I Know Karate & Bunny "They Call Me Bunny" - (Official)

Purchase it here: /> If you could bottle the raunchiest, kinkiest and nastiest night of your life and wear it like Axe body spray you would end up with something like this! I know Karate and Bunny first met at an underground karate fight club where Bunny actually rescued the DJ/producer. I know Karate was being held captive and forced to fight on a nightly basis. Bunny Legitt went undercover freeing the enslaved music producer along with many others. The two have been as thick as thieves ever since, creating music to make speakers tremble and booties shake, striving to make the kind of music that elevates you. No limits just forward thinking sounds to make your body move.

Rhiannon Roze
Jason Marzetti
Alexander Franco
Axmann Albert
-----lOVe tHaT------