** SAGE MODE JIRAIYA IS GODLY FOR PVP * | ** Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing *

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Okay now we know what Jiraiya can so on PVE lets take him onto PVP. Infinity Stones - /> Anbu Discord - sending inv to sponsors (sponsors please contact me if you did not get inv) Update - il be making a twitter group for the anbu squad Twitch - />----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe, Comment, Like ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitch - />Twitter - />Music - Intro Music - />Intro Music 2 - />Intro Music 3 - />-------------------------------------------------------

"I'm not gonna waste any speed pills on this man. Only gonna make him to 275 to even it out a bit." Bruh
liam moondreamer
Man I am tempted to summon on the jiraya Also ramadan kareem to my muslim brothers out there
Trying to hype to much Shiney. Broken this, God that... Op here.
Jiraiya Secret technique 5:46 Jiraiya jutsu 8:03
Tsuki no Shin'en
Sage of six paths Jiraiya... I would want to see that one
They made him a counter for bb orichimaru that's obvious
Valentine SLG
man, i thouth just once but you gonna show his sink with konoha so his multiplier on justu gonna be +1, rly curious about his damage in pvp then.
I just barely managed to beat ninja road for the first time r u proud of meh
goku master
When face reveal?
8:23 "I thought Yagura was the Heart Threat" Wait what? How ? Wtf? He's the Skill Thread not the Heart Threat.
i get wet when i see that intro
Vakashi Hatake
Nagato:i will make you feel pain. Obito:i cant feel pain (shows heart). Nagato:oh
Giovanni UchihaX
You know who else is Godly our Lord and savior TURLES NINGEN.
Godammit whenever I see the substitution smoke I still expect the chibi naruto with the peace signs
For me Jiraiya Ninjutsu to Heart was 45K... i forgot what unit it was.. but i think it's weak
i know jiraiya hype and all but 3 year anniversary for shinobi collections is hype you should do a vid on it the intro is lit
I'm glad all these impact stages are coming back because right now I have enough pearls to do double summons going to save them for jiraiyas banner
Theelitemastergamer555 56
Shiney I got ultimate jiraya I used about 300$ on him
Ain’t loyal Oshi remix
37k to a heart unit?! Damn Jaraiya means business
Shouto Todoroki
Anyone knows his intro? Its not the same in his description
eraser bomber
Wgen will you make a new bad ass new intro
aMaan Ali
This jiraiya will be a "pain" Im sorry
jiraya is defenitly the best body unit
Wolf Maldonado
If u sink him with leaf his Justu multiplier goes up by 1
Daniel Levieux
Love the intro!
Ramadan kareem no jutsu
Noe Ramirez
I still remember when Shiney got trolled xd
Benson Incorporated
I ran into 3 hinata team but they lagged out
Hwhehf Hehsusk2
😐😐 i did 5 multis and didnt get anything execpt the nagato and the sakura blazing fest.
Fawzy 089
What about the ult on a heart type
got to 8/9 on the jiraiya summon now its gone :{
Fortnite Bloppers
When we will get a chance to see your face
Jack Tipper
stop making me want to summon ahhh
Daniel The Wank Stain
Is anyone also having problems with the friend system right now?
Xx Pubzz
Might have to summon.....
I want jaraiya but too bad I'm skipping 😒
5:48 what´s the music ?
Mandalorian Legion
Jiraya is trash in pvp lol wtf is this
Defalt Ackerman
The best body unit. Ive seen
WaZzeR Tr3nDz 猿
I love watching shiney while its raining outside
richie ramdeo
oh really now is he
Frunze Sarkisjan
Is kimmimaru worth if youre f2p?
Kevin Tran
Wolf 101
People like you are the cancer of PvP who should burn painfully
thats so broken...
Aayush Raghuvamshi
15 second ads that you can't skip... So tempted to click off of the video, but, oh well 😂
WaZzeR Tr3nDz 猿
4:52 that music tho
Tahmid Sarwar
Anime. Ro0kie
I did 5 multis and got 1 jiriya alot of sakuras and nagatos Edit:i would of prob never summoned on this banner but i saw the kaguya and im like i need some dupes
Mahad Mosfique.
Sai Meegada
Marco Pineda
He is not broken WTF
Is madara in the banner or is it only kaguya?
WaZzeR Tr3nDz 猿
First guy u played was just a dumbass