Day 1 - Ease Into It - 30 Days of Yoga

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Join Adriene on Day 1 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Ease into your 30 day experience with an open mind, kindness and curiosity. Use this DAY 1 practice to take stock, check in with the body and mind. Begin the practice of slowing down, noticing, stretching and moving with ease. Commit to 30 days of breathing deep and listening. Acknowledge the distractions, the frustrations, the parts of the body that need more love or are in healing. Acknowledge it all! For this journey is about more than just a flexible, strong and tone body. It is about full mind, heart and body wellness. Begin here to set the foundation for a connected home practice. - FREE and in the comfort of your own home! Get empowered, find what feels good, listen to your body and lets have some fun! Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow! - - - - - - 30 DAYS OF YOGA - DOWNLOADABLE EDITION: donation based downloadable versions of the videos so you can practice anytime, anywhere: /> - - - - - - Need the BASICS of Foundations of a pose? Check out the Foundations Of Yoga playlist: /> Stay Connected ~ FACEBOOK: />TWITTER: @yogawithadriene Instagram: adrienelouise #30daysofyoga

Bailey Edwards
Who else is here at the beginning of 2019?
Sarah c
Just completed day one. Not going to lie I said a couple curse words and got very frustrated that I wasn't able to do several of the positions or whole them for very long, as I am an obese woman. However, after reading through some of the comments made below, I jumped back in and gave it my all. I want to get healthy. I want to do better and I want to be better. I'm hoping this yoga challenge will help me.
Vishakha Tyagi
Those of you who are starting today. Follow through with it. Maybe you will miss a couple of days. Maybe you will finish the challenge in 45 days instead of 30. But just go through with it. :) We are all in this together. We will work together! There something very powerful about taking just 30 minutes out for yourself and your well being.
Stephanie Davis
Who’s here in 2019?!?! Starting the year off right!
I just completed Day 30, but I wanted to circle back around the Day 1 to offer a testimonial to those of you who are just starting out. I'm the last guy to the toga party-- I mean yoga party. I'm thoroughly middle-aged and congenitally stiff as a dry twig. Thirty days ago, I was nursing a chronic back injury and experiencing a lot of pain from what appeared to be a pinched nerve. Today, not only am I stronger and more flexible, but my back and nerve problems are totally under control. The 30 Day Challenge is a bit like an epic poem. Following its long arc has been a beautiful and moving experience. Thank you.
the babymomo
I suffer from severe anxiety and depression.. I think I might start this and what I'll do is do each video twice a day so once in the morning and once in the evening. That way I'll be doing an hour a day. I really hope this helps me because anxiety is ruining my life and doing it in the evening maybe could help my insomnia
Elizabeth Heredia
I'm back into yoga 1st day completed, who's starting today too?
The Skebanen
That felt so good but gosh was it tough! Definitely here to do this for 30 days I'm addicted <3
Adam Wells
i did this challenge back in 2017 and remember it feeling so good, i stopped doing it and recently have been going through a very rough time in my life. just letting myself down and not loving myself as i use to, been really trying to get my life back together because i feel like I've lost so much respect for myself and i did this tonight and not joking i just started bawling my eyes out in the middle of it because i haven't had that feeling of "i love myself, and i'm doing this for myself" in so long and it hurt so much knowing how broken I've been and not even fully knowing it.
Brian Hallmond
I never realised my lounge-room floor was so dirty lol.
Don’t know if you still read these Adriene, but to anyone reading this, I have repeatedly kept trying to lose weight only to give up after a couple of days or weeks. I’m starting my weight loss journey again and I just want you to know to never stop trying even if you fail to stick with it. Go back. Push harder. Know that I and other people are going through this too. I weigh 255 lbs and plan to get down to 200 by the end of 2019 with the help of these videos and jogging. 55 pounds in 365 days? That should be nothing. Let’s do this and be healthier people together. Thanks again Adriene.
Julie Prince
I don't see why she has so many dislikes, I think she is starting off gently ,just what us beginners need! TY Adriene
New month, new challenge, day one complete. Thank you for this series 💡
Zeynep Akkan
I just want to say - I've never been the sporty type. I've tried many of them, from volleyball to hockey to swimming, but never really loved doing any of them and after a while they all started to feel like a chore so I quit. I've been meaning to try my hand at yoga too for a few years but never had the time to pick out a saloon that had compatible schedules with my own. So when I found Yoga with Adriene I was optimistic, but I never thought I would enjoy it this much. It doesn't even feel like exercise, it's meditation. And honestly, coming home and rolling out my mat and settling in for another day with Yoga with Adriene has quickly become the best part of my day. So new beginners, keep going. It'll be worth your while.
Mr. G
Last year I moved out of state to live with my grandma, after a series of unfortunate events which led me to be homeless(caused by me, no excuses) and for awhile I was doing nothing but moping and drinking and laying in bed on my laptop in the basement... my knees were literally crackling and popping every time I would stand up or bend down. Sometimes there would even be an excruciating pain that would shoot into my left knee when I would just be standing still. A few times in the middle of the night I would wake up with a sharp pain in my back from my bad posture. I wasn't overweight or anything, but being depressed and sitting around all day was literally destroying my body. For the first time In my life I was starting to suffer from panic attacks from all the alcohol and stress and the occasional drug use. The girl I was seeing at the time who I was in a long distant relationship from the state I moved from broke up with me one night...she was the love of my life and my only friend I had left in the world... I literally lost all hope. That very same night after coming home from the bar drunk and seeing the breakup message, I just typed in "yoga" on youtube, in a last ditch effort to basically save my life. Up popped this video... 30 day yoga challenge. I remember Doing "day 1" while still drunk and tears still running down my face. To be honest it sucked, my feet, wrists, knees, neck, back, shoulders, all hurt while following along.. But I did it. I stuck with it. I have done the challenge twice, and now I'm doing it a third time. I feel so amazing. So amazing that I felt the need to leave this comment. As corny as it sounds.. I strongly believe your videos saved me from a pit of despair that I probably would have never gotten out of if I didn't change. Anyways.. Namaste :)
Starting this on Feb. 1st, 2019 after Dedicate 30 Days of Yoga! Thanks Adriene :)
Doe Savage
Greetings Adriene 😊 Going to start 30 days of Yoga now🙏 Just finished up with 30 days camp yey I feel amazing and empowered!! I'm going to cultivate my yoga practice.! Thank you for your time and energy and support Namaste friend 🙏💖
carol Lund
Way too hard for day one, for a 60 year old arthritic anyway. Very discouraging.
Jason H
I cant even SIT how she sits in the first minute without pain! This is gonna be an interesting 30days... im so inflexible lol
It's Valentine's Day. I'm single. So I'm going to love myself. I started this today and really looking forward to getting through all 30 days! I want to feel better about my body - for ME! (Btw, you were recommended to me by Dustin Wills!)
Begum Ozkardes
Day 1 : I started today ! I already feel much better ,Thank you Adriene , you are awesome ! <3 , See you tomorrow !
This is my first day, and although at first I was unconvinced, at the end I found myself a little bit wishful when the video ended. Looking forward to day 2.
Nat and Hay
I feel so refreshed after day one I will definitely be back for day two
Brandon Dunlevy
You don't know how stiff you are till you do yoga...
Aubrey Herrington
Just started today and I am very unflexable. I found it hard to keep up at the end of the middle but don't want to be discouraged.
Manuel Morales
I am dedicating myself again to the 30 day challenge. I had to stop 20 plus days into it previously because of surgery. It was so difficult to get back into this exercise after such a long pause but I forgot how amazing your whole body and mind feels after every session. Thanks so much, Adriene!
vanessa pizzingrilli
day 1 - that was awesome!!! thank you so much!!
Sharla Amin
no matter how hard i try, my hands just won't touch the ground when i bend downwards.... any suggestion?
I_love_the_ beach
I am starting to do the 30 day challenge today! thank you I loved it! see you tomorrow! <3
A Clutter-Free Life
Day 1 completed !!! :D I filmed snippets of it on my fb page :) I want motivation to keep me going! :D
Elvis Palaniski
I loved this first section! I've been bodybuilding my entire life, and now I'm stiff as a tree. Thank you so much, I can't wait to see the results.
Galilee Hernandez
I started this today. I think I'm gonna this again tomorrow. :)
Fawn Cranmer
I just started this as part of my recovery from depression. It is a good start. Thank you so much!
I want to thank you! You “sold” yoga to me in the way that is fitting my opinion about the yogilife. To give and share the wisdom. Keep up the good heart! Thank you!
Inge Zhou
Found this by chance, but find this 30 days challenge very attractive. Love the soothing voice and instruction for the postures from Adriene. Now by finishing Day 1, I decide to take on this challenge.
Michael Haungooah
A regular weightlifter here. Though I have gained strength and am much more confident in my abilities, I knowingly ignored mobility and flexibility. Starting the 30 day yoga beginners series and hope to gain so much from it. Thank you for having taken the time out of your schedule and putting up such useful information. Looking forward to continuing on.
Molleigh Rivera
This was the best yoga flow I have ever done. I could never feel stretches in other yoga videos, or it just hurt.. but Adriene's moves helped me see which parts of my body are stiff or not very flexible in a soothing way. Today was day one and I plan to do the 30 day challenge. Just after this one session I feel so aware of my body and mind. I feel so open and free.. I feel like I am in control of my mind and body. I feel amazing. I couldn't believe this was a 35 minute video.. it felt like 10 minutes!! Thank you, Adriene! You are amazing. Namaste.
Karen Curry
I'm just starting today!! I just ended a 30 Journal on Procrastinating with Always Journal and I feel great!! So, its time to stop procrastinating when it comes to exercising!! I'm 53 years old and I need flexibility and just need to take care of me. I did great things in 2018 and will take that into 2019 with #SelfCare
Safaa Nabaa
My body cracked in ways I didn't think were possible
Laura Smith
my first day done!! yaaay...I have to take it super slow as I've suffered from a pulmonary embolism 2 months ago..but Im doing it!! so proud of myself haha....Thanks Adriene!
Scarlett Brescia
started today for my anxiety. going to stick with you, it was great besides my cat attacking my hand at the end LOL feeling a lot better!
Aaron Lightle
I'm going to be honest here. I'm a 15 year old boy that's trying to get in better shape and I want to really lose a little bit of weight. And if any of my friends were to figure out I'm doing this they would probably tease the crap out of me. But anyways, I hope this really helps me and by reading the comments I see that it does. Wish me luck! 😊
music wallah
Ya very useful for my life thank your 4 Million soon
Ninjombie Wolf
Thanks for day 1. Tough for me as I’m very unfit at the moment and have a problem with my big toe. Hallux rigidus 😔
Sylvia White
First time doing yoga!!! I really enjoyed this...Definitely trying the 30 day challenge. Thank you ;)
Janine Pontanar
I just started today, and I hope this can help me with my scoliosis.
Jeffrey Vargas
I started doing yoga with you on January 8, 2018. Honestly I couldn't do a thing, I was about to turn 52, had a big tummy, could barely stretch to touch my knee caps and when I did yoga on the floor, my body shook like a washboard; my big dream was to do downward dog, just. I just kept at it; and I increased my time with you just a little every day. Now, here at the end of March 2018, I practice yoga daily. In fact I'm doing three engagements (day one, two and three) with you a day. So has "Yoga with Adrienne" helped me? Well I've lost 27 pounds and I look a decade younger. I've also gotten about 6 other men in their 50's to try doing "Yoga with Adrienne". Happy to send you a before and after pic (just tell me where to send it). Oh one more thing - I'm not done losing weight or feeling good! I'm actually hooked now because you are such a great instructor. You have a way of making all of your Yogi's (did I say that right) feel like yoga is the best "feel good" medicine around and it can change anyone's life for the better. All I can tell you is that your video's have changed mine. Thank you - and I encourage folks to just, start.
هيفاء سليمان
start today 3-8-2018
these past couple of weeks i've been going through a lot of negativity in my life, and struggling with myself. starting this challenge is helping me recenter my priorities and find myself again. thank you 💕
So glad to be back to this! wound up stopping my yoga journey last year about this time after about 50~ days straight, I felt so tight and worn down lately and all this stretching reminds me of why I loved doing the yoga with you when I did it the first time! Hopeing to keep up even longer this year!
Adriene, your videos changed my life! I always wanted to get into yoga, and these videos were everything I needed to start. Due to anxiety, I had muscle twitches and tremors all over, especially my neck. Now they're virtually gone. As well as the majority of my anxiety (which, at the start of my practice, was borderline paralyzing). Now, anytime I start to notice symptoms coming up again, I just do yoga, and they actually go away. I recommend yoga and your channel to all my friends. Thank you so much for doing what you do. Much love! <3
God school districts need to have yoga as a physical ed credit because I would do that class for sure
Brookie Leach
Day 1: I can honestly say that I did about 15 minutes of it at first, yesterday. I was experiencing some back tightness from my cycle and I have notorious hip pain from it as well. They just get all loose and feel like they're slipping out of socket, which hurts! The reason I stopped? My muscles stopped vice gripping my spine, and I cracked [in a good way] all the vertebrae. The sudden increased blood flow to my brain made my head pulse. For the first time in a long time I was honestly relaxed and un-tense so I decided to literally just enjoy this moment of peace. Now I'm back, to finish the other 15 minutes. It was a fantastic experience. Do it at your own pace and enjoy it!
Katherine Harte-DeCoux
2018 ended with a very personally challenging fall and holiday season for me and I was utterly depleted and stuck, pretty depressed honestly. Started this series on Jan 1st, took me 34 days to finish the first 30 days of yoga, but I'm still proud of that accomplishment because it's far more regular practice than I've ever been able to do before, and I honestly really enjoyed it. I never felt left behind or too slow, as sometimes happens in large classes at a professional studio. What's most important, though, is that it really helped me get some positive energy going in my life and I genuinely feel more centered, healthier and stronger, less muscle aches and I'm sleeping better. Planning to start another 30 days soon, love it that there's so many different videos to choose from!
Perfect yoga for me
Eoflos _
Just to remind myself: Started this challenge on 26th of June in 2018 on Tuesday (yes very random date to start) because I really need this since I'm going through tuff times and I just need moments for myself. I need time to focus on me and time to forget about outside world. Honestly (not sure if Adriene is going to read this but still) this was very spiritual and I feel almost emotional after just the 1st day. I was really able to take time on myself and I'm definitely going to continue this and come back here after these 30 days and hopefully notice the difference within my body and mind compared to day 1 💪 Thank you so much for this ❤️
Ebubekir Mutlu
i started today but it's kinda hard to look at the screen and do yoga at the same time.
This is my first time ever doing yoga, and I was glad I did it with your class, Adriene. Loved the way you explained things, your little jokes here and there, and your overall kind and gentle tone. I felt like you were in the room with me, and it really made me feel at ease and not worry about doing everything perfectly my first time. <3
Claire Fitzpatrick
Just did day 1, really enjoyed it! I have stiff hips after childbirth so really hoping to loosen up a bit more. Looking forward to Day 2!
Crizzy Lee
Thank you 💋 today is my first day! Wow i sweat 😊
Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I went from 140 to 200 pounds, thanks to my anxiety. I'm ready to finally live! Day 1... Let's get it!! Thanks for posting this video! Namaste
Holy cow I did it! Thanks I can’t wait for day 2 tomorrow ♥️ I’ve been stuck in depression mode but this really helped me relieve a lot of tension!
Leiyla O'Dowd
18 years old, just moved to a new city and I am extremely excited to start this yoga journey. Day one completed today :)
Rhonda Torre
I am thoroughly enjoying practicing Yoga with Adrienne! I began the 30 day program with an intent focused on easing sciatica pain. The Practice has brought an increased harmony and connectedness to my body, mind, and Spirit. Adrienne creates an atmosphere of self appreciation and acceptance that encourages exploration of Yoga for all levels of practice. I find myself fearlessly and gently expanding my practice. Thank you so very much, Adrienne, for sharing your enthusiasm, creativity, gentleness and warrior Spirit!! Namaste❤
Veerle De Cuyper
I started these series 12 days ago. Told myself to try and do one each day and alow myself an 'off' day every now and then, but never two in a row. Did Day 1 and Day 2. On the third day I looked up video's about the different poses because I was feeling a bit lost (have zero knowledge on yoga). Then started from Day 1 again. Finished Day 6 today. I'm feeling very motivated and am curious how I'll improve. Already I notice a difference in flexibility and strenght. Every pose and transition is noticably smoother. Since the sixth day, I've started doing two video's a day: one of the 30 Days-series + one on shoulder, neck or back exercices. Main reason is because after one video I'm still in the mood for more yoga (those 20/30mins really fly by!) + my back, shoulders and neck have been a real issue for years. Usual time of day is after we've put the kid to bed. Nice and quiet in the house. An aditional positive side-effect: normally I have to fight the urge to snack in front of the tv. After my yoga-hour, that craving is absent. Is that strange? I also notice that I'm constantly minding my posture during the day and try to relax and breathe when things get stressy at work, in the car drive,... So, so far I'm really exited about having finally started basic yoga and am sharing these video's with my friends. V.
MJ and Patrick at the Cøld Fall Out Disco! Dragons
How can so many dislike this .. this was absolutely perfect for someone wanting to start yoga for the first time or even get tips on teaching it.. Thanks so much Adriene
Monika Baskaran
So I tried this challenge before and I only made it to Day 4. I decided to try this out again because it is 2019 and I want to start practicing yoga more consistently. I have to admit, it was a lot harder to do the yoga poses today as opposed to when I did yoga a few years ago. My goal for 2019 is to be in good shape and try and master many new yoga poses. And the best way to do that is to start with this challenge!!! I just finished the practice for day 1 and I have to admit that I feel so free in so many places. It is as if I let go of all that pent up tension in my muscles! Thank you Adriene!
Mary Umstattd
1. Adriene is awesome.  Thank you! This video was amazing for me, you showed every move step by step and it gives everyone a chance to try different skills and levels at their pace. I was really able to push myself and I appreciated it so much. I hope others can get that from your videos as well. 2. I am excited to keep continuing to push myself to do this 30 day challenge! 3. Yoga is so cool because it is literally for anyone and can make your body, mind and spirit feel so different refreshed. It is never to late to try y'all.
Whoa this is incredible! I get frustrated easily when i am unable to properly do a workout and just exit out of a video even if it's just 10 minutes long. Which is why i'm really surprised that i finished this entire video! Some parts were still tough for me especially when you started doing planks but for some reason, I wasn't so hard on myself. I let my body do its thing while still trying to imitate the poses. I hope I am able to fully commit to this even if it's just for 30 days. I will do my best. Thank you so much!
Adolphine Muika
Right now I’m on day 6 but figured I should start commenting to motivate me to keep going. I usually do not finish 30 day work out videos but I plan be successful this time. I attempted yoga at a yoga class at college before at age 23 but ended up not having the time to continue it. This will be my second attempt trying yoga and the first time attempting to do this every day. I recently turn 26 over a week ago and started 12/26/18 and figure this will be my New Years resolution! 💪🏾
Olivia Karlberg
now i now what my best friend has been talking about! I mean i've done yoga class before but doing in alone in my room is so much different and I can't wait until tomorrow! Perfect before night time, being relaxed before bed. Thank you for making yoga so much fun for a beginner like me :)
Manon Van Der Pol
Hi, i'm not in a good place in my life right now. So much tension, feeling very depressed. Tonight I thought about doing some yoga to try to relax (never done it before) and I came across this video. I've just completed it and I honestly feel a little bit more calm in my head since a while. So thank you for that! I will complete the 30 days!
Andrea Dunlop
Amazing !!! I have been searching to find yoga that feels like “home” this is so it! You’re fantastic Adriene! Thank you for all you do!
Katy Russell
Just started DAY 1. I am 56 with no flexibility or energy. I could only do or get into 1/2 of the poses but I made it through. I will keep doing DAY 1 until I can do all the poses and then move on to Day 2. I heard so many bones crack I thought I was at the chiropractor. I have zero core strength. I had to sit on a pillow to do the very first pose.... no lie. Hoping some weight will come off but primarily doing this just to be healthier. I have some physical limitations due to some previous surgeries but I did some of the other options she provided in the video. I completed the video. People middle age kinda sucks and the struggles are REAL... but I am going to get this train back on the track!
Should i do this every morning or afternoon?
You make me relax Soo much and forget my problems! Thank you so much! I Love it! Today Is my 1st day 😘
Shyama B S
I completed 13 days of Yoga with Adriene and so far it has been an awesome journey. I have recommended Yoga with Adriene to a lot of people I know. It was a little difficult at first as I was new to Yoga. But after 13 days I can say for sure that I feel a lot better. My body is more toned and became more flexible. My metabolic rate has increased. Yoga makes me want to eat only healthy food while keeping me positive and happy all day. Glad I started it and I am sure I am going to do yoga everyday. In the beginning, not being able to do simple yoga poses may frustrate you. But trust me, it gets better every day. And by day 5 or so you will be able to do all those poses with ease.
Eric Colin
Thank you for your videos! My cat, Meowth and I love your channel. We appreciate your help in keeping us connected with our health! We look forward to seeing you in the next class!
Tongyu YUAN
I love your personality so much ! Feel more than happy to do this with you. Let's keep going <33
Peter Johnson
I'm on day 29 and wanted to circle back to describe how powerful, but gentle, this series is. I'm a 65-year-old man with a bit of a belly and I sit at a computer all day long. The first few days had me breathing hard and sweating and I had to take a lot of breaks, huffing, and puffing. I told myself, if I make it to Day 5 I'll reward myself with a yoga matt and blocks. No sweat ;-) As each day passed I noticed how my body re-adjusted. My movements during the day became smoother, my digestion completely changed (for the better), and my appetite really shifted. I now eat less at each meal which is really cool. I'm amazed at how this 30-40 minutes each day of being focused and stretching has transformed me. Adriene is encouraging, gentle, and graceful and is a wonderful guide to the experience of doing yoga for yourself. Her continual reminders of deep breathing with the movement and the suggestions of being playful and smiling really help your mind get in synch. She shows many alternative poses and after every challenging pose, she offers one allowing you to catch your breath and rest. Thanks, Adrienne (and your camera person)! I've now made yoga a regular part of my life. I'm also now a member so I can access your other resources and can continue exploring yoga.
Paige Oesterling
Hi Adriene. I just wanted to say I did this 30 day practice as a beginner and now have moved on to your True videos. I'm on day 27 of True and can't wait to start the new series you're releasing for this year. Thank you for what you do, I've never felt better and I love love love how you teach. You've opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. ❤💪
I've done yoga before as part of my PTSD treatment after my second deployment to Iraq. I'm now a disabled vet that faces chronic pains. Adriene has a soothing voice that helps to remain focused on your breathing. She took it nice and slow on day one, and I hope that I can stay in a strict regimen to get up in the morning before my wife and kids so I can have this one to focus on my core and breathing. Thank you for this YouTube series of 30 days. I look forward to 29 more!
Stephanie J
A couple weeks late but I'm ready to jump on the train! What a great first session! Already loving it :)
Black Stacey
I started this challenge in 2018, but I think I stopped around video 19. I just came back to finish the 30 day challenge. I'm no quitter. I started the whole challenge over, and day one gave me a workout; because I haven't did yoga in so long. So glad I'm back on this journey.
sophie amber
January 1st! Anyone else starting today? :)
Jay Maltas
I have big time anxiety after I lost my job. I just stumbled on to 'Yoga With Adriene'. I've been thinking about Yoga for quite some time. Way too much thinking. After watching several videos with Adriene, she's the 'go-to' instructor. Wish me luck!
Brandi Glanders
Day 1✅ I haven't practiced in about a year in a half and wow did that feel good. I'm here for the 30 but I am pairing with some running.
Amie Circe
Doing "Day 1", for a week, almost. Gets easier, the range of movement increases, and I don't have to look at the screen most of the time after a couple of days. Next week - day 2.. So this 30 days challenge is going to be 30 weeks challenge for me. Namaste to all of you:)
Okay I'm Invisible
Started today. I've been trying to relax in many different ways besides yoga and it never helped. I even tried working out for 30 days, that helped me lose 20 pounds. And now I'm trying yoga and it truly is relaxing even if it's Day 1.
Maddy Arana
That went by so quick! I was thinking about starting this, but was scared about time (cause I don't like working out for a long time) but that was really nice.
Elisabeth Kooijman
After hip ingury im back whit yoga,i wil be a little slower than 30 days but it feels good just completed day1😊
kash Hawkins
Adrienne, I try and do a different beginners video each day, to mix it up. I also am doing the neck stretch one. I’ve got osteoarthritis in my hip and I am really feeling the improvement 😀I never ever thought in my wildest dreams I would get addicted to yoga, but I’m forever scrolling through your videos to see which ones to try next. I’m so much more positive and have changed my whole diet as well. As I need to lose weight☺️But thank you again Lurve yall( hope I spelt that right as I’m British haha!!😍
Day 1 done! Starting this Feb 1 2019 after doing the Dedicate series "live." Definitely wanting to continue a daily yoga practice, so I'm planning to just start at the beginning and go through this, yoga camp, revolution and true. One day at a time!
Aimee R.
I absolutely love this series of 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. She is the best teacher, she makes you feel motivated and it's really fun yoga. The time flew by for me. I haven't felt motivated to exercise in a while, so I was super excited to find this that I love so much!
Erika Woods
Thank you for being real and letting your silliness and personality come through. It made me smile. Thank you! I really enjoyed this.
Laurie McCallister
I've been doing Adriene's Yoga for Beginners for the stretching aspect - I workout with a women's bootcamp couple times a week and do Gracie jiujitsu 3-4x week - so I found her beginner's yoga perfect for when I needed to "un-knot" myself. 😁 This morning I decided to start her 30 day yoga program, completed Day 1 (which I absolutely loved) and am looking forward to where I'll be at the end of this journey. Thank you, Adriene - I'm grateful for you and your videos! 🙏
Филипп Плотников
Thank you for a nice, free flow! Found this viseo in internet, happily starting this 30 day yoga, from russia with love!🌻
Ethan Emerson
I love that you laugh at yourself when you say funny things, I can tell you love what you do! Your channel is awesome. I have not hit a mat since July 2016, and used to live on really intense exercises and yoga every day, and I've been recovering from some stuff that was going on with me and now I am starting from absolute scratch to regain my strength and flexibility and just found your channel and I love it!
Kemal T
After the PTSD yoga session, I took a break and did this one. Really looking forward to Day 2. Thank you so much for doing this and posting these videos! I have never done yoga before, but you make it so easy and anyone can learn!
Sade Hoffschroer
Love this! First yoga session that doesn't make me feel out of place. Total beginner but day one complete and my post-baby body actually understood what was needed without any struggle! Thanks Adriene. You might've just converted me ;)