System of a Down - live at KROQ 2005 [Full Show]

Setlist: Attack - 0:00 BYOB - 3:03 Revenga - 7:21 Hypnotize - 11:05 Needles - 15:00 Deer Dance - 18:07 Only you [The Platters Cover] - 21:21 Suggestions - 22:10 Psycho - 24:45 Chop Suey! - 29:00 Lonely Day - 32:04 Kill Rock 'n Roll - 34:53 Sad Statue - 37:24 Violent Pornography - 40:47 Cigaro - 45:55 This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song - 49:17 Lost in Hollywood - 52:36 Question! - 58:10 War? - 1:02:20 Prison Song 1:08:13 Sultans of Swing [Dire Straits Cover] : 1:11:50 Aerials: 1:13:40 Holy Mountains: 1:17:05 Toxicity: 1:22:30 Suite-Pee: 1:27:20 Sugar: 1:30:00

Guy Segal
56:33 The drums were taken to the hospital right after the concert.
Leonardo Vergara
11:33 you had one job Shavo.
Kristopher Levine
Just one more album PLEASEEEEE!!!!!! 
Crash master
34:10 - That harmony right there. They can't repeat this since Daron's voice got deeper and Serj's got even higher..
Heroin Mike
lol their last concert where they were on drugs.
Not all the money in isreal can buy this band!
Narve Bergen
1:03:20 for eargasm and 1:06:40 and 40:13 and everywhere else where Serj sings :D
42:33 is the start of Violent Pornography*
Alice Posoldova
OMG, Daron....:D
Bruno Sá
20:46 ---"Pown" ... Push the weak around
Blackened Mind
que buen concierto, es una lástima que casi nunca toquen Violent Pornography en vivo... es de mis rolas favoritas del Mesmerize :'(
Crash master
The best show they've done in my opinion. What's interesting to me, that I overally find their 2005-06 performances as their worst. But there was a different energy at this show. Maybe the very last show where Serj went 100%. Some of the 2013 and 2015 are getting close to it, but this was better.
Nadir Ismail
Daron killing it with the Dire Straits stuff :o Yes we are the SYSTEM OF A DOWN ;)
Daron Tsuda
safe handle
21:30 melhor parte hu3hu3hu3 ,br's eu os invoco!!
Dicky Triansyah
1:26:55 amazing, daron scream.
Ben Istwood
11:40 "Not all the money in Israel can buy this band." BOOM !!!
aisha K
27:15 go daron
Anderson Silva
9:45 thats a mad serj
Areli Zuñiga Scarpati
my favorite band ever !!!
1:22:18 :(
Tristan Loparo
1:24 eargasm
jean carlos P-G
21:23 baby i love only youu xD
nobile tre
I love the Sultan of a Down
Jose Syko
10 años después del concierto yo recien comentando -.- jaja
Khaled Eid
Sad Statue is the best of show
nikki yt
Christian Bernal
in this performance shavo not is the best :(
Yo quería escuchar algo de Steal This Album :c
Insigne Plays
''Jesus, save from your followers'' - Daron, 2005.
"Lonely Day - Kill Rock 'n Roll - Sad Statue" is the best song sequence since "Any Colour You Like - Brain Damage - Eclipse" from Pink Floyd at The Dark Side of the Moon. It's a masterpiece!!!
this was 11 years ago.... damn time flies. So many good memories
Aiman Akif Hifni
Best of the best! Forever SOAD!!!
Nameless Ghoul
Randy Dubin
1:25-1:35. 😲😲😲😲😲
Lucas Tavares
I Love System Of A Down!!!!
A Bum In A Box
I remember back in the day I was so obsessed with this live concert. War? was my favorite cause of the intro. 1:02:20
Napsugár Ofisöl
1:24:23 * ahhw that cute moment <3
1:29:28 He's mad xd
caio fernando
mt foda !!!
Vim aqui depois que soube que vai ter outro show ai esse ano \o/
Skizzo Frenetik
that sultans of swing cover gave me life
Daron was so sentimental, this was one of the best SOAD shows
Insigne Plays
21:24 ONLY YOUUUUUUUUUUUU, huahsuahsauhsaushauhausha
elias ramos
Nostalgia pura
pipo pkdor
Ese publico da asco y lastima!!!
alvarin 1435
Areyanzis Tankian
Today after all these years at kroq again
luis medina
luis hostia
yo creo lo que esta en sugestion son gases .-.
~Mati Games Hd~
20:25 :3
Walter_ White
27:03 first Dab of history ?😁
Varg Succorbenuth
que publico mas mierda tuvieron en ese concierto
Julio Cesar
Jose Syko
10:05 Madre mia... xD
5:00 singing with 2 microphones, why not. :-D
Bruna Abbondanza
por que eles nunca tocam soldier side? :/
Master HYZIO
1:24 and 17:42 this is so kurwa beautiful
Hannes Erlacher
Best performance of shit ass long name song ;D
Ben Waller
Let the messiah play with your balls 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Максим Недотопа
The very last gig where every member of the band gave their best performance...
Daniyal Aftab
21:21 Far Cry 5 :)
8:03 John with those sweet drums
toco poop
1:20:20 guitar/bass harmonizing, 1:20:28 headbang harmonizing
9:46 r.i.p. that Serj
Luciana Sayago
Ay por dios la locura de Serj cuando tocaban Suite-pee ❤
Pan con mantequilla
Why does in this live they sound so depressed.
Mika Knuuttila Ström
Nice video, Check out this new band called Ethanolia.
andrei clskyrim
o tankian é muito foda msm com a poesia
1:13:19 that's cool!
1:30:35 this is original melody for Move like Jagger
Francisco Verastegui
lololololo ohhh xD
Folds Paul
hands down so dope
zeem buo
REAL Bromance do a Bums Bump each other :D
i didn't realize they put on such a good show...
majestic nine
The concerts before hiatus is better than now.
Because they no longer played sad statue or violent pornography
Dardjzz Mlnisyxb Mighehshrsp
yeaah guitar 1:01:40 :DD
joe dwyer
So noone is going to mention how fantastic the toxicity performance was??
BulletValentineFan 98
IamNotTheReal SerjTankian
best version of Question! and Holy mountains, two of my personal favorites.
lo unico malo de estos conciertos de 2005 es que cantan las canciones de soad, toxicity y steal this album un tono mas alto lo que es molesto, ni se por que hacian esto
Mr ja3boun
The Last good live perfermance of them serj is nothing like that now :(
HDM Reviews
Kickass Set, spot on performance!
Mevian MLC
0:22:20 Hasta los mas grandes tienen errores 
Anna Webster
Vlh simplesmente foda, foda, foda💓❤❤❤😢
Cooper Livingston
Oh god! Daron's jokes are fantastic :DDDDDDDDDDD "and i take it as yes"! xDD
Josh Nicholson
"That's a lot of sick people, man..." LOL
was chavo struggling at the end?? i dont think he was synchronized
Marko Djordjevic
Why do they always send the poor?
King Guns
aisha K
20:44 That dive though
Emanuil Valkov
Is this their last concert?
nikki yt
Rewatching this concert made me realize this must be the era where Serj really killed his deeper voice. 🙊
Crazy System
só grava o Serj?
Lighting and camera work is absolutely horrendous.
Thiago Braz
Muito bom
katryna silva
dlc ♥♥♥