Kaleido Star episode 1 - My Amazing Stage Debut

first episode of Kaleido Star: Sora Naegino is an enthusiastic and acrobatically talented girl with the dream of performing on the Kaleido Stage. She had traveled from Japan to America for the opportunity. In search of her chance, she inadvertently and unknowingly meets the head of the Kaleido Stage, Kalos Eido (a.k.a. the boss). Soon afterwards, a thief runs off with her luggage; and she uses her acrobatic skills to catch up and retrieve the luggage. Combined with time lost at the police station, she ends up missing the audition. Pleading for a chance, Layla Hamilton refuses her. After divulging to stage manager, Ken Robbins, he grants her access backstage, where she ends up with an opportunity to perform as commanded by the boss. In the dressing room, Sora meets Fool, a mysterious spirit of the stage only seen by her. Despite her struggles and Layla's stern negative judgement, the boss accepts her into the Kaleido Stage. I hope you like it

I love how the fandom of this anime is full of adults who watched this in their teens
Vivian Justine
I saw this anime when I was eleven, I was a gymnast and this anime was the reason I entered the circus world, watching this again makes me so happy 😊
Andrea Roth
...I remember when i watched this anime for the first time ! i was so pissed off because of Layla being a bitch to Sora in the beginning of the series...
Wow I was like 14 years old watching this. Now I'm 22 and going to watch it again x)
Moody Princess
I would be so mad if my idol spoke to me that way!!
Cats and stuff
This was third anime I had ever watched AWWWWWWWWWWWWW memory's
Tiff santa
The policeman looks like the policeman from cloudy with a chance of meatballs 🤣😂
Neelia Bea
that,blonde girl is freaking mean
Nomie Noms
OMG this bring backs memories I didn't move from my computer screen into I finished watching all episodes years back xD
Fat Otaku
Thanks americans"...me: uh no problem?! 🤔😅
Yoi Red
So long looking for this again finally found it got so happy when I saw it, love this anime so much.
Ryuu Lisha
I hate the long yelowed haired girl shes so rude that I wanna squeeze her into pieces >:C D:<
Tony Ho
I remember watching this on TV by chance because i was bored. Then I just fell in love with it!
MikotoSuoh Red Clan my Favourite
Nalu Dragneel
it looks like I ship sora and the boy. (the blue t-shirt, the stage manager) but I'm not still sure cause I just like the boy cause he's cute.
Olisten Lunaeleia
love you sooo much!!!! so many memories!!!!!!!!!!
Symbionic Musician
i absolutely LOVE this anime.💗💗💗💗
Jairo Quiros
I really looooooove this dub
Fatima Mohamud
what is wrong with the blonde hair girl
A Joke
im just watching this in 2017 wbu??
AnimeGirl_ 45
Please tell me this is English sub ;)
It's me !
Lol first seconds i was like: DORA!!!!!!!
lovely love cookie*
i like this anime but i dont like her voice i think it's a shy voice Ahhhh uwaaaa
MLei .H
This started to become more fishier hehhehehe if you know what I'm saying😉
ken blushed ken jeaulouse
Its been 11 years since I watched this 🙃
xyris sunlight
she sounds like Wendy from fairytail plus their both crybabies no offense wendy
Chocolate Chip Cookies
if you watch this already can u tell me is it worth watching?
M MacDonald
Why does this remind me of Pokémon?
sanyuckta jhurry
seonyeonhhoe idk
Am I the only one who thinks she sounds a little bit like Wendy from Fairy Tail. (:
Fat Otaku
Him:"what are you doing? " Me: "bwekfast" 😆😄
i love J-hope
#lovein it
Neelia Bea
i love this anime
Hello It's Alicia
Ken is so Kawaii!
The_feisty_btch btch_pprty
Yes it is!
Sei Ran
2018 and I'm still watching this anime again. I miss Sora and Layla. 😢
Snow Drop
(Breaths heavy) (puts hand on face) does anyone get the feeling of punching Layla ... (Breaths heavy) well I do ...
Amerry Emerry29
I watced this before! 2019!!!
Sherifa Herbert
I have not watched dis in a long time .
Tgcxdv Fgbj
Wow, my childhood
Yakouba Barrow
mr policeman 😂
sasi chan
è bello ma non ci sono qualche episodi tradotti in italiano ??
Potahto Queso
And thus a ship is born😎😎😎
lady malditah
I really miss this cartoon 😍
Christann Harmon
I watched this anime every time and I never get tired of it
Filo Filolial Queen
Brings back the old times😏😏
Jessie Moder
Thanks very much!!
Alia Doll
My first time watching this and I look so awesome and amazing.i so excited to watch all the episodes
Nashaad Ahmad
Wow my name is Layla too 😀😀😀😀😀
Ummm I like it but tbh it has no plot really its like they just stuck ideas in it not to be rood anyways ill keep watching this
Dancefell Chara
Wait..is her nickname... HAMILTON?.. and seriously.. Ken? . _ .
Lovey Dub
What if I want to ship her with two people? ;-; Edit: Welp.
Yup, knew it, friggin always English dubs on Youtube.
Penny Jensen
Good grief,I said I wasn't watching this,and now I'm waiting to play episode 2.Can't I keep firm on this?curse you,additive anime!!!!!!
Murplyn Hannah
Am back baby I love this anime
i remember seeing this for the first time on anime network on demand when i was 12
miss layla is a biatch! "
Hanna Chan
I love this anime so much whn i was 11or 12 😅 i watching this on tv first that year is 2005 or 2006 hehehe😅Elementary hahahah now im 26 😄 im still single WTH🤓
Mythically awsome
Me:hmmmmmmmm should I slap Layla or should I kick Layla?
김러브 프로페셔널
2017 summer ♡ California Beach vixx
Hanna Chan
This is old anime.. but i love it So much I feel so young again 😄😍
Best Anime Ever ❤❤❤❤❤
nekosci 28
OMG, I love this series! 😍 I was anime bingeing lately and this pop up on suggestion💖 can't wait to watch this again 👍 great anime
Liya Purnama
Finally we meet again.. Sora ♥️
sabbsels trash
One of my first animes I watched, now I am rewatching, ah the feels. <3
its swag madafaka
2019 I was searching to watch this again it is so good an I finally did😍😘😍😘😍😘lol!
Tracy Ann
When she say Oh wow
Minekittielyhere IyoriHajimeIzu
YOAI Queen
I just thought of something, how old is sora?!
Lets Fly Togeter
I'm watching this again because I just watched Cirque Du Soleil show today 😆😆
Su Marvel
Always will love this anime
김러브 프로페셔널
카레이도스타 (영어 더빙) 01화 - 최초의 굉장한 스테이지! 2017. 06. 19
grace *
find it! whew...
What a amzing start lol
kikias awungz
Hw many of u r watching this in 2018? 😊😊😊
MusalineShy Harem
Moment 01:33 killed me,Hahahaha ,but i
Haha, I like how everyone says they watched it when I am new to this and found it on my recommended :')
mabel kessler
Great news this this is really good oh my God it's been forever since I watch it!!!!
Sunshine Degamo
I love this anime i like to watch it over and over
Siti Fatimah
Omg thats so embarassing x(
Charlize Claine Ellazar
Well this looks interesting
edherei acera
huhu i miss this anime!!!
Genieva Enos
I am so happy that sora passed
Susannah Chan
9:03 facial expressions. 💀
How old is she??? it doesn't matter this is great
Mon Gurunv
that's for shore
Jas Warren
Wow an anime that I haven't watched 😍😍😍
Pheniox Seto
Ona roth same
Dingo dyno
ahhhh its Highschool all over again for me lolz this and happy lesson and Dragon Drive, and Gundam Seed
com band
nc full screen sya
Ella King
I love these move and I think she's great
Mellie Plays
azim inshanali
I ship Ken and sora.
mabel kessler
Al Gordo
If there's one thing I've learned from this anime is that I would not atop chasing after somebody for stealing my bag until I get my hands on them with so much RAGE.