Gifts For Naruto's And Hinata's Wedding

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Emaline L.
Lol the variety of expression Gaara is giving here is just adorable
jair ballard
they took that mission to seriously pretty sure Naruto would have loved anything they brought him.
MmM Zp
Ten ten is so pretty 😍
The kazekage sure has a lot of free time for some reason... Whereas naruto looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Could this mean Gaara is better at administration or is he just a figure head while the council makes all the real decisions....
DeAndre Dukes
They really took this mission seriously 😂
Tallon Fang
3:43 gaara has a crush on naruto CONFIRMED!
Fools forget about me inside naruto no gifts for me😢
Annoymonous Moore24
1:38 and 3:43 Naruto SD 😱
ProFlix 31
2:43 ten-ten's face😂
Red Lion
Kankuro: think, Gaara! what can you do? show up the raikage! Gaara: ... Gaara: do you like sand
Alex Calhoun-Davis
The best wedding gift he got was not marrying Sakura
Angel Lu
lol love how orochimaru is just there XD 3:51
Kelly Johana
This is just like watching Naruto SD but without the chibis and trap jokes (I miss Neji...).
Infamous Sipahi
3:50 The guy who experimented on people, killed the village's leader, made sasuke defect from konoha, is smiling and living a quiet life within the same village with no one having any sort of objection Sounds legit
Zuleyma Flores
The way killer bee was dancing
joyson rodrigues
We all miss gaara's hair
no one care
temari look like those milf
I find this so adorable! Gaara’s so cute in his actions and he isn’t even trying.
Candypie 2010
Gaara looking too fine here Too bad we didn't get to see much with their new designs
3:50 WTH OROCHIMARU Yamato/Tenzo in the back to hahahahahhaa
Cléo T
Did you see Orochimaru at 3:50 to the right too ?
3:50 orochimaru
Jan Vergara
I see that Captain Yamato is still watching orochimaru
Manishagungun Swargiary
Gaara's so cute😍
The Akward Channel
I’ve never seen orochimaru so overjoyed bc of a wedding
The Crying Raven
0:09 I Love Gaara's Hair !
0:12 gaara looked way better like this than he does now
Pro Fps
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The Show
Temari looks better and cute and gaara looks cool
I want Gaara babies 😭😤😭 Imagine tiny redhead sand users running around
Jemma Walker
Love how killer bee just hasn’t aged
Amir Khan
I want to see sasuke and sakura wedding
Demetria Hardrick
When they could have just given them ramen Naruto: sweet
Spectra Phantom
I don't know why but tenten has a problem with everyone
Juan Garcia
What has been seen cannot be unseen 3:42.
Itachi Uchiha
Everyone put way, way, way to much thought into the presents, they're forgetting that what matters most to Naruto is his friends! He'd have been happy just being surrounded and congratulated by everyone! He'd probably have wanted to see Gaara doing the samba though XD I think everyone wanted to see that
Katsuki Bakugo
Gaara's calm attitude reminds me of Shoto's.
Abby V
Harith Haikal
Why orochimaru is there
Fedja Monogatari
3:51 yeah don't mind me I'm just Orochimaru..
parker maisterra
3:41 Damn it even though NaruHina is now canon I can't help but hear all the Gay NarutoxGaara shippers scream out in joy from that image.
shisui of the body flicker
It is funny orochimaru is just standing there
I wish Gaara really kept that haircut :/
Wait a minute... Does gara like Naruto? 😳
Blaze The unknown
Did anyone else notice orochimaru are 3:50
moonlit killer
Am i the only who seen orochimaru at 3:49
Itz0nly GEGE
I'm still on the beginning of season 1 of this but my cousin keeps spoiling it so I don't even care anymore
3:46 spot orochimaru
I'mNot_ Sober
Katsura ja nai, Gaara da!!!
Adain Randolph
3:50 anyone else see the last sannin
Son Goku
Sasuke lets get some sparring sometimes! Also invite naruto i will bring vegeta!
Martin Lamento
Nice Rap Killer Bee
Kismat Shah
orachimaru in the background tho 3:49
Abraham flores
3:47 did anyone see ORUCHIMARU
I remember the days when Gaara was still a little insane in the head and was so isolated and full of hatred.
Sourav Dhankhar
It's A rank mission!!! lol😂😂
Quitssharo Jr
2:07 is he rapping or talking
Light Yagami
Man wtf happens to Gara’s sexy hair... rip
Nur Zahirah Nurina
3:50 orochimaru chilling
Victor Jr Ramales
Congratulations Naruto and hinata
Jayden Vang
that is funny how Kankuro was on (FIRED)!!!!
Orochimaru at 3:46
Christian Lee
tenten was bae
Lanun Lhungdim
Hidden Sand Samba. I am done.
Lmao gaaras expressions are funny
Reed Uchiha
When did Kankuro get behind the counch?
The Mind of Louis
Look at everyone just being friends. I swear it took a long time but damn my boy made it. Naruto is the beast. Truly from the bottom now we here .
Evil Hutdug
3:50 wtf Orochimaru
3:50 - priceless Orochimaru
lol orochimaru just nonchalantly chilling with the locals as if he never tried to destroy the place and murder the third
Mid Ant
Ha ha Tenten and Lee look so cute togther :3
Graymar11 •
after just watching gaara nearly kill lee in ep 45 or something, its so weird to see gaara care so much
Comic Sans
This will be better that minato is still alive
Yumnam Jimvosh
Nice dance bee
Gaara x tenten
tio goan bleck
Kira Stokes
what was killer b doing
Garaas gay?
Re m
zura janai katsura da..
I miss this show
I love Gaara! He's just too cute!
Oorochimaru is just there behind bee when he is bragging
LukeTheGoldenBattleAxe// //Luke_TGBA
Poor Gaara... xD
O.G Prince Vegeta
Hinata already looking like a milf
Kelo Kaufusi
Bro TenTen and Temari can get it
じゃんじゃん うるせぇーじゃん (笑)
Hinata Ann Michaca
Uhm... Sasuke Kun.... Ari- -Arigato.... u knu for the ♡.
Taco Gaming
If Sasuke came out of no where he would probably do Lightning Style:Chidori Or Fire Style:Fire Ball Justu
Simon Ghost Riley 717
Killer bee rapper💎🇯🇲☮
i like how they are using og naruto ost in the later episodes
Martin L Morales
This is seriously one of the best episodes.
chcolate cake
LoL look at gaara's face at 3:13
Spin Empress
I feel kinda sad cause I been watching Naruto since forever, and now his already had a son. I even remember how sad his childhood were.
shang clarissa
Even they Give Naruto a letter. Naruto will be overjoyed! Hahaha. 😂
Neji Hyuga Byaku-Sharingan
He like goku
Neji Hyuga Byaku-Sharingan
What is orochimaru doin there
it's my ilussion or Kankuro is thinner than the Naruto Classic?
Hidden sand samba