Watch Legend Tony Hawk Yelling "Do A Kickflip!" At Skateboarders From His Car

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It's funny how a scooter kid knew who he was faster than a lot of the skaters. lol
Kai Shaw
“Aren’t Jordan’s made for skating?” Tony Hawk is from the real generation of skating.. Punk rock
This man is like the perfect amount of famous. Everyone knows he his, barely anyone recognized him, and the people who do don’t really care that much
Paul Martin
Tony Hawk showed respect to scooter riders. Be like Tony Hawk.
nice to see that bill gates is supporting skateboarders
Insecure Comic
"We thought you were danny way" "No I'm Eric koston" 💀💀💀
Tony Hawk: Do a kickflip! Kid: does 900 Tony Hawk: You can have that car I can skate home
I thought that being aware of existance of a skateboard equals knowing Tony Hawk
Ronald Wright Jr.
This video earned a like for the kid on the scooter. Clutch. So clutch.
Kenny Harmon
Bro it's like Micheal Jordan asking you to shoot a 3 pointer... you making the shot. HIM GIVING YOU A PAIR OF JORDANS... AND. YOU. STILL. NOT. RECOGNIZE. IT'S. MICHEAL. JORDAN.
Kuro Chan
Nobody: Me: Hey tony Do a Car Flip Edit: thanks for the likesss everyoneeeeee have a nice daaayy
Lukas Games Fan -
Imagine coming home with those headphones and your mom askes how you got them and you tell her Tony Hawk threw them at you Seems legit
How do you live in San Diego, have a skateboard and not know who Tony Hawk is??
Ian Austin
Me: "I wonder if Tony still got it" *End clip* "Bird man still got it!"
Elite Alpha
Tony hawk telling kids to do kickflips Cop:Do you know why I pulled you over? Tony: Do a kickflip!
Tony: Do a kick flip! Me: whips out my tech deck.
annie fang
im gunna hear “do a kick flip” for the rest of eternity now
If Tony Hawk pulls up on you and yells "Do a kickflip!", you better deliver
Ed Zh
Skateboarders not knowing who tony hawk is is like soccer players not knowing who Ronaldo is
I never fucking learned it but I swear this summer im gonna learn to do a kickflip at 38 years old🛹
Tony: Do a kick flip! Me: *hold ✖, release, press 🔲*
Fenrir Fire
👽 Alien: Take me to your leader 🛹 Tony Hawk: Do a kickflip
Chris Rowe
Im crying from when he said that kid was just waitin to bust out a bar spin! Kid pumped the brakes and nailed it in 2 seconds! Love these vids
Nils Reinecke
I really feel like the people not knowing Tony Hawk are disrespecting skate culture in some way 😂
Justa YouTuber
Tony: Do a kick flip! Everyone: *does a kick flip* Tony: Do a Rail Slide!! Everyone: I must consult with the Elder Gods
I’ve never skated in my life and even I would be able to recognize Tony Hawk lol
How a skateboarder not know tony hawk that’s like a basketball player not knowing Micheal Jordan
Muhammed Jeebhai
no one: not a single soul: Tony hawk:do a kick fliiipp!!
Jeff Dunehew
Tony Hawk - "Do you want to try it on my board?" Kid - "no thanks.." Kid 15 years later realizes who that was- "son of a...."
Tony Hawk: gives away an action figure and says he doesnt have anything Else to give Tony Hawks Trunk: full of stuff😂
Ryan Mattel
Tony: Do a Bar spin Kid: Holy Shit Kid: Performs Bar Spin perfecty Tony: doesn’t even realize the kid was like 12 and cussed😂😂😂
1:04 - 1:23 Best 20 seconds I have seen on YouTube in a long time.
Tony Hawk is the best. I'm not even a skater and I'd shit a brick with happiness if I met Tony Hawk
Eric Koston seems like a nice guy
the fact that he just radiates positive energy and then people can do a kick flip is amazing
Nicolas Poindrelle
Mcfly & carlito
Benny Blanco
How do they all know the same handshake offrip? Is it the skating culture's dap?
Beneath Remains
"Do a kick flip." *Me, whips out my controller and presses Square + left*
little dude from across the street
Gnarly Nate
Bruh no one appreciates tony hawk for who he is 😢
RHS Team
I'm not skateboarder, not even an American but I definitely would recognize Tony Hawk right away if I see him
I love how he's the most famous skateboarder of all time and he gets recognized as somebody else lol
The fact they didn’t know it was tony hawk I’ve lost faith in humanity🤦🏾‍♂️
J. Montrice
Thank You Tony Hawk for influencing me to yell at Skateboarders “Do a Kickflip!”
Tony hawk giving love to the scooter kids. Those young boys have probably been through the ringer by some ass whole posers about not being on a skateboard at the skate park
Vis Santana
SBs Biscuit
Being a skater and not knowing Tony Hawk is like being a football or basketball player and not knowing Tom Brady or MJ
Don Johnson
Dude Tony hawk seems like the most genuine guy.
813_ Allen
I’m gonna start learning kick flips just becuz I love tony hawk
Daniel Marquez-morales
Don't stop Tony hawk you've changed a massive amount of lives 👍thumbs up way up
Dominick Mattioda
I recognized that parking lot... "Putting McGills out of business" Got my first board there when I was 12 😁
@2:43 of course the hippy with the vintage santana shirt pulls of the cleanest flip 🤙
Séamus Ó'Catháin
I'm not even a skater and I would lost my shit seeing Tony hawk! This was sad
I would've done an impossible if tony asked me to do a regular kick flip 😂
I cant believe how many people skateboarding dont recognize Tony hawk lol
Mark Wierzbicki
Nobody absolutely no one not a soul: tony hawk Do A KiCk fLiP. also how did the scooter kid know who he was but no one else
Jason Smith
Hawk is rad. I remember seeing him ollie the fence at pipeline. I think I was ten
Samuel Adler
"Don't worry mom. Tony Hawk threw these at me from a moving car, it's legit".
Tony: "Do a Kickflip!" Me: Doing a Heelfip! :D
Manny Quintero
If this was early 2000s everyone would go nutz!
Jeffrey Ulery
I don't skate... But if Tony fuqN Hawk told me to do a kick flip and use his board I'd have to break a arm trying.
nomad with a camera
Tony hawk "do a kickflip!" *Random guy attempts kickflip and breaks ankle* *Tony hawk drives off*
Lil Zoey
Tony hawk bomb twin peaks and become a legend. Bomb hilsssssssssssssssssssssssss
John Hartney
*Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack starts playing* Those were the days
HalJo Dav
Ralph Macchio is so nice to the community.
MoNo Jorge
always giving missions and rewards like in the game
TH: Do a kickflip. Me: (haven't skated in 12 years) YOU GOT IT TONY! *breaks ankle in 8 places*
Yo if I saw him ...I would triple backflip land on my neck, try a kick flip fall... then be temporally paralyzed ...come out of rehab find him then give him a hug and say thanks for being him❤️
How can people not recognize Tony Hawk man hes a LEGEND
The way that other kid took the scooter kids hat got me bent
Nice guy Stereo
Random skater: yeh I have been skating for... Tony hawk: cAN YuO dO a KiCk FlIp??
It’s sad these skaters don’t even recognize a legend ... Tony Hawk at that!!!
Hayden H
damn.   *Tony Hawk* was my childhood. good memories with my brothers and close friends.      what a *Legend.*  <3
Tony Hawk: DO A KICKFLIP guy in wheelchair: (flips chair)
Hahah when he visited and harrassed his son. I love keeping up with riley
Mopar Mafia
How do people not recognize tony hawk. I dont even skate, and id know him from a mile away
somebody should have yelled back: "MAKE A PROPER PRO SKATER GAME, TONY !!!"
Tony hawk: do a kick flip! Skater: is that my, dad?
Confused Lobster Studios
"DO A KICKFLAAAAAP" - Linda Belcher
Dylan cole
I dont even skate and know who tf tony hawk is on site lol
Joystick Junior
Justin beiber tells random people to sing *"OmAgAwD ArE YoU ToNy HaWk"*
Ash Scott
5 years from now: "Do a 900! I can't believe all these kids can do a 900!"
Hooked On Chronics
*_I’m Eric Koston B-]_*
2:53 He turns into Christopher Walken lol
Mat Turner
"No I'm Eric Koston" Hilarious
FTP 666
Tony hawk got me into skating in the late 90s
Deangel Vigil
Nobody: Tony hawk: dO A kIcK fLiP!?!? Kid:no thanks 🙂
Brandon Fact
If I recognized the hawk I would have kick flipped out like serious I’d go crazy
Breathing Theory
I love how proud he was of everyone, so much positivity and love. Tony Hawk is the fucking man <3
Meeting Tony Hawk would mean so much more to me than new gear, and I don't even skate
Mcfly et carlito.?
Cheesy Maccool
Some knew it was the Hawk, and some didn't. What matters is that " do a kickflip!" 😎🤙
Mike Reed
Watching tony hawk drop into a bowl and do a kick flip grab at his age is just amazing. Gotta love it!
Fernando Pulido
Can you imagine a bunch of young basketball players who don't know who Michael Jordan is?
Aditya Rahman
Remember playing tony hawk with my friend's Nokia N-Gage QD 😱
Fire 'Fist' Sabo
Tony Hawk: Do a kickflip!! Me: Poser!! Im such a horrible person lol.
Ty Ferguson
I can’t believe so many people didn’t know that was Tony Hawk 🤦‍♂️
I’ve never skated a day in my life and I can recognize Tony Hawk 😑
Diego Gutierrez
No one, not even a single soul in this whole video have said "oh shit it's Tony hawk".