29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song - Rob Cantor

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EDIT: FULL CREDITS LISTED BELOW. For more information: /> "Perfect" is from my new album, NOT A TRAMPOLINE. Listen to the studio version here: /> VOICE CAST (in alphabetical order): BROCK BAKER [ Jack Black, Kermit the Frog, Smeagol / Gollum, Peter Griffin, Adam Sandler, Patrick Warburton, Jon Lovitz GILBERT GAUTHIER [ Frank Sinatra AMANDA GARI [ Cher, Flipper REAGAN JAMES [ Gwen Stefani BORA KARACA [ Whistle ANDREW LAURICH [ Christopher Walken ANDY McCLOUD [ Bono PIOTR MICHAEL [ Christopher Lloyd, Steve Buscemi, Gilbert Gottfried, Ray Romano, Ian McKellan, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Dylan MISSY MODELL [ Shakira MARK SIPKA [ Randy Newman, Louis Armstrong, Willie Nelson, Billie Holiday GABE STEINER [ Trumpet MELISSA VILLASEÑOR [ Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Bjork Sound Design & Mix: Lindsey Alvarez Directed by Rob Cantor "Perfect" is by Rob Cantor & Andrew Horowitz Album version produced by Gregtronic & Andrew Horowitz Check out Andrew's new music here: /> Very special thanks: Greg Jenkins Special Thanks: Coz Baldwin, Jonathan Coulton, Thomas Dutton, Ethan Edenburg, Michael Gregory, Jackie Johnson, Katie Kaniewski, Ben Ketai, James Kruk, Allison Kurtzer, Ricky Lax, Hanna LoPatin, Cyndi Lynott, Randall Maxwell, Steven Peltzer, Jud Pratt, Scott Uhlfelder, and Grant Wilson. For more information, please visit: />Purchase the album on iTunes: /> LYRICS: High in the clouds, up on a hill You talk to the stars, they tell you to chill I try to tell you what everyone knows You're perfect in the way that you are If you stole all the colors that persist in the air Sold them to black without much of a care Drew on my art, bleeped every sound I'd thank you cause you left me my heart Compassion always set you apart You and I will always belong So give a little sing to your song Don't be sad or scared at all Even if you can't recall, you're perfect in the way that you are Perfect in the way that you are If you took a boat to the middle of sea And spent all my money seeking treasures for me But came up empty-handed every week after week I'd tell you that your love is still cheap That you are worth the trouble to keep You and I will always belong So give a little sing to your song Don't be sad or scared at all Even if you can't recall, you're perfect in the way that you are Perfect in the way that you are Even if you're slightly ajar Even if you're looking bizarre Even though you failed us so far You're perfect in the way that you are Even when you're coming apart Even when you're breaking my heart Even when you love a la carte [You're perfect in the way that you are] Perfect in the way that you are You're perfect in the way that you are Perfect in the way that you are

How do you get your trumpet so spot on?! I've been practicing for years and I'm nowhere near that good. Good lord.
Charles Pattie Torp
Who does the Andrew Horowitz voice?
Cupcake Monster
When I found out this was fake, I'll admit I was kind of sad
by_ syd
I mean he did a great job lip-synching tho
Evan Putzier
The female parts freaked me out a little
my favorite part of his last tour was when he performed the entirety of Bohemian Rhapsody as Jeff Goldblum
Paul Dee
Hey look it's 40% of Tally Hall. Hoping for 100% again one day
lord bawnchie
Gwen Steffani was dead on outta nowhere
95% of the comments are “this is fake” Like omg I didn’t know you could read
Peace Maker
Wow, Andrew does an amazing Andrew impression.
Brock Baker
Color me impressed.
I know its fake but i love it haha :P
Theo Berliner
Just because other people helped with the impressions doesen't make it fake
Nicole Venn
Funnily enough I came back to this remembering the song... The lyrics just put a smile on your face.
Earth Is A Donut
When you did those female singers impression, I was like "that takes some skill" and then it turned out to be fakd
I totally believed this back when it first came out. After watching it again after a while, I can't believe I was stupid enough to believe it lol
BZA Black
To people saying it's fake: no, it's really an original song, and the video uses a clever gimmick where it has a large voice cast. That's exactly what the description says it is. It's a great one of those.
Molly Woods
Boi how did you do Shakira better than Shakira
Cat V
This song makes me so happy for some reason.
Hady Music
I dont care if its fake i love it
Third String Kicker
I guess the message of the video is your not perfect the way that you are unless you artificial enhance yourself.
hannah !
I miss Tally Hall
Ashleigh izsupahh
I love the song, so upbeat and happy...i listen to it when I'm feeling down.
Jimmy Grey
No one can ever do a good smeagol impression.
ᛕᗴᎥᛕᗝ ᗰᎥᔕᗩᛕᎥ
Wait....at the end was he doing is own self impression or someone else was doing it?
I gotta say that rob cantor impression wasn't very good
I Love Memes
Even though it's fake, I'm amazed that you managed to get that cast to do this video.
ARH PianoCovers
Even before they revealed it was fake I knew it because the piano is backwards. He is playing the high notes with left hand and the low notes with his right. HUGE PIANO MISTAKE LOL
CornCob Productions
where is his shia labeuf impression? ;)
Esme Marion
"Man it'd be funny if someone did Bjork's voice" [a few seconds later] [ME SCREAMING]
Charlotte Schmitt
Cam Taylor
He's my moms student!😄
Cody Brown
If you know anything about playing the piano you would have caught it immediately
The Gwen Stefani impression is where I got interested, then Shakira is where I got surprised, then Christina Aguilera and Cher is where I got amazed, and then Bjork is where I sh!# myself. Amazing voice work! - EDIT - Then I read the comments, and apparently you got me.
Eliza E
The gwen stefani one scared me
Fathurrahman Zuhdi
sooo who is laughing at 0:59 100% fake (joke)
Melody Cutie Cupcakes
How are people just discovering this now? And not knowing it wasn't real? Anyways, the message I always got from this was, don't believe everything you see on the internet. Some people will break your trust.
Charis Davis
The song is catchy 😂
Gidget Claws
This must have been awkward to record, lip sinking to a long song while only occasionally singing the song while Andrew kills the piano.
Brenna White
seriously do people NOT read descriptions?
subscribe to me
I like how on the high notes Andrew played on the low side and on the low notes he played on the high side!!;!😂😂😂😂
This is why you always read the description
Lily Gately
You can tell this video is fake there is no way he could have done those female singers voices spot on and his movements at times were far off from the actual voices
Tawnya Bulger
now i want to hear shakira sing this whole song because the part where he faked shakira sounded really good. lol
Mitt Romney XIIV
To be fair, he never said that he did the impressions, he just said that it had "29 different celebrity impressions."
Emily Hawkins
Are the female impressions REAL?!?
KattiPila Gamer
i dont really care if its fake i just love watching any members of tally hall playing together :')
2018 Anyone
This was amazing
Jack recker
good video but its was proved to be faked not my words tho i like the vid
How can i try and do a kermit voice every one i see on youtube does a spot on impression
Raymond Dante Perez
I thought perfect was made by ed sheeran and one direction
This is actually fake. Who knew this?
A popular Youtube video that actually deserves to be popular. What a pleasant change. Well done, lads.
I cry everytime its so amazing
Jeremy Huang
I knew he was lip sinking because I saw him look at his phone as he pressed play for the impressions. It looked really real the first time though!
Flipper was the fork, I was done.
it's so "perfect" am i right?
Ahhh Nooo
*Types* This is amazing he has talent *Sees the description* *Deletes old comment and writes new one*I knew it was fake Kermit was really shitty
Jon Walworth
The last impression was the best
Song with a kind of clickbaity title: 17 million views Musical about Shia Labeouf that becomes a meme: 50 million views All the work Rob did while on Tally Hall: barely any views or recognition God damn it internet...
Louis R
Running in the woods from Shia Labeouf
May have been fake but could you imagine lip syncing all of that in one cut and writing that super nice sounding song
Emperor Ehryn
I hadda pause it at the Gwen part like "wait what" cause i was fooled up until then
Keegan Tournay
Anyone else super pissed off that the last note was wrong
quit saying “this is fake!!!” yeah, read the description
Destiny Battie
until Gwen Stefani, it sounds fake but I LOVE LOVE this song 0:00-1:45
Tiffani Shepherd
Why not just make it 30 impressions!?!?
Man it's crazy how bamboozled I was, and looking at it 2 years later... I can't believe I thought it was real
-D- Devil-
It's fake My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.
Enrico Heib
shakira was Great 😃😃
Did anyone else flip shit on he started doing his female impressions. I love this dude. Thats awesome.
Robbie Austin
Best part is "Andrew Horowitz 8va"
sophie os
the bjork one is so good whoever did that one
Maxence Noreau
Shakira is clearly Celine Dion
Doesn’t he kinda look and sound like Paul Rudd?
Its amazing how this video is 2 years old and people are still too stupid to read the description, proving that there are different people that did the voices and that he just wrote the song
John Keenan
Pls bring back tallyhall
Chips 27
I love coming back to this each year.
Nick Day
You make this but you can't make another Tally Hall album :' (
Das Kampffredchen
No Freddy Mercury still 9/10
Jeremy Novoa
I think if anything this video is a prime example of how few people actually look at the description.
1hotarticle ___xox
this is mind blowing
Still amazing
party foxy 6
How the heck he can do female voices????
David Shields
When this video first came out, I was 100% fooled by the fake impressions and just remember listening to the shakira part over and over.
much prefer this over the studio version
Do you want a banana? Dis banana for you!
Taylor Tomlinson
I get that if you read the description you’ll see he gave credit to everyone but if you think about it it is a little deceptive bc he is a well known VA on YouTube and it’s believable that he could’ve pulled these off. The fact that he lipped all of them instead of bringing in the VA that did it is kind of weird to me because how many people ACTUALLY read those and most people are just gonna think he did it. I love the song and I listen to it all the time still, but I feel like it was a slightly off-putting thing finding out it’s a bunch of people.
Sal Vulcano
Joseph Palmquist
This may be fake, but at least he can lip sync better than Maria Carey
Xtd Gaming
1:44 Wait what
Mixed Up Madness
gwen stetani sounds fake to me.
Chaitanya Singh
I was bamboozled...
groovigirl groovigirl
They do a really good impression of Tally Hall too!
AEllos LosBanco
Gwen Stefani!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!
First Name
Cher was the best
I love Andrew and Rob so much man