Day 1 - Ease Into It - 30 Days of Yoga

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Join Adriene on Day 1 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Ease into your 30 day experience with an open mind, kindness and curiosity. Use this DAY 1 practice to take stock, check in with the body and mind. Begin the practice of slowing down, noticing, stretching and moving with ease. Commit to 30 days of breathing deep and listening. Acknowledge the distractions, the frustrations, the parts of the body that need more love or are in healing. Acknowledge it all! For this journey is about more than just a flexible, strong and tone body. It is about full mind, heart and body wellness. Begin here to set the foundation for a connected home practice. - FREE and in the comfort of your own home! Get empowered, find what feels good, listen to your body and lets have some fun! Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow! Go Deeper with other goodies to support you on your journey + donation-based downloadable versions of the videos so you can practice anytime, anywhere: /> Need the BASICS of Foundations of a pose? Check out the Foundations Of Yoga playlist: /> Stay Connected ~ FACEBOOK: />TWITTER: @yogawithadriene Instagram: adrienelouise #30daysofyoga

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Started this today!! Even with my toddler jumping and running around me -__- lol.
Emmas VeeLOG
started today..
I'm doing this instead of the new 30 day yoga cause this one in my case is easier and longer. once I finish this I'm gonna do the new one and thats how it'll go all year for me Edit : Thank you for the ♥ on my comment c; Also thank you for the videos ♥♥♥
Shine in Exams
1st Jan'18 - Day 1 :) Who else?
Dave Brook
I loved this. I am back on track. Day 1!!! Thanks namaste
I just completed Day 30, but I wanted to circle back around the Day 1 to offer a testimonial to those of you who are just starting out. I'm the last guy to the toga party-- I mean yoga party. I'm thoroughly middle-aged and congenitally stiff as a dry twig. Thirty days ago, I was nursing a chronic back injury and experiencing a lot of pain from what appeared to be a pinched nerve. Today, not only am I stronger and more flexible, but my back and nerve problems are totally under control. The 30 Day Challenge is a bit like an epic poem. Following its long arc has been a beautiful and moving experience. Thank you.
Day one!! Done... namaste!!
Kendal Deaunta
Today is February 1, 2018! I started today!!!!
The Medieval Reader
Started today on January 16 :) I'm a total newbie. Thank you for this challenge!
Fitz Stuller
I have a panic disorder/ptsd/gad. My therapist told me that yoga was actually one of the best ways to mitigate the effects. I just started my journey today (Merry Christmas!!) and I'm both nervous and excited. My intentions are that with a daily yoga practice and running a few times a week, I will finally gain some level of control over my illnesses. Thank you for making this playlist!! Just from this first session, your flow and soothing voice actually brought me down from a really bad panic attack. Looking forward to this journey!
Day one completed :)
Julia Elizabeth
I'm so excited to go on this journey with you Adriene<3 wish me luck!
Vishakha Tyagi
Those of you who are starting today. Follow through with it. Maybe you will miss a couple of days. Maybe you will finish the challenge in 45 days instead of 30. But just go through with it. :) We are all in this together. We will work together! There something very powerful about taking just 30 minutes out for yourself and your well being.
first time trying yoga today. Hoping to become more flexible and improve my posture. I noticed while doing several moves i have very poor posture and flexibility but looking to improve that over the next 30 days.
Rafeeq Muhammad
I'm 16 years old, and I was having constant pain and tightness in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. I had to stop working out for months because of the pain, and I could never find a stretching sequence that made the pain go away like this. It has literally vanished. I'm doing this for the rest of my life.
Mr. G
Last year I moved out of state to live with my grandma, after a series of unfortunate events which led me to be homeless(caused by me, no excuses) and for awhile I was doing nothing but moping and drinking and laying in bed on my laptop in the basement... my knees were literally crackling and popping every time I would stand up or bend down. Sometimes there would even be an excruciating pain that would shoot into my left knee when I would just be standing still. A few times in the middle of the night I would wake up with a sharp pain in my back from my bad posture. I wasn't overweight or anything, but being depressed and sitting around all day was literally destroying my body. For the first time In my life I was starting to suffer from panic attacks from all the alcohol and stress and the occasional drug use. The girl I was seeing at the time who I was in a long distant relationship from the state I moved from broke up with me one night...she was the love of my life and my only friend I had left in the world... I literally lost all hope. That very same night after coming home from the bar drunk and seeing the breakup message, I just typed in "yoga" on youtube, in a last ditch effort to basically save my life. Up popped this video... 30 day yoga challenge. I remember Doing "day 1" while still drunk and tears still running down my face. To be honest it sucked, my feet, wrists, knees, neck, back, shoulders, all hurt while following along.. But I did it. I stuck with it. I have done the challenge twice, and now I'm doing it a third time. I feel so amazing. So amazing that I felt the need to leave this comment. As corny as it sounds.. I strongly believe your videos saved me from a pit of despair that I probably would have never gotten out of if I didn't change. Anyways.. Namaste :)
I am like a block of concrete,from years of weightlifting and simply not stretching.This first day was an eye opener for me,will give this 30 days a shot.Thank you.
Lucy secrets
I started with u yesterday 20/12/17 so excited 💃 u are so cute thank u for your generosity
Graziella Spadaro
Grazie Adriene. Amazing as Always. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 😊
Vennessa Clanny S
started today!
vaani Miriyala
Started today ,thank you for the video😇
Fernando Leite
20.12.2017 - Starting off Today, already felt good. Thank you :)
I started today. Learned that I'm very stiff! Felt good though. Definitely going to implement daily yoga.
Betty Baker
It is February 2018. I am trying to be healthier and trying to find balance. I am so happy I found your channel. Just finished my first day :)
Hanna Hölle
Already looking forward to tomorrow, today was so relaxing
Hakyung Chang
Claudia Nieto
Started today, I didn't think I would be able to finish but I did! Thank you for the awesome videos!
Linda Park
May 1, 2018. Starting the 30 Days of Yoga today. Thank you for making this series, Adriene!
Kari Cooper
I mean WOW! The difference I feel in my body after this is amazing! I feel like my body is a cloud ☁️
Martin Vergeer
Just wanted to let you know that even though this series might be a bit older, really love the format. Now getting onto day 10 and loving it. Like your style and the clear directions. Great stuff, you rock!
Kelly Tromans
When downward dog came up I was like shit how do I do this. And I think I did it but I have no upper body strength and I was shaking and falling.
Notta Nyne
Starting this up in 2018, I just finish the first day and in corpse pose I almost felt like crying idk why
Laura Hday
i have really big boobs and i struggle even with sitting in this position for more than 5 minutes due to intense back pain from sitting upright, do you have any advise
First time doing Yoga and I felt great after this session!!
Awesome I am set for the next day's practice, thank you. This is so much needed I am legal guardian to my 3-year-old granddaughter so her primary caregiver and she also enjoys the moves. We thank you.
Les astuces de Margaux
Ir's the third time I am doing the 30 days of yoga. As enjoyable as before! Thanks again Adriene ! Love from France.
nneamaka bieber
May 16th, 2018. Day One. 🤞
Adriene, your videos changed my life! I always wanted to get into yoga, and these videos were everything I needed to start. Due to anxiety, I had muscle twitches and tremors all over, especially my neck. Now they're virtually gone. As well as the majority of my anxiety (which, at the start of my practice, was borderline paralyzing). Now, anytime I start to notice symptoms coming up again, I just do yoga, and they actually go away. I recommend yoga and your channel to all my friends. Thank you so much for doing what you do. Much love! <3
Niiut Sims
Yay first day done 🌱✨
Started today :D
I never realised my lounge-room floor was so dirty lol.
Carole laetitiak
Day 1 Let's do this!
Caitlin Potter
I’m just starting this 30 days of yoga however I’m also doing her 30 min bedtime yoga routine. I did it got in bed and had the best nights sleep ever! And this has made me peaceful and ready to take on the day!!
Thank you! Started today. ..feel good
Janice Marie
I am starting today! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2018 everybody!
Hi there. Who else is starting this challenge with me today?
sandra mercado
Mindfullness+ yoga + calm voice the perfect combination ... you are great! Namaste ✨🙌🏻
Rachel Munarov
Adriene, I just did the first day. I am a high school senior going into college. It is a very stressful process, along with other factors contributing. Normally with workout videos I find on youtube, I hate them. This one though - this yoga video- was absolutely amazing. I didn't even feel the time. I have chronic back pain and neck pain and I already feel amazingly loose and relaxed. I will be finishing this challenge. Thank you!
Alice Uhlin
Feels so good after just day one! I can't wait to continue and become stronger and more at ease with my mind and breath.
Michael Haungooah
A regular weightlifter here. Though I have gained strength and am much more confident in my abilities, I knowingly ignored mobility and flexibility. Starting the 30 day yoga beginners series and hope to gain so much from it. Thank you for having taken the time out of your schedule and putting up such useful information. Looking forward to continuing on.
Kyle S.
Wish I was up to this. Depression sucks.
Sweetie Angelina
I just complted day 1. It was fantastic. Thank you Adriene.
Beth Brown
Greetings. I just completed day one and it was a great class to start this challenge. I am looking forward to the next 29 days and hoping I can resume my normal daily routine. Cheers
Linda Rono
Day one linda..remember not to miss a day
Misty Larasati
Fawn Cranmer
I just started this as part of my recovery from depression. It is a good start. Thank you so much!
My first of 30 days! I’ve been using your neck and shoulders video all week and started the 30 days of Yoga today. I love your teaching style!
Sanna Mattsson
I'm doing Day 1 for 30 days. Perfect for my tired and non-exercised body (sooo nice for the spine and shoulders) and mind. Thanks!
Anne Guillaume
Started this today. One thing I really need to do is work on my patience to get through every pose and video.
I have been doing yoga watching your videos for back pain since past 4 days and now since I got relieved from the pain I Took up yoga challenge today which is 20th feb 2018. Namasthe 🙏🏽 -love from India
Zig Beswick
Day1 complete and looking forward to 29 more, but i have to ask, does anyone find their ankles hurt? lol my right ankle just cannot sit nicely in the sitting postures i dont know why it doesnt hurt any other time but when seated with the right foot in front. Does this improve over time? or can you recommend some ankle stretches maybe?
Summer Neilson Moshy
I did it! 1st day down. :)
Bilyana Gucheva
I just started the 30 days of Yoga challenge and I'm so thankful that you did this and you are still doing it. Thank you!
Rhoda Simpson
I started today :] wish me luck!! [28-05-18.]
Olivia Karlberg
now i now what my best friend has been talking about! I mean i've done yoga class before but doing in alone in my room is so much different and I can't wait until tomorrow! Perfect before night time, being relaxed before bed. Thank you for making yoga so much fun for a beginner like me :)
Layla Franssen
Started today but finding it hard already. Hope im going to be fine. Always wanted to be able to do yoga but i have always find it hard. I hope that after these 30 days it is going to be easy. Thanks for the motivation
It's my day1 and also #InternationalYogaDay2018
Thank you for sharing this with the world. I never took yoga with much consideration, but im interested now. It was a great introduction for me, i plan to stick with your 30 day help. BTW, Thank you for having a good mic, and not playing music over your videos. It is so much more relaxing that way.
Misses Magius
Today my therapist told me to try yoga to get my psychosomatic stomachaches under control. I tried to go along with this video and already feel a bit better. No pain right now, my mind is freed for now :) thank you
Hakyung Chang
Angid Gonzalez
Day 1 starts today!
Sarah Bagwan
Just started today❤ your first video left me so happy ☺ i can't explain why i am happy,i just am ❤ thank you
Doing this series again because I TRULY love this channel. 30 more days of Yoga for me.
Leticia Curiel
I’m really starting to enjoy this❤️
Mar Zea
First day starting the 30 day challenge!! Who else is starting today? :]
BADMAN!!!! !
Hi Adriean I started this challenge today with you and oh my I am feeling so weightless. Please keep posting as I wanted to complete the whole challenge thanks a million sweetheart xx
Nutella Duo
Starting today. *Wish me luck* 😂💕
iNs Ane
started today! Let's hope I can stick with it!!
Sarah Leslie Shanks
Started today :) x
Adriene: Thank you.
Whoa this is incredible! I get frustrated easily when i am unable to properly do a workout and just exit out of a video even if it's just 10 minutes long. Which is why i'm really surprised that i finished this entire video! Some parts were still tough for me especially when you started doing planks but for some reason, I wasn't so hard on myself. I let my body do its thing while still trying to imitate the poses. I hope I am able to fully commit to this even if it's just for 30 days. I will do my best. Thank you so much!
alessia loni
started this on June 19th.. i'll see how it goes :)
Kenzie Rose
I've been had so much on my plate that it stressed me out and caused me to avoid any type of movement or social interactions. I was waking up at 3 in the afternoon, watching TV all day, eating absolute junk, staying up all night, and repeating that cycle. It really affected my body in such a negative way, and instead of changing I just felt sorry for myself. I may still have a ton on my plate but I'm hoping this challenge will make me look at myself and find what brings my inner peace. Day 1 is done, thank you adriene
Cj Mazon
What time of the day does everyone do their practices?? Morning, afternoon, night and why? Benefits to doing them certain times of the day?
Ebubekir Mutlu
i started today but it's kinda hard to look at the screen and do yoga at the same time.
aya ben khalifa
I am 19 yo and I believe I can give time to my body and my mind and develop everything in myself to the best and especially communicate with my body and the nature and thankfully, you, are helping me through that , big thanks Day 1 , done !
Sarah Lynch
Starting on June 27, 2018. Let's do this.
I had a break at work and got a chance to do this real quick so long of avoiding my yoga because it felt like there was no time. Feels so much better and now I'm moving forward with the whole challenge to keep this good feeling going.
Dominique du Toit
you're awesome. so glad I found you!!!
Misra Derya
I am starting today? Who else is with me? 2017 squad
Miranda Robertson
Okay, day 1 done! I'm doing this before I do my homework or go to bed, really helps me focus and wind down so far.
Carrie Overton
Started this straight after Yoga Revolution.... yoga is changing every aspect of me! I have a really stressful job and am starting to draw on the breath and the flow to keep calm and gentle. Love this ❤️
Zoe Macgregor
I am so happy I found this! 30 days of yoga starts now. What a gem :)
Anthony Severi
I am three years too late but I finished yoga camp so now I am here yay!
Bev Onciu
Diana R
I wanted to start doing yoga to better my own physical and mental health, and I just finished this practice (mostly successfully! Still need to work on some things haha but I didn't give up). Your video was incredibly easy to follow, and your voice is very soothing to listen to aha <3 I feel so much more relaxed now
Started today!! :)
thank you for sharing the beauty of your personality and your practice.
Peter Johnson
I'm on day 29 and wanted to circle back to describe how powerful, but gentle, this series is. I'm a 65-year-old man with a bit of a belly and I sit at a computer all day long. The first few days had me breathing hard and sweating and I had to take a lot of breaks, huffing, and puffing. I told myself, if I make it to Day 5 I'll reward myself with a yoga matt and blocks. No sweat ;-) As each day passed I noticed how my body re-adjusted. My movements during the day became smoother, my digestion completely changed (for the better), and my appetite really shifted. I now eat less at each meal which is really cool. I'm amazed at how this 30-40 minutes each day of being focused and stretching has transformed me. Adriene is encouraging, gentle, and graceful and is a wonderful guide to the experience of doing yoga for yourself. Her continual reminders of deep breathing with the movement and the suggestions of being playful and smiling really help your mind get in synch. She shows many alternative poses and after every challenging pose, she offers one allowing you to catch your breath and rest. Thanks, Adrienne (and your camera person)! I've now made yoga a regular part of my life. I'm also now a member so I can access your other resources and can continue exploring yoga.
Deb Seyler
Thanks for this. Started today. I so need this and appreciate you putting this out there Adriene!!!!!