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Watching them lift the Jaguar off the truck just hurt my eyes...
Scott Sherman
Stupid twats waste a beautiful old Jag...
They ruined a car even Ferrari called beautiful
Drew Murphy
Dude driving the forklift is an absolute moron... the Jag could have easily been taken off the truck without destroying it. Unfortunately, “safety 3rd” seems to be a standard for some people.
never liked richard.. only care about money instead of cars. Wich is very clear here.
Felix Bright
Someone got the Jag up there so someone could have got it down. The door nob on the fork lift was going out of his way to destroy the car. King dip shit Richard was standing right there so he was OK with it. Clearly he has more money than business brains.
ruined one of the most beautiful jags on the planet, hope they got a kick out of it
Conrad White
That whole show is a biggest fail.
That poor e type
Margi Li
I lost a bit of my soul when they treated the jag like that
No Future 68
fast n loud = fail
Who was the autist driving the forklift?
Felix Bright
Clearly twenty five percent of the Jag was consumed by cancer, so the "car" was never going to roll again. That leaves seventy five percent of the car, all the parts, knock off wire wheels, bumpers, doors, with glass, interior, gauges, rear axle, front end, the hood looked reasonable. These guys certainly are ass monkeys, no class no brains. Jason looked good flaming, that guy is as sour as a Witches Pussy.
No Neck
This looks like a really good avoid.
Hearing Visions
So scripted and set up its not even funny.
Mathew Martinez
"Forklift driver can't drive for his life" said everyone that's never driven one. "OMG they destroyed the Jag" when 80% of the car is rust and the other 20% is rat nests. "Richard is dumb and spends money recklessly" yet he owns 3 successful bars and an insane garage. You guys are just hating.
Bob Recher
killing the jaguar was in the script.
The Jag was a POS but did you have to wreck it getting it off the truck? I have seen more than one Jag 'restored' by nearly lifting the ignition switch and putting a new car under it. This is not what Gas Money does, they don't have the patience!, expertise (especially with English electrics). Spray, flip em, get rid of em is what they do.
Nova DarkSoul
I know that Jag was a rust bucket but was just painful as hell to watch.
Bob Recher
killing the jaguar was in the script.
BigSi 2017
Aaron was a great character for the show. But his builds failed terribly at auction numerous times after going way over budget.I'm happy the show survived without him.
stan marsh
richard is the biggest fail...should be called the biggest looser
David Wrobel
All these butt hurt comments 😂 I love the show!
daniel han
Aaron can build cars but can't drive for shit 😂
lotusjag04 garage
why you have to kill the e type
Thomas Smith
That Jag was nothing, but a Prop. Used for Ratings... It was so rusty- there was nothing to restore !!
XxmatixX - 6 videos diarios de nada :v
Wasn't this called gas monkey?
Lord Twaddle
Problem with the Jag: it had locked wheels, was practically made of rust, was on a bad trailer and let's be honest the Series 2 isn't worth as much BUT they did still make a profit.
Kwee Chan
Does fast and loud describe a fart
and who puts wallmart hubcaps on a Blair
Homemade Molotov
This is the best show ever because its realistic and it's pretty much the shit everybody does when they do car projects lel
Patrick R
Duane Ayers
It's Finally about time that Richard finally came out of the closet Richard's Door is Wide Wide Open.🎭👡👗👜👚👙👓👠👢💍💄
Huskey Smilemore
So it's kinda like car masters on Netflix???
lotusjag04 garage
Even in that shape the e type is worth 20k
Ben Par
What sort of philistines RUIN one of THE most beautiful cars in the World? UNBELIEVABLE 😠
Rolandboyd.rb60 Boyd
you're an auto mechanic not a race car driver stick to what you know
Regular J Garage
Even the fails are awesome.
You Dig
ummm.. hey idiot comment section.. it's quite obvious that they wanted 2 flip the jag off the truck (jag off lol)..
love is my religion
Ironic what you titled your video and the thumbnail pic shows that ragged out Jaguar he purchased which was total junk and he made quite a profit on that piece of crap Jaguar. No loss at all.
Erik Truchinskas
The e type was definitely just there to be destroyed. That thing is beyond restoring
ᴴᵃᶰˢ ᴮˡᵃᵃᵘʷ
I hope they took the blinkers off that etype because those were probably the only good parts left on that thing, 13 year olds.
A shame the turned that jaguar to a scrap car
And I thought they were professionals obviously not as this proves
Stupid with a Jaguar type E. they are crazy
Chris Moon
Fast and loud is a fail...goodbye
Marcus Blum
The green cars color on Oldsmobile made me sick
Mustang Boss
Now I see why he was fired....
Dan Bonacum
I know they ruined the Jag for TV, but they really should’ve treated it a little better! It wasn’t that hard to get off. After all someone got it up there.
Austin Waggoner
Damn such a shame .
Casanova Frankenstein
They should get horny Mike on this show then it'll be a giant golden turd.
Hutch the Husky
Is the green car at the beginning an Oldsmobile or a Monte Carlo??
Agent 036 NWO
Money money money but no brain
A lot of butt hurt over a POS jag that was a completely rotted out turd.
Rod Amo
glad kuafmans gone
Pinkamena Diane Pie
Fast and loud is a fail in itself
birdman 01
Thank god he's not hurt 😯
Not really fails more like Murphy's Law anything can happen when it is a custom build.
Denis Felser
Idiots at Work😭
Austin Drumm
What happened with the low rider at first?? Did air tank or line blow up on him? Bc I don’t know if that was a battery I think that would’ve been worse
The jag was rusty. But they could have saved it not distorted it
Kevin Watson
I read that Aaron has had numerous serious fails ( along with Richard and his Monkeys ) ... and Discovery lost a lot of money because they had to scrap all the footage and production on several builds over 4 years ! We see a lot of " staged " footage of successes .... but not is all as it seems ! Remember .. this is TV .... it's like watching reality shows that shjows a dude being completely alone trying to survive in the wilderness .... people get stupid and do not realize... there is several cameramen and production teams following every step he makes ! We see him eating bugs on TV ... he is eating a fully prepared meal with the rest of the crew so he can go fake more " experiences of the wilderness " the next day ! LOL Television and the people who beleives all of it ! FUNNY !!!!!!!
Kevin Watson
Do love there cars that make it all the way through tho ..... seriously cool works of art I think when all goes well !!!!!!!!!
Dylan Seidel
Even in the pikes peak race you heard just a loud SNAP!
Tommy Collins
Call protest retirement spokesman theme.
Inspiration for the rimac
Mr. Fuzzbrink
The whole show is a mistake
Tyler ford
that was a great save on pikes peak, that couldve been bad, not sure what he broke mechanically though, maybe a oil line?
Michael Hilhorst
It's a TV show, nobody's forcing you to watch it, if you don't like it..... don't watch it, why are you even here, just hating a show to get your rocks off? get a life !
Everybody complaining about the Jaguar that was obviously way too far gone... Yeah, you could restore it, but it really wouldn’t be a Jaguar, it’d be sheetmetal in the shape of a Jaguar. There was too much rot and rust on that thing.
Jag was terrible anyway
Michael Lepore
Tell that cop to stop leaning on the car wtf is wrong with people don’t touch what’s not yours
typical ignorant Americans destroying a jag because they are completely clueless.
Yourmama Ho
m d
Jesus Christ is guy using the forklift is an idiot
Chaos Zombie999
Richard your an ass
Fun Collector
RICHARD Rawling is the biggest asshole, he had destroyed alot of old original cars that was in original condition
as an experienced forklift driver i am laughing my ass off watching that idiot trying to lift that jag. getting that car off that truck without an scratch would have been easy with right driver.
6:30 this fucking guy literally watches the engine backfire through the carb and then proceeds to pour gasoline all over it with an open container. What a moron.
Giorgio Alexandrou
That e type could’ve been easily stripped for parts and sold but that jackass just destroyed half of it what a moron
Adam Ellis
nob head fork lifter killed jag wanker
How does shit like this ever get on TV?