Nightwish - Song of Myself LIVE

Plapoytas Plapi
A Viking, a wizard, a dwarf, a pirate and a siren... What else do u need to create the best band? Floor I <3 you
liz vargas
Bueno todos se refieren a las vocalistas de Nightwish, pero me gustaría elogiar el trabajo del señor Marco Hietala ya que da un aporte tan grande a la banda, es una de las mejores voces del género.
Geoff Shaw
Thomas Hallopainen is a genius writing music as good as this
Sometimes I watch these videos just to look at Floor
Hecate's Nightmare
 Floor Jansen: - Most perfect live performance - Most powerful voice - She's the one who can change the most her voice: from dramatic soprano to wild harsh rock voice, and even pop - The one who has self confidence the most (clear in the way she stands and moves), she masters stress very well in live shows, the secret behind her great performance - Physically speaking: she's tall, strong, black leather clothes fit her and make her look like a mythological goddess - And she's the best headbanger ever PS: I also like Tarja and Simone very much, but Floor: just unique... truth is truth :)
David Fitzgerald
Tarja is an amazing opera talent but would have sounded terrible on Dark Passion Play and Imaginaerum. Anette is a good pop singer and added what Nightwish needed to break out of their opera metal labeling. Floor Jansen has bridged both sides of the Nightwish spectrum and that is why she is the best singer they have ever had. Now, they have the operatic passion of Tarja and the power rock vocals of Anette all in one person. Floor was the the right choice for the boys, plus she looks like a metal version of Lyv Tyler. 
Paul Steingart
58 yrs. old . Came across Nightwish about a month ago and have not stopped listening to them every spare minute since. Tarja is great but Floor Jansen is the simply the best rock or metal vocalist EVER!
Squid Tickler
Thank you Floor for restoring my faith in Nightwish once more. 
This song fits so well with Floor's voice
Selma Olsen
Holy shit.. Her voice combined with this song gives me goose bumps!
Floor has ReVamped Nightwish :)
Ludi Mikser
I liked Tarja, Anette was..good but Floor..OMG. She is the best! So refreshing. One of the best vocals ever. So talented.
Peter RF BR
Nightwish is much better with Floor. The best singer...
Dennis Lundkvist
Aaaand this is how you sing this song.....
Mad9977 Productions
awesome =) Floor looks like Xena the Warrior Princess =)
Luis Fernandez
Oh God Floor definitly was the best choice that they had ever made.
Paula Andrea Cortés Arias
Floor is really amazing, i love all tones of her voice, is perfect for nightwish, I love her performance in this live, she is the best.
Floor is really good choice for this band. Her voice is so elastic, I got an impression that she can sing anything. And she is sexy :]
Lucky Lucky
Floor hizo suyas todas las canciones de Nightwish, es admirable! Una Diosa!!
Marius Lupsa
Nightwish never had this sound harmonious and perfectly correlated
romina maulen
la voz de Floor con la de Marco suenan perfecta, es increíble :3 
Goddamn Floor is amazing!
patricio rothen
Amo esta canción. Floor la canta increíble. Este Nightwish ha resucitado!!!
Tainá Carla
OMFG! The guitar stopping and then coming back with the drums and everything else... Awesome!
they've never sounded better. lets hope she stays for their whole career
Floor is the best that happened to Nightwish since a long time. She combines the voice needed for their music with a great performance on stage. Love her!
Jason Osmond
So Epic! Bought the DVD and can't stop watching it!! Floor is incredible..
Rober Rebor
The nightingale is still locked in the cage The deep breath I took still poisons my lungs An old oak sheltering me from the blue Sun bathing on its dead frozen leaves A catnap in the ghost town of my heart She dreams of storytime and the river ghosts Of mermaids, of Whitman's and the ride Raving harlequins, gigantic toys A song of me, a song in need...♥
Linnea S
I've been a huge fan of Nightwish for almost 10 years now. I own all their stuff and I've seen them live. The 29th of August I saw them in Trondheim, Norway and this was the first time seeing Floor. I have to say, she is the most talented woman I've ever seen and heard on stage. Like, who needs Tarja and Anette when you have fucking Floor Jansen?! Don't get me wrong, I like Tarja and Anette too in their own way, but Floor really blew me away. Thanks to her I actually cried like a shitkid on their concert. She gave me this really great concert feeling and Anette never managed to give me that. I'm absolutely going to be front row on their concerts later. She made front row feel like heaven!!
Marco and Floor sound awesome together! :)
Luciano Marques
Floor renovou a banda depois da saida da tarja
Mohammed Al-Shehri
Why am I back here again for the 1000th time?
Damn woman, you rock! So perfect for this band. Can't imagine this band with any other front woman now (and they've all been brilliant in their own way) but you take it to another level. You have the most perfect voice and your whole presence is just amazing. You make women proud.
Anette has a great voice, but Floor is FANTASTIC.  Tuomas' music is genius.
Bethius Tiberius
I think that Floor is the best and most versatile singer for Nightwish so far - Tarja and Anette were both brilliant, but Floor's voice is so much more versatile and I can't wait to hear her on the new album, when the songs have been written with her voice in mind :D Her voice works well with Marco's too!
Mia Valo Turunen Olzon
This woman is quite an Amazon. What power on stage
Donovan VP
Ooooh God! Floor is sooo f*** amaziiiing! I love heeeer!
Kesaria Kekutia
floor made nightwish great again <3
Kristian Tofferi
Ehkä paras laulajanvaihto ikinä. Nyt ei tarvii enää sovittaa kappaleita laulajan äänialan mukaan. Seuraava levy voi olla aika tykki veto. Kun livenäkin noin lähtee.
Michael Wanklin
Floor is magnificent in this. Powerful and empowered.
Jim Tzikis
Tuomas Holopainen, you genius!
Bryce Lewis
This band is new to me but I'm hooked! Floor is the bomb...
Bianca Pignataro
Five years without listen Nightwish. But after Floor's entrance, I can hear them again. So happy for that!!!
Damn floor took this song to a whole new level. Although anette was doing much better when she recorded this song, I'm really really happy with Floor :)
Francisco Assis
Que voz linda e suave tem a Floor Jansen!
Leonid DrunkEnemyRUS
Emppu Vuorinen is so nice and good man. Thanks to you Emppu. So friendly, so calm and modest...
Barış Can Özoktay
last 3 minutes,the most beautiful 3 minutes in my last 3 weeks.what a sound and a stage show!!
I think that jukka is the best drummer in the world
Pedro Bortoluzzo
So perfect!!!
Cah Felix
Kenneth Monfil
The band is at their very best with "Floor Jansen".
Gina Havens
Floor Jansen has the voice, the talent, the energy, and the stage presence. She is absolutely amazing. I love every song she sings old and new.
Marcelo Bassalo
Nightwish was never this good.
Fernando Quevedo
Best "Song of myself" ever!!!
Ryan F
I love what happens at 6:29! It's like she's commanding the fire to come up from Hell. Badass!
At least this singer will not be kicked out of the band very easily. She is so big, she might actually start beating the guys and could win every possible disagreement by means of technical knockout. Tarja and Anette never had this opportunity.
Awesome ! My favourite! ..arrangements, lyrics, dynamics, unbelievably great composition...great musicians, singers LOVE THIS!!!
alex benea
Floor= Warrior Princess
tribo1985 boss
Floor is a perfect voice for Nightwish now.
Dave Mason
The people who had bought tickets to the tour with Anette and got Floor instead must have thought they won the lottery. What a huge upgrade. Live Floor is a stellar dynamo and Anette was an ACME dynamite kit that frequently blew up in the crowds face. Just sayin.
Cássia Azevedo/ Cáhh Manson
Keith Procter
Its true a younger woman can make an old man happy..Thankyou Floor ...8-)
eliana jansen
Thanks Floor for your amazing and lovely voice!!! \m/
dawid majewski
is the best voice of the world!
maria Trimmi-Bertsou
Woww that woman has an unusual power and Passion in her voice and her Performance ... I'm so addicted every time I watch the live videos.. So powerful like a warrior!
Alejandarkness romero
No sé la amo :3 
Mony Sal
I love Floor, great singer.
Mr Torgue
shit. dat power. dat technique. I'm impressed, girl.
Salomé Sequeira
Pablo Sartor
How come i discover this song so many years later? OMG This is amazing! Floor Jansen is a powerful goddess with an incredible voice and great stage presence.
warranted skepticism
Best Nightwish ever
Angela 615
To me, this one is a lot better than the studio version with Annette...
Floor, your beautiful, and to the rest of the band, your awesome. Thank you for your music.
Robert Henry
I can't ever wonder why any old fans of this band would be upset over this replacement: This women's voice and presence is amazing...I'm somewhat new to this band, and this is my favorite version of it.
Raine Red
one of single greatest performances ever
Lucas M Mendoza
she definitely owned this song! I love Floor! goddess!
Brent Smith
I m from Sault Ste.Marie, Ont.Can.Been listening to this band for a week now.Floor is awesome.What a nice voice and like the mix of different instruments.They all nail it.
Pepe Vargas
Delightfullydemented65 PMRChater
Just a gorgeous woman...with a lot of badass-ery within her (no woman can ever look "bad" wearing leather, but I'd love to see her in a pair of ripped up "Lita Ford" jeans...just sayin. Must be my "caveman DNA" comin up lol). Anyway, it's no secret that Floor is a world class vocalist, and a fine addition to the rest of what I call the "Shield Maidens of Metal." Sometimes soft, sometimes "delightfully demented." Lol... and those who think women can't be "heavy" are friggin idiots. (and whoever does their production in the studio needs to tweak the settings on recording Floor's voice. The vocals are lacking compared to hearing her live. One would think that it's some other vocalist)
Ralf Meyer
FLOOR is a Valkyrie 🤔
There are so many women who sing heavy metal, but in my opinion Floor Jansen is the one that commands respect. Those who know his career from his youth know what I mean.
Federico Sánchez Ortiz
Floor has voice, beauty, sympathy and interpretive quality, which make it unique.
Danger X
God how good does that sound when floor sings it ?! Holyshit she is a goddess, gorgeous, unlimited range from getting kicked in the nuts High, to Barry White Lowe's. She has abilities to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, and you can actually picture in your mind as if you're in the story... Unreal 6 ft tall blue eyes Xena Warrior outfit wearing goddess and vocal cords to match. If you were to take God's most beautiful and Angelic angel, dresser like Xena Warrior goddess, take Pat Benatar and Ann Wilson of heart, Grace and soprano of Celine Dion, go to Deutschland, inject them all in another female from Deutschland nine months you would have floor Jansen. And the songs that were done originally with Tasha or Annette... They're like new songs because there's no comparison. It's like The Rebirth of a band I didn't like and not because of the music because that's a gimme on their talent as musicians. And tuomas, forget about it... He's a genius in his own kind. But I never gave Nightwish second listen... Because it just had too much of that throaty, baritone ish, falsetta, picturing a big fat woman with a Viking helmet singing opera type voice with tarja, and it just didn't work with night wishes metal part. And the Annette, the great singer just not in Nightwish. Is it a big fat woman with Opera but like tarja, Annette's one-dimensional. she has no emotion when she sings about the stories it just sounds like she's reading a cute card and don't know how to express the lines because it's like she don't know they're coming so it's like a robot and is about as Bland and plain as one. But floor... She'll take a 6 ft tall 250 pound linebacker, and when she starts going off telling the story about the poet and the Pendulum... Fuck it too late you're going to be crying. And if it wasn't for surfing through YouTube 2checkout new bands from other countries like I normally do, and the different cultures with metal bands... Is when I come across floor Jansen and I thought and had to take a double tape because I thought she was still in revamp and was the old singer even a better band of hers after forever. I'm not surprised in any sense. Cuz she has unlimited range he's just perfect for Nightwish. and I don't think that she could do one thing though that Annette and tarja can, and that's sing off key or a bad note. She just don't have that ability like they do. but ever since seeing that most perfect show as you can get, and get it now... When she did wacken in 2013 she had just previously learned their songs in 48 hours from when Annette put them in that bind in Colorado for the US leg of their tour. she put a set of earbuds in her ear, right after she got a phone call she packed, flew to the US but had to learn all of their songs for the lists and sets that they did in that tour, in an unprecedented time frame... She learned all of night Wishes songs in 48 hours. That is unbelievable. With their Arrangements and Tempo changes, and complete story book lyrics what about 50 pages each song damn near, to know when to go on and off the stage I mean, all of that and slotted right in there. and now all the fans of Nightwish they all asked the same question... Annette or tharja who
Anthony Woolston
This is how much i love Floor. i want Nightwish to Re-record angels Fall first through Imaginareum with Floor on vocals .
forti orestis
Jansen was the BEST POSSIBLE CHOICE for NW. She is AWESOME!
Katerina Moderova
My best group😘
The Butcher
Just discovered this band and I love it! Olééé
Antonio Carrasco Toronjo
TEMAZO, para mi el show de Nightwish en 2013 en Wacken es parte de mi historia musical.
I never had a problem with Annette.... but hearing someone as amazing as Floor singing her songs so much better I can see why so many people did have a problem with her!
LD 2123
this New singer dear god . WOW
Fabio Nogueira
My favourite song of the best band in the world!!!!
Martin Chapman
Is 62 too old to have discovered this fantastic track from this brilliant band?
jim lotus
Wauh!They totally killed it at Wacken
Alisson Oliveira
One of my favorites Nightwish songs, bisides Romanticide, Ghost River, Dark Chest of Wonders and The Greatest Show On Earth for sure. I love everything about this band, even more now with Floor. Such a fantastic group of musicians!
Erika G G
floor canta magnífico, es una mujer con mucho potencial, su voz es única y es una de mis cantantes favoritas.
C G Wilkes
If this ever fails, I think Marco and Floor should start their own band, they sound awesome together.
WE LOVE YOU FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cássia Azevedo/ Cáhh Manson
best version , floor godness of metal *-*
Serhiy Baturyn
This group does not need other vocalists, because now there is Floor.