The Fast Lane test Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR

The Fast Lane : episode 3. Car test with Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR.

fast and family two words i love to hear
i want this car now, but with the seat on the other side
Boa Lee
01:12 "This is a 35,000lbs car..." oh my god really??? Lol
haha he said the Tommi makinen is his favourite car haha we had one bahahahahahha :D
yes of course it's quick around corners, very quick indeed. but there's a difference between very quick and Porsche supercar quick. it's still not as quick around corners/a track as a Porsche Turbo. That is all I'm saying. I'm not hating on it, in fact I love this car, but I don't over-estimate it and think it's quicker than a supercar, even around corners
e n t e r
Never, the speed of this car is based on corners, the guy in the vid is saying it will beat many supercars not in a drag race, but in corners, the Evo is a rally car you know, the 360 modena ain't shit, the porsche's are sick tho
Ali Sher
No Wonder you are an American . . .
Ali Sher
You moron . . . FQ400 IS a stock car . . . Only, England uses different power scheme then the rest of the world and there Evos are FQ based . . . Either FQ300 or FQ320 or FQ400 in this case which is more like MR version for JDM . . . I have seen Evos smoking many of your "Look at me im a supercar" things . . .
Yeah and I respect it but it's not quicker than a 911 Turbo or 360 Modena
yeah because this is totally an FQ400 hey... That's like saying a Porsche is quicker than a Veyron....The 9FF version. The FQ400 would retain little engine similarities to the stock car because of its massive modifications. Typical Top Gear fool
Ali Sher
Infact Evo 8 FQ400 on Top Gear was pretty much keeping with Lamborghini murcielago on their Race track . . .
@jrod77jarred When it came out? Unless it came out in the 1970's then there is no Porsche or Ferrari out that it could beat. The Turbo and 360 Modena were out when it was launched and they would absolutely destroy this. And one of the fastest cornering cars in the world- what a load of garbage. It's quick I don't deny it that, but remember its no supercar or track warrior, it's just a quick ricer
How fucking stupid is this guy? "faster than ANY Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini, even when you get to corners". What a load of shit. The only Porsche this could keep up with is maybe a Boxster but that's it. The others, ESPECIALLY a turbo, would absolutely smash this. He should stick to dreaming of owning these cars instead of reviewing cars
this guy is sitting too far away from the steering wheel, you can see that because his arms are straight instead of softly bend like you should
omg the music would fit the first evo :)
Dad has this car id say this is fastest car on earth round a tight bend every time a lambo porshe wants to race we always win!!!!!:)
my next car iam gonna work for this machine
I wouldnt trade mine for anything!
and that why i own one of these
Azim Doudzai
10 people is gay
im about to graduate college 7 months left then im buying this car :)
all this is is a gay top gear.
@dutchtuningcrew because we don't have the FQ series because the FQ series comes from a European group. we don't get that. I don't care though. I wouldn't want an FQ.
Julio A
i wish he cud say "Gryffindooor" dat wud make my day. hahahahahaha
@MultiNick10 No. 155.3 mph.
erick valles
this guys fucking crazy
Matt Lijon
@stiThis1 ?
@YoungBandit92 lol
Iron Dome
150 miles an hour top speed, and why did he drive just 30 mp/h and haves fun?
Matt Lijon
are all evo ix mr right hand drive like this?
Stephen Keeler
This guy wishes he was jeremy clarkson,...... keeps trying to recycle his jokes and figures of speech and fails epically.
@senser1080 is
Yeah man evo ftw
it fits 4 and its safe. it isnt too rough haha just a little :D. and people say its too fast to be a family the speed limit and its perfectly fine... and hate to break it but STi's are nice and more practical compared to evo 8s and 9s, but the evo is almost always the faster car.
HARDLY a "family" car the ride is just too rough to be good family car. But hey it's a great, fast car. I just don't think it's a good family car.
evo 9s are fine family cars. just get the recaro baby seats and you're good to go
This fagboy is an evo fanboy. It's not THAT great. My older bros 09 STI is much better. Calling an evo 9 a practical family car is retarded. Unless it's the FQ400 it's not THAT great.
0-60 time might be equal, but have you ever driven an Evo? They get smoked hard after 60+. I have a well mod'd '06 MR and I can't hang with a ferrari from a 70 mph pull.... My buddy has a stock C6 Z06 and it blows my doors off on the freeway... 0-60 isn't the only thing about a car. Many cars like the Z06 just struggle to get traction :)
Its the fq360 model bro, 0-60 in 3.9. That competes with porches and ferraris
Leonidas Katelaris
the presentor is clearly talking about 0-60 time.and don't forget that the this car is the uk-spec evo IX MR FQ-360. that's 0-60 in 3,9 seconds..that's equal to the lamborghini murcielago, the porsche 911 turbo and faster than the f430 scuderia. ;-)
Leonidas Katelaris
the presentor is clearly talking about 0-60 time and he is right. dont'd forget that this is an fq-360 evo ix mr.. 4,2 seconds for 0-60.. ;-)
3dot8_bedmr -
ur mum
3dot8_bedmr -
who cares?
Great review,one of the best ive seen.
no offense man, but you're giving this car way too much credit. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome ride (in fact, I have an '06 MR)... but leaving ferrari's and porche's in the dust? That's a stretch...
is he gay..
If you gave your left arm for a Lambo how would you change gears
Topspeed: 130 mph
a 911 turbo doesn't go 0-62 in 3,6 seconds. Maybe the gt3 and the gt2 would outrun the fg360 but not the fq400. Top gear tested the fq400 on the track and it beat the 997 gt3 RS.
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