Why Sri Lanka Is The No. 1 Country To Travel To In 2019

Sri Lanka is a country in South Asia with beautiful wildlife, ancient temples, tea plantations, and a growing surf scene. All this is why Lonely Planet named it the number one country to visit in 2019. Check out the rest of Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2019 here: /> ------------------------------------------------------ #Travel #SriLanka #INSIDER INSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It’s smart. It’s fearless. It’s fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: />INSIDER on Facebook: />INSIDER on Instagram: />INSIDER on Twitter: />INSIDER on Snapchat: /> Why Lonely Planet Named Sri Lanka The No. 1 Country To Travel To In 2019

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Any Sri Lankans here?
Travel With Mansoureh
I was thinking to go to Sri Lanka, and now I see INSIDER and Lonely planet made it no 1 country to visit in 2019 makes me to start planning
Lyrae Lalyn
I was in Sri Lanka a month ago and I so miss being there! I love the people and the food is extraordinary. I would definitely go back!
Reak Chaos
I'd rather less tourists go and pollute the area.
Arason Anton
Wow this is amazing, any other Sri Lanka’s here?
Kavinda Liyanage
Omg. I cannot believe this. I'm a Sri Lankan
FrooGal Fun
Sri Lanka is so gorgeous!!! Thanks for using my pic as the thumbnail 😁🙏
Atheeb Ahamed
We warmly welcome everyone. Pearl of the Indian ocean.💙
Jade Cummings
Sri Lanka is an island that is very close to India! What a beautiful country it is.....amazing! 😉☺
Wasula Wasula
As srilankan i never thought srilankans are watching insider
Welcome to Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 ❤😁
Thilakamuni Subasinghe
Who else comes from there?? I do!!!
Rashmina Yapa Bandara
පිටරට එවුං ඔක්කොම ලංකාව ගැන සුබපතල හොඳ කියලා මේකෙ කමෙන්ට් දාලා තියද්දි තමන්ගෙ ර⁣ට ගැන හැඟීමක් නැති අපේ ආත්මාර්ථකාමී කුහක හැත්ත දාලා තියන කමෙන්ට් බලපං.. විදේශිකයො මේක මාර රටක් විදිහට අගය කරද්දි උං ලංකාවට එන්න ආසයි කියලා කමෙන්ට් කරද්දි අපේ එවුං රට ගැන වැරදි සෘණාත්මක කමෙන්ට් දාලා රට ගැන සෘණාත්මක ආකල්පයක් විදේශිකයන්ට ඇති කරනවා..
kpop madness
Yeah! I'm a Sri lankan too I'm so proud of my country 😭
Tear-light Moon
Sri Lanka is actually so beautiful and has a great atmosphere
Rabi Barman
Love srilanka from India ...
Satisfying Videos
Piriya Sivakaran
Sri lanka is my country
ISLAM is Satan's masterpiece - est satanique
Sri Lanka is a clean and beautiful country. Salutations from Indonesia. 🇱🇰🇮🇩
I am going to Sri Lanka in may or June 2019.
Binara Thathsara
Sri lanka 🇱🇰 Sri lanka 🇱🇰 number one always. Cleanest country in South asia Wonder of asia Welcome all of you in 2019
World Trotter Here and Beyond
Thanks for the video. So cool! Sri Lankan’s are so kind and welcoming!
Sini Vuokko
Would love to go there. 🖤 Greetings from Finland 🇫🇮
Suresh Kamath
I am from India Sri Lanka is a beautiful country.
i've been in sri lanka 9 times... and im 12 years old lul
Nalin Kumara
I'm a Sri Lankan and we warmly welcome you in anytime🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰😊😊😊😊
Manny Explores
Looks beautiful, I'll need to start planning my trip there
Amiru Gamage
Damn Sri Lanka's getting really famous.Damn proud to be sri lankan❤
Thisura Kannangara
I'm from Srilanka and I'm very proud of my country and its a beautiful place to visit. 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Shafraz Azeez
The best reason to visit is the Sri lankan rupee value is getting low daily which means your dollar has more value here 😂
Elizabeth Farrell
Truly enjoyed watching it. :)
Scleny Felix
I'm getting goosebumps.. 😍 love from Sri Lanka... ❤
Me and my husband are expats in Sri Lanka and we came here to Vlog about our experience from things like tea fields and amazing vets.
Manuranga Devendra
I'm from Sri Lanka and I'm really happy to see the country getting some recognition. Anybody have any questions?
Wow Sri Lanka! Been there 2 times but wouldn't mind going for 200times !
Ravinthar Ram
Because we can see only in Sri lanka how the world was in 1950 Still lives in same place because of bad politician
Already went its an amzing place
Anju Ishan K.
I agree with you The tea The beach The nice cold water
Proud to be a Sri lankan. I wish all political problems will solve sooner and everyone can live peacefully and happy. I love my country. Wanted to be it same as like before. I wish everyone respecting adults and each other sharing, loving ,helping,keping our good qualities look after our parents following Buddhas Teaching practising 5 precepts will bring our country to number one again!
go demarcus
Sri lanka is absoloutley stunning ! Proud sri lankan baby 😂❤
Brunomull 123
the only thing i don’t like there are the people staring at me it feels so judgy
Okay but out of the vast range of curries in sri lanka. Why try paripu?
Parbata Subedi
I have a friend who is from Sir Lanka
I like how the panelist explains why it was named #1. As if it was based on personal experiences
Sarankan Shanmuganandan
Paradise on earth ❤️
True entertainer
Most natural place😍😁
Ammiehsn Jmax
Truy Sri Lankan Street food😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👌☝🍗🍲🎂🍕🍟
Rishad Kamal
It's glad to see a video about my mother nation from world famous channel😊proud to be a lankan💛
Sara Maria
I live in sri lanka ❤
sameera nsk
come and feel greatest hospitality in gratest national
Anuk Fernando
Well this video aged quite well.
ceylon scuba diving
Thank you for coming to Sri Lanka to Sri Lanka. Thank you for subscribing my youtube chanal.
ඔහේට ගොඩාක් තැන්ක්‍යූ අක්කේ
Hajara Ameen
Oh my god u People came to Lanka 😄😄
Luckmini Piyatilake
I am Sri Lankan, so proud to be!!!
Best Brands Perfume
Ive always wanted to go here. Oh My such a cool video.
D- Flex
Sri Lanka ❤❤❤❤❤
Casey Neistat has ENTERED THE CHAT
Hasitha Herath
As a sri lankan i am proud to hear this announcement 😍😍
Yes, I love srilanka
Hichman Stephen
Welcome to the beautiful island of Indian Ocean... We don't have very hot sun. We don't have very cold weather Not every day Rains.. If needed pls msg me We r warmly welcome you
Dasun nethsara
Thanks for maka a video for my country ❤❤🇱🇰
Live to Sing
Sri Lanka is an amazing place to visit
Thivanka Dissanayaka
Loads of love.. from Sri Lanka ❤
sudama lasial
Sri Lanka is best advnchers countrys to lovely
prab hakar
I wish srilanka competes with Singapore.
Shanika Weerasundara
Really it is the diversity of experiences all in one place that makes it so unique..love SL, just came after a trip..
s a
I've been to Srikanth 12 times
Crisp Eaterson
More informative than i expected. Can confirm everything spoken in the video. Good stuff.
sharjiga jeyam
Proud to be srilankan 😸
Pissed Off Billie
Let’s go! I’m Sinhalese and I showed this instantly to my parents! Thank you!
Başak Yaşlı
Added to my must-see list!✓
Ushani Rec
I love you Sri Lanka. So proud to be born in here
Jennifer Taylor
Not anymore. God Bless the people of Sri Lanka.
Buddhisha Dharmarathne
Proud to be Sri Lankan 😍💯❤️🇱🇰🤗
Nivindu Mudalige
Glad to be Sri Lankan 😎
Ethan Aleman
New Zealand has my heart
Sri lanka is corrupted with politics and stuff.
ROBLOXIS68 Roblox PF and more
im sri lankan and sri lanka is so trendy that ppl make it famous by recording sri lanka
prem dompayalage
Proud to be Sri Lankan.I miss my motherland living in Canada
Asha vilashi
So beautiful country ❤️❤️
One of the most beautiful countries in the world and the people there are just awesome!
Nazeha Miskin
I am a Srilankan but dying to live in Turkey 😅
Domestic Content
Anyway Tamil Nadu fishermen always get killed🤕
Sky Line
Im planning to go there next year!
Mahesh Walatara
Just avoid Tuk Tuk Drivers, stray possibly rabid animals, and the mosquito menace.
Chinthaka Prabath
Humble Sri Lankan’s 😍😍
all of south asia is great (sri lanka, maldives, philippines, singapore, indonesia, malaysia, etc.)
LANKA vlogs
Frm sri Lanka..if need to visit n Sri lanka..i can help for Them
Red Cloud
Sri Lanka is still one of the best 10 travel destinations ! I was been there more than 20 times and my wife is also coming from Sri Lanka . Why ???? Go to Sri Lanka and check it out. You will see , Im right !!
Miriam's Cuisine
Been there in 2009, AWESOME !!!
gamini gamage
True Paradise on the planet!
Jnr Chi
Avoid SL. Way over-hyped.
Then came the bombings 😢😢😢
Tyray T-Rex
How tf do you know that since it’s 2018?
Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
Victoria Munoz
How is their medical system?
Bhawantha Vidhushanka
No. 1 Country To Travel To In 2019 Not anymore. Damn these terrorists. Any god please see this injustice done against Sri Lanka