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Marie Huston
"Kid, you got problems." "Yup! And you're gonna help me fix 'em!"
Mylène Savoie
Am i the only one thats pissed like seriouslyyyyy its not going to be the same
I just finished season 6 on Netflix and I'm in love with this show, but this last season...I don't know...looks like it may have taken a nose dive but I haven't seen it yet.
Rose Adams
(Is crying because I can't wait that long and because the shows getting canceled )
Ιωάννα Σκ.
From season season 1 until season 6 it's fine..then it gets sooo boring because Emma left the show and it gets so different because of it..Now it's just awful
Valeria Vargas
Boy epic's song!!!
Hermione Malfoy
Kevin Yannutz
It seems a lot of people hate on this season, but I think it has some of the most interesting twists.
Trap Legend
Rumble is back. ultimately the best character.
Antonia Gruia
I can't wait to see the next seaon of "Once Upon a Time". This is my favourite serial.😍😍
Ethan Jordan
Rumple is rockin dat hair dough
Becky Goodhair
Cinderella is a hispanic lady from the block who punches her prince right in the progressive, I bet there will be some gay couples in this one too
Exile 44
Omg henry looks so young 😍😍😍
gizem akbaba
Oh kid you´ve got problems Yep, and you´re gonna fix them XD
Rose Adams
Season 7 is coming on Netflix on March 2ND thats 5 freaking days away I can't live that long UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH im going to die then ughhhhhhh the pain of waiting FIVE DAYS
RANDOM Videos 1
This is MY FAVOURITE SHOW IT’S THE BEST!!!! I will miss that show FOREVER!!
lord doom 18
Just finisher season 6 on netflix. Just fini
Shahida Faisal
Boy Epic sent me here😌❤️
nyco nycorex
Same crap curse,bla,bla..Good series,good actors till season 7 .Imbecil producer with total lack of imagination.
mrkurre 06
Bella Svann????
It's Jenny
Im in season 4 now but i dont wanna end 😭😭
Beni Mihai
The new season lost my interes. Some story, different actors. Don't recomand it to watch. It will turn you crazy.
Kitty Kawaii
This is kind of like the season ender of Pretty Little Liars (starting with how the series began, only pll has a new series and this is just a new season)
Vero Mato
Hola de donde son ustedes are all you of u.s.a
Eduarlis Lopes
Não gostei dessa temporada principalmente pq não tem ema
Bodhi Doomen
comment whats your favorite caracter
KrayKray Kenz
Ughhh. Here I am on September 5 (the day before it is released on Netflix) watching the spoilers and freaking out bc im scared this season won’t be the same as the others!!!!!!
Mr Handsome
Please invite BEN BARNES to be a main cast in"One Upon A Time"
Fans de Lomaisita y Lachaisita
Y donde esta EMMA?????
Gina Hirsch
I can't wait!
Corvo Attano
Greedo Kenobi
Whats up with all the drinking this season? Every episode it’s “let’s have a drink to that/ let’s have another one”..... this whole season seems like one big commercial/promotion for drinking alcohol... It’s like all the big alcohol brands got together and sponsered this show. Thought this was meant to be a show for kids.... I have nothing against having a drink but this is a little much imo.
moon h
i don't like this cinderella at all. very bad choice