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Yoga Online presents a full yoga class for beginners. As yoga classes go, this one is great for fitness and spirituality. This yoga routine contains detailed instructions on 20 basic yoga positions and postures. The postures flow one after the next with a fantastic original sound track ending in a deep relaxation session. This is great for your health and well-being. Suits males and females and covers the fundamental poses of yoga. Take a step towards better health and follow along with the routine today. Your invited to check to check a larger range of Yoga if your looking for something a little more comprehensive. Visit for the free high quality download of this yoga class. With the blessing of Yoga Online. Please feel free to use the embed code to add this yoga online video to your own website or blog. ( click share above to get the code) This Yoga video with then stream from your website Namaste, Al Hall. Allan Hall Yoga practitioner: Allan Hall Yoga practitioner: Greg Lindsay How often should you do yoga ? Check out the link below. /> NEW 2013 Get this Yoga video download for iPads, Tablets , HD, WMV Go here No sign in required just click and download your new yoga class to your device. If your looking for more beginners yoga or advanced yoga, Visit for what could be the worlds most advanced distance Hatha yoga video education.

m kuszynski
Best yoga video encountered. I've been doing yoga for years, although as an amateur, and studying and practicing mindfulness practice. This stands out above the crowd as all the many comments already said below. I practice this several times a week, to the point that it's become a memory routine for me, which I'm thankful for. Many yoga lessons are treated as cardio and don't give thought to the purpose, or slow mindful progress, or connection to and cultivation of the mind-body. Thank you for your gift.
Crystal Moreley
Best teacher ever! Not too fast (you totally walk away changed. For the better!)
Angela Wakeling
I am not a beginner to yoga, but I love this sequence, so relaxing. Excellent instruction. Thank you. .
Ermias Giovanni
This routine is perfect. Thank you guys, it's appreciated.
Namita Subbaramappa
very well done. the basics are explained and demonstrated very well. good going
Wagner Félix
Impressive. I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much.
Nicholas Wood
Phenomenal for a beginner
Orion Hale
Although I have learned a routine from my own Yoga teacher, I recommend this series as it can be taken as a whole, or in part, as a frequent routine.
Jayne Hathaway
This video is really well done; music is right, setting is non-distracting, clear, easily heard and understood instructions, front and side views are really helpful.On a scale of one to ten, this one gets a 15. Thank you...
thanks a lot :) that's my routine from now and on !! good job!
Thank u so much....Such a nice video and a very helpful one with neat explanation...Iam indebted to u...
Sôbi Love
0:22:23 Now we all know what the guy on the right is thinking about while relaxing XD
Nathalie Van Turnhout
This video was the start of my yoga quest now happily practicing and teaching Ashtanga. So glad I found this back. I cannot thank you enough!
Kate Halloran
Have been wanting to get an overview of the postures in a way that is clear and at a pace I can keep up with - this video did all that, thank you so much! I feel relaxed and motivated, thank you!
Wad dee ka... ( hello in Thai ) love this practice routine and it is a great start of my day. Will continue the journey on line with you thank you 🙏
Candace Burghardt
Great instruction. Thank you!
Sonia Noemi Gonzalez
Wonderful Video. Very explicative..and the meditation relaxes very profundly.. Thanks.. I have recommended the Video to my friends... :-)
Nice to finally find a good yoga video which isn't religious/spiritual in any way!
I did this every day for like 6 years, now I go to a studio. Probably should have started earlier but my foundation is very solid, thanks! I memorized it word for word, and mimicked the accent too!
Incredible workout, many thanks for sharing this gem.
Thalia Ventouris
Thank you for your detailed explanations! I just started yoga a month ago, and I can't believe how good I sleep!
Peter Kool
Thanks for the lessons guys; very helpfull for a stiff beginner like me.
this is what i've been looking for! thanks! it was great! i gradually done all the routines... :)
April Laliberte
Thanks for your great yoga video. Just curious how you got over an hour long video onto YouTube ? I'd like to learn. Thx !
Beginner Yoga Poses
This is a great video. Thanks! Really liked your use of two models and camera angles, close-ups and beautiful scenery throughout.
Margrettte H
Love this video..also looked for a long time to find the perfect Yoga practice video while I travel away from my home practice and here it is..Namaste..
shiyi zang
i like the background music.
Ece Bilgin
Thx! So helpful!!!
Abhilasha Saxena
thank you so much...this is the best video in days.the alignment details enhanced the experience to the next level.thank you very much!!
Wow!!! Amazing. Like another user I want to give this class 15 out of 10 :-) I've been doing yoga for 5 years on and off but this class was brilliant for reminding me of proper alignment and going through the poses in detail. The breathing instruction was amazing as well and the relaxation at the end was one of the best I've ever done, it really took me into a deep place of relaxation. Thank you so much! Namaste <3
Roberto Mendoza
G.Press Galrão
thank you all. Blessings and best wishes of prosperity and health. Best Regards Gonçalo G. ( Portugal )
Astha B
perfect yoga poses, you get benefits in every pose,very well,explained with soft voice, thank you guys,
susanna reuther
you guys are great . Thank you very much. i´m in Austria right now and Yogo just come in the mind of the People. You both are great teacher. You plant lot of seeds. Namaste
linda Kaas
Really <3 this video. Thank you!
metin guzelburc
Thank you
Saba Men
thank you!!!!
A really good one for 'stiff' beginners! Nice and slow!
darren kaye
I love this... as beginner, Im following these and practicing on perfecting my yoga poses!.. 
Love Conscious Family
We agree with your clip. Tobias and Melanie MT World -The World Traveling Couple
que pena que no estar en castellano, igual es excelente!!
Thank you so much for sharing this video. I felt so relaxed and at peace after. while I was in the relaxing state at the end I felt such a warm feeling in my chest which made me laugh out loud it felt so good. Thank you :)
I used to have a download of this video several years ago at university and now searching online for it again I'm very happy to discover it is on YouTube! Thanks for the video.
Steven Saiz
Incredibly valuable to anyone embarking on a journey of wellness. At 50 years old, I exercise regularly, try to make good food choices and avoid alcohol and recently started a beginner's yoga class. It aids in those aches and pains from traditional workouts and nourishes the soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you for paying it forward with this free instructional video. 
Zach Qazi
great beginner's guide! your instructors are phenomenal. everything is perfectly explained. makes me want to come to NZ to learn directly from these pros
love doing these daily. Thankyou
Martin Thernlund
The warrior stance really produced some lactid acids in my shoulders. Otherwise, my 20 year long fotball background has made sure I am as flexible as an actual mountain, so I have my work cut out for me. I really liked the video and will try to do this routine whenever I have to do my training at home. 
Evi Julie
Kia Ora! I'm a beginner and I learn a lot from your video. Thanks heaps! Ka kite.
Manuel Cojocaru
Great,and also great bodies. Did you get that body type just by doing yoga or you also do some kind of weight training/bodyweight exercises?
Monroe London
people use a mat in yoga....duhhhh.....lmao, stupid fool, i hate discrimination !!!!! from small minded idiots that don't make any sense....great video for beginners :-)
He's standing on a mat in order to do stretches. Why does he require a mat? This reeks of the vain materialism of gay culture.
Ridder Joris
Or you are profoundly homophobic.
I really enjoy this video, I feel more relaxed and moreover my thoughts are floating and become clearer during the movements. So I thought, Your muscles are the result of yoga only??
Na just the shape of the shorts. This videos been around for 10 years and this is old. :)
Yes 5 blankets is good and then over the year move down to 1 or 2 when your body allows. TAKE NOTE OF THIS. Its is important otherwise you can put to much pressure on your knees.
You got to the end Great !!
Hey I have no doubt yoga can help. I would start over at Yogasync and drop me a ticket in the help desk as yoga can aggravate back as well as heal.
Pari Tolibzoda
Your yoga class video is best on YouTube for couple of reasons: 1. Very soft voice of instructor. 2. Slow pace of practice, which allows you to feel each pose. 3. Relaxing music on the background. 4. Importance given to breathing technics. Thanks a lot for upload. Can i get any more of similar videos? Ideally from same instructors?
Wow amazing Story. Keep it up. !
Thanks getting back into alignment sure helps. Namaste
Try we have a really cool feature that allows you to edit anyone our classes so you always have a class at your perfect level. !
Yes over at we have made the music optional.
Leslie Upham
So far, I like this instruction best.
Parimala Parthasarathy
It is a great video and I like it. I feel background video sounds more than the instructions which is very important to follow. So pl avoid the music. Thank you.
I got to 46:44.. then i could not push myself any further, I do feel more relaxed. I will keep trying :) Namaste.
Ana Paula Fonseca
I have done my first yoga class today and i have to say that this video was very easy to understand and copy the poses, even for me. It will be very helpful to my practices at home, thank you (:
Peter Petrelli
How many times a week should someone do this lesson? And Does it keep you slim and shaped? Do I have to do other excercises? I am very interested in this practice just to maintain my body slim even I unfortunately am not that flexbile cause I am very tall 188cm and not a big sport lover. Thanks ;D Namastè
Tonia Philipp
Hey is there a follow up to this video... Like a next one to follow after this one, please
Yoga Mart
I so appreciate you sharing the class on video. I have given up going to the gym and your video will be useful as I do yoga at home instead
Im getting high on relaxation here!
tom-paul Jagg
What a great visual and audio analogy and metaphor with the blue drop of water into a body of water. I LOVED the whole yoga session.  THanks mate.    
Debi Caldwell
Thank you so much :)
Alexandre Ken Watanabe
this yoga class is awesome, thank you guys!!
is this full body??
Augustin Chantal
you do not need to be flexible ; there is no competition in yoga, just a art of leaving body and soul
Surendran Pandaran
Thank you. My whole body feels fluid and fully relaxed.
Ajay Pai
practice... and in a couple of months you WILL see the difference.. from a 200 pound heavy guy, who has seen the diffrence
Lady Moriarty
Love. Love. Love. Thanks, studs.
Jane Smith
Thank you for nice vid! I'm also doing 99YogaShape.
WOW! Nice pick up line. I'm changing my name to Yoga.
Rebecca Havard
I can testify that the twist assist in elimination. I did it a couple days ago and yesterday or last night I crapped a toilet full felt almost like labor pains lol
So, i have lower back pain and sitting up straight for like 5 min causes pain. Do you think if i keep working on it, doing yoga, my back problems would go away? Maybe just a bit?
I guess I should have waited because the end of the video answered my question.
Is this something you would do everyday or could you just start with a few days a week?
Daniel Page
for the second pose (shoulder streatch) i cant even come near being able to touch my butt to the ground, it puts a lot of stress of the top of my feet/toe area because my feet dont flatten to that extent, any alternatives? i could slip 5 blanket under there and it would help. @freeyogavideos
M Reese
Does that guy have a boner at 22:24?
Hi Jake . Yoga can changed that :)
Hi Yoga will help you loose weight. But you need to eat very cleanly at the same time.
Thanks very much Al
Hi Tricia Yes there is a lot going on in I am working to make it a bit more user friendly. If you join up just pop me a email. I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and give some tips on how you can make the best use of it.
Jake Farnish
I am not flexible lol
Thank you! :)
Thanks would it be best to start at Yogasync?...I find it a bit bewildering....
Hey Tricia cycling yoga is a good idea, not only can it get difficult doing the same thing, doing it for 2 long can cause imbalances. Hence why I built the Yogasync system you can pretty much be doing a slightly different class each day. This class beginner class can be built and you can evolve it every time. I am going off Youtube for yoga at its total existence is based around trying to distract you to click an ad, not to focus on the yoga at hand. I am happy to steer you at yogasync.
Thanks for getting back to me Al... I have looked at the yogasync site,but I find it hard to decide what postures to put together to make a full routine. What I was looking for, was a full routine, similar to this one, but at a slightly more advanced level...or just a different full routine, as it can get difficult just repeating the same one every day... I hope that makes sense!!! Thanks again Tricia
Hey all good we were not in the area Namaste
Hey eversmiling that is why we built there is lots go on with and we explain how to use props with can help overcome physical limitations. You can try for 15 days for free at present. Namaste Al