Cyprus-Britains grim Legacy - The Full Documentary

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This UK tv Channel 4 documentary was transmitted in 1984. I recorded it back then and glad that I saved it for the past 31 years. Should be of interest to anyone interested in modern Cyprus history. I hope you like it.

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AnarchoRepublican basically the entire problem was caused by Great Britain ...
This is how the Conservative British Government rewarded the Greeks for fighting on their side in two World Wars.
giorgos antoniou
ceylancik123 Kul: i have never heared most stupid argument from that 'Cyprus is Turkish because it's much closer to Turkey compared to Greece. You should know that Marseille (France)' is also too far from Greece, but it was founded by Greeks, like other cities around the world such as Trapezounda in black sea and Tauris in Crimea.
Panayiotis Nicolaou
There is a human right called FREEDOM. Union with Greece was always the dream of Cypriots.For years over years we fought and struggled against so many conquerors. Since the beginning of this island Cyprus was always and will remain always Greek. The REBELLION of 1955 was one of the most well organized rebellion of a weak, young nation against the dictatorship of a modern empire. Those people who gave their lives wasn't for glory or money but for their love and their ideals that they did not loose after hundreds of years in slavery. 1st of April 1955 is a completely different day from what happened in '60 or '74 or '83. Respect our honor. Ζήτω η 1η Απριλίου!
Pambi Charalambous
Your the terrorist Cyprus was never yours It's A Greek Island!
London Power
greeks figth alngside with british all the wars after all and they gave cyprus to the turks ..whats the wrong with them ?
Psychi Akanthou
I hang my head in shame! How stupid were my ancestors! They achieved ENOSIS with Turkey and in the process denying me my motherland, Cyprus!!
giorgos antoniou
ceylancik123 Kul: Turkey sent large amounts of weapons and fighters for the extremist TMT during 1960-63' for the mutiny of 63'-64'. But i guess you haven't heared anything about their crimes against the Greek population. I told you, stop pretending the victims, your past is hunting you...
polygamous1 Sozou
Grivas the Right wing Fascist that was roaming the Greek mountains with his fascist band of thugs (hites) murdering the Greek Partisan cause most of them where left wing. Grivas famous quote: its better to live under the Nazi boot than a communist/left wing party, Grivas was never the "hero he was made out to be) a man murdering his OWN people who where fighting the Nazis Cypriot lives improved tremendously under the British it was schools hospitals infrastructure road and a far better standard of living my own grandmother told me her father walked from the village to welcome the blonde angels (the British) who liberated them from the Ottomans, and i heard alot of stories how the Cypriots lived under the Ottomans, in my opinion the uprising was wrong Cyprus would today have not a been devided n their economy would not have been in ruins if the British still ruled Cyprus
Emre Ozer
Didn't the West leave the whole world in tatters with the British tactic of divide and conquer?  Just look at the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent with their never ending conflicts.
Mark fury
when Turkish invaded 40.000 GREEKS DIED WENT MISSING.. THATS END...
giorgos antoniou
ceylancik123 Kul : Speaking of hypocrisy, Turkey has set its sea borders with all black sea countries using the rule of the middle line. But....refuse to do the same in Aegean with Greece. Always create problems, and try to expend western. Great hypocrisy from your side indeed!!
Andy S
Cyprus Is beautiful sad how things have turned out!!!
Mario Mammos
uk and USA are the bigest colonialiste they just want tout rule the World. why they still staying in ciprus?
Barry Rush
Loved North Cyprus much more than the south.
stone wall
How many divisions did British rule cause ,they done it to Palestinians the Irish and the Greeks ,and that bastard Kissinger was directly behind the invasion of Cyprus
giorgos antoniou
ceylancik123 Kul: Ι din't say that civilization started at the Grecee-Roman years, i said that when you decided to leave the steppes of Mongolia, you founded us here, you found our people, our temples, our theatres and you show them today to the tourists.
Kemal Mustafa
If the EAOKA and ENOSIS And That fake religious Bastard Makarios wouldn't have stirred up the pot with terror,The Turks might not have invaded and KICK THE GREEKS ASSES IN 3 DAYS! Turkey had no choice but to invade because Turkish Cypriots women and children included were being massacred! The Turkish military did not harm women and children! They never did and never will!
william wright
Cyprus had been ceded to Great Britain in 1878 by its Turkish ruler, the Sultan in Constantinople. Rule from day 1 was friendly - the Turks welcoming the British and the Greeks too though they longed even then for Enosis.  It seems a shame that the easy rule and the friendliness between both Turk and Greek citizens and communities had to be completely ruined by the Greek nationalists who pushed the issue especially after WWII. Their actions led inexorably to bitterness and divided communities with the British stuck like pigs in the middle.
Grivas was the wrong person for such venture. He was a collaborator during the German occupation of Greece and was responsible for many murders in cold blood. He targeted resistance fighters and took an oath of allegiance to Hitler. The British knew about his treasonous past. Still they used him when they landed. They found him useful to fight against the partisans who were till then supported by Churchill - being he only effective fighting force in Greece during the occupation. However, as they were against the return of the foreign king, suddenly they became the enemy. The foreign kings that the British and Americans imposed on the Greek people were ousted eventually after about 20 years.
Aydin Odyakmaz
So what I seem to understand from this in the first 7 minutes is that the Church was involved in provoking a generation of people to take action against anyone not Greek. The priest talks of not sinning but once you create a negative reaction within a population that drives people to do crazy stuff then you have created a sin. Now this seems very similar in the way Muslim or Jewish clerics have also done in other countries. It seems religion is not calming things but inciting negative feeling in each population. It also is sad that two cultures very similar Greeks and Turks who lived in harmony for many generations felt they couldn’t trust each other anymore. The Turks not feeling secure with the way the Greek population felt about them, yet they lived together for over 600 years on this island and had been working to cultivate and enjoy share the lands. If at that time before conflict had the Turks been made to feel secure maybe they could have had an independent country as they eventually did but with out a divided border. All I would like to see is peace between people on this beautiful island which I hope to visit all parts of it one day. Peace be upon everyone.
Els sea
The Greek Cypriots deserved what they got!! Letting themselves be ruled by murderous rebels, who blasphemed the name of God in their oaths. If they had just submitted to British rule for a time, things would have turned out much different!
Communist Jihad
I'm on the turks side kick the greeks all out
One of the forgotten wars......first I have seen of this - thank goodness you recorded it.
The UK still has two parts of Cyprus Akrotiri and Dhekelia.
Natalina Papoutsi
Brits ruined Cypriots
Panayiotis Yannopoulos
Truth be told cypriots , no matter the said actions against English sovereign , are. Y origin Greeks. Said actions must not be judged out of the general frame that creates them and that is the eons and eons of Greek origin and culture of cypriots. Certain proposed by English "solutions" were creating a situation to actually succeed their efforts of suppression. English wanted independence in order cypriots to stay under their power , they effectively turned a blind eye on Turkish arming of the minority that had its origin on the ottoman conquest. In short , crimes and brutality was used against Greek Cypriots as was used in other colonial areas. Cyprus was sold by the ottomans to the English and people was treated as an asset to protect
That was a strange conflict. Superficially the reasons were clear. Greeks for enosis, British for colonialism. But why ? The latter stages of the Cyrpus conflict, 1963 to 1974 are easy to understand but not the anglo-greek dispute. What did the British have to lose when Greece allowed them the military control ? What did the Greeks have to lose by letting the British stay in power ? After all more Cypriots lived in the UK than in Cyprus and everything was destined to become EU eventually. But there were also statements from Greek liberal politicians in the early 50s to the effect that a struggle was unnecessary. Plastiras said it did n't make sense, Papandreou also. Then the royalists of Greece would rather be even less belligerent (but in fact queen Frederica became an EOKA supporter when it began). Papandreou who in later years became a Cyprus hardliner ("the" Cyprus hardliner rather) said at the time "Greece is breathing with one British lung and one American lung, a confrontation will be madness". So it's strange, for one who did n't live during the period. What necessitated the EOKA struggle and made it happen ? Maybe there are things we don't know.
Bertan Bertan
Thank you for sharing such a histrocal documents. We understand right now who is true and who has crocodile tears.
Buller Linda
Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
Andrew. Scott-Stokes
BBC made this not Chanel 4 (there was no Chanel 4in 84)
Marry Christmas
Brits give Cyprus freedom from Ottomans and there's isn't a word of thanks for that. Ungrateful dagos, wops, grease balls: that's what they are. LOL
Underwater Scotland
Much to important strategical place for some and the factor of self determination wasn't to be taken into consideration...and it eventually descended into a bloody tragedy.
Mustafa Kasapoglu
Why don't you lot go back to 1571 the Ottoman Empire conquest the island from the Venetians.
Kemal Mustafa
Wait the Lozanne treaty expires in 2022,Turks are gonna take more island's that belong to them
The British policy in Cyprus was crazy. Forget about the offer of 1915, that was a once through, to make Greece participate in the ill fated Dardanelles campaign. Then when in fact Greece entered WWI on the side of the allies the offer was withdrawn. But in any case Turkey was a dangerous enemy at the time. Things became dangerous later when the British started patting Turkey in the back, to gain her trust. But they did it in the wrong sort of way, inviting the tiny Turkish minority to become equal partners in what was effectively a Greek island. The Cypriots are as Greek as the Greeks living in the houses I can see from my window in the centre of Athens. Great Britain went on to reject general Papagos's plan in 1955 for union with Greece under British military control. This pro-Turkish stand made the eastern Mediterranean into a powder keg and could only help Soviet plans. But what did the Turks want from the start ? What they wanted was to defeat Greece. Force her to go communist and hence become the golden boys of NATO in the region. As for USSR they would n't care less - they knew that the balance of terror meant any such danger existed in theory only. Clever and true ! But GB gained nothing. Absolutely nothing. The cohesion of the NATO alliance was placed in danger. Only the Turks won. The relation with what was going on in other former British colonies at the time and in the Suez canal was weak. Fact is that for Greece the nearest British forces are, the more secure the country feels - under normal circumstances. But the blind British colonialist policies were not normal circumstances.
GTA V Decoders
As an ÜBER Executive driver in the UK i have met a guy whom runs his own company and has investors that are freemasons, he told me the reason for Niko Sampsons efforts to bring down the Makarios government was to favour and allow USA to install Nuclear Launch facilities in Cyprus to target Russia!
Only the Greeks want the independence of the land from the Britts.....not the Turks.
Joanne Whitehead
I'd love to get a copy of the script/narration. Any ideas, short of me typing it all out myself?
Helen Rigopoulos
William Traynor-Kean
In reply to Matt Foley, no I am not insane Cyprus has been ruled by about every society from the Phoenicians to the Romans via the Egyptians the Hellenic period only lasted from 300 to 50 BC. Cyprus has produced only one figure of note Zeno founder of Stoic philosophy. The island for more than 2000 years was a agrian peasant economy so I have doubts about your definition of a prosperous society. However if we revert to the core subject 1974 the action of the Turks was brought about by the actions of the Greeks in the attempt to ethnically cleanse the Turkish Cypriot minority, would suggest that you study the actions of Nico's Sampson and EOKA B and the support of the Greek junta.
Braca Ganon
A "benevolent autocraticy" ... Haha good one
Kriss Lithos
2 communities they say!!! love it, with that sence turkey should invate Germany they got 12 millions there
Hassan Kiazim
greeks admit for killing their own & british didn't lock them up
Java Jav
Thanks you for saving this treasure
Hassan Kiazim
if there church encourage violence what chance the turks have
Hassan Kiazim
Israel done the same killings
George Christou
thank you very much for this video. Watching these people talk revealed so much of the character and intentions of the parties involved. Being Greek-Cypriot myself, i hate that term, i felt very emotional watching this. I shall refrain from making too many comments on the players involved because it would be emotive stuff which doesn't add to anything but i will add there was no mention of the American involvement (they wanted bases in Cyprus and Makarios said no) and the Greek Junta (American backed) betrayal was very briefly mentioned. I was extremely offended by the last comments in the video saying Makarios failed as a president. It sounds conspiracy like but very sadly true for the Cypriots. Again, thanks for the upload.
Mr Honest
Watch ..1974 Cyprus Conflict Ambiguous Differences on youtube....shows how ALL Cypriots should unite the Island TOGETHER.
Refraction House Media
At 24:15 what did she mean by her father gave her his blessings and he lost sleep that night?? then she has a huge smile?? Did she bang the priest before fully joining Enosis? Wtf?? I cant help but feel she was a walking brothel house whith what she said about dating many guys.. can anyone clear this up I cant bear to watch this makes me mad just seing these assholes
Steven Grotte
When was this made, I see it was transmitted in 1984, if it was made in 84 Field Marshal Harding was about 88 years old. he appeared to be in his late 60's
Keith Perry
Thank you! Much appreciated ..I note the other version of this someone had posted eariler appears cut and chopped and disjointed... even in tne first few moments it becones apoaren your copy is the real deal .. will watch it all later. Thanks again
Gcu Stampede
Thanks for posting this.  I was in Cyprus from 73 to 76 in Nicosia.  Quite a crazy time back then!   I remember going on the demonstrations when the high schools got dismissed.  I was 14 at the time.
Christina Chrysafi
Good to watch 1974 Cyprus conflict ambiguous differences . How father and daughter feel about all Cypriots.
D Snodgrass
Thank you for saving this, and sharing it with us. A lot of details that are here have been submerged by time. What is the best source to get information about the events described in the last 3 minutes of the show? It seems from the comment section that the wounds are still raw from that part...
El Guapo
Thanks very much for this...and so nice to hear the voice of the late Sir Michael Hordern again!
Mayhemofdarkness Videos
Good documentary.
Andy S
I learnt so much just by watching this video.....
Posted for my friends at CM comments as promised
Hassan Kiazim
british enroled my family into the police force ; as a thank you they take only the greeks into the europeon christian club
Kazim Ogmen
Two community did actually live in peace before 1940-50s. Everything started of with the 'ENOSIS' idea, regardless turkey and US had a secret plan or not. Whoever started this ENOSIS idea, they simply did not want to share the island. All the following was complete reckless ideas; i) ENOSIS, ii) the way the British empire controlled the situation and, iii) turkey invasion. Whether all this was avoidable? THERE WAS NOT EVEN A SINGLE PERSON WITH THE QUALITIES TO AVOID THIS. Lots of innocent people (cy turkish, cy greek, british) lost their lives. Survivors had to start from scratch. Who is suffering now?
scipio africanus
Nationalism & religion =endless conflict
Mostly Harmless.
Thank you 227beau, for saving and uploading this very interesting programme. I thank God that my parents had the good sense to leave that troubled, ethnically riven little island long before they brought me into the world.
just another documentary which is in favour of greeks and greek/European/Christian politics. the greeks started the whole cyprus issue when they wanted unification with Greece and to over throw the Cypriot government via the use of terrorism and extreme nationalist ideology which lead to the unrest between the majority greek and minority Turkish population. the 1974 so called invasion of cyprus by turkey brang peace to the island and not only secured the lifes of turks but also greeks there for both sides should be thankful. if the world can recognise Israel and the folkland islands one they it will recognise north cyprus
Ronald Read
I am a Cypriot Resident, explain our freedom
Mustafa Kasapoglu
The Turks in Cyprus: A province of the Ottoman Empire (1571-1878)
thomas kendrick
why are they calling EOKA terrorists ??????
bayraktaroğlu arif
Greece: the spoiled child of Europe
James Smith
I recall the words of Sir Hugh Foot, our Commander-in-Chief and Governor of Cyprus. "Never trust a Greek". He was proved right. Anyone who served in Cyprus will remember who our friends were and it wasn't Greeks who delighted in murdering British women. Time and time again British governments of both hues have kow-towed to the Greeks Yankee voters. The recent EU financial crisis was a splendid opportunity to broker a PEACE DEAL.
Sener S
That pathetic and stupid violent Enosis idea caused many casualties.
Jeremy Marshall
No one speaks for the Turkish 20%.  They were right to fear enosis.