The Babadook Official Trailer 2 (2014) - Essie Davis Horror Movie HD

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Subscribe to TRAILERS: />Subscribe to COMING SOON: />Subscribe to INDIE & FILM FESTIVALS: />Like us on FACEBOOK: />Follow us on TWITTER: />The Babadook Official Trailer 2 (2014) - Essie Davis Horror Movie HD Amelia (Essie Davis) is a widow who lost her husband in a heart-breaking stroke of shit luck: he was killed in a car accident while driving to the delivery of their first son. Now six years old, young Sam (Noah Wiseman) has begun to develop behavioral problems and incestuous tendencies, and their neighbors have become increasingly distant as a result. When Amelia discovers a ominously-covered, never-before-seen pop-up book called The Babadook on Sam's shelf, she decides to immediately debut it as a bedtime story.

Tremaine Wright
And they wonder why no one reads books anymore
Scott Lann
I hate it when he speaks , his voice is so creepy !!
One of the best horror movies I've seen in the last 30years. Well acted. Solid storyline. Good script. Fantastic concept, images & special effects. A very unique film. And one I would highly recommend horror fans.
To anyone who doesn't rate this trailer - just check out the critics' response to the film. It currently holds 96% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average score of 8.1/10. That has to be one of the highest scores ever for a horror film. I have been disappointed frequently with modern horrors but every time I see this trailer I get a little more pumped to see it.
I'm so afraid of the BABADOOK!!!!o_O
Joseph Hoffman
1:09 is the most bone chilling noise thing ive ever heard
Ian Germann
This movie is one of the best horror movies ever created. WIth a minimalistic approach to horror rather than just bloodshed, every minute of this film has you on the edge of your seat. With only one jump scare in the entire movie, it still remains one of the scariest films I have ever seen. Also, the story it tells is dark and beautiful. For moviegoers who can pick up on the subtle clues and dialogue throughout the movie you can see that the babadook isn't some child's book monster or a myth, but a dark creature that lurks within every one of us, the monster that we truly are underneath. Films like this only come very few times in a lifetime, I would recommend it to any movie lover.
This movie scared me a lot mostly because my name is Samuel
Charles Iannini
Iam never going to sleep again
0:00 WTF????!!!!!
K. Lon
1:12 is so creepy.
Ultimate Fantasy
ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA ! The voice from Killer instinct ! :D
Lil Floof
Now I know not to read a book from the place I move into 🙃👍( ͡^ ͜ʖ ͡^)
Broseph Stalin
Vertex Video Production
Is this the most highly anticipated horror since The Blair Witch?  Can't remember a horror having this much gravitas behind it pre release. Hurrah 
the trailer does no justice to the film
Stockholm Shutout
The Babadook's Bababook gave the Babacook a babaspook so he was babashook, so he tried to not babalook, but he babatook the chance
Isabela S
at first it was scary but then it gets funny
the chomp
im not even a bit scared. oculus looked scarier than this. i sense another Blair witch....
"Truly Boring"
Nirmeen Youssif
I liked the child he is a great actor .
I don't care about the movie..... All I care is that they named the monster The Babadook, that is the only reason i might watch this movie!
Silvia Tenorio
i like it do you
Jaaziel Morales
Lady Crane.
Elizabeth Puckett
In the movie when he popped up i was like "hello!"
Guillermo Bosque
I'm so excited!
The Babadook= The borderline definition of nightmare fuel
edward speed
Holy balls!!!!
Najib Maskoun
My favorite movie !
Amber Nicole
they aint makin a sequel
ty toyshow
Jeremy Mine
When does it come out?
I dont get this film, does the babadook actually exit or is the mum just imagining things?? someone please tell me haha
The woman in this is barefoot whenever she is indoors. It is not made clear if that is common practice in her part of the world.
Kylie Davidson
Super scary my 8 year old granddaughter watch that movie don't watch it just dont
Brad Plemmons
What a let down. Essie Davis was good. The annoying kid was REALLY good. But the movie was a huge let down. Trailer was awesome. Movie sucked.
Mr! NonSense
Another comedy movie.. its a mystery that gives me chill.. and so fuking funny *retarded