Hadag Nachash Rak Po

אחלה שיר
thank you for posting. a very good song, with great observations.
אחלה קטע תודה על התירגום!
Enrique Aburto
אני אוהב תרגע ב מה נעשה... מה נעשה שאני תמיד מסטול כזה? מעולה
Year Course? Good luck. I was on YC 2004-2005.
Danny Zeff
Not my favorite song by them, but it's got an interesting message
Your translation doesn't flow easily. Also, if you don't get it from the mention of Amsterdam coffeeshops then maybe it's best that the translation isn't thrust in your face. If you understand it, you understand it, if not, so what?
icredible song, and awsome translation & video
Rak po ani margish shayachuit lamrot she'ani ko'es al hash'chitut "ve'im ata bachul nimtza ve'al pitzutz shome'a?" az rak lefo pit'om ani mitga'age'a.
Philippe Kriz
Am Yisrael Hi!!!!
Lady Light
Yupeedoodle. There is NO place like Israel!