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Mylène Savoie
Am i the only one thats pissed like seriouslyyyyy its not going to be the same
Valeria Vargas
Boy epic's song!!!
Hermione Malfoy
I just finished season 6 on Netflix and I'm in love with this show, but this last season...I don't know...looks like it may have taken a nose dive but I haven't seen it yet.
Rose Adams
(Is crying because I can't wait that long and because the shows getting canceled )
Ezgi Tunckol
Where is Emma ??!!!!!???
Marie Huston
"Kid, you got problems." "Yup! And you're gonna help me fix 'em!"
Corvo Attano
Dromeda W.
This is kind of like the season ender of Pretty Little Liars (starting with how the series began, only pll has a new series and this is just a new season)
Rose Adams
Season 7 is coming on Netflix on March 2ND thats 5 freaking days away I can't live that long UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH im going to die then ughhhhhhh the pain of waiting FIVE DAYS
Antonia Gruia
I can't wait to see the next seaon of "Once Upon a Time". This is my favourite serial.😍😍
Eduarlis Lopes
Não gostei dessa temporada principalmente pq não tem ema
Gina Hirsch
I can't wait!
Fans de Lomaisita y Lachaisita
Y donde esta EMMA?????
Trap Legend
Rumble is back. ultimately the best character.
Bacon Sandwich
Rumple is rockin dat hair dough
Monique Archey, The Chief Machiah Archey's Wife, VA
I never watch this show ever, because this was the psych ward tv. No way. - Machiah and Monique Archey