Roger Waters - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (live)

@Rock In Rio Lisboa 2006

Ben Culture
The chord progression for the vocal section is probably the best sequence Roger Waters ever wrote (assuming he composed the part he sings). Aftere 25 years, I'm still moved my the change from G minor, to Gb major,to Bb major. And then there's the "chorus", after descending in bass notes, it climbs back up with "Come om, you raver . . . " Eflat major, Edim7, Bb/F, Dm, D major/F# to Gm again! I love cyclical music.
Karen Castañeda
Syd !!! T.T
made me weep
Ric Fernandez
uuuffff... dedicado al loco diamante en el cielo
Luis Santos
Estivemos lá 90.000 a cantar esta em coro!
Bolivian prince
roger come to Bolivia!