Tom and Jerry, 101 Episode - Muscle Beach Tom (1956)

The short three-minute fragment from series is the 101st one-reel animated Tom and Jerry short, released on September 7, 1956 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It was directed and produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and animated by Lewis Marshall, Kenneth Muse, Ed Barge and Irven Spence (erroneously credited as Irvin Spence), with backgrounds by Robert Gentle, layouts by Richard Bickenbach and music by Scott Bradley. Produced in CinemaScope. Nominated for an Annie Award. All rights reserved Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Jonni Valentayn
For easier viewing video, see him through the playlists, so you do not miss anything.
Chris Morris
Tom would have won a girlfriend if he hadn't crossed Jerry xD
Pokemon Pack
0:31 Jerry dance with a peel! 🍌🍌
RockstarFoxxy1985 Roblox Vlogs & More
Tom and jerry is my childhood also I've always loved the part when Tom grabs the balloons and puts them in him to make him look strong 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
0:51 I always loved that scene, Tom made that trap but he got impatient and just yanks Butch into the "sand grave" lmao
Jun Ichiro
Did anyone know the girl cat look different from those new cats. This one look more pretty and cute
Lamia Tabassum
0:30-0:35 😂😂😂😂😂
Max Chia
Whats the soundtrack from 1.22 to 1.34?
Alice Casey
Who agree Tom and Jerry is the best cartoon you ever seen?
1:57 - 2:00 always got me
Random Videos
Props to Tom for even being able to pick those weights up
Parthiban Thevar
my chillhood was spent in watching this cartoon
Bryant G
1:57 I love the old timey "Square up" stance. Gentlemen
Sonali Satyam Musical Group Gupta
My Favourite Tom and Jerry😍😍😍😍
Henry Hoover TV
Tom and Jerry = Perfect Bedtime Story for the Whole family. lol
فديان باسم
Sơn Bạn
I love tom
Laibamuskan Butt
i just really love tom and jerry
estos eran los capitulos buenos, esos de ahora son aburridos
bigpoppa 1967
Tom FINALLY got the best of Butch.
Amin Khan
Thanks for uploading.The episodes from the 40's and 50's are the best.
Old Turntables
one of my favorite tom and jerrys but i need to find the one where spike was tied up and tom drew that line in the grass so he knew how far spike would go and he could mess with him. then spike erased that line and redrew it closer LOL
Joshua Perez
I'm a big fan of Tom and Jerry the shows are super funny and Jerry is so smart 😂😂
Gleisy López
sarath aspirant
Super funny😂😂
Raluca Tudose
I like so much Tom and jerry ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Targaryen Q8
Joshua Mackintosh
2:26 muscle inflation
Pauleen Valles
It's beutiful
Victor Espindola
mi favorito tom y jerry😆😆😆😍😍😛😛😛
Eryck EV
Omg cool and funny
Jarno Datema
I miss the 50's
Gaylee Vassell
nikitha addala
I like Tom and Jerry
Toufik ur Rahman
At least 12 years later 🙌🙌🙌
Danny Davis
Best cartoon ever
Enchanted AJ
ahh i remember these episodes
Sinval Silva
Eu amo tom and Jerry
Dizi Fragman Tv
Very nice👍👍👍
Ashish Kumar
l love this cartoon tom and jerry forever.
Nazia Hina
Tom is very naughty cat
Do you guys know whether the black cat who challenges Tom all the time supposed to be Latin/Hispanic?
TheMuslimTutorial Kiddo
Tom saw a girl cat dance with butch. Tom went to the girl cat and danced with him a little bit.
Eagle hawk
It was funny
Meiramkul Joldasova
Weather I’m 5 or 65 Tom and jerry always with me 😍
Shahriar Pucci
i love tom and jerry in cinemascope its my life
أبن فلسطين
Joe Davila
The best part is when Tom pops Jerry in the head with the food basket lid....I laughed soo hard 🤣😂🤣
Öykü'nün Sihirli Dünyası
jassim Bloushi
Where is tom tail gone after weight
Makpal Zhunusova
I love you Tom and Jerry
Heayawn Kim
My recorded the episodes of Tom and Jerry when I was a kid! These good old memories
Anonyme User
*Ugh, tom and his cat girls* 😂😂😂😂
Līndøű_ *.* _ Fĕr
😂😂😃 i love tom and JerrY ❤❤
ام لجود سوسو
It looks like Tom took steroids
martina 8 años suarez
desde cuando era chiquita lo miraba y le puse me gusta
84 savage 84 savage
Hi 👋
un known
Always tom and this black cat r fighting for girl
this series frame me childhood :)
Jejdjdjcic Ehducicije
Christy Rodriguez
Butch is always *there*
Roby August
i love tom and jerry
Wall-e Zachman awesomness ll
Cinemascope?you mean 20th Century Fox 1953.
Matt Curry
Who else just hated Jerry😂
X YVngBratZ X
wht that song name?
Netopalmeiras Palmeiras
muito engraçado
Lee looner
How should I pump up a balloon in the back of pants and shirt
Edward Gaines
Halle Berry, cat version!
Hi-Fi Life
0:12 I always ROFL by watching this 😂😂 and it’s better not to show off in MUSCLE BEACH lol 😝
katarina brlić
1:59 that moment when Tom finally beats Butch
Why is this exactly like Georgie shore
1:23 Are we just going to ignore the fact that Tom totally did not pay for any of those balloons? Lol
تعاليىخاص Khames
ههه رومانسي
1:48 fail haha
Jacyara e Clara oliveira
Yanvier ,
2:27 Tom is Bane
sophia magno
tom e gerry e legal😘😘😘
علوشة فيكة وقلبي كيكة
هههههههه توم يرقص مع الموز
Angel Olmos Angel Olmos
good 😁
محمد العاني
RockstarFoxxy1985 Roblox Vlogs & More
Also when Tom popped where did he go lol
santino antonio
Me fascina Tom y Jerry
طاهر بن علي الاحسائي
John Lee
That girl cat soo black
bakali saad eddine
Hhhhhhhhhhh I Love Tom 😍😍😍
Johnson TheRobloxGuru
Lol just love Tom and Jerry... such nostalgic memories
حمزة عباس
الرادود حسن الحواج
I miss thim so much
Carlos Rolando García
JAja JAja como baila el gato negro
TdH mEmez
I love William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
very nice
Anura Silva
I like it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mahdi Miss
I love Tom and Jerry soo much
zahaz ahamad
2:05 to 2:12 When you are chatting with Ur crush and Ur friend disturbs you with music
Nidal Najwa
so funny
Maria Martinez
Tom always gets bad luck