Three Days Grace - Riot (Official Audio)

Three Days Grace's official music video for 'Riot'. Click to listen to Three Days Grace on Spotify: /> As featured on The Collection: Three Days Grace. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: />Google Play: />Amazon: /> More from Three Days Grace Animal I Have Become: />I Hate Everything About You: />Never Too Late: /> Follow Three Days Grace Website: />Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: />Tumblr: /> Subscribe to Three Days Grace on YouTube: /> More great 00s videos here: /> #ThreeDaysGrace #Riot #Vevo #Rock #OfficialAudio --------- Lyrics: If you feel so empty So used up, so let down If you feel so angry So ripped off so stepped on You're not the only one Refusing to back down You're not the only one So get up Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot"

Ms Audy
I caught my 9 yr old cousin singing this yesterday...I've never been more proud
This song is empowering. Who wants to start a civil war?
"Let's startle Ryan." It's been so many years since this song was made and we still have no idea who Ryan is or why they wanted to startle him...
When the teacher moves you away from your best friend
XxIvancraftXx Tutoriales y mas
*F U C K D E S P A C I T O !*
Riley Marais
when the teacher says "the bell doesn't dismiss you, I do"
Heavenly Nocturne
When your mom disciplines u over the smallest thing.. and your dad agrees.
Supreme RTS
When the comments section of a video become a meme gallery
This Is A Good Username
This gets stuck in my head during school so I start muttering it. That's when I get the looks.
9-year-olds when T-Series becomes #1.
When three days grace stops uploading
Thomas Bulford
If you feel so empty So used up, so let down If you feel so angry So ripped off, so stepped on You're not the only one Refusing to back down You're not the only one So get up Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot If you feel so filthy So dirty, so fucked up If you feel so walked on So painful, so pissed off You're not the only one Refusing to go down You're not the only one So get up Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot If you feel so empty So used up, so let down If you feel so angry Just get up Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot
Natalia Magkou
When you're on your period and someone tells you to chill out.
pissy little girl
When your in math class 😂
Kyle Carracappa
When you're in 2nd grade and you don't get long recess cause 1 kid didn't do his homework
Jacob Dupre
When your crush doesn't like you back
The internet after Sweet Victory wasnt played at superbowl LIII
DinoRockChick 06
You're not you when you're hungry. Snickers satifes
Emrys Ambrosius
Maroon 5 didnt play sweet victory, you all know what we need to do.
xXDarkness of the NightxX
Listening to this when you're angry honeslty helps tbh
thegamer 45
When you forget to save after catching a shiny pokemon
Suscribe to PewDiePie
6.9k of people don't want start a riot :(
Chris Highlights
When one person does something at football practice and the coach makes everybody do 100 push ups
Bella Little Gamer
Why do most comments start with "when"?
Kane Aquino
People: Beg to the NFL to play Sweet Victory for the Superbowl NFL: Plays only 5 seconds to then go to Sicko mode. People:
JC Barudesu
SVR 2007 Brought Me Here Ahhhh... The Memories Let's Go Riot!!!!!
Adam Rosbrugh
French national anthem Winter 2018
Tabata Serna
when left one piece of pizza and your brother fight with you
Alex 423
When you like comments with When
When your in 1st and get 1 question wrong in kahoot and get moved to 10th place
When all the comments start with "when"
The lost explorer
Poor ryan XD
e lias
Songs great 👍 Also when ur mom takes ur phone for screaming the lyrics at 2 am
Isaac Chandler
Benny Boo
Listening to this makes me feel like a badass.
Maleah Pace
When someone flirts with your crush😂
Micaela Blezio Sierra
2:51 When I first listened to this song, I thought all the coments would be about how beautiful is this part
Άγγελος Αμυγδαλάρης
This how I feel. Still waiting for that riot
dexter johnson
My favorite song to listen to before a match in WWE 2k7
Habit Of
Government Shutdowns asking for this . . . LETS START A RIOT !
Michael Michael
Me after not seeing sweet victory at the Super Bowl.
Nabeel Soufanati
When "Sweet Victory" was only 5 seconds long at the Superbowl halftime show
Platinum Fails
So this is an amusing story, a math teacher walked into my social studies class asking if someone in the previous period if they stole something, this was playing on full volume on my headphones so I didn’t know he was there, and he stopped for a minute staring at me while it was playing... I looked up and everyone was staring at me and my friend, who was doing the same as me 😂
Creepy Teddy
When your wifi goes down
A snake who got internet access
The title is what I'm gonna do after watching the halftime
Lol this was my jam back in the 6th grade. Now I'm in 3rd year of college.
sna sh
When all comments starting with "when"
Sanjay Krishnan Nair
Germany after treaty of Versailles.
Kale Cheek
when you're sick of reading the same damn when comments
Alex Zamora
They finally changed the "(Official Video)" from to the title to "(Audio)". Hah.
DinoRockChick 06
This was a girl at my old school when the teachers moved her desk. They had to call her parnets to pick her up early. Thank the lord I'm in high school now and she's in another class than me. :/
El Niño
Basically everyone’s reaction to Sweet Victory not playing at the Super Bowl..
Grace lee
Wwe 2007
Infamous 317
When you realize it's Monday and you gotta go to school
2019 anyone and I love this song
Christine Pearson
Now I want to run outside at school and scream this song while waving around a flag that I’ll make. You know what, I don’t care. I’m doing it. PS: Who else is seeing this song live for the evolution tour
When the teacher gives homework after the bell rings...
Israeli crusader
Start of 2019 the entire world is rioting. TDG you missed it by 7 year
When the super bowl does not play the BUBBLE BOWL!!
Eduardo Badilla
When it’s late May 2019 and carti still hasn’t dropped WLR
BadAttitude. tv
Visual Chan
Wait, who came here for Hollywood Undead but clicked this masterpiece?
愛のバカa fool of love
when you realise that your GCSEs (Or mocks) are closer than you expected and AQA want to be extra
David the gamer
Saying you want to have a riot but just to have fun but then everyone takes it serious
Dark Makor
I love this comment section lol.
Ева Браун
Just love this song
Commander Cody
When someone spoils Endgame
Roses are red Violets are blue You started a riot And I did too
syd bro
the vast majority of these comments are either: starting with "when," personal stories "LETS STARTLE RYAN" exposing the large amounts of "when" comments lmao
Oh, my middle school days...
Bloody Bubbles
Poor Ryan....why are they startling him? *whatd Ryan ever Do to you?*
Beats by Cossack
When you hear someone say they love the song Riot but then you find out they're referring to th Xxxtentacion song instead of this
Landyn Temple
This song makes me wanna fight and fight,my algabra teacher
dumb bee
when pewdiepie isn't in youtube rewind 2018
Velyzar Petrov
When the teacher doesnt end the class when the bell rings
Lili Bakó
I think I've broken the replay button. After listening this song i always feel like i can fight with full power turned on. ❤❤💜💜🖤🖤
Brettato The Musical Potato
When they ban memes worldwide
80% of comments start with when 99.99% .99.99% of this song starts with when
قناة هواة الطيور
if you feel you are hated by everyone......let's start riot.......
When the neighbors change their Wi-fi password
Luis Regalado
Pulled up to a 40+ year old black woman and she gave me odd looks and I just smiled back and when "LETS START A RIOT!!" began she just rolled up her windows. So I turned it up to the max.
Monica Postiglione
Canzone fantastica introdotta anche da uno dei miei youtuber preferiti: MARZA!!!
Jonathan Loch
Smackdown vs Raw 2007 anyone???
Vlad Raiser
This song is great
Legend Killer '13 year old rko fan'
99% of the comments start with "when"
DinoRockChick 06
When the teacher makes you work with someone you *HATE*
exotic butters
When (insert relatable situation)
This song actually made me start a riot in my street.... hopefully it works on e tire city
Allen Khaos
Smackdown vs raw 07?? Anybody?
when someone starts a riot
Santiago Hernandez
This song is Legendary. Point, blank, period.
When the view count is higher than the population of Canada
When there's no more of your favorite food, then it's time to riot. 😂
On speed 1.25 is Amazing
That Guy
This song makes me wanna fight
vindechi 86
When you're killed in halo
Lucas Simonetti
Smackdown vs Raw 2007
Odd Eye
Yes, because this is what people would listen to if they were going to riot... if they were holding hands and skipping into the "riot" to hand people a pepsi maybe..