Krakatau inside

Anak Krakatau volcanic activity, 24.10.2018. Eruptions filmed with Drone in minimal distance under full risk, lavabombs flying around the Drone. Sound from ground level microphone, inside Anak Krakatau forest.

Reverse Universe
2:34 That’s the most amazing view I’ve seen of a volcano yet👍
Merchant Ivory
Your getting angles never seen before in the history of collecting video footage of eruptions! Really man, amazing shots!
Games TV
This is some awesome footage. Brave little drone you got there.
Baba Semka
I'm pretty glad that Anak Krakatau is doing those little eruptions and kinda venting itself, instead of giving the Earth another 3-4 super cold years without summer.
Paul Bunyan
How many drones have you lost? Also, I bet vuocanologists would be very interested in this footage.
Adi Abdillah
2:40 you're so lucky the rocks didn't hit the drone btw, this is the quality video I'm looking for. the sounds, just so natural
Kanye's Roblox
Interesting fact, 2/3 of the volcano collapsed into the sea last year 2018. It is now a crater instead of a mountain.
Sharon R
I always love watching these high quality, stunning videos. Thank you for bringing it to us. There just is NOTHING cooler than the earth recycling itself.
This is Amazing! ….I have a drone and as of this moment there is NOTHING worth launching it for anymore....That's incredible ….I was wondering how close you were, I would be a bit worried about getting hit....Fantastic video!
Brilliant stuff...thanks for soooo much nature :) !!! I've always wondered how many drones you go through due to flying rocks and corrosive gases etc... must be hell on equipment. Sub'd, like'd, all the things
Rudy Utomo
450 volcanoes in Indonesia, that's so scary!
Gallera Zanzibar
Excelente video, máxima resolución y los angulos de las tomas,
This is just earth-chan ripping her vape. Also great video footage.
What incredible footage!
Ferrij Lumoring
In 2002, I was on the top of the hill where this drone start at the beninning of this video. At that time, the volcano height seems like only less than half of its current height. This volcano grows so fast. Great video of a great volcano
And two months after this was shot, this volcano caused the unexpected tsunami that killed hundreds. When the previous version of Krakatau destroyed itself in 1883, the tsunami killed about 36,000 people.
David Eidell
Baby Krakatoa is alive and dangerous. Thankfully it is venting. Factual stories of the 1883 eruption are mesmerizing. Pre eruption pulses that were too of frequency to hear on the mainland but strong enough to compress the chest and abdomen! Yikes!
Volcano Time-Lapse
my dream job.. outstanding..
Stephanie Kent
magnificent hi from volcano city New Zealand :)
Nddy DotCom
Let's pray for tsunami anyer banten 🙏🙏🙏
My brain after 5 minutes of arguing with my wife.
Factasia Football
Hiram Prigada
Valio la Pena el Riesgo, una Piedra pequeña y Pum¡¡¡ Adios Drone. Great job y Excelent Edition Video-Sound
Ahmboh Mbohah
komentar'nya orang luar semuaaaaa😀😁😀 mana orang Indonesia
U.S. Army Veteran
Stunningly beautiful footage with the sound of the jungle floor. Thank you for share. The wild life seems unphased.
Mark Blakeway
Awesome power of mother nature, throwing rocks like that. Probably the size of cars, and laughing.
thx for posting .. it may not be the most spectacular eruption ever filmed but this is the most spectacular footage I ever seen
Normal Life
Getting higher and higher and bigger...😲
Blasko xx
That is the 3rd Krakatau, the first 2 blew themselves off the map.
Awesome video, so clear! Can't believe how steady it is too! Thanks. :)
Noah Stainbrook
Y'all are lucky there wasn't a pyroclastic flow..
Rheny Thea
Haaiii saya dari sragen,jawa tengah,indonesia
Michael Ellestad
I can hear lightning crackles too
Wow. Thanks, that is beautiful. The ground level audio works well.
This is probably one of the best channels I've stumbled across. Absolutely stunning footage! Thank you Martin.
Thank you, Martin. It's like having front row seats to the most spectacular show on earth. May I ask what sort of drone your flying and approx. how far away was it from the volcano during those close up eruptions?
Was the sound and video sinked? Was expecting the sound to arrive a little later than the blast or that drone was very very close.
Michael Gregory
Yea that doesn’t contribute to global warming/climate change......
Rakchat S.R.P
เอานิวเคลียร์​ไปยิงทิ้งให้หมด ภูเขาไฟ​😝😝😝😝😝
2:38 that's a giant chunk of rock
*sneezes* 2 hours later *village is destroyed with half of the residents deaf* Krakatoa: oops
Terrific !!!!
Roberto Bob Esponja
Filho de peixe, peixinho é! Este é o vulcão mais explosivo da terra!
Absolutely the most awesome drone video I've ever seen. Thanks. Subscribed. That took a lot of guts to get that footage.
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hrila buongpui
You people are so brave capturing volcanic eruption would never be an easy task,great work
Arif Triyono Iswandi
Look the process of Krakatoa ecological succession. Awesome video
Joseph Raymond
Nice flying right in there,got a real talent for it,bet it was so funny seeing how close you could get,lol...and survive,ha! Probably the coolest I've seen of fly in to a volcano ever,wow!
Alexander Kalish
Very impressive work resulting in beautiful and valuable footage. Congratulations and be careful.
Olaf Weinzer
There is already a lot of pollution in the atmosphere because of China, USA, Brazil, India and Australia, and this source comes more.
Helen Elieh
O planeta tá vomitando fogo
...spectacular photography really classy stuff big thanks for upload
Pusspa cat
THANK YOU SO MUCH. What an amazing video. Anak Krakatau means Child of Krakatau. It is still a baby. The mother has already dead at 1883
SineEyed 2020
Holy crap, this footage is so great!..
BRAVO! The best footage I've ever seen. You should win an award.
Ria Timmermans
Wow power full🌋🗻☄⚡. Great footage🛰🛰
Amazing! Thanks for this. Isn't technology amazing? :)
Thomas Crauk
amazing footages! you did a great job
Amazing video from angles I've never thought we'd get to see. Thanks for posting this!
These images are now a historical treasure, this summit of anak krakatau has completely disappeared.
Eric Smith
Pretty good job syncing the sound with the video. There should be some lag between the actual eruption and the sound reaching the microphone. But I'm guessing you synced the sound up.
Malcolm Abram
Millions of videos on YouTube, occasionally one stands out. Not just because of the quality, but the extraordinary location.
Reich Motion Pictures
0:31--0:40 -Turn on 1080p, full screen, 0.25X speed, face 10 cm from the screen, staring at the crater-
Joko JMC
I though thumbnail is clickbait but I'm not regret to click it, amazing
Rizky Deshanda
Stunning video!thank you for bringing this to us. My island is located near this volcano
Krakatoa_ 81
One day a Volcano will kill all the civilization especially if a super volcano erupt.... Good luck to the Indonesian people suffering during these horrible moment
Mas Antok
Have you send link to this video to Dr Janine Krippner on Twitter?
Tawfik M
Amazing vidéo thanks for sharing
Brian Elling
Amazing footage, The best I have seen of a volcano.
Atif Bashir
Thats pretty scary but fascinating stuff to watch
Ohhh yes, she's steaming up for the real eruption. Stunning footage. Thank you for sharing.
Faeres Munkeyes
Need a version with Yngvie's Krakatau playing in the background.
Boss Dog
I remember Anak Krakatau when it was small in 1984/5. It's all grown up now.
Martin, your videos of Anak Krakatau are amazing!!! Thank you for sharing them...
perry kuehr
AWESOME footage, thank you
Chou Ly
awesome video, please do posted more videos as it continues erupting. Thanks
Neron Papadopoulos
lynx dontknow
Awesome I just love to see how wonderful this planet call earth works🥰🥰🥰
At 2:30 ... I love how you can hear the pressure/explosions building up inside the Volcano, before they reach the top
wonderful photography. I wonder how big those rocks are that are being ejected from the summit.
Drone nighttime next!😊
Naruto Tacata Family
Krakatoa is One of The Most Full Dust Inside and havent seen the lava
Angry mountain.
Detta Priyandikawardhana
Dubai The centre of Now
Andreas Bartsch
Absolutly perfect work !!
Master Penguin
Wait, are these all different angles of the same eruption?
James Wingert
The most incredible volcano footage I have EVER seen.
I couldn't help but think of the song "Dance On A Volcano" by Genesis, while I watched this video. Excellent footage!
Nathanial Ponn
Throw in a human sacrifice into it to appease it. Like the old days. Are you serious? Dec.2018
Wow. That are amazing shots :O
Yesenia Rivera Torres
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Quentin Lucas
Best drone use ever
Andy Bond
Awesome footage nice to have a different perspective from above. Well done. 👍
drummerfella 55
Didn't this thing end up self destructing bit later on? ...and footage?
Braden Bogdan
Very nice stuff! Good thing a drone was used!🇨🇦
David B.
Wow...great video with excellent quality and sound. Well done 😎👍
Edward Chubbick
Great sounds with the headphones on I likey
Javier Anda
That is great timing against extreme odds. It must be some very amazing gadget. The heat at the distance it shoots is very intense. Great job with very good equipment.
Reno Gregory
You deserve an award for capturing this footage.
Great footage. Thanks for capturing good sound. Nice to hear those blasts