BIZARRE scenes from 2017 (Combat Sports)

After many knockouts and submissions highlights we collect and made highlight about the most Bizarre, Weird, Rare Moments from Combat Sports in 2017. See few referee errors, weird knockouts, funny knockouts, Quickest Knockout, Man Vs. Animal, Cheap shot ... Weird Moments from Combat sports in 2017!

stop UFO fakes
@4:55 most goofy cringe celebration ever.
Maniacal Jedi
Cyborg is a man! They should set up a fight with fallon fox and cyborg would win... "'Cause cyborg is a man"!
Not many bizarre scenes at all. CLICK BAIT
Robert Metzger
8:17 I finally understand what "blind rage" means. LOL
6:30 When you play ea sports ufc and accidentally press taunt
0:45 EMBARRASSING! Couldn't even drop a defenseless ref with his best shots after being tapped out and getting mad about it LMFAO
Bob Sapp literally gets beat by everything!
Matthew Sydney
6.40ish is the funniest thing i have ever seen.. never gets old
mike force
bob sapp LOSES AGAIN! that bear wasn't even serious.
Announcer: "there's a reason why the kid is called Showtime. Right now he just put on a show..." Thanks for puzzling that one out for me, Capernicus.
Norm Storm
That Joe Harding KO is still my all-time favorite!!!
Daniel Gonçalves
I saw cris cyborg when that guy was screaming "I didn't tap" she came inside the cage to congratulate the other fighter and he actually kissed her. Yeah it's definitely her at 08:06
William Dance
Wtf was that with the bear !😂
2:50 Kinda disrespectfull tho.
macca JFT96YNWA
Should get khabib in vs the bear 😂
If they'd just stop showing closeups of the fighters heads we could see what was happening.
I thought Bob Tapp can’t go lower. I was wrong.
Dude Man
5:00 most awkward celebration of all time
Brendan sfx
Bear vs bob sapp? What bollocks. Good vid until then
Visar Uflla
cris cyborg was standin in the corner of the fighter that won by fail of ref...Cyborg had the tawel and she got a kiss .. ta daa
Oh, so that wasnt just an impression... She was the real cyborg
8:07 there she is (Cyborg)
5:05 #when you don t know how to celebrate and you look ridiculous😂😂😂😂
Mike hunt
Yeah cyborg ws corner girl ..ish
Gary Clarke
She came in to wipe down a winning fighter, nearly missed her....
The Other Guy
2:23 That Smile 😄
That first judge had it coming.
Dave Marx
Glove touching occurs before the bell rings.
Chad Mulligan
That was a dynamite video! Pure testicle frosting
John Connor
3:15 Another example of one of the top rule from Boxing, "Protect urself at ALL TIMES" not every fighter believes in sportsmanship
Jose Cresencio
Yes I did see Chris Cyborg. Haha
Well done video. Thanks & Regards from Germany 🇩🇪
Chad Mulligan
That drag queen corner man/woman was smokin hot!
McPato Cuack
8:07 Cris steroid Cyborg
al videos
whoah dude, serious brain damage? >_>
Vlad Necula
Even Mr. Green had to Come in the ring 1.30
Generation Noise
saw cris cyborg in match where dude got robbed what
xx xx
Sounds from Painkiller game.
Cris cyborg is on 8.07
Jacks Cleaner
There is ONLY ONE fighter called "Showtime". You know who I am talking about.
Even ray Charles can see cyborg!!!
david joost
for the real bear fight watch 1st episode of terra formars
Haoyu Jin
2:10 when my 10 year old cousin tries to start a fight with me
JaRay Gamble
He really tried to choke the ref out🤔😯😂😂😂😂
Reynaldo Justo II
The editing on this video is TITS!!!!
Bruce Morris
That bear just wanted his lunch.
Sascha Hehn
That´s not the definition of "bizarre"
Marissa Sue
@ 1:13 - 1:49 I! Am! In! Stitches! :D :D :D That tackle :D Poor ref :D
Tim Van Dijk
The bear thing is a bit messed up, bit abusive even
Te Esaht
5:27 the sound twists my brain
The last one ain't sport its animal cruelty 😂
Asterix Numbers
They probably starved that bear, good to see you are promoting animal cruelty 🤬🤬
jamie moore
Yes as a corner,person on the N.C clip
The mad hatter
Cris is everywhere nowadays 😂
Kyle Endreson
Reminded me of a, and forgive my spelling but a karokishen karate wheel kick.
Snack Daddy
Harding hit the floor Hard. Love it!
Matt Busch
Nice to see that Bob Sapp is still running from fights. A guy has to work right? 🇨🇦
Dude Man
For real tho that bear prolly eats and lives better than most of us
Jeremy Georgel
Ref sucked holy man
Aries War
@ 2:38 that's a Liver punch.
Samuel Chuaungo
8:07 A wild Cyborg enters...
Jeb Jub
tbh lppked like sapp could have won that easily. he was barely using any effort and still pushed the bear back.
ch damn
Yes i referee error
Jonathan Ledezma
min. 3:40 capoeira
Jared Hughes
Those bear noises though🤣🤣🤣
Uncle Ruckus
Yes Chris cyborg was in the video after the bad decision
I saw Cyborg.
6 of 10
gettin sucker punched at a pro fight
Alan Belcher
I will never get tired of watching 6:39
You took the shine off by telling us what was going to happen.
3:33 Jin Kazama's df4 or db3 haha
Cyborg was in Macaco’s corner
penguins can fly
That first one us a fricken meat head
The first guy couldnt punch a hole through wet paper hahahaha
Haters Gonna Hate
3:48 "I dont even know what that was" ........ that was impressive , thats what that was lol
whatever martial arts u have mastered, a Grizzly will kill you xD
j r
Cris cyborg on battle field korea
POC Skellington
First guy clearly tapped and ref let it go on longer that it should he deserved to get punched.
Pea bow
Yes on the vid of the bad reff decision.
Korben Boombastik
1:24 The Riddler haha
And yes, Chris was congratulating and wiping off and kissing the deserved winner.
Johnny Kurplutzo
Japanese still suffer from radiation
Steve Mccart
How can you live with your self when a guy goes to touch gloves and you throw a knockout blow instead. (I know it's a fight blah blah blah)
James Phillips
Thumbs down for the animal circus at the end.
berlin bro
8:08 cyborg
Xain Shaw
6:34 when you accidentally press the taunt button. Copied
That Insta karma was some good ish lol!!!!
Ken Stentiford
How was that a cheap shot
SSJ Taurus
chris cyborg at 8:08
vlad vladm
6:34 the black guy was moving like Zack in D.O.A game hahahahahahahahahaha
Рафаэль ragaiver
6:36 mega lol
6 of 10
joe harding dancing better than his fighting
Edward Tupper
Yes as a ring man
Joseph Svennson
7:03 😂😂😂 was he doing a jig or what?
Cyborg was the chick with the towel for the last mma match
Jam And
Cyborg 8:08
you know
I thought that was a dude no joke
green street
first guy was tapping and was pissed the ref took long to stop it? he was clearly in trouble and I clearly felt a tap
Darren Lopes
Man vs bear...please...lmao
Har per
2:00 was well a fixed fight worst dive ive ever seen