our religion. It is almost like we are suspected to represent our entire families since we were 5 years old. It is very sad, too. To love someone in the romantic way is forbidden until we deciding who to marry. This dude is just disgusting though.
Bloody Blue
Well, I hate to be the same race as him.
prakhar pant
Is franku the papa they keep referring to?
Thotslayer 42069
*P A P A B L E S S*
half persian half virgin
queen. j
hila has the prettiest eyes😍
The Dark Knight
Prank Invasion ... Fugly Fake Mofo
Damn i love u guys
Prank invasion is youtube godd. Come on guys. Open ur eyes. You need to wake up.
But are we gonna see Hila when Prank Invasion picks up hot Jewish girls?
The girls look all the same. Lmfao
Nick Berry
please oh please goof on prank invasions gay edition like the classic h3h3 please please please
After you put the tooth pick in to test the cake, you realize that you used salt instead of sugar.
Jameel Reid
who else is beating off tonight
Georgina Blackwell
I hope to one day walk down the aisle to the prank invasion intro music
Lukas Traulinger
This video is haram
Dapper DukeOG
Man Prank Invasion is For Perverts
Some one shoot me
Julianne Kolb
I love how h3h3 vids allow me to hate watch these videos without contributing to their view counts #PapaBless
- TOBY -
I think Chris is Gay..
Robeenio bt
I'm from sauviarabwria
Electron Gaming
I feel bad being Persian :(
If these were real Iranians, they'd be getting beaten at 'rock, paper, scissors' by rocks no matter what they choose.
Literally Shitler
1: That guy cannot sing. Objectively he cannot sing. 2: He get's rich doing nothing original. 3: He is clearly a homosexual or at the very least, bisexual. 4: He is clearly really really gay. 6: He obviously loves the taste of wieners.
Mlg_kiwi 64
You look like red star Mario from Mario Galaxy in that outfit
Maria K
As a Muslim this is too funny 😂😂😭 love your commentary
*M O I S T M E M E S*
0:50 MoiST
Gerald Undone
The memes were moist af, dude.
C'Neri Williams
Tejas Singh
WHAT UP........ invaders
Tante Marianne
He start singing in the car ➡ I wanna kill my family and my self
omar aman
the level of fakeness is cringe inducing, muslim women in arab countries do not show even their foreheads let alone half their bodies, all they show is their hands and eyes lmao. And possibly their face.
Caleb Hearn
That first woman wasn't even in hijab. That was a wizard robe from Target's Halloween collection.
Yasher the king Faisal
This is so fake
fallmeme out
Im sorry, im at 3:30 but in cringing so bad i cant watch it, seriously thats so cringe, and im not even on his original video...
Sameer Malik
This is an fake video... Bcz muslim girls not wear shorts... This video was make by paid for that non muslim girls...
Billy Nunez
Red-headed white woman from Iran? I think she mispronounced Ireland.
MySoCalled Gaming
Who works at McDonalds?
Pizza Productions
I'm not nearly educated enough about muslim culture, but isn't there a thing about no contact with people until they are married? (again I have no clue)
Maad Dahir
Prank invasion is fake women in Iran can’t visit other countries
銀 Silver Music Nightcore 銀
"Is the cheese on the pizza... *CHRISpy*?"
Mein Name
Hey Ethan, I'm Muslim and I really enjoy your videos, including this one. The cutting was hilarious.
**Slobbering sounds**
touhou_project is Kiddy and for children
when Islam accepted this ?? you know those are not real muslims but they make fun on muslims same with LGBT
Badilz NR
I'm Muslim and that hijab on the first girl is not allowed on Islam, the way that girl wearing her hijab is not the right way.... And he just doesn't know about Islam at all.... I mean I don't want to say prank invasion is fake cause he's a GOD am I right people??
night locker
Muslims don't do this I now know it's fake
imagine being so pathetic that you have to pay girls to kiss you.
10 minute vlogs
So that guy is a homosexuals
Rebeka Woods
Ok this is so obviously fake as you pointed out, I have seen so many Muslims and I watch some YouTube channels with Muslims like they can dress pretty freely depending on how they feel but for the most part I have never seen a Muslim girl wearing shorts like never or a dress like that and yeah I highly doubt they wear thongs under their dresses it’s so fucking stupid. Also if they were really from Saudi Arabia they’d be traveling with a man and they’d be too afraid to kiss a stranger probably and also any girl who has a guy pulling up her dress is gonna be like wtf! Especially a Muslim girl I swear so stupid.