INTENSE Last Minutes | Houston Rockets vs San Antonio Spurs | Game 5 | 4th Overtime

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Skye Walker
Manu the old man teaching them young bloods!
lil Beelzebub
Whose here for the thumbnail?
That block from a 40year old ginobini was sensational
julls escoda
Hall of fame manu ginobili
This is the best game in 2017 playoffs
Ninja Channel
Clever use of ridiculously attractive bespectacled woman in the thumbnail, uploader.
lil Beelzebub
2:36 this is what u came for
Wu Liwei
That block devastated Harden as he had one of the worst playoff performance the next game
Chris l
San Antonio Spurs: the only fans to get more excited over a game winning defensive play than a game winning shot lol
Al James
4:02 when u a spurs fan but danny green banged ur wife
Daniel Vai
We just gonna ignore the fact Gordon made the shot after Manu blocked Harden
Arne Cruz
This is game shows the difference between a veteran playoff experienced team and a team who has a great season. Harden and Gordon made a lot of errors in the end. Definitely they are rattled. While Manu, Mills and Green seemed unfazed.
Jordann Shim
I love San Antonio Spurs so much
paul phyo
im sure i'll never be as good at their job as the spurs front office is but. im sure letting simmons go was a mistake
Pau Carvalho
the thumbnail is INTENSE
Pau Carvalho
3:05 not what you came for but still the same thing
Marc A
The muscle memory of flopping by harden at the end. Flailed all his limps off a clean block from behind
Tsai Chou Zhang
Ginobili>Harden, if only he had whistle at his prime...
We got this masterpiece of a game/series then the Warriors swept them. This is why KD broke the NBA.
Vizions TV
I clicked for the brunette with glasses lookin so damn fine.. like damn asf 😩😩😩
Valentin Nicolas Silva
Que alegría y que orgullo saber que este crack sea de Argentina vamos Manu sos mejor
Mike D'Antoni
this is so painful to see. we could have easily had this series, this game was ours. harden rly choked
Federico Bagnolini
this will go down as the game where harden's career ended
Look at hardens box out 0:10
bleachy memes
I was at this birthday​ present ever
Harden, highest paid flopper in the history of the NBA
Ben Twilleager
3:35 we just gonna ignore the fact the patty mills just hip check harden 😂
Mauricio Calderón
Minute 5:24 that’s a sexy girl no doubt not the other one
Them big ol' women of San Antonio... Mmmm mmmmm! Plenty for me to grab onto for the joyride!
Glad manu retires at the age of 48.
Julian Rangel
Houston fans be like Where's the foul
JJ Rebancos
I'll miss Manu
Jupiter Chua
High level basketball. Playoffs!
If they ever make Ginobli a statue I want it be of him making that block.. or him doing the euro step
Clever Girl
jeffrey ren
Lmao Eric Gordon made the last shot tho
Sherman Ng
Don't sleep on Danny Green!!!! And how about Manu teaching the youngsters!!!!
Damn the girl at 2:38 looks so hot <3
That flop at 3:26 was the best part
Idea 86
2:38 though 🔥🔥
AND Who says My Spurs are boring!!!!!!! My Spurs fight to the last second!!!!!!!! Though they lost last year they had some Incredible and powerful Wins!!!! Go Spurs Go!!!! My team fights to win!!!!
Christian Kruse
Damn Houston taking Ls in the playoffs and in nature
Nicolas S
That block... Manu is awesome. I think about Timmy Duncan watching this game... #GOSPURS
Tim W
Manu > Harden
Braden Wilkinson
I remember watching this in my English morning class 😂
4:02 lmaooo
joker28 Diaz
This two team is more entertaining to watch than warriors vs Cleveland
Instrumentalists Jade
15 years ago, i bought a spurs jersey, and its ginobili #20. That time i even dont know him 😂
Baller Mixtape
came here just because of the thumbnail
Architects Vin
3:07 damnnnnnnn
Ollie Pup
Did anyone else realize Eric Gordon nailed the shot after the buzzer? 5:10 deeep!
Beast Bro
So when Mills made the 3 but didn't count everybody was like ohhhhh he made the shot but it didn't count!!!!!!! Then When harden got blocked to end the game Gordon made the 3 but it didn't count and everybody was like 😒ehh it didn't count like WHAT
pepper cola
Mills and ginoboli came in clutch
5:10 what if that counts
Nathaniel Levesque
That block was a thing of beauty
Age is just a number
Juan Carlitos Cuenca De La Rua
Thanks for the memories.. Manu!!!
gtg the Rap GOD
Harden's fan 👍
...Made in Argentina, pebetes....
JayDee TV
5:06 harden and ginobili double flops
rit gui
Damn, I miss Manu already!
Neal Medina
4:33 who's she?
Ppl acting like it’s the finals lol
Feed Gotchaaa
Lmao Pop literally had no emotion after that block 😂😂 legend ... Damn that OT was intense asf
Moses Ruperto
I laughed at Harden so much for getting shut down by a 40 year old LOL
Daniel Bava
Manu siempre la humildad,por delante.Un jugador de equipo,siempre con la cabeza puesta en ayudar sobre los 2 aros.Defendiendo,recuperando y atancando.Una lastima pero todo tiene un final.Gracias totales
Kawhi wasn't hurt. He quit on us. Ginobiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
henry venzon
2:38 if you are looking the girl in the thumbnail.
aljon hags
Who watch because of the in the picture?
JustA BeanyBoii
Here in S.A we have some fine latinas 🤷🏾‍♂️
JP Trj
Now that Manu announced his retirement, this winning block is more monumental than the day it was performed
What does the thumbnail has to do with the content of the video ? The combination of the word " Intense " and the thumbnail is just a perverse strategy so you can attract a lot of people , Pathetic!
Rudy Straight
2:37 thank me later
Kiss Me Where My Cheeks Meet
What a Texas classic! Byootiful basketball, ladies and gentlemen!
Youssef Taha
Girl in the thumbnail tho😍
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot
Y'all don't know about me!
Man after block of Manu ,Gordon shot 3 ,what a shooter
John Papadopoulos
A classic, old-fashioned western shootout
cassey Oraya
thank u manu
I remember watching this game Live on the East coast jumping up and down at 2 am every time someone scored a basket it was such a great game
Ginobili wearing KD's lol
Lily Frazier
that block was the greatest thing I've ever seen much respect to ginobli and coach pop
OO Pkmnmaster
Manu is love❤
more videos please. Love the quality subbed
Kenneth Hosmillo
2:38 damn she’s hot
ron burgundy??
Playoff basketball intensity at it's finest @3:07
Mr Rico
Sprite Cranberry
5:09 you're welcome
Inocencio Productions
Was the girl screaming that girl from healthy junk food?
Linda Hill
That was a foul i dont care what anybody says i saw it
Javian Johnson
Best playoff game of that postseason!
Chengez Hussaini
White men can block
Vol deMort
This Series is better than the FINALS that year/
And in Game 6 , Houston laid an egg .
I'm a Spurs fan but actually the clickbait worked that hotchick at 2:38
ken laguinlin
4:02 What's with the face
Jerry Huang
This game will forever be remembered as the game Ginobli snatched Harden's soul
Felipe Valverde
Harden flip flops 😂😂😂