Neighbors (2014) - Dance-off Scene

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Soundtrack: Flo Rida Feat. StayC Reign - Freaking Out.

Peter P
Apparently bros before hoes doesnt mean shit after 3 shots
Katheryn Cundiff
Ok it's 5am what am I even doing up!
Isabella Balthaser
Seth Rogen: "Can I make out with someone now?" lmao hilarious
Seth Rogan won the dance off OBVIOUSLY
Tetroy 64
By far best scene in the entire movie and one of the best scenes in movie history! Thanks for posting this because I wanted to show it to everyone!!
am i the only one who watch this because of Dave franco ? omg he´s so f*** hot !! <3<3<3
Matias Calderon
Michael Cruz Andrade
I love when London Bridge came out
Hilary Who
Oh Rose Byrne is so hot! I adore her! xD
Dave Fischer
lol Seth's face at 1:32 haha XD
Jordan Smith
"Im a little possum"
Juses Crus
2:04 just a little taste lmao
The oh shit part was the best, Seth Rogans headturn haha
Ankit Thakur
what was that song after the kissing scene of Starting from Ohhh shit.....
Ariana Wolf
I've seen this movie before and it's sooooo funny
Harken Pfft
Rose Byrne nailed it
london bridge made this scene 10000000% better
1:46 what kind of dance?
it's kinda weird but I was little when that song came out I love fergie but I just went on her Spotify to see her cause I was wondering about the black Eyed Peas and out of no where I click on London Bridge and I get a huge dayshavu and I'm like this takes me back damn. then as I was watching the movie neighbors I didn't know the song was also in the movie and I was listening to it while watching the movie and I'm like is you Foreal that so coincidence I'm like speechless. I miss the old days and I love this movie
Daniel Hickok
Leo y camilo
amo mucho esa pelicula 😉
name of music please?????
Shannon Hutcherson
hysterical. just died!!!!!!!!
jack pratt
GOOD i like you dancing OF teddy sanders
teddy gf what's her name lol she looks very familiar Victoria secret angel??
aryan oberoi
whats the name of that oh shit song
Младен Буквић
Best..but 1:46 what that sign means.. ??
song when Teddy sees his girlfriend and her friend go up
Jaime Ignacio Valenzuela Arias
Song de 1:35?
Martin Ochoa
como se llaman las 2 canciones
Lucero qlq
morí con esa parte jajajaja london bridge
es lo mejor está película
Sergio Armas
Alguien sabe como se llama la canción de donde se empiezan a besar?😊
Emanuel Galvez
cual es el nombre de la musica donde mac salta hacia teddy para que este vea que su novia se va con otro, por favor necesito saber
Rose was a g for what she did in that scene
rodrigo huancas
what florida's song is that? ?
Odin Of Elohim
See aussie gilrs know how to have fun WOOOOP WOOOOP go girl
Joey Rogers782
so where you been , who were you with ,, why are you glowing
Marlene Serrano
Como puedo buscar la canción de oh shith
Andres Lezama
oigan me pueden decir cual cancion es 1:24
unknown person
thay would be a good couple thay look good together
Hiv Aidz
legendary movie
too many drinks, too many rounds, im freaking out! its 4am... my eyes feel like papercuts but this is incredible¬
Sweet Perry
Wich is this remix of London Bridge of Fergie?
Luis Llanas
seth rogen is a damnn fool way to go Seth nice dance move ...haha funny movie by the way
Agustin Hidalgo
Liked this movie
Don Yoyo
Son del principko
What's the name of the dance zach I'd doing
Rampage Lee
0:39 😂😂
unknown person
I wish I can make our like that obg fantasy
artur rapciak
1:26 music name pls
unknown person
that was sexy can I have some hahaha
Biviana Pimenyel
Kastytis Karbauskis
Best moment.
Edgar Astaroth
como se llama la cancion de el final??
Angel Rodriguez
(flo rida freakin out doumark remix) that song goes too hard
I love this movie!!!
Harken Pfft
OMG.. Rose Byrne ♥
Harken Pfft
OMG.. Rose Byrne ♥
Harken Pfft
OMG.. Rose Byrne ♥
Harken Pfft
Rose Byrne nailed it
chelsea lyttle
what's the first song?
jade_thefucking _pie
1:24 song???
Andy Garcia
Tell me I did not just see that
Mark 123
1:29 if I saw my wife doing that I would BOINGGGGGG
搞 囂
Zac is so hot
That blonde has some of the best tits I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zac 😍😍😍
Sara Ceboran
1.27? cancionn como se llama
Whats the song at 1:37?
Arsène Ruyault
wath is the name of the music when the Mother kiss the two teens ? I am french !
bely alvarez
Me encanto esta escena jajajaja buenisima la película es totalll dave franco💓💓😍
Fernando Moreno
It smells like up fam
anybody know what the dance that zac efron was doing is called??
Way better than the second movie
what is the name of the song????
Juan Camilo Patiño Sarria
what is the minute song 1:28?
Fernanda Mino
Song num 2 , name pls !!!! Canción numero dos porfa
You're fucking awesome man xD ! Loved this scene especially the lesb
AwesomeKool RobloxGamer14
whos ever got drunk?
Daniel Mejia
lolz seth...can i make out with someone?
Ashley Flores
ASEYL 💙💑♥😍
Evelyn Pereyra
Alguien sabe como se llama el tema q pasan?
This is one of the best movies scenes ever
julie odiaka
I like this movie 😎
nathan huxtable
0:30 dank moves=swag level 420 = luminati = ur nan
William Ferguson
What is the name of the song when the mom kiss the girl
Anyone know what was the song after the girl kissed the other girl?
Knuckles x Sonia
Zac Efron you are an idiot