Tony Hawk | Full Q&A at The Oxford Union

SUBSCRIBE for more speakers ► />Oxford Union on Facebook: />Oxford Union on Twitter: @OxfordUnion Website: /> The first in his field to have ever landed a 900, Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is a pioneer in extreme sport, with his show touring across 31 cities of the USA. His Tony Hawk Foundation has funded over 500 skatepark projects in deprived areas of the USA, and aims to bring about social change through the sport. ABOUT THE OXFORD UNION SOCIETY: The Oxford Union is the world's most prestigious debating society, with an unparalleled reputation for bringing international guests and speakers to Oxford. Since 1823, the Union has been promoting debate and discussion not just in Oxford University, but across the globe.

Ross Brocklesby
This man has earned some serious money and has put a lot of what he's earned from skateboarding back into American communities for skate parks for children to keep them off the streets and in a safe environment. Truly a legend of his sport.
Idriss Elba
What was the social context of the skate park invite 😂
Gary G
Who doesn’t dig Tony Hawk! What a man! Cool Q&A but the interviewer is a bit wooden
Chris Madison
Man Tony Hawk is seriously my hero. The guy is just so chill and awesome
Bobby Z
What a modest, intelligent and thoroughly decent person. Thanks for sharing 😎
Brandon Huber
Invite Rodney Mullen sometime! He is super good at talking
Surrealist Idealist
"So here I am, doing everything I can..."
Interesting, I love that Oxford will have anyone speak, it's such a smart idea. More people need to see these videos, much love to whoever is running this YouTube channel and the lecture series as a whole. I appreciate the true apolitical centrist style, the world needs more of this.
Iurii Kucherov
This guy is a legend!
Stefano Sottocornola
"Full disclosure, they gave me 2K to spend.." I really like Sneaker Shopping but I must say it... Busted ahahah Love you Tony!!
David Gregory
Why have four people clicked thumbs down? What's not to like here?
XOP Capital
Next guest Jake Phelps from Thrasher magazine. Welcome to Oxford Jake.
You need to invite the Gonz..
Nobody is asking the hard-hitting questions. Can Tony Hawk still dunk?
Total Mx
I grew up skating with tony inSan Diego he cut me of because of drugs I am beyond proud of my man
Dwobry Chance
Would love to see you guys bring Rodney Mullen for this type of Q&A!
Hope For the Planet
Skate boarder in Oxford Union?
mike wood
Tony Hawk is having an unofficial moment right now
Tony hawks one of best early PlayStation games ever 💯
The Last Danite
AJ the Marauder
I'm not much into skateboarding but I really look up to Tony Hawk. This video cements it.
Mr Rugby
Probably the coolest guy on earth
Alfred The West is dying, we must save it
God bless him!♥❤
Matt Sefton
Nobody better than the birdman, both as a skater and an inspiration. The GOAT
Skywalker ranch
You need to get Dennis McCoy and Eddie fiola two BMX legends to speak.
Tha Libra Fraudster
Has he been on ox union before? I'm getting dejavu
Jim Skinner
Used to play this guy's video games!
George Cayas
Tony Hawking?
Simon Gilliat
The guy is a legend
Mintie Prøductiøns
Wingardium Leviosa
80's Luva
I gotta say I have watched hundreds of Tony Hawk interviews, and have lived in the era he has dominated, but I gotta say Oxford really did a great job of asking intelligent, competent, inspirational and inventive questions. Way better than the normal questions.. They helped to delve a little more into Tony's thinking.
otto the awesome
Tony is the man. My best friend and i wore out public domain and animal chin on vhs when we were kids.
David Barrett
The buzz of electric lamplight
Giza ricoste
Que homem lindo...😍😘
Paul McFadden
The guy asking the questions has as much personality as one of the sculpted busts when Tony comes through the door. I don't want a stand up comedian doing the questions or the interviewer taking over but by christ please someone with a personality. The Nick Offerman one was terrible as Nick was very dry and making quips and jokes all the way through and it was flying over the interviewers head.
Freestyle skating may be a way to get more chicks into it. Skateboarding doesn't need to be harsh and bloody. Personally my favorite skater has always been mullen and I only skate for fun so I'd rather do Casper flips and old school shoves than fall down stairs. Check out this dude if you are interested
why does oxford interview so many people that are anti-establishment/dropouts? lol
thomas thompson
How funny. His story about his early days skating reminded me of my trip to the local skatepark...this kid was trying to feeble on mellow transition wall and he was riding at 90 degree angle right up to it, not carving at all. And his shoulders looked stiff, like he wasn't leaning them back into the transition to roll out. So I tried to give him some pointers, saying "Try carving into it." In the middle of explaining it to him, I realized that I should just let him skate, and in the middle of explaining it, said, You know what? Do the trick however you want, while laughing at myself. Watch that kid's gonna be the next Hawk.
Who comes up with these questions? Jesus. Train wreck of an interviewer.
Rambo Baggins
When he talks about girls in Afghanistan being heavily represented in skateboarding unlike in Western countries, this speaks to the same phenomena as women choosing to do less STEM subjects in Western countries where they are free to pursue them while in countries that are repressive to women there are a lot of females in STEM fields because these fields often get narrowly opened up to them while everything else is closed off. Jordan Peterson has spoken about this when talking about the feminist narrative that women in the West are being held back and are culturally taught not to do certain things. The reality is that when people are free, men and women embrace their preferred interests which are largely different. feminists need to accept reality.
Dude looks like death....