Korn - Here To Stay


Beanie Draws
Scary thing is I'm pretty sure I listened to this video 10 years ago when YouTube was only really for listening to music.
Julián Alvarez
This song kicks ass.. I saw Korn first time ever last year. I'm 25 years old, from Argentina. Hear them since I was 10. I almost cry when I heard the intro of this one.
Proving Demons
looks like Obama on the left lol
A Rose that Blooms in Early May
Anyone noticed how the kids on the album cover have adult/mature faces? Maybe the artwork represents adults trapped in their dark childhood --- like little kids trying so hard to become adults but their (traumatic) childhood keeps haunting them.
This is so fucking heavy... I love it.
Icon Of Sin
What happened to these guys? What happened to making songs like this with crazy riffs and dark stories told through a song and all the heavy stuff?
Felipe Correa
ATV Off road fury 2? Anyone?
This song makes me want to knit a sweater...
Old Korn is 100% better than new Korn
My first ever heavy metal concert was Korn, and they played this song first. It was glorious.
i guess the children are korns symbol of the youth that have been abused and neglected by family's across the world
AleX SanZ
Korn, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Deftones, Slipknot, Linkin Park... Nu Metal never die.
Sometimes I forget how much love Korn, especially the older stuff.
arijana pospasingh
I wish my volume can go higher ;n;
Aaron Hood
when life got hard when I was a teenager korn made it bearable love all korn songs trust!!!
Love this song! People think something is wrong with me for listening to this, yet they at least use real instruments and not that auto tune crap.....If they think I'm crazy, so be it.
i was super addicted to this CD when i was 12
Santiago Hernandez
I have a bestfriend who looks just like the black kid with the dreads in the upper right. His mom and stepdad does drugs, and they neglect him always taking his money away guilting him and I've been into his house where the fridge would be empty for weeks with him having no food or drinks. I would give him food because of the shit he gets put through because its only the right thing to do, and his step dad beats on his mom. I remember one time he told me he got locked out of the house, and he cut his arm from his wrist to halfway up his arm wide open busting the window to get in the house to stop his step-dad from beating his mom. Aron, this songs for you bro. Hang in there, you're my boy for life.🤘🤘
Nikki Sisson
I could actually have an orgasm
Steve's Stang 03 GT
well i was going to go to the gym and listen to this while i work out, but i think ill go kill somebody instead
Chris Italia
so i take my FACE and BASH IT INTO A MIRROR
frosting monster
561 dislikes = moms
beeba la beeba
Who else is listening to this in 1980?
Belladonna Noir
I actually got into Korn through Evanescence after they did a cover of their song Thoughtless and then when Amy Lee collaborated with them at MTV unplugged. Which later on lead me to listening to other Korn songs.
Benjamin Bowling
This song is one of the many tunes that is the story of my life.
The best song of this album!!
Jeffrey Green
Still remember seeing them live at Long beach arena, this was the first song they played soooo AWESOME crowd went crazy !!
Sarah Bella
Untouchables will always be one of my favorite albums
Gerald Lucia
Fansee 13
So. Damn. Heavy. I love it
Salah Ghazi
Who’s still listening in 2018?
Nicholas Fetherston
Senior year of high school. I remember rocking out to this before prom.
It was a real TRUE Korn.. Was...
do you want some KORNFLAKES...hahahahaha -Sagat
Lee Hackett
I Saw them in 2016 supporting Rammstein at Download...they blew every other band off the park with how good they were. I'd listened to a few songs beforehand so I knew who they were. Killswitch Engage tried to get a mosh pit going but failed...Korn showed them how it was done! Band of the weekend for me. Been a huge fan ever since
Kolbe M.
this was one of the songs I listened to when I was younger that actually got me listening to metal and Korn in general, I remember it on my first ps2 game atv off road fury, then I started playing gh later and I was hooked, I absolutely loved this song
jose maria gonzalez AMAT
Bradley Cooper on the Right !! XD
Joshua medow-betts
I'm sorry how old is this band because I am only 13 and I am constantly listening to it.?
Bruno BRF3
Korn flakes
Jean Pierre Wehry
come back to this classic every now and then. This time, in memoriam of Jonathan Davis' wife Deven who died a few days ago. KorN for life! RIP Deven, I know you and Jon still loved each other.
Paul Jones
Pumps me up for my cage fight
Geowge McDingleberry
listen on 1.5 speed. You won't regret it
joe partsch
This whole album came out in the same year i was in first grade and ran away the last person you can make out looks like me 5 people behind the leader in the back last face!
James Adcock
Am I the only one who thinks that the kid in the top right of this album cover looks like Jake Gyllenhall
Al Network
Best song from the Untouchables album!!
Kyle Gray
a Good Trip.
Jean Pierre Wehry
The first song I ever heard by KorN, and THE BEST! To this very day this is their best song ever. KorN for life!
this song makes me angry, I love it.
Josh Morris
I can easily relate to this song
General Caos
Korn is still epic af!
Pyrus Rex
How many speeding tickets has this song caused?
i used to rock out to this in my dads truck when i was little with him lol
I remember when i was mad at everything in my life I would slap my headphones on and play this Album made holes in my wall lol
Efrain Hernandez
this is my favorite
OLD KORN!!! lml
Crazy story about this song . I fell asleep on the couch downstairs in front of the TV. The TV was turned off and all of a sudden the TV turned on and started playing this song from a YouTube playlist at full volume. Woke the whole house up about 330 in the morning . My family jokes about the ghosts being "here to stay" lmao
Friedrich Sensenberger
Die unberührten......die in bar bezahlt ey n artze die gesundheits psychologische Dienste zum Interesse der eigenen Wohle nutzen.... Fuuuuck that shiiit
Should have been #1 but could dethrone the Eminem show! Damn!
Diego De la cruz Anaya
Los Warsong son superiores
el canal del joven lil bukake
Celso Garcia
I always expect lyrics in description
The front person on the left looks like Key from Key and Peele
Pepsι Mαn
Barack Obama on the left, Tucker Carlson on the right of the Album cover...thank me later..Just kidding lol
NiCkDiCk MeTaLhEaD
I Remember seeing them with Slipknot and the place went Fucking Crazy
At this time of year I am 12 I will look back at this comment in 10 years and be like wow
As a kid I loved this for its energy and sound, but now I can really appreciate the bass quality and some of the bizarre harmonies and note-choices they make. <3 Korn.
listening to this in 2018.
Peter Goettler
Masterpiece Music!
Maddy Stacy
All I have to say is watch out
My first ever cassette (yes a cassette was Korn - Life is Peachy) their next albums were all brilliant. I like to think that their music and this genre made me who I am today: a management consultant who trolls her boss all the time and is not paying attention half of the time. Never grow up kids!
for all the ppl they say that hold on learn what your really doing with your hands before u assume reality
Ahhhh yes senior year of high school. Blared this a lot back then.
Cameron Lorenz
This song makes me want to A+ the homeworks
Spectator 72
Featuring Thor as the drummer.
name change
Our brains are too big for out skulls except when we are kids. Does that make sense too? Genetic deformation of the skull being misunderstood forever because our brains
baran attari
Love is korn
Chris Lowe
ATV 2, anyone?
Man, this was my break-up song alright....
Alienvolt 77
middle school years back in 2010 i remember having this slide up phone full of korn songs and always putting them on when i would go to bed and start imagining what the future would be like eventually falling asleep.
Kasumi DeeJaY
sounds like a dalek ha!
I be shooting up schools to this.
Zayik Gaming
Make it 1.25 speed at 2:33 then right at 2:52 make it normal speed
Kristy Rowlett
Juan Martinez
korn is my drug
Dylan Janney
This is the best Korn song so fight me
Andrew Stuart
My first GT6 drifting video brought me here lol
James Miller
I haven't listened to this in over 10 years
Nikkoli 4560
ATV Offroad Fury 2
Hamilton Mcgregory
Atv off road fury anybody?
MichaeL MyerS
micek rouko
Nate v
just reheard for the first time in forever at a party last week. glad I went.
rajivaksha dasa
I'm crazy about this song, and I'm not a fan of korn. thats saying something.
Tyrant Green
Is that Obama with kornrows on the cover???
This song is awesome live
this is war 456
they have good music but...