Gifts For Naruto's And Hinata's Wedding

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Sasuke Kun
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Emaline L.
Lol the variety of expression Gaara is giving here is just adorable
Kelly Johana
This is just like watching Naruto SD but without the chibis and trap jokes (I miss Neji...).
Bob Ross
TenTen is bae material now.
Wind Wind
Ahhhh brings back memories when Gaara broke Rock Lee's leg and then tried to kill him in hospital. Good Times. Good Times.
No.1 Spidey-Fan
Gaaras hair was soooooo badass what the hell did they do to it in the boruto movie
Sweet Kookie
Waouh Gaara is so cute!
Fedja Monogatari
3:51 yeah don't mind me I'm just Orochimaru..
Hey, anyone remember when Gaara shattered Lee's arm and leg and crippled him for a year and a half?
Leonardo Restrepo
All of these people were trying to kill one another at some point.
MmM ZZzzzp
Ten ten is so pretty 😍
King Lurch
They always have gaara doing gay shit and in boruto he has an adopted son. I'm just saying don't be surprised when you see he has two dad's
Ashwini Blog
Hit like if you noticed Orochimaru and Yamato.
Dipu Mohanta
3:49 lol Yamato.... He keeps following orochimaru 😂😂😂
"Today's a special day for Naruto and Hinata. If you haven't heard the news, then baby you gotta. Today's their Wedding day and that's really dope. The two of them are tighter then a sealed envelope. The two saved the Earth a little while ago. By going to the moon, and fighting an albino. After so many years of being just friends. After today they'll be banging to the end. Yeah!"
The kazekage sure has a lot of free time for some reason... Whereas naruto looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Could this mean Gaara is better at administration or is he just a figure head while the council makes all the real decisions....
0:12 I love how Kankuro sneaks behind the couch to say that to Gaara instead of just leaning over.
Lil Package
tenten got T H I C C boi.
Sam Flores
If only you kept that hair style GAARA!!!!!!
3:49 everyone is like I saw orichimaru but only legends and gods saw yamato Edit:orichimaru
It's the long awaited return of "Gaara of the Funk."
Farva Khan
Gaara looks so kawaii....!
Darkwolf 2211
Why was Orochimaru there in line I thought he was a bad guy!
Cang Nguyen Channel
Fan Gaara 😍😘😘😘
riska husandani
When you are a Kazekage, but you still their little brother
Donnie Buenaventura
Hidden Sand Samba lmao
DeAndre Dukes
They really took this mission seriously 😂
3:50 wtf is orochimaru just doing standing there like he didn’t murder the third hokage and 4th kazekage
Naturally Flawlyss
Wow Gaara have changed since I last watch Naruto😱
3:48 Orichimaru is just causally in the village
jair ballard
they took that mission to seriously pretty sure Naruto would have loved anything they brought him.
Dragon Foam
Omg chibi version of gaara is adorable xD
Reza kurasuki
Augustus Valentine
Gaara looked soooo cool. Why did he change his hair 💔
I remember the days when Gaara was still a little insane in the head and was so isolated and full of hatred.
As strong as they are, they really are dumb huh lmao
Gaara has grown a long way! Was my favorite when I saw Naruto back in 2007 and after 10+ years, Still my fav Naruto character!
Goutham Reddy
Gaara at 2:52 😂
Luis Rodriguez
Kartik Hingnikae
3:50 The guy who experimented on people, killed the village's leader, made sasuke defect from konoha, is smiling and living a quiet life within the same village with no one having any sort of objection Sounds legit
Kyle Carson
The women if naruto become terrifying each episode its funny
Gaara has come a long way from brooding on roof tops and using sand to eat people. Good man.
This Gaara had the best hairstyle
Momcilo Djurdjic
Lol wtf there is orochimaru here
MyPokemonDied 000
I love how orochimaru is just nonchalantly walking around the village 3:50
3:50 orochimaru and yamato are there
High Street
So much comments about spotting orochimaru they're like morons who cannot read others comments already said about it but nobody mentioned the thumbnail is not part of the video...
Lee has the best gift.........the gift of fitness. I would totally accept it. Though someone needs to gift lee with some new duds. He looks like a Ninja Turtle in that get up.
Tia Tam VA
This combination of characters is absolutely beautiful and no one dare tell me otherwise! I love Gaara so much lol I teared up because this is so cute
Kama's Queen
Where's Sasuke and Sakura wedding ???? Never Explained
Badada Bududu
Did anyone notice Orochimaru?
pause at 3:47 and you can see Orochimaru in the crowd when B is spreading the word about the Raikage's dance.
3:46 Is, is that Orochimaru, *with civilians* , listening to rap!? As someone who's grown up with this series, you have no idea how uncanny this is. This guy killed the 3rd Hokage and nearly destroyed the village. And now, everyone are buddies? Talk about turning over a new *Leaf* ..... Village
Wait.. did I seriously just see Orochimaru casually standing there at 3:50? o.o
Beezle Da Warlock
Why is orochimaru just standing there watching bee rap to a crowd wtf? 3:45
aemon hateslemon
3:52 yamato still following orochimaru 😂
Alex Calhoun-Davis
The best wedding gift he got was not marrying Sakura
Alexis Wally
Wahahahha Gaara lol..I love him so much...this is the first time Gaara gave cute expressions ahahaha😂😂😂😄😄😄
Sanket Sanket
anyone notice Orochimaru at 3:47??
Grimm Ashley
Is no one going to question why Orochimaru is just there, in the middle of the town?
zaid Khan
gaaraa looked so badass with this hairstyle, why would they ruin in boruto ,, whyyy 😑
Angel Lu
lol love how orochimaru is just there XD 3:51
The Previous
Mad.... Wedding
moonlit killer
Am i the only who seen orochimaru at 3:49
CyberTiger 45
Everybody keeps saying Narutoes gift, it’s both their wedding OKAY
Marcus Moline
why was orochi maru there
joyson rodrigues
We all miss gaara's hair
Zelzah Jedijah
So fun the misssion for take gife for naruto and hinata
Keira Chris Casapao
My favourite character: Hinata My 3rd brother’s favourite character: Gaara My 2nd brother’s favourite character: Orochimaru My 1st brother’s favourite character: Rock Lee
*Bruh i forgot ten ten is so T H I C C*
Rose 2005
Orochimaru is alive 3:50 2018 anyone😓
Its Me
I like Gaara's Hair!
Ammar Zainal
Let us appreciate the last time gaara had that cool hair before he found a comb.
Samuel Pernas
Orochimaru was there with killer bee
Ember Hunter
Alisia Pittman
What is killer bee doing
I have seen orachimaru in different episode s of boruto. and no one seems to be bothered by it. plz reply
Hanna McLendon
Did anyone else notice Orichimaru standing out in the open like he was never evil to begin with?
BlackJack DOMINO Gamer
Im I The Only One That Noticed Orochimaru At 3:39
master of gaming
Who saw orocimaru and someone like Yamato at 3.49
I wish Gaara really kept that haircut :/
3:50 Orochimaru are in the wedding? And *HOW YAMATO'S ALIVE???*
Joe Tan
Why mizukage is still single with that look , please lemme thennnnn
FruitPunch Samurai
Kankuro just went super saiyan
3:50 is that the homie orochimaru? he looks so fucking creepy there
Chaos AMV's
Gaara's hair in this should be his hair in Boruto.
Mabey it’s an AMV?
Sasuke kun! *Screaming of overwehlment* uuuuuuh! sasuke KUN!N
Cantika Irham
i like Gaara
Lmao I would love to see the Raikage do a disco dance
Tsubaki Chan
At 3:51 theres orichimaru!!! omg xD
Tallon Fang
3:43 gaara has a crush on naruto CONFIRMED!
rabi giri
3:50 who saw orochimaru?
Songokai Kazerai
At 3:49 wtf is orochimaru doing here
Gian Aaron
Anyone saw orochimaru in line smiling
Burning Panda MilkShake HD
3:50 Hold that Orochimaru on the right? XD
MAD Krya
3:49 i got scared when i noticed Orochimaru
That cameo by orochimaru really caught me off guard