Ian Wright gets a big shock!

Footballer Ian Wright gets a big shock as a teacher from his past turns up.

Wright in the feels
I absolutely love how he instinctively removes his hat. That's real respect.
Mr Pigden flew fighter-bombers in the RAF during WW2 and passed away in 2017 aged 95. A true hero in every sense of the word.
James Plowman
The fact that he still called him Mr Pigden after all those years.  Legend
John Ewen
RIP Mr Pigden.  He died on the 27/12/17.  Wrighty wrote on Instagram Sad day. Said goodbye to the greatest ever influence on my life today my old school teacher . I know he will rest in peace because he deserves too. I love you Mr Pigden. X
The Drill Father
From Wrighty's Wiki page: "Wright is of Jamaican descent. One of his grandfathers is half Syrian. His father left when he was 18 months old, and he saw him approximately once every ten years. His recollections are that his stepfather did not like him, and was a bully who was rough and callous to the children, recalling for example that he was forbidden to watch Match of the Day but forced to stare at the wall and just listen, in tears. He describes his mother as an abusive and distant alcoholic who repeatedly told him 'many are called, few are chosen', implying that he was wasting his time playing football and was not good enough. He had a very supportive teacher, Mr Pigden, whose patience enabled him to work through behavioural issues resulting from his troubled home life. The teacher also helped him when he was learning to play football, with encouragement, gentleness and patience. He recalls the importance of having a strong male role model in his life at this time." Legend.
Paul Newman
Obviously a bloody good teacher and role model. My hat off to you sir.
Jay C
This vid made my eyes sweat. Chelsea fan here, but respect to Wrighty...
Ogri Grindstaff
"Someone said you was dead..." = Me bawling my eyes out.
Yohann Advikolanu
What's the first thing he does after he sees his teacher? He takes his hat off. Sheer respect! :') Dem feels. :')
I love the fact he took his cap off out of respect and manners when he saw him. What a gentleman and legend. Always wore his heart on his sleeve and had a love for the game.
Shaun Pierce
Even as a Spurs supporter I have to admit that Ian Wright is one of the most likable men in football
Stephen Williams
And this is why Wrighty is liked by a lot of neutrals, little bit naughty, little bit crazy but man he loved the game and played it like every fan wished they could. Henry was class but for me this fella will always be number 1 where Arsenal players are concerned. Wolves fan
Right at about 0:31, he turns right back into a schoolboy. Simply fabulous.
Tabs T
"Someone saids you was dead" Hat in hand. Nowadays the footballers would just nod from their sports car at their old teacher and drive off to shag someones wife.
Jimmy The Red
This makes thugs cry
Adam Harrison
Why isn't this used as an advert to start teaching?
Charlie Nash
A simply fabulous scene, regardless of who you follow, football fan or not. The universe at it's very, very best
Kayle Strich
Instantly removing his hat out of respect. Amazing clip. Thank you for this.
vinny Durham
I like the way he took his hat off that is what you call respect kids. To the 26 people who put a thumbs down you are a bunch of pathetic cretins
nah i'm not crying i'm just sweating from my eyes
It's amazing how some people could influence others and change their life for good.
Gabe Thornes
Fair play to this man, who obviously was teaching Wright in a time when racism was rife, and a lot of teachers probably joined in with it. Its nice to think that this man knew that all people deserved to be treated equally
I don't very often cry these days, but that brought a tears to my eye, that was so touching.
Cockney Geezer
Mr Pigden died on the 27th December 2017, R.I.P
Every time I see anything about Ian Wright, I just like the bloke more and more. Great vid.
James Enslaved
Who cut the damn onions?... I told people not to cut onions around me!
Never felt so emotional for a rival teams player damn..
the moment Wrighty does the double take, the look in his eyes, when he says "Mr Picton?" he just transforms from being a top class ex-pro footballer, to being a schoolkid again...
Callum Crawford
Wright taking his hat off when the teacher arrives always gets me, shows he respects and looks up to him so much
Martin Collins
amazing. i love how his teacher is so old school british as well, from the days when we were trained not to show emotion! even the hug was a bit much for him haha. big respect to them both though
Larry McCauley
loved the way Ian whipped his hat off. Old school respect.
"I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Martin Luther King, Jr.
0:30 that professor has such a warm and peacefull voice.
Jahjah J
This is truly amazing. I respect Ian wright and I'm a big spurs fan
Tom Flatt
Just imagine seeing someone so important to you alive after you thought They were dead for so long. Amazing
Gonçalo Moreira
0:35 i love this moment ...
kwanda Ngubane
This why as men we need to be always be good examples in life and see the good in young troubled men you never know who you shaping for the future...hats off to all the Mr Pigden out there.
To Err is Huma
Ian Wright was my first favourite footballer. This video is brutal. I fear whatever this man gave Ian Wright, is probably largely lost from society today.
definitely not crying at my desk
M1st3r J4ck
I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!
Chris Keo
idris elba to play the coach and ryan gosling as the student..hollywood treatment..done!
Amos Hermens
Spurs fan here. Ian Wright take a bow. That was a lovely reaction + mark of a true gentleman. Modern footballers hang your head in shame.
Chris Lee
Good grief I wasn't keen on wrighty but this vid wow he shows respect and emotions in 5 seconds its like I've rubbed an onion in my eyes
My favority player ever to put on the Red and White i know no one will agree but god i love this guy
I love how the teacher still greats him like a kid. God damn feels.
Roz Sa
I'm not Ian Wright, I didn't turn out to be 'top class' in my field of work and I'm certainly not special or famous. But what Ian says in this video about his old teacher will resonate with my of us, and at least with me personally. Of all of the teachers during my school years, only one could really see my true potential when growing up. My parents being doctors not only didn't have any time to develop me as a human being but the expectations they placed upon me was overbearing and in my cases destructive. My history teacher in school was probably the greatest human being I've ever been lucky to encounter in all my life. He recognized my love for the subject and managed to guide me in every way possible. There would be times when I would be walking through the corridors at lunchtime with my mates - he would stop me and ask me a specific history related question. I'd proceed to answer it with so much enthusiasm and I could tell how happy he would get when I'd respond to his questioning in a positive manner. Mr. Biggart guided me through two years of GCSE's and then a further 2 years of A-Levels. After that, I went on to study history at university as well. Possibly the only human being who truly and selflessly helped me without really expecting anything in return. A few years ago, I managed to find him on Facebook. Still having the upmost respect for him, I didn't want to pry or be intrusive. I just simply sent him a message to declare my thanks and gratitude for everything that he did for me. I truly hope that every child is lucky to come across people like Mr. Pigden and Mr. Biggart.
This is why men are so important in the brining up of boys. Girls also but it's so important for boys to have a male role model. In this day and age even more so in my opinion.. I'll probably be shot down by the feminists...... What a top bloke wrighty is.. love him....
garden panda
Cheeky no look wank 0:57
David Turkington
I love seeing moments like this and it would bring a tear to many eyes.Taking his hat off too out of pure respect....Great role model teacher and a touch of class from wrighty too.👍
Darren Madden
Great reaction from a top player. What a remarkable teacher as well. A lot of kids could do with a teacher like him.
Ivan Lendl
Great moment. And you just gotta love Ian Wright.
walid breidi
Incredibly emotional video. 1- he saw him 2- shock 3- fear 4-realisation 5-he took his hat off=>immediatly became his student again 6-called him MR 7- collapsed in his memories RESPECT
Taking of his hat as a sign of respect... Pure class This is something I doubt we will see in the future. I mean just look at this generation...
Flammen Official
This is why Wrighty is a class above the rest.
I bet most educators only wish for a connection like this, to be such a huge influence and inspiration to someone to help them make something of themselves
reminds me of the bond that Tyson had with Cus D'Amato
nelson holmes
Bloody ell, I proper welled up there. Really got me. what a lovely moment.
jim tarbuck
ian wright one of the good guys
Banana Thumbs
that double take caused a lump in my throat 
The Boss
Rip David rocastle
Jake A
I cannot get over the moment he realizes it is him and immediately removes his hat.
What a lovely video. Just highlights how important teachers can be to some children.
Mr Locorio
He basically just saw his Dad come back from the dead
damn these onions.
Harry Callahan
One of the most heart warming things i have ever seen.
Jamie W
Have watched this 5 times, and cried 5 times. Ian wright your a champion, and sid, your a hero mate. from a coventry fan!
Dominic Williams
I hope they had a pint together afterwards
Mighty Red
"You're alive," "I'm alive he says,"
I don't care who you support or what you think of Ian Wright , that a was real moment between two men and it was lovely.
Mridul Paudel
Ian taking his hats off always gets me.
see, the english do cry
Steve Platt
I’m a Liverpool fan and have always had the utmost respect for Ian - top bloke, great clip
PG Tips
this gets me right in the feels, you've got to love Wrighty (even though I'm a Spurs fan!)
Cheeky little danger wank at 0:57 
Bob UK
Classy Ian Wright. I support Liverpool but who cares? Wrighty is a top class human being and people like him are true role models. His teacher obviously influenced him greatly. Big big respect to them both 😊
Emil Karajić
I work at a public school and this video helped me find my purpose as a teacher and has changed my life in the process. Mad mad respect. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it, and it has been years since I first saw it.
Enoch Powell
Back in the days when colour wasn't used as a political weapon & people just got on...
Brilliant. Wrighty is a lovely man an that removal of the cap and look on his face like he's been caught smoking behind the bike sheds is priceless 😊
Jimmy Greaves
I'm a Tottenham fan but you can't help but like Ian Wright. Such a genuine and humble person
love this, ian wright is a class act
Was led here via a Palace forum. I've never seen this clip before. Very moving.
Alan Jones
2 great guys - from an lfc fan
Boom boom Coyle
Amazing, hairs on my arms stood up watching that
......Who thumbs down this?!
Dals Su
mr pigden a legend...this is wat a good teacher is...
119 people had tears in their eyes and pressed dislike by mistake
Cyborg Soda
I know that i would have exactly the same reaction if i saw some of my favourite secondary school teachers 20 years from now. Teachers that, without them i wouldn't be anywhere near to where i am now.. The debt of gratitude that Ian Wright must have for Sid, is more than words could possibly describe. Especially as Ian Wright never really had a father, and his step dad was a real destructive presence in his life. He must have been like a godfather, father figure in his life.
Wow, that is so nice to see, teachers coaches & fathers everywhere should know how important there are. My hat comes off to you Mr Wright.and of course to you Mr Bingham and every Mr Bingham out there. Respect.
Lev Mitchell
Old school Englishman meets Englishman from the Windrush generation, they shake hands and chat like old times...for a moment there is hope and light in the world.
Quentin Tarrentino
I must have just watched this piece about 15 times on the bounce and it still brings tears to my eyes. For all we knock our society it is scenes like this that gives me hope in humanity and - sorry to utter such heresy - pride in being British.
Andrew Tozier
Yup, that made me cry.
Carl Hughes
Gotta love Wrighty top man
Preferred Stock
Ian Wright - top footballer, better man
MGB Entertainment
This is why even as a red , i think Wrighty is a top man and legend.
It goes to show the respect he has for him, taking off his hat and calling him by his second name. Great video!
bob thebuilder
Wrightey and Mr Pigden - Both legends!!!!