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Tickets + VIP Meet & Greets: />Spotify: />Apple: />iTunes: />Google: />Amazon: /> - - - - - - - - - - - - Boyce Avenue: Alejandro Manzano (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano) />Fabian Manzano (Background Vocals, Guitar) />Daniel Manzano (Background Vocals, Bass, Percussion) /> - - - - - - - - - - - - With the 4th of July around the corner what better way to celebrate than with a live acapella cover of our national anthem! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed performing/filming it! #USA #July4th - - - - - - - - - - - - /> /> /> /> /> - - - - - - - - - - - - Boyce Avenue performing “Star Spangled Banner” (The National Anthem of the USA) live acapella. - - - - - - - - - - - - Gear We Use: Taylor Guitars: />Elixir Acoustic Strings: />PRS Electrics: />Meinl Cajon: />Yamaha Digital Piano: />Sony a6500 Camera: />Sony a7S II Camera: />Sony a7R II Camera: />Sony 35mm Lens: />Sony 55mm Lens: />Sony 90mm Lens: />Sony 24-70mm Lens: />Sony 70-200mm Lens: />Audio Technica Mic: />Shure Mic: />Fotodiox Flapjack Light: />Phantom 4 Drone: />Zhiyun Crane Gimbal: /> - - - - - - - - - - - - Audio & Video Produced by Boyce Avenue Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Adam Barber Directed by Alejandro Manzano Filmed, Edited, & Colored by Adam Barber Filmed at 3 Peace Studios

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Boyce Avenue
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So beautiful. I'm so proud to be an American. Happy 4th of July! :)
Somewhere in this world right now, Colin Kaepernick is sitting down.
This is--by far--the best male performance of the song.
Crayzee Beatz
hey fergie, learn your lesson
brandilovesjay _
One of the best renditions in my opinion.
Proud to be a part of this band! I love my brothers and I love where I live! #4thOfJuly #IndependenceDay
Jesus Cova
Can you do a cover of "hero of war" by rise against
Lais Souza
quem é do Brasil.. E curti ele comenta a que 😍
i'm not american, but this is absolutely stunning. great job!!
Paul Gray
I'm not even American but I had to like this video!!!
Ha Nguyen
This is a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. It definitely sent chills down my spine. 😍
Simon Cowell
it's a yes from me
Every time that i watch this (now about 100 times) i want to give it another thumbs up. Seriously one of the best performances of this song. Great job.
Nicholas Oplinger
uploaded on my 12th birthday
mili 21
Is this America's national anthem??
man, you should sing in the NBA FINALS
Greg Schoephoerster
So why have we not heard you sing our National Anthem at any of our sporting events .... I would champion that right now. Your voice, the emotion in your voice, and the feeling conveyed ... stunning and absolutely beautiful. I am so proud to be an American and I am so proud of you for singing such a treasure so beautiful and with utter respect and feeling.
Art Jun
WTF! The best of the best Male Version.
To Do
Happy 4th everyone!!! God bless America and good job boyce 💝
Noah Hugo
Super Bowl 51!
Billy Bolly
He did justice to this song! Great rendition!
How the hell does this video not have over a million views?!
wonderfully done! i love my country so much. our anthem is so gorge.
Merle Kraus
damn that was good 😍
Wow........... Proud to call America my neighboor now. That was stunning!!!!!!
Murillo Rocha
Michael Costa Ramarivelo
nice, could you sing Madagascar national anthem too ? :)
Tima Br
Wow that was beautiful. Love from France, our national feast is in 10 days but our anthem is nowhere near as beautiful as this one <3
Joshua Snyder
well I know who's singing at Superbowl 51
Alex Edmondson
Can you please cover some of Blink 182 new album?! it has really deep lyrics on some of them that I think alejandro can really pull off like Sober!
AJ`s Guitar Covers
this is wunderful... greetings from germany
Anveshika Singh
Gave me goosebumps!🙌 Can u do Indian national anthem?!!
I've always watched people sing this and thought to myself: "I know Alejandro would murder this" And now you did. Great job.
Aariana Graham
Let him sing at superbowl 51!
Nicholas Oplinger
we need him for Super Bowl 53
Marti Robinson
Why aren't you being asked to sing this at Wrestlemania or the Superbowl? I'm British and that gave me goosebumps
JP La Grange could listen to your voice all day!!!!! You have emotion in every word, and I am not just referring to this song.! Been following you for about 4 years. amazing!!!! NEVER STOP BOYCE!!
Anthony Flores
Great performance! I like a little less Baroque style embellishment, but that was as National Anthem I would be proud of! Good job.
Dodz G
wow what a powerful and amazing voice alejandro u don't even need music, we can keep listening to ur voice all night long without getting bored, u are the best keep going 😍😍
Jose Alfonso Taboada
I'm Canadian but I absolutely love the Star Spangled Banner and Alejandro nailed it. Amazing rendition!!
I'm from the uk and I think the usa national anthem is miles better then ours
The Helghan Empire
*Liberating Nations Intensifies*
Dahlia Baelish.
Truly beautiful.
Monica Bozzi
This man can do no wrong..every cover I hear from him is awesome 🎧
Faliq Fizi
outstanding vocal technique
Jay Blanes
Amazing performance! Not from USA but the tribute is flawless!!
Pure O
i falling inlove with your voice 💕💕💕
Jake Abel Vlog
awesome! can you sing Philippine Anthem also?
Mandy Cavazos
I've been waiting for this! I've always wondered what your rendition would sound like, amazing of course!
Cheesadoodle Fitzgerald
fergie can't relate
Poliana T Lima
Isto é pra quem pode ;) Alejandro I love you
Scott S
Amazing work man. I've been watching you for some time now, and you are fantastic!!! Don't ever stop doing what you do.
скоро всей вашей пиндосии кирдык )
Vanessa Stegall
Great job on the cover! :D
Kaitlyn W
happy July 4th 2018 🇺🇸
maria barajas
Its an honor to sing the national anthem for the USA! You have a beautifull voice!!🇺🇸
joey patel
even a second string quarterback would have to stand for this.
The greatest song in the history of mankind.
Jeremy Beckman
BEAUTIFUL! Best version I've heard to date. Thanks Brother
😱they should sing at the super bowl
Florian H. Wave
That was wonderful :) I wish you all a happy 4th of July :) 🇺🇸
Wow! Beautiful rendition! 🇺🇸
Alana Locke
get him to sing at the superbowl
Rellik Rouge
Proud Army Vet. damn good singing.
Best male version of the anthem. Absolutely flawless. Got goosebumps.
Reef K
Land Of The "Free"?..
Arma3 xD
leck mich am arsch ! richtig geil ! alter schwede/ amazing best regards from germany
Brandon Hines
This is the best Cover of this song I have heard and being a veteran it hits hard!
Chris Holman
Wow, I got goose bumps! That is the best rendition of the Anthem I have ever heard. God Bless America!
Robert Proctor
you should have sang all 3 verses. I bet most people don't know there are three
I'm not crying... ;w;
Hououin Kyouma
Сергей Чураков
I want you to fulfill China's national anthem !!!
Isaiah Thomas Ayson
can i know what the lyrics is?
The Name Mentor
cameron roth
that falsetto though. that was amazing
Aine Mcintyre
❤ Amazing. x
Todd Combs
nailed it
He ruined the song by showing off... 🙄
Aidan Jameson
Only a terrorist would dislike this.
Nice rendition of the anthem. Like the country music twang in the singing.
BTS Kookie Kitten
Wow, you have a beautiful voice..I'm almost crying..
Silvia Cardoso
Adoraria vê-los cantando alguma musica em português.
I really wanna sing this at some American Sporting event. But I’m not American. Sad.
Marcus Price
how could there be any dislikes on this song? I don't care if it's being done by a 10 year old girl or boy! So to add on that boyce avenue doing what he does best as far as I know is singing decided to put his spin on it and I think he did and amazing job!! so to all those who are hating on him with this song, you can leave if your not happy about it! but your voice and this song was outstanding!!! keep doing what your doing!
Wilson Gozal
The star spangled banner Oh, say can you see? By the dawn's early light What so proudly we hailed At the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars Through the perilous fight O'er the ramparts we watched Were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket's red glare The bombs bursting in air Gave proof through the night That our flag was still there Oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free And the home of the brave?
Gene Jeric Janolino Buenaflor
LYRICS oh, say can you see By the dawns early light What so poudly we hail'd At the twilights last gleaming? Who's broad striped and bright stars Through the parilous fight O'er the ramparts we watched Were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket's red glare! The bombs bursting in air! Gave proof through the night That our flag was still there. Oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free And the home of the brave?
JBoa26 Channel
i love you guys for real. been listening to y'all for ever and always excited to hear new music. have to say never ever actually been disappointed so please please keep doing what y'all are doing
Khalil Sistrat
That falsetto/head voice note😎
Eric C.
I have been following this channel for 6 years and I have been a huge fan. I have seen this channel grow from a relatively unknown channel to my favorite music channel on Youtube. Keep up the great work and I honestly hope that i can see you live someday.
NotSo Special
You uploaded this the same date of my birthday, thank you
Cristiane Marinho
Costumava dizer que a voz de Whitney Houston era a voz mais bonita e perfeita que eu conhecia, até conhecer boyce avenue. A voz de Alejandro é tão bela e perfeita tal qual a de Whitney. 👏💯💘
Wonbulldawg 123
AWESOME!!!! Let's make America great again!!!!!
I'm not from the USA. Whenever I listen to renditions of the Star Spangled Banner, I'm kind of puzzled because singers often add so much ornaments and melismas that I can't easily figure out what the song is supposed to sound like. Alejandro didn't do this, and now I have a much better ''feel'' of the anthem. Sometimes, less is more.
Frodo Sings
Soooo extra but I love it! 💗💗