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Richard has offered a prize to the Monkey who can build the best bike with only $1,000. See how each of the builds are coming along so far. Catch all new episodes of FAST N' LOUD Mondays at 9/8c on Discovery: /> Watch full episodes: /> Subscribe to Discovery: /> Test your Fast N' Loud car smarts: /> Join us on Facebook: />

50 Channel
I really liked that 3 wheeler that he built💯👍👍
A S Henderson
Dark angle
This guy is a fun boss
Silk Boxing
I build and restore Dirt Bikes and mini Bikes.. That Friggn Monkey Trike is Bad as Hell... Soon as seen it, Sky is the limit on these lil Bikes, But that is Friggn Wicked. I hope he won. Is the episode on here. I missed it !!!!!!!!
Quentin Romano
they ruined that poor original 1973 honda z50 minibike and turned it into a peice of crap
Pan tera
damn, dude...i spent 3775$ restoring and customizing an old 1983 honda z50r minibike... i should have just give you guys the money.
Malachi Griswold
Richard sounds like earl from my name is earl
What episode is this?
The Skeleton in your closet
This show has really gone to shit. I liked it better when they were building rat rods instead of screwing around on stupid mini bikes or building high dollar hot rods for the rich. It reminds me of American Chopper..
Eric Hendershot
Wheres the second part
Yota Life
That's a bad ass z50 trike.
Dylan Dendinger
my mom is thinking of buying a gas monkey dodge truck at a place that it has
Francisco Arillo
Hotel tres anclas buenimo
I want that little green honda
Omar Maldonado
Balitnassymo Cvmassy321
Good Good
rikardo ribeiro
tentando entender o motivo de um triciclo ter pezinho de apoio ...
Ryan Adam
That minibike trike tho
Айнур life
Always watch this show, from Russia. And I wonder to watch. Live want to see Richard Rawlings.
Dear Richard Rollins I like You but You have let success go to Your head. Humble Yourself and realize it TAKES A VILLAGE! You didn't get where You are without some help. My Boss fired Me 3 months latter I was helping Him move His business. Ever heard of Bill Carlton? Bet not. He does really good work. As do many other shops.
USA English
Dont touch my hair WAooouuuhhhh!!!
Meylin Midence
me and my family really love seeing gas monkey but the only problem is that they say a lot of bad words and we do not use bad words
Enric Juan Corcoles
me encantan los coches
Max Power
Harry tatum
love this show but if it's real why use actors?
LNoob Poika
Tenzile Bilici
:D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın
Henry Jesus Gonzalez Reyes
Spicy Alien
Onks toi honda moneky?
Ayhan ꧁꧂
I Love you GMG
Yung Bayn
What episode is this
H.Dumpty/Humpty’s cousin.😁
3:00 is where the green trike is at,you can skip Richard's BS
Jamie Lonergan
no way
Storm Silvawalker
build a diy ramjet on the rear and add a tritium decay beta rad electric generator to replace the need for batteries and then use the other 800$ for making it look cool
Video 17
nice beard-show... i hate it
Keith Knight
Dudes a douchebag don't even do no work just says he buys cars and s***