Three Days Grace - Riot (Audio)

Three Days Grace's official music video for 'Riot'. Click to listen to Three Days Grace on Spotify: /> As featured on The Collection: Three Days Grace. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: />Google Play: />Amazon: /> More from Three Days Grace Animal I Have Become: />I Hate Everything About You: />Never Too Late: /> Follow Three Days Grace Website: />Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: />Tumblr: /> Subscribe to Three Days Grace on YouTube: /> More great 00s videos here: /> --------- Lyrics: If you feel so empty So used up, so let down If you feel so angry So ripped off so stepped on You're not the only one Refusing to back down You're not the only one So get up Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot Let's start a riot, a riot Let's start a riot"

That Guy
This song makes me wanna fight
"Let's startle Ryan." It's been so many years since this song was made and we still have no idea who Ryan is or why they wanted to startle him...
Corbin Steer
when the teacher gives everyone a detention cause of 1 kid
Ida CouldntThinkOfAName
When you just finished the dishes and someone brings in a random dirty dish...
Legend Killer 2003-2008 RKO
99% of the comments start with "when"
When you loose in kahoot
Waffle The Waffle
When you win at kahoot but don't get the candy that 1st place gets.
When the teacher moves you away from your best friend
Vs Leah
Emma Anselmo
911 what's ur emergency. Me: they made me go to school
When people say wrestling is fake.
Paige Giuliano
If you feel so hefty So filled up, so gnarly If you feel so filthy So bulky, so chucky Your not the only one Feeling like a donut So get up Lets go on a diet, a diet Lets go on a diet, a diet If you feel so heavy So meaty, so bulging If you feel so husky, So fluffy, so unhealthy Your not the only one Feeling like a pizza So get up Lets go on a diet, a diet Lets go on a diet, a diet If you feel so hefty So filled up, so gnarly If you feel so weighty Just get up Lets go on a diet, a diet Lets go on a diet, a diet Lets go on a diet, a diet Lets go on a diet, a diet Lets go on a diet, a diet
Maleah Pace
When someone flirts with your crush😂
pissy little girl
When your in math class 😂
Kyle Bonnett
*Teacher* boi you got a D your not passing this class. *Me* It looks like you haven’t got a D in a long time. *Classmates* give respect *Teacher* listens to song, starts a riot, burns down school. *Students* 💀
Ms Audy
I caught my 9 yr old cousin singing this yesterday...I've never been more proud
Jaiden Schaper
this song makes me wanna kick somones ass
DinoRockChick 06
You're not you when you're hungry. Snickers satifes
GanG bitchesaye
When there's a cockroach on the floor
Adapt Gaming
When you get 2nd place in Fortnite
2000 subs without videos?
Bella Little Gamer
Why do most comments start with "when"?
bob bobing son
WWE anyone on the ps2 ? :'D
Supreme RTS
When the comments section of a video become a meme gallery
this the song i was listening to when i first ran from a cop on my motorcycle haha. this song makes me feel invincible
Infamous 317
When you realize it's Monday and you gotta go to school
Moon ____
When you drop your food after already spilling your drink.
Dankmew mew
90% of the comments: start with “when” 9% of the comments: “Omg relatable” 1% of the comments: “i just like the song.”
This song is empowering. Who wants to start a civil war?
This Is A Good Username
This gets stuck in my head during school so I start muttering it. That's when I get the looks.
When the teacher gives homework after the bell rings...
Ssscarfyyeet T
Am I the only one that hears “let’s start a diet”?
This is the school shooter anthem
Samantha Lusher
I saw them Live recently and when they started this song the mosh pit went crazy! <3
Life Is Weird But Tacos Are Better
I need to start a riot. I have so many reasons to, but I just won't! I'm too scared, ugh! GO AWAY FEARS, PLEASE! How can you get fears to go away?
Riley Wolfhardgrazer
when the teacher says "the bell doesn't dismiss you, I do"
desiree Anderson
Perfect to jam as loud as possible when you find people scoping out your BMW like they going to take it!!
this album will never die
Adam Rosbrugh
French national anthem Winter 2018
Ricekrispy- Kun
When you're crush says no to you're confession
Creepy Teddy
When your wifi goes down
when u find out someone toucha your spaghett
Tabata Serna
when left one piece of pizza and your brother fight with you
Hitler isn’t my Great Great Grandpa
They act so big until you bring in a gun.....
Keith Tepper
When you hear it a bunch of times it sounds like Mr.Riot
When the class is roasting you and you're getting out your M16.
the voices have returned 6251
This song makes me wanna fight and fight,my algabra teacher
Platinum Fails
So this is an amusing story, a math teacher walked into my social studies class asking if someone in the previous period if they stole something, this was playing on full volume on my headphones so I didn’t know he was there, and he stopped for a minute staring at me while it was playing... I looked up and everyone was staring at me and my friend, who was doing the same as me 😂
casie killer
when your teacher says you have homework of 58 questions
Tixoox !!
Oh, my middle school days...
Torbacı Yasuo
Wait this isn’t xxxtentacion’s song
I have been obsessed with this song since yesterday. It is stuck in my head. It is an awesome song
Video Room - R
When you had the first 5 honey buns and your sibling takes the last one
Kale Cheek
when you're sick of reading the same damn when comments
Rock Man Denny
This is how I feel everyday ,
dumb bee
when pewdiepie isn't in youtube rewind 2018
James Ian M. Meneses
when you raised your hand for recitation then someone steals your answer and you were called next
David the gamer
Saying you want to have a riot but just to have fun but then everyone takes it serious
Yes start a riot
Chris Highlights
When one person does something at football practice and the coach makes everybody do 100 push ups
The King Tronix
The INTRO to A WWE intro when a fighter comes
Tony Estrada
When you have to stay in for recess
Mr.Blank 79
When you call someone big gae but they say no u
Jk in Fake Love
When your crush leaves your school and comes back better
When my dad took my eight slices of stuffed crust pepperoni dominos pizza.
LJ Cool
And this song reminds me of drag racing if drag racer driver lost the race he will have a ROIT
Only A KriZz
6.9k of people don't want start a riot :(
Katie Mitchell
This song is like the purge
When you're mom says 'No' to V-Bucks.
Mark Henry
This song makes me want me to beat someone's ass
Heavenly Nocturne
When your mom disciplines u over the smallest thing.. and your dad agrees.
Trash Man
When you're in 2nd grade and you don't get long recess cause 1 kid didn't do his homework
xXDarkness of the NightxX
Listening to this when you're angry honeslty helps tbh
when someone starts a riot
Alex 423
When you like comments with When
LJ Cool
Badass man just badass you are awesome badass crew
Super Yamchama
Who is listening in current day?
Marcus Reasor
when you get grounded
Dillon Rhodes117
When someone says you have to be depressed to listen to three days grace
Adam Charles
Listen to this song when you are lit
donde estan los latinos!!!
Hunter Roberts
wait which one the song head or tour
DinoRockChick 06
When the teacher makes you work with someone you *HATE*
Smee RC
when 96% of comments start with the word 'when'
System32 is Racist
When they write 12 inches BBC in the title but it's only 8.
The Depressed Smurf
When they ban memes worldwide
zahair lee
Wwe 2007
irish patriot
When you're killed in halo
A Riot brings a lot of Pain. It's a Time Of Dying. The Human Race says a lot of bad things, like "I Hate Everything About You" during such painful times. It's not unexpected to see people Break. It's not unexpected to see people Comatose. Some people are Gone Forever. Now, I show everyone, the Animal I Have Become.
Tony Estrada
When you have to stay in for recess 😂🤣🤪 also can you lend me a sub thx for the support
Armando Cedillo
this song gives me pumped up
Bottle O Memes
when i wanna start a riot 0:44
2000 subs without videos?
When the teacher doesnt end the class when the bell rings
Destiny Hirschauer
My life crumbling to pieces.....
Sophia Sanders
I really like the song
Sebastian Schultz
When your just get all your guns in halo 5 and die from a sniper 2 miles away