How Bikila won an Olympic Marathon barefoot! | Strangest Moments

What do you do when your shoes wear out and you have an Olympic Games marathon to run? Take Abebe Bikila's advice and go barefoot. Discover more surprising Olympic Moments in the "Strangest Moments" series: /> Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: /> Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end:

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This weirdly lighthearted take on Abebe Bikila's achievement skips blithely over the fact that he grew up in an Ethiopia dominated by Mussolini's Italy after the Second Italo-Abyssinian War in 1935-9. As a young boy he had to flee with his family to a remote part of the country and spent a chunk of his childhood under Italian colonial rule. Only a couple of decades later, here he was in the capital of that former invader, running barefoot past the ruins of an older Roman empire; those torches lighting the Appian Way during the marathon were held by Italian soldiers. Quite what extra frisson it all held for him can only be imagined, and one might guess there was a certain extra satisfaction for Haile Selassie – the Ethiopian emperor exiled during the war and occupation – when he honoured Abebe afterwards. Strange and sad irony though in Bikila being given a VW Beetle by his grateful nation to celebrate his Olympic victory, which in 1969 he crashed, leaving him paralysed and unable ever to walk again, let alone run, and ultimately leading to his early death at only 41. Even in a wheelchair, mind, he competed at the 1970 Stoke Mandeville Games, predecessor of the Paralympics. What an athlete he was.
Filip Niewinski
Commentary sounds like an Irish woman trying to do an American accent
Michael McEvoy
Excellent..cannot get enough of this channel
farah sn
I don't know him before this video, i'm not even ethiopian, but i am so proud of him idk 😂
Liban Isak
The cobblestones were indeed not a problem for his "feesh".
**Steps on a tiny rock**
Imperator Siege
To think Bikila would've immediately dropped down to last if there had been a lego on the course
Liban Isak
Just Pathetic
Barefoot and scorching cement? The guy's a monster.
Eliu Misael Pascual Tapia
Wow it no hard to get emotional with stories like this one, my eyes got tearful and a smile drawn in my face while watching this
C Joe
Because no shoes were comfortable enough, he went barefoot. Badass level: Asian.
Advant Garde
He broke world record without shoes!!! In a running sport!!! What the f*$k!!!
Mesh x
Shoe: you better wear me, you need me. Abebe : No
Fana Kidane
I would have been jealous of the Ethiopians if I wasn’t Ethiopian for myself. Gosh... I love us.
Kiran Goud
Thanks for sharing his story 🙏🏻
Stupid Unicorn
Could you do one of these about Elena muhkina
so she pronounces t sometimes as sh.. like: start-> starsh, heat-> heash and feet-> feesh is that a dialect from somewhere? never heard that before
Yew Moon Lee
Bikila House was one of the competition 'houses' in the junior college I taught in. I'd often ask students assigned to that House if they knew who Bikila was. None I asked knew, and I had to point them to the library to find out (those were pre-internet days).
Roopa.D Manjunath
Africans r very talented, wow very inspiring
ViZu Restart
dam they straight up roasted the roman empire in the first 20 seconds
Kimaya Tandon
He broke Emil’s record and I came here from Emil’s video
Sandeep Shetty
1964 Tokyo: well, i know i can win barefoot... let us see if i can win with shoes on
Tina Patton
The mumblin' marathon commentary was made bare-brained!
Onni Niskanen is a Finnish name and he was born in Helsinki the capital of Finland, of course later he moved to Sweden but even then he was not considered swedish but swedish-finnish...
American politicians are pedos
Onni Niskanen sounds more Finnish than Swedish
- Vim do futuro dizer que Abebe Bikila agora é BK! O BKrack, Bkristo, Bkftão !
That's crazy!! And definitely wouldn't occur these days😬🤘🏼but wow
Linda Velasquez
He just became my inspiration
I thought running 5km barefoot for my schools cross country was tough, can’t image 42km and winning it!!
Anon Anon
You spelled Badass wrong.
Turn auto captions off.
Luul Ha
waw Weltrekord .....super gemacht🏆💃👣 Abebe Bikile hat es Verdient ❤💪👍👍👍💋👑🌞
Teo Artheo Fajar
He + Vibram = invicible
Eva B.
C Joe
Emperor of Ethiopia....dayummmm
Haftu Melaku
for the second time Ethiopian make history in Italy by war and Olympic
Rhiana DIY's
He looked so determined on his last 500 meters
Titanic Life
Why am I crying😂
It is such a shame that his pair of shoes had worn oush and he had to run barefoosh.
Jaymansalem 0nesze1os
Kermit The Frog
I ran 1/4 of a mile on blacktop with shoes and my feet were already hurting htf
Kyrie Irving 11
Its all about not giving up🙂
Keyboard Warrior
Mental Channel
Rip feet
True inspiration not only in Ethiopian people but in whole people .
un hombre y su desgana
Who Am I
RIP our Ethiopian African hero
lissan kifle
cant believe how many facts are incorrect. How could anyone put this up and calls it a documentary. Shame!! Gash Abebe RIP.
Czars Salad
Tony Ton
Someone should make a movie out of that..
911 Tech
Sarah Juliette
Tina Patton
Ex-Addis Ababa sans Adidas!!
Johan Capiau
Oooooh my God
Unknown Blogger
Huh, that's odd
Amha neway
I am ethiopian and pround
Beat that!
stormy ox
Black African really just say African
Il Papa Vitielo
You have to put fake cheering on the video?
kuruba veeresh
wow............true hero
Osya Sa
Horrible narration. You have to check back with your pronunciation and stresses 😖
Sweet Strawberry
Does anyone know what's the music from 02:01 to 03:25 ?
lizzy aest
Wow !!
Bikila it is an inspiration for many athletes around the world
Donkey Kong
Other Animals can run barefoot why humans cant ?
Elias Lowrey
he is a beast
Frank Hamed
Rugged 😱 😱
Rohit Gunda
Is it a scotish accent that I hear in the voice of the lady ?
Jemu jami
He wore shoes for his second marathon?? Sell-out. Hmph.
eric yu
4:11 So, there are white Africans?
Chuck The Aviator
Milkha Singh too
Juan Alfonso Fuentes
Es triste que la historia de esfuerzo de un atleta sea representada de forma tan patética, es un documental o un capitulo de derbez
Laila Callinan
what's with the reenactments in these videos?? get people who actually look like the athletes, it seems like when the athlete is black ur just using legit any black people you can find.. like with the terrible fake afro wigs in another video.. feels pretty racist
Kamran Malik
one bbosh
Elias Karppi
Get your facts straight!! Onni Niskanen was a Finn-Swede making him Finnish, not Swedish.
The former dictator of Ethiopia Hailey silalase was jealous of him.
Katelynn Aguirre
I run cross country I am in 7th grade and I it’s only 100 girls run and I got 1st before and my least place was 9th and I wasn’t run for living I love it forever and track is starting trmoww so wish me luck
Etienne Rutz
Kristen Duncan