How Expensive is Traveling in CYPRUS? It's Cheap!

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In this video I explore Paphos, Cyprus and show how much things cost. PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING TRIP? "Gabe's Guide to Budget Travel" is a travel guidebook that's packed with practical travel info. For more info CLICK HERE: />Or check out "Following My Thumb", Gabriel's book of adventure travel stories: />More books by Gabriel Morris: />Support Gabriel's videos on Patreon: />Follow on Instagram: />Join the "Love of Travel" Facebook group: />Gabriel's travel page on Facebook: />Follow on Twitter: />Lots more adventure travel at: /> Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed with a GoPro HERO6 Black: /> Gabriel is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990 when he was 18 years old. He is author of "Gabe's Guide to Budget Travel", "Following My Thumb" and several other books available on and elsewhere. Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys! How Expensive is Traveling in CYPRUS? It's Cheap!

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Ah it's so great that you've shown how inexpensive Cyprus can be, a few people I know have said they wouldn't want to go because it's so expensive! The top hotels are pricey yes but eating and drinking as well as busses and entrance fees into places are not that expensive. I love all the archaeology sites, I love exploring tombs and all the ancient sites with many around Paphos. The last time we went (we stayed in Paphos) and paid for half a day Segway was amazing! The guide brought us to all the ancient sites and gave us history lessons along the way, well worth doing. The place was situated near the car rental place you walked past in the video, not far from the bus station. If your still there, I would definitely recommend. 😁 We've been 5 times now and each time hire a car and travel around the island, absolutely beautiful place with really friendly people. X
Mathieu Tallard
Something has change about the meaning of super cheap lately............!!
rose sky
Yes it is "Turkish" because we are OCCUPIED from Turkish!!!!
Congratulations for your 50th country travel gabe
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We need the audience volume turned up a little bit.
And, now here I am fresh from your Jerusalem video ... Oh, and I'm reminded of another video request that I have to make of you, please: A fashion one! No kidding, all of your T-Shirts (long and short sleeved) are KILLER! I wished I owned them all.
Asif Dutchmaster
Everywhere is cheap compared to israel.
I'm so happy you visited my country Gabriel! Keep it up!!
Viajemos Más
Gabe: A nice Island. Decent prices. An awesome video.
suru unconditional luv
Who is Disliking your videos 😡 .... Yummy tart 😋 😍
Any livestreams soon?
Space Shadow
Accomo was good and sorta cheap - but food......Gaabe......locals gotta eat cheaper'n dat, fo sure....:-).......thanks for showing me Cyprus though......are you going north.....across the border?.....:-)
Straight Path
Is the tshirt from India ? It’s about time you get yourself a partner gabe.
Jessica G
like always a great video by gabe..:)
Tijuana Psicodélico
i'll donate $$$ on livestream.
Thisbe Savva
As a Cypriot from Cyprus, just a heads up, Cyprus is Cypriot not Greek and definitely not Turkish. We are a whole different culture from Greeks and speak slightly different. You can offend us greatly by calling Cyprus Turkish as it is not. Even though the Turks occupy the Northern side, it is still considered Cyprus or the Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus.
Kyriakos Theodorou
Cyprus can be really expensive for tourist. Hotels can be really pricey but there are cheapest places to go rarher than staying in downtown. Like staying in Coral beach or bigger houses with many people, like family houses. Also for restaurants is better to go in the middle of the town. For clubbing and having fun downtown is the best place. For the most beautiful beaches are in Latchi Beach and Akamas with really nice 4×4 tours. Also rental car are better in the airpotrts. For drinks and staff also the best places to buy are the supermarkets, avoid suvenir shops and kiosk. There everything cost at least €2 more. Cyprus can be cheap if you are a tourist but you avoid to leave like a tourist i guess
ste reilly
Did everyone die
Spurious Flatus
It seems like the prices are only moderate, neither expensive nor cheap. All prices quoted from you are in Euros, which is an excellent currency to use, other than the USD, so that most people around the world can understand the relative prices of things, within the context of where you currently are. Of course you are staying in modest hotels instead of youth hostels. I have no more patience for the latter. Always many thanks to you Gabe, and we look forward to you next video! :D Cheers!
Spurious Flatus
11:44 - Crossing streets in countries where people drive on the left is very treacherous, especially for J-walkers, LOOOOL! xD
When you have a kitchen do you at least use it to save money? Eating out all the time is super expensive.
Eat Travel Rave Repeat
Cyprus has been a typical British holiday destination, which always put me off as I hate going to all those resort type places. But maybe I should check it out.
Supreme Leader
Anything Vegetarian Gabe ?
Holech Batel
You look so happy and loosen when prices are low... from the number of times you mentioned Israel in the context of prices, you seem to have a need to avenge ...
Patty Gonzalez
Paphos, Cyprus is beautiful. People probably enjoy the place in the Spring and Summer months.
50 countries ! Yay ! . Thanks for the great videos. This town isn't particularly attractive but I'm sure in the high season it's bustling and a lot of fun. I liked the boy with the fish statue.
Steve Wilkins
No fee to withdraw cash in that! The New York Plaza hotel with a full kitchen and nice "room with a view" and balcony looked lovely! Even $60.00 a night during the "high Season" is still a bargain but $23.00 during the Winter is fabulous for a good size apartment. You can travel so well on a reasonable budget and stay for twice the amount of time in Cyprus as you might anywhere else near the Mediterranean Sea. The Cypriot food you showed looked so fresh, healthy and satisfying....for so little cash....what a great place!
Sotiris Sotiri sid
To be honest It’s not cheap is normal... imagine here in Cyprus minimum wage is 3.50 euro an hour
Toni Ghossein
I wish you would take pictures of the meals your eating and add them to your videos? Your doing a great job love your videos very inspiring Anthony
Rockstar 007
23$ per night is costly bro !!!
Arthur F B Azevedo
Nice video! interesting place! cant wait for your next video! keep it up!
wandering spirit
Your videos are spectacular and I am a huge fan! You got the life bro! Keep up the great work and stay safe. Looking forward to meeting up with you one day. Drinks and dinner will be on me!
Diana-Alexandra I.
Oohhhh yeesss!!!!! The strawberry tart = superpower!
Supreme Leader
Internet is the most commercialized commodity in 2018 . If its slow in any place then it means its deliberate and you need to pay huge sum to get fast internet .
Hey Gabriel, great video as always! The "collection of scarves" hanging on the tree is nothing but offerings from people to Saint Solomoni. It is believed that she will cure the illness you suffer from if you tie a scarf outside the church.
Dawg push the beds together..................
What an awesome apartment for so cheap per night! Comparable to some prices I’ve seen in Belgrade during this time of year, and even in the summer season.
Aquarian Christianity
Nice video, Gabriel! Yes, except for the first restaurant things seem considerably cheap! The dinner looked wonderful. Filling, something that I desire. It's like my vacation on Terceira. Isl., Azores, PT. I could stuff myself, and more, if I were careful, on 12 euros. A decent dinner for about 18 to 19, and of course both about a 5-minute walk from the beach. What I've seen of Cyprus I like. Originally, there were a native people, not the Greeks; I think they still live there.
Martyn Jones
Very good video mate! Me and my family go on holiday every year to Paphos and it was nice to see so many familiar places we have eaten and drank in before. Cyprus is a real beautiful island with an interesting history. Keep up the good work.
Diana-Alexandra I.
Love the sky at the end..
chikz mikz
Fly to Lemnos! So much to see there!
America Tru
This video made me so hungry.
Mihai Ionuț
super cheap? 15 euros one meal...
Ben j
Remember when all the Israel fanboys called me out for saying Cyprus is expensive? Lmao.
Holech Batel
In Israel hotel prices are high mainly because there is a shortage of hotel rooms. And why is there such a shortage? Because every now and then there is a war and/ or a military operation and then there is almost no tourism. So the investment in hotels is not worthwhile for entrepreneurs. But in recent years it has changed and prices may also vary accordingly. Regarding food, there is no big difference between the prices of food in Cyprus and the prices of food in Israel In restaurants. Only the beer in Israel costs too much, and I think the main reason for this is that Israelis do not drink a lot of beer. They drink beer as an entertainment, but not with food. And this creates a situation in which the owners of the bars have no fixed income as in European countries. Anyway you bought beer from a small brewery, a boutique brewery, supermarket beers cost cheap. The shoes you've seen are ridiculous, shoes in Israel cost $ 30-50 dollars. And the shoes you showed - I dont know what it is and who wearing them. Anyway, stop being so grumpy ... The world is big, you'll manage without us and we'll get along without you
Cynthia Carlson
As you become more successful (congrats!), it seems you are no longer a budget traveler.  I, too, travel the world and $16 lunches are a treat, maybe once a week or so, on my budget.  You could get lots of veggies for that money and use your kitchenette at the hotel.
Let's Explore and Travel
Enjoy your winging it style of traveling.
Discover India 101
I love your videos and great information Can you share information about availability of vegan food in your trips
Zahara Love
You should cross over and travel to the north side too while you are there. Great sites like salamis ruins and beaches like turtle beach. It's lovely.
Mh. A
Cyprus looks very boring ,not much to do I guess...
Pine Apple
nice man enjoy the island : ) if you need anything just hit me up ; ) time to enjoy the video
Rock Star
You come in my India
Random Bike Trips
Yeah I don’t know about those food prices being “super cheap,” Gabe.
Why you dont travel to Turkey?
Sound Media
Great info!
We need the audience volume turned up a little bit.
Days to upload a video??????? Wow ... Is that what the citizens also have to put up with, in their homes?
Steve's Kitchen
Nice video Bro. Happy travelling
8:54 They are not towns they are villages only 4 Cities-Towns exists in The Republic of Cyprus but on the island there are 2 more cities occupied from the illegal "Country" of Northern Cyprus.
Gina OMG
Our north part is not turkish they kicked us out from our houses with war
Alanna Mendez
I love your videos they are awesome and I have learnt so much from you thank you, your a star.
Micah's Mission
Definitely chilax
Edges Of Earth
- Interesting. I wouldn't have thought this place would be so cool ate night based on the geographical location. Interesting. Enjoy it! 🌍
MS Marine Diesel
Looks like a very relaxing place to visit.
NPC #354127
That balcony is great. At least I like it.
Andrew Papachristodoulou
This is Cyprus my friend, we have the slowest internet in the world
NPC #354127
Going in February is smart. You go to see what Cyprus is like not a bunch of tourists.
NPC #354127
$62 is still cheap. Hotels in the USA it costs that no matter what.
Cyprus is famous for its olive oil...I just visited Yerevan Armenia including the Seven lake and between Georgia Tbilisi and Armenia Yerevan, ,I think I"ll choose both, lol I enjoyed both countries and very lovely next trip to "god knows' not so good in both countries and Armenian  beer sucks, lol
Fabrice Zugarazo
Hi Gabe, Love watching your vids... they always make me feel happy. Hope to do traveling like u do. Great work... from Calif. :)
Vendeta V
I'm from Scandinavia Europe and I can say that those food prices are far from cheap. In Spain, more touristy than Cyprus, food prices cost half, for example buffe in most of Spain's cities cost around 10-15 euros, I mean good buffe. but the hotel price is cheap where you live. Larnca is more touristy go there if you have the opportunity
Tom N
Amazing video as always. Cyprus is definitely cheap compared to other EU countries. It's now high on my list ☺️ Thanks Gabriel ✌️
Rayhan Mahmud Shihab
I thought I was playing a video game :p. What a view, looks like somebody drew that. Kudos to you, your skill and the camera. I was talking about this specifically 7:00
food expensive. Bed cover not clear.thank you for share.
Cool video. Paphos reminds me a bit of cities in Israel in the coastal plains - near the beach.
Karin B
Looks like a really great vacation place! ✌🏼👍🏼
Yousef Noori
Hi Gabe, Great video! Have you done Scotland yet? I think you should do it after Greece.
Great Video. Thank you for posting. I like you T shirt........ "Elephant".
Lisa Ahrendt
Garlic mushrooms looked amazing.
Michael Dallas
I am Cypriot Limassol
Klmeer Smp
Your delivery is far too businesslike ! Why are you doing this video ??? Is it a job ? Why you sound so frantic , fast and unchill man ?
Calabaza Gamer
Gabriel, are you planning in coming to South America? (Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay...)?
Limaasol has great internet! 😉👍
Adeline Nicholas
My dad was in Cyprus in WW2. He used to tell me about it. He flew fighter planes. I adore your videos.
European Infidel
Love Cyprus especially ayia napa
steve michaelides
John Nicholls
Was working out in Cyprus for a British Travel company back in 2013 nice to see you doing a video of this amazing Island. ☺
James Delast
Tibby K
It’s not too exiting so far. I guess it’s rammed in summertime. I’m sure you’ll have some nice trips out, can’t wait. take care
Yo Bro
Nice place
U should go to the little cyclades and or karpathos, a little pre high season.. End of april-may should be good👍
Danny Danny
you was not in Yakutsk why ? You are Genius. Most lovely traveler Men 2018
Almost to 150K!!!! Great success
In God I Trust
Why would anybody dislike your videos is beyond me. We get to experience places we will probably never visit.
Sotiris Sotiri sid
Yeah I know that everywhere in Cyprus the WiFi is to slow 😁😂
Rock Star
And which is tha papur city of India peace reply me
Amna Sarfraz
Town and city nameee plzzzzzz????
Jose Coelho
I heard Uruguay is very cheap and excellent value for money for back packers
Rock Star
Nice video and information
david mehta
The place is spotlessly clean! What a contrast from India
Saro Magic
the strawberry tart looks niceeeeee :D