Three Days Grace - Never Too Late (Official Music Video)

Three Days Grace's official music video for 'Never Too Late'. Click to listen to Three Days Grace on Spotify: /> As featured on The Collection: Three Days Grace. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: />Google Play: />Amazon: /> More from Three Days Grace Animal I Have Become: />I Hate Everything About You: />Pain: /> Follow Three Days Grace Website: />Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: />Tumblr: /> Subscribe to Three Days Grace on YouTube: /> More great 00s videos here: /> #ThreeDaysGrace #NeverTooLate #Vevo #Rock #OfficialMusicVideo --------- Lyrics: This world will never be What I expected And if I don't belong Who would have guessed it I will not leave alone Everything that I own To make you feel like it's not too late It's never too late Even if I say It'll be alright Still I hear you say You want to end your life Now and again we try To just stay alive Maybe we'll turn it all around 'Cause it's not too late It's never too late

The Dishonoured Wolf
This song is even more heartbreaking now in light of the death of Chester Bennington.
I'm Tiio Lú
It's never too late to live.
Three Days Grace Thousand Foot Krutch Linkin Park Starset Skillet Ashes Remain... Don't let the true music die!! Leave a like! Edit: 400 likes?! WOW!!
I'm Tiio Lú
I miss Adam <3 this Voice is awesome
Nekosuga A.R.M.Y
This song will never get old
Denilson silva
0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:31 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
M Storm
YouTube made a big mistake for this video. They put a dislike button.
Mathew Culver
Evil father hurting his daughter in many ways and she is called insane
Hunter Davis
If anyone is feeling suicidal and reading this ur never alone there is always at least one person who loves u whether u know it or not someone cares about u and if u feel otherwise I care about u I care about ur well being I want u to live and stay alive. I may have given up on myself but not on u I may hate my self but I love u so plz live for me and ohers
Coya Does Music
This song brings back memories. I miss this band's old sound
Matty Bouchard
1 month ago today, my boyfriend ended his life. I miss my sweetie everyday. Mike I love you and I will never forget you, I promise. I'll take you with me in my heart, wherever I go😥❤
Juliana Sousza
2018 Amo essa música! ❤
Brenno Batista
Jovanny Gallegos
I’m not emo nor suicidal and not judging either I just listen to this cuz it makes me feel like a badass in the gym
Aurelia Roque
This was my emo song back when I was 14 and was clinically depressed. I'm 25 now happily married with 2 babies. It does get better 🖤
Scott Tracy
I'm 41 years old, have attempted 5 separate times to just get away from it all. I'm always in this dark, lonely place that nobody seems to get. I was on my way to attempt number 6 tonight. Without this song right now, I would be gone. I'm not sure I'm glad this saved me tonight, but it has. One day at a time. There comes a point where nothing will help, and it's rapidly approaching. Life isn't all they say it is, and after 41 years, not much left to live for. It's not too late, it's never too late...I guess we'll see...🔪🔫💊💉💀😢
Trym The Viking
the video is so powerful
Ian Blanchard
It's Never Too Late for listening to Three Days Grace
Ella Rose Grundy
Try your hardest, never give up. Because it's never too late, never ever............ Always do what you can do. Fight for the good. Push against the bad. Don't feel like you can never do it, cause you can do it, just fight for it. You'll always achieve your way of the world........ Your voice is the most powerful thing in you. The thing you need to remember is that you are not perfect, but you are perfect you, you have achieved everything that you've done. In the end, you know you have done the good, you've, done, you.........................................
Child molestation clearly seems to be the theme of this video. A very dark topic handled very well. I can't think of a way they could've made it better.
Alex Swilley
Music will never be this good again
This song represents the two versions of me, the one who wants to live and reminds me of the good things in life and the other who wants to end his life and reminds me of the bad things. So in the end I stay alive but sometimes I get depressed xd I'm not a native english speaker, sorry if didn't express myself right
Paulinho Aguiar
Cadê os brasileiros que curtem música de qualidade? O que aconteceu com o mundo da música, que nostalgia. Música perfeita. #2018
Reginà Duff
Yo that guitar symphony is amazing
Midori K. Vid
[Verse 1] This world will never be what I expected And if I don't belong, who would have guessed it? I will not leave alone everything that I own To make you feel like it's not too late It's never too late [Hook] Even if I say it'll be alright Still I hear you say you want to end your life Now and again we try to just stay alive Maybe we'll turn it all around because it's not too late It's never too late [Verse 2] No one will ever see the side reflected And if there's something wrong, who would have guessed it? And I have left alone everything that I own To make you feel like it's not too late It's never too late [Hook] Even if I say it'll be alright Still I hear you say you want to end your life Now and again we try to just stay alive Maybe we'll turn it all around because it's not too late It's never too late [Bridge] The world we knew won't come back Time we've lost, can't get back Life we had won't be ours again This world will never be what I expected And if I don't belong [Hook] Even if I say it'll be alright Still I hear you say you want to end your life Now and again we try to just stay alive Maybe we'll turn it all around because it's not too late It's never too late Maybe we'll turn it all around 'Cause it's not too late It's never too late (It's never too late) It's not too late It's never too late
Ohh, Adam...
Captain Crab
This song and my girlfriend who lives over 18 hours away from me are the only two things keeping me from ending it... without her, my life feels meaningless... And this song gives me hope. I love my girlfriend so much and I won't want her to have to deal with me killing myself, so I don't do it. She means everything to me and even tho we've only been dating for only two months she means everything to me, she's the light in my darkest hour and I thank god everyday for bringing her into my life.
bernardo garcia
September 2018, Who's here?
Ronee Newton
I wonder how many lives this song has saved. 👊💪💪✌
Mikasa Ackerman
*The world we knew won't come back* *The time we lost can't get back* *The life we had won't be ours again* Maybe, we'll turn it all around cause it's not too late... *IT'S NEVER TOO LATE...*
I can't stop listening to the songs that saved a generation, and me
Nghīa Trung
Three days grace - Never Too Late so perfect.
When your mom is tired of you crying about your ex girlfriend
For anyone who doesn’t know, the woman in the video is Adam’s ex wife, Naomi Faith Brewer.
Shadow Greninja
2018 anybody?
Mikasa Ackerman
Never too late for Never Too Late :P
Pain Akatsuki
this is the song that prevented me from commiting suicide... about 3 times... Thank you, Three Days Grace
Halseyfan8 Fan8
I miss Adam 😢
Mikasa Ackerman
When I hear that song the first time, just felt close. And I got closer to TDG everyday. Now I'm obsessed with TDG. And that song is the best song for me. It's always gonna be the best. *Never too late...*
Lydia Antonioli
u say Justin Bieber, I say Skillet u say Bruno Mars, I say Thousand Foot Krutch u say Lady Gaga, I say Breaking Benjamin u say Miley Cyrus, I say Evanescence u say T-Pain, I say Three Days Grace u say Rebecca Black, I say Linkin Park u say Daft Punk, I say Green Day u say Flowers, I say Nine Lashes 92 percent of teens have turned to pop and hip-hop. If you are a part of the 8 percent that still listens to real music, copy and paste this message to 5 other videos. DON'T LET ROCK DIE! 870
Sunkist Army
Idgaf this is timeless
Curtis Campbell
Who still listens🤔🤔
timothy kitchen
Every time I’m going through anything this is my go to song!! Depression will and can kick anyone’s ass, just make sure you got the right people around to help
Reaper JackYT
Now this is real music
Kj Collins
I almost lost someone to suicide before listening to this
Georgio PiAlfa
Teacher: You are late Me: It's never too late
luciano DR
All I listen to is rap but this is a meaningful song , it’s not allll about Hip Hop sometimes ..ya know?
KC Hell Kat
Never take life for granted and never end your life I know I have the scars to know how it feels
story to the music video.the little girl and the older one are the same. she was adopted into a family. her step father rapes her. and so she hides from him. but he always finds her. she was sent to the mental institution when she got older, and every time they strap her down it reminds her when she was held down and raped. the Angel of Death appeared to ease her suffering, and so the Angel and the step dad are fighting over the little girl. she wished she was dead(that's why the Angel is there). but it never came true, so everytime they give her dosage of pills, she floats away. drowning in her memories.
Lily Adora
This man had always been that dark angel that saved my existance and life. Gave me a real soul I love you guys. Together or not, your band gave my autistic sadistic soul a place to call home. I love you adam. And the band mates. But adam? Hes my saint asonia. And ill spread him just like i used to spread my legs. I love rock and roll. I love real music real soul. No more games just my babies who found me, dusted me off, and brought me back to my living life. I love you all. You give me meaning.
Brandon Williams
No matter how much good i do i am never good enough. -sigh- i love this song.
Thank you, I needed this today. Last night was the closest I've ever been to the end.
I'd love to go to the past to hug the young boy I was and to tell myself that everything will be okay no matter what I would go through caue in the End life was worth fighting and crying for Sry for my bad English I just hope i'm not the only one who feels this way :D Anyway Have A good day everyone and Have a good Life
2018? Edit: Stop liking this comment it's stupid XD
D̷ ̷E̷ ̷ P̷ ̷R̷ ̷E̷ ̷S̷ ̷S̷ ̷I̷ ̷O̷ ̷N̷
im not emo but this is my kind of music i've been listening to this song for years and is one of my favorite of all time
Michael Kosmala
The meaning of this song and the video - that even trauma doesn't have to be the end, that life is still beautiful - is such a powerful one, especially given that the video is about a woman coping with being sexually abused as a child. There are people close to me who face that struggle - right now, it's so hard for them to see that they can live happy lives in spite of the trauma. Please pray for them. Their lives are beautiful and worth living, and so are yours. Our experiences are not our identity. We all have brokenness, but that does not make us broken. We are more.
Laura flores morales
Even if i Say It'll be alright....
I like rock, metal, and alternative rock. Three days grace, Papa Roach, Saliva, Trapt, Crossfade, Theory of a Deadman, Metallica, Slipknot, Korn, Disturbed, Rob Zombie, Linkin Park I listen to all of them everyday. To me these bands listed are the best, songs of heart, lyrics of love, death, pressure, hate, anger, loss, stories, themes of scary things. Whenever you hear a song by rock, listen to the lyrics, they tell a story of something, or a feeling.
Ricardo GNR
This is one of my favorite songs as well as songs like the good life and I Hate Everyting About You ):)
Forever Alone
Music helps it does but it doesnt keep me here. I know my place how things will end and when. Ill be the bringer of my own end. I got it all planned just waiting
Alex 423
Adam was much better with that Group Group was much better with Adam
Всякая Дичь
Ohhh... This best of best. Thank .
Ricardo Rodriguez
1)animal i have become 2)never too late 3)riot 4)i hate everything about you 5)time of dinyng 6)pain 7)i am machine 8)human race 9)break 10)the real you my top ten
Ashur Boi
Just lost my cat known my whole life he was like a brother to me.Im listening to this song to greive. RIP Tony i will NEVER forget you.
Emmanuel Ezediuno
the Drop D guitar arrangements gets me every time. Beautiful songs never die. 2018..anybody?
Gaige Sebastien
This song breaks my heart every time I listen to it.
kimberly nivert
This song sums up my soul from sexual abuse. It is exactly the feelings I lived with and thought I deserved.
Cassandra Russom
I don't know about anyone else, but all of the symbolism in the video tells me that it was a sexual abuse scenario. She was happy with her parents, then Sweater Guy came along… Parents then had bandaids over their eyes while continuing to dance and smile as they did before, meaning they chose to blind themselves with "band-aids": everything is fine, nothing has changed, nothing is wrong, etc. Blinded to the truth of what was really going on. The black handprints from Sweater Guy all over the girl and her room show that he violated every inch of her and her life, after he went and found her when she tried to hide. Their interaction (his winning her trust with a smile, then gets her close to him, then makes his move) is classic grooming technique. So many abuse survivors deal with the engulfing blackness… I can't count the years of my own that I've been there. The black feathers falling down remind me of the suffocating bleakness that creeps over you, like writing helplessly in a great spider's web. Butterflies, well, they symbolize hope and freedom, regeneration and becoming new, better. (I clung to the metaphor of the butterfly something fierce when I was first going through my abuse recovery.) However, there's truth to the words that are being sung, overlaid upon the symbols to show a greater truth. You can turn it all around, 'cause it's not too late, it's never too late. Only when you're dead is it too late. Took me years upon decades to face the horrific trauma and abuse that started when I was 2 and to actively seek healing and growth. Even finally coming forward at 17 and disclosing the sexual abuse from my stepfather didn't heal me fully, though it was a step. Finally taking him to court and putting him in prison after years of legal nonsense, that helped, but still didn't heal me fully. For me, it was a loving mentor/friend and some really good books that started me on the path to freedom. Still journeying… it's been hard. The hardest thing I've ever done, and sometimes I still want to end it all just to escape. Getting medical help for my depression has helped a lot too, though, and recognizing my PTSD and learning how to cope. Statistically, there are a LOT of people out there who have survived abuse of various kinds. I used to work at a non-profit for abuse survivors. I know first-hand. But there are a lot of places out there where help is available, you just have to take the plunge and reach out. It really is never too late… unless you're dead. Then you won't know how beautiful life can be without the darkness pulling you down constantly. (P.S.-- A lot of recovery styles and programs approach healing from a Christian or faith-based perspective. If that's what helps you, awesome. It was how I started out. However, if you do not subscribe to any particular faith, or maybe you follow the old religion or some other path, or even a full-fledged atheist or agnostic, don't think that healing from abuse necessarily equals Christianity or even a higher power. Granted, it's handy at first because you have yet to reclaim your own power that was so harmfully taken from you, but you can find your own power and find your own path. You don't need a higher power to heal from abuse. If you want to take that path, it's a good one and it works. However, the other one works just as well. It depends on the individual and their determination to "turn it all around, 'cause it's not too late, it's never too late.")
Derrick From Walgreens
god i miss Adam Gontier sad that he left the band he was the reason i liked this band but finding out that he left god bless Adam Gontier for making three days grace the way it is today
Ma Va
Yes is never too late for kill you
A lot of memories. Such a beautiful song.
Slim Shady
"I Hate Everything About You"; all you every bring me is "Pain". You tell me it's "Never Too Late" and try to make it work, but I'm tired of living in a "World So Cold", I wanna live "The Good Life" with "Happiness", so it's either "Now Or Never" for you to "Give Me A Reason" worth staying for. Now, you can see the "Animal I Have Become" because I didn't turn out "Just Like You". You were a "Bully" and you started a "Riot", trying to get me to "Break" but I wasn't that "Lost In You", you always thought I'd "Let You Down". My "Life Starts Now", I'll "Get Out Alive". My life with you, I'll "Let It Die" because "It's All Over". I'll find "Someone Who Cares" and let me live "My Own Life"...... I made this story thing myself..... because it relates to my life in every way possible.....
Perri the mantis keeper
I dug out my eyes to this song and I used a grapefruit spoon to do it
Nothing like listening to it in the night
aesthetic josh
This song is life!
Luan Zeiler
R.I.P Xxxtentacion
Emily Boo
That video though.... damn!!! WHY CAN'T MUSIC BE LIKE THIS NOW??Q!!?
UNDEAD Recruit
This song may be considered old but by God it still helps millions of people
Rudy Arias
I never get tired of this song.. 3 days grace is the shiiit..
Rockscar no mames
Never too late to remember Good Music :'v
I love this song so much ❤️
Dark Enforcer
why can't all music be this good?
Nick Lamo
just trying to write an essay on improving mental health and its not going very well
this song is everything ..
Mckay Giffin
It's never too late to bring Adam Gontier back
Gabriel Whyte
never to late for old songs
My ex was molested from the age of 5 to 17. I have experienced second hand what trauma these sickos can cause. She had her problems and yes, our relationship ended because of it. She's had attachment issues because she felt disgusting on the inside even though on the outside she was really pretty. I have been angry at her for ending it but I realize after this song that it's not her fault. She couldn't help her mental issues. If all of that didn't happen, maybe she would've been one of those 'popular' girls at school rather than the shy, quiet girl she was. I wish her well.
Diana Di
Beautiful song. His ex wife Naomi is amazing in this video.
Mal And Terry
I hate those people who assume since you listen to this music your emo (but yea I'm emo 🤣)
First time I heard this song I was 14 years old and my mother had tried to end her life. 10 years later and this song still means so much for me. Still cry every time. Still struggle with my mother's mental illness.
this came out in 2006 and it's never too late to enjoy this one lol
King Sloth50
I decided for once I should see what’s actually going on in the video instead of just listen to the lyrics.WTF is going on?!?!
Cory Van Treuren
This song was a masterpiece
Caitlyn Appel
Adam was born 25 years, to the day, after me.
Amirul Aiman
Adam’s voice is oddly satisfying to hear. I love his voice damn much.