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Elizabeth Amirejibi
gosh Seong Jo is so heartless I hate how he plays with her feelings I wish he would already stop and just date her goddamnit
Žåhrä Įqbàł
Damn this Oh Hani! She has no shame! XD I feel embarrassed in her place! All she has to do is keep a distance and make him jelly!
No matter how many ties I've watched this drama(and I've watched it plenty of times)I still feel embarrassed for Oh Ha Ni. Lol
March on
This series really make me cringe... Ha ni is so cute, when she follows Baek Seung joo around it make it difficult to see her get rejected and brushed off... the subs are so slow
Chiica SS
The problem here is that she's always around him and he knows she likes him. It's just like how Joon gu is to her. She needs to create some kind of distance and make him jealous. Seong Jo is sooo cute with the new hair!
Siah Choi
Tbh I like Seung Joe better with straight hair... :)
I'm crying. Hani and I are going through the same situation. I feel her. All the sadness, the nervousness, the anxiety and the shame. I feel like I want to give the world up. It's like crush+enemy=heartache. Coz I dont think we can ever be together, like we dont even talk to each other... :(
peppermint prince
First 15 minutes: Me: Cringe, Cringe Cringe Cringe Can't HANDLE CRINGE. Also me while watching: Me: kiss, Kiss, Isn't this called 'Playful Kiss' for a reason? PLEASE...
Zainab M. Adam
I really feel for the mum, as for Seung Jo, he can go hang! Not liking him one bit, hot or not. I hope Ha Ni finds a gorgeous fella who treats her right. Eish, the writer of this series is too brutal on that girl
Ghofrane Tabet
the Last part is so heartbreaking i'm even cryiing :'( Baek Seung joo you jerk !
Claire Goh
Ha Ni is moving out make me cried so badly
lisa fitzgerald
Jeez woman, get some self respect lol
Saniya Waghode
I didn't like his new hairstyle.. :-( come on, he used to look cute with old hairstyle..
Eylül Yılmaz
Ha Ni is the only korean actress without double eyelid. Thanks god
Sudhandhira Kamaraj
Oh ha ni is so much prettier nd younger than yoon hae ra!
sruthie sunny
i love oh ha ni, but she seriously needs to get a life...without seung jo.
Unknown Unknown
why the subtitle is so slow?
Shinah Amose
This episode has made me cry, but the oh ha ni is annoying. He keeps on rejecting her but still doesn't give up she has no pride , good that they moved out
ayushman sinha
He is so rude.always insulting her
Zenia James love ZAYN MALIK
oh KIM HYUN JOONG I LOVE u the most the MOST ... ur smile is toooooo cutest ever !!!...ur new hairstyle.... is smoking hot u know how to style ur hair ...u looked smoking hot cutest most handsome sexiest best in this new hairstyle Kim... the old also best ...💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💘💘💘💘💘💓💓💓💓💓💝💝💜💞💕💖💖💚💗💗💗👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌✌✌✌✌✌👏👏👏👏👏.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏..I feel pity for oh ha ni ....I just LOVE the way she loves kim ......👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💓💝💜💝💚💗💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💙💋💋💋💋💏💑🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Favour Joseph
did he actually get upset because HaNi was moving out.
Zoey Wickliff
its called playful kiss because Baek Seung Jo is tugging at her heart strings or playing them
I mean if she stopped clinging onto him and maybe showed interest in somebody else, that would upset Seung Jo, she's always on his ass so he takes her for granted. Play hard to get chick.
am I the only one that doesn't see subtitles?
Whitney Kugotsi
omg seung joe! f***boy alertttt!!!! I hate how he plays her feelings.....I sometimes wish she could fall for the cooking guy
R sharmin
Any korean person who can teach my how to speak korean ,, :D I want to see korean movies and drama without reading subtitles... I can help you too in improving your fluency in English,, :D I have a hani and Seong jo personality mixed character.. so do help me :D it wont be that hard in this era of technology to find a good communicator :D
Muhib Abdullah
I hate that guy heartless man just playing with her feelings
im actually crying when she leaves...
Jimin’s lil finger Is me
My gods , with that kinda beauty , I would have had all of the guys I like . How can he just play around with her feelings
Unhealthy Obession
I hate how mean he is I mean stop playing with her feelings he does this cuz he likes her I love how jealous he gets in The last episode but he is so hot
Jona Alveyra
having people like this mother and father og baek seong joo is one of the best thing in life..
he is just such a amazes me that she fell for him.
Rovilyn Angel Villanueva
Hae Ra looks like she was from Boys Over Flowers. Jan Di's best friend in Shinwa High School.
faya fardowsa juhaya
So the mother ships ha-ni and seung joe even though hani has nothing to offer (meaning she is poor) and allows him to attend parang university instead of the top university all because of a girl. This ain't k-drama what kind of witchcraft is this!
ayushman sinha
I want mom like her
Elizabeth Amirejibi
am I the only one who cried?
Vanja Vranjanac Moshe
I love Ha Ni, I can understand her and though she is clumsy and  sometimes "not so sharp" ,she is a lovely person. That other girl on the other hand looks manly and plain mean and well, she played her part well, made me dislike a lot her but still Ha Ni is much cuter and prettier +she has some awesome friends.  P.S. My husband just came from work and saw me watching this and crying my heart out.. :D His face was priceless . 
kids rule awesome
Wow awesome film I wish it never ended love it😚😀👍🏻
Why am I crying xD
xashi cali
why must she act this way????????
9:02 the same guy in Hi! school love on ....right ?
The only thing I hate abt Korean romance dramas like this is they make girls look so desperate n weak ,Aaaish!!!! I hate it!!!!
Hanna Dao
the moment when u realize how much a person can bring joy to your life and this person is Hani
Dehbeejah Robinson
Subs are slow but I'm still watching
Wendy Bautista yt Yt
Why did she just text him???!!!??? Um ughhhhhhh I'm a fifth grader yet even I know that's a very bad mistake
cutiepie 15
I'm not feeling the hair that much but he's still cute 😂 and his mom is the best mom ever 😏
That competition chick... Is FUGLY, with a MAN'S CHIN. (Factually.) It's a guy with surgery, or a hermaphrodite. And, THAT is supposed to make her feel inferior, and seem to be winning over her? Some part-INBRED-KLEPTOCRATIC-Spanish-FAUX-royal, and/or part-man, or all-man, ugly, piece of petty, heartless trash? Wow. Just because IT rnade second in things? They did not cast right for that roll. "She's" the ugliest "woman" I have EVER seen in a Korean drama. AND, she does not pass as their age. They at least could have picked an average, TRUE woman for the damn part! Better than some ugly person with a secret dick between "her" legs. "Her" hand, too. It's definitely, factually a man (or, part-man (hermaphrodite)). That "actress" is an [i]actor[/i]. It cannot possibly be a full, and proper woman with that chin, and those hands. And, CHICKEN LEGS LIKE AN EAST ASIAN YOUNG MAN AGES 16-22! It's a man with cosmetic surgeries, and hormonal therapy to try to pass as female!
Corinne Robison
YEP, the korean drama is far better than the original japanese anime!!!!
Irmak Atik
2 its crying i love it <3 :) ;) :D
living a meaningful life
I t would 've made more sense to tell her her cause she definitely gonna follow if you don't
Khadeeja TRETOU
ha no you have to make him jalouse not following him like a little reconnize value of women if they are going to loose her love
kittykitty 296
She sure do all sort of things. But that what make her more cute. Always following him around.
Muhammad Tayyeb
I dont know if its only me but to me hani looks like jennie from blackpink
Daisy Francisco
3 times watching
Umar Zaman
Am I the only one who cried when they leave seung ju's home?
zara colenchong
Lol lecture class was comedy ...... hahahaahaha
First that bish in highschool now her?!?! UGHH .....
Fozen and Ralph breaks the internet sisters Atik
akemi okamura daha iyi çünkü o japon animeleri seslendiren o daha iyi
I K A Y Álaric
this is too embarrassing to watch omfg
Khadeeja TRETOU
he is thinking now ,he s to loose her
noussou sky
What's the name of the song at 00:23:00 ... Plz .
Shebanay Griffith
If I was him, I would have the song in my head... I always feel like somebody's watching me and I got no privacy.
Vimbai M
Why cant the boy swallow up his pride??? (But i guess thats sometimes why we love him)
Alma V
he play with her emotion... Is not very good. eazy girl tsssss
Khadeeja TRETOU
I say it when he feel empty because she want decided to live there house .oooooh sooooo saaad!!!!
Silvia Lor
No offence, but I HATE that guy's hair style.
xoxokiarakiss 101
Did anyone' notice how yellow the teacher teeth was and wow no hate
Monisha Poojary
Awww he is sooooo cute............................. 😊😊😊😊😊
Katherine Chen
I don't get why I cried at the part Ha Ni leaves.
Yofgusvus HYe Dbsi
oh hani is a inspiring character
anand kishor
what is the song at 06:00 min?
Kinjalika Varma
its becoming annoying how she keeps going after him move on for god sake .have some self respect
میشه زیرنویسشم بزارید ممنون میشم
What's with the subtitles all are too late which cause confusion and in one episode but in every episode 😡😡😡😡😡😡
AshishAyushi Sumotah
Fight with self respect gurl😎
Katty Meows
When oh Hani gets embarrassed I get embarrassed
carolina ruiz
Esta tipa siempre de aparecida para quutarle los chicos que les gustan a las d3mas 😠 No me agrada
Марияна Стоилова
Чудесно е, че правите този превод. Така вместо да търся филма по дисковете си гледам по една две серии на ден. Това е любимия ми сериал с Kim Hyun Joong? Благодаря.
Katty Meows
I hate this episode .-.
Seema Tyagi
Please play Full kiss episode hindi ma upload kar da please please please please
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لمى بدر
خيرررر وش يحس به ياشينها ذي اللي شوي وصادمه ها ني :(
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Patience Osariemen
English subtitles
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Oh hani just let that damn flirt go.... how can u still love him... I just hate him..
Online Shop
Yet he loves her but do not show it... How can u be such a dump.. Aaghhhhhhhhhhh...
אהני בהרבה יותר יפה מאה-רה ,למעשה אפילו סונג גו מאוהב בה במציאות
Gertrude Ayerh
Am so bored She look soo stupid
Shadow angel
I don't like the girl . she is like an wall between ha ni and seoung jo
Regina George
his old hairstyle is better
Kzzkjzdnnd Djjddjjd
Burda oğlan pis edir. Həm qızı sevir həmdə başqasını görəndə qız yadına düşmür onsuzda oğlanların hamısı
surbhi patel
I really want to slap her hard n put in some selfrespect in her brain...I hate to see girls behaving like this
Janvi Asutkar
Rude seoung joo
Nikita Lodhi
Please hindi mai episodes upload karo
karomah roma
Opa kimhyunjoong keren
Trinanda Mahdiyah Lestari
it's very sad
Neval Bakımcı
Patrice Varlet
Oh ha ni, shessss soooooo..,grŕrrrrr I hate this episode 😂😂😂☺☺😅